The Trouble with Chicken (full documentary) | FRONTLINE

2021.12.08 11:13 Little-Activity4407 The Trouble with Chicken (full documentary) | FRONTLINE

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2021.12.08 11:13 ImJustaNormalReddit A day in the life of a law enforcement agent

"Oh, no... Not this shit again..."
NōRwa grumbled to herself as she stomped through the halls of the Arrilerri station. She wasn't thrilled about this call from dispatch about a disturbance at the commerce ward, but being free AND the biggest around, she had to take it. Sure, she did the work of her dreams, but since being assigned to this station, her work became less... Enjoyable. Half of the calls were from the same creatures and half that were giving her headaches.
"Excuse me, passing through!" She warned before turning another corner. "Vacate the hallways, please!"
NōRwa was grateful the residents tolerated her and were friendly enough to scatter into bays and doorways, since there was no space to pass her by due to her girth. She sighed at the soon to be intervention case. Usually, her titanic size intimidated most offenders into compliance. Especially when they saw her behemoth features emerge from the hallways that she was blocking entirely. But this species especially was often not impressed or simply amazed of her.
Emerging from the hallway gate into the ward of commerce, NōRwa commed dispatch for directions.
"10-4, this is dispatch, sending you the location."
A guide appeared on her visor, leading her through the bulk market to the nutrition market. As she entered one of the merchant alleys, she didn't need the guide anymore, as the amassed crowd at the other end of the alleyway was pretty much the trademark of this kind of intervention call.
As NōRwa arrived, the crowd sea parted in front of her and dissipated a little. As she saw the store owner, she also saw the confirmation of what she dreaded, the subject of the call.
One of the worst member of its species, the massive Rr'arkrrahr had encountered this one many times before. NōRwa despised Its head fur that was oily and yellow, a third of it on one side, to its neck. She didn't understand why it needed to have sunglasses in a spacestation, there didn't have any sunrays getting in. She hated how it acted like nobility whitout being one, it couldn't even afford the attire, let alone the designation. Truly, NōRwa loathed the thing, this... Human in particular.
The owner flew to meet NōRwa, escaping the constant berating from the angry human.
"Welcome, officer! Thank you for coming so quickly. Sorry for the inconvenience."
The behemoth could only answer by one syllable before being cut loudly by the insufferable human that stomped with high heels to NōRwa, infringing in her personnal space. She was sure that if she was not as big as she was, the unbearable being would be screaming in her face.
"Took you long enough!"
What irony... It was just 5 minutes since the call, thought NōRwa with a placid flex.
"This bird tried to scam me! I want you to arrest him NOW!"
As the accusation fell, the feathers of the kăïpaoø flared up. A clear sign of surprise and indignation.
NōRwa contracted her back muscles in exasperation. "I can't arrest anybody whitout a clear and valid motive. You know that."
The woman looked straight up at the mammoth-like head "He tried to sell me something he didn't have! HE. TRIED. TO. SCAM. ME!"
NōRwa was impressed that harpy could stomp repetitively in place with high heels without falling over. "Why, by the highland, would he do that? I need more details."
The tamper bomb huffed and puffed. "HEY! I'M THE VICTIM HERE!"
The behemammoth winced her neck muscles at the increasing volume of this impossible human.
NōRwa raised her shoulder plates in skepticism and interest, as you would cock an eyebrow. "He tried to assault you?"
"What for?"
The hulking behemoth facepalmed mentally. "Riiiiiight..."
NōRwa closed the first party statement record for the files. Procedures, what do you know... Then she stepped to the Kăïpaoø.
"Now. Sir, i'll need your version of the event, and please, remain as truthful as possible." The mammoth sized beast asked, while starting the 3rd investigation log of this case, and side-eyed the excitable human at the mention of 'truthful'. The weird thing was how she was tapping her foot as if she was already out of patience despite just leaving her.
"Thank you officer," said the diminutive avian sapient. "As you know, we are but a simple shop of nutrients, and we are such since my ancerstor of 3rd degree, 4th in line. Though a family sized shop, we are established, stable and reputed."
The human scoffed.
"Incidentally, we only sell general goods and specific orders for regulars." The colored Kăïpaoø calmed himself and brushed his ruffled feathers to regain a bit of dignity or pride.
"And earlier this very light cycle, this human came for the first time in the shop. Of course, everybody knows of the new residents, the humans that arrived one month ago in the Arrilerri station." He affirmed designating the fuming human.
"So i go to introduce myself and my shop and offer assistance, since i know only a few terran flora interest my usual customers... The answer i received surprised me, not because she refused, but because the underlying tones my translator gave me indicated disgust and Indignation."
The human inched closer to better hear what was said.
"Not sure what for, but i leaved her be and flew back to my counter. Moments later, she came to me, while i was processing the order of another client. She wedged herself before the two customers already waiting before her and interrupted my work."
"THERE WAS NOBODY THERE!" Interjected the invasive human.
NōRwa imited a human sign to push back. "Please, don't interrupt this statement, you already did yours. Step back where i asked you to wait."
The female interloper grunted and slowly skidded back.
"Please continue..."
"Erm... Right. So she asked me something, but as i was occupied, i politely asked her to wait..."
The Kăïpaoø glanced at the human. "But she repeated 2 times, louder each time. I must commend my one employee of the day that cut short his mandatory thought-prey ritual to pass the good customers, while i was stuck with it."
NōRwa gripped her fists in acknowledgement.
"As soon as i finished my task, the human yelled over the counter on me, about slowness and rudeness. We don't have more than 2 cashiers here, so slowness at times is expected, and Kăïpaoø are always formal towards strangers. I said so, but she didn't believe me, even as i was talking formally to her."
The human piped in. "Don't listen to it, it's just a stupid bird!"
The wooly behemoth stiffened her glutes in annoyance. "Ma'am, please stay distanced and quiet, this interferes with the investigation..."
The impatient human crossed her arms with a face of displeasure.
"Sorry... She asked the question again, i will not quote it for the plethora of insults and allusions to intercourse in it. But she wanted uh... Pet... Peppers?"
"A terran vegetable?"
"Yes, one with capsaicin in it."
NōRwa annoted the chemical restrictions file.
"She also demanded uh... Coffee."
The female human was staring daggers at the Kăïpaoø.
"Of course, i didn't have it. We take special orders, but i don't have a dangerous toxic chemical dealing permit. Those are for the species it doesn't affect! And i am as sure as the elder tree that i don't want to deal hazardous drugs!"
"HE'S LYING!!!" The accursed human jumped between them, jabbing a finger on its beak. "I KNOW HE FUCKING HAS IT! STOP TALKING SHIT AND FUCKING GIVE IT TO ME! THE CLIENT IS KING, BITCH!"
NōRwa, exasperated, rolled her back muscles... Again. "Would you please. Stop. Interrupting. The. Statement. I've told you twice, i've told you thrice, if this continues, i'll be forced to temporarily. Freeze. You."
Breathe in, breathe out.
"I said so to the human. Then she started yelling. Yells about outrage, yells about poor service... She demanded i give what i don't have, like now... Lots of vulgarities in between. Then she threatened to sue me! We are only a small shop! We can't afford legal procedures!"
"All right, i understand. Please confirm the authenticity of the statement with the vow and your designation, please." The walking giant finished the second party statement and pocketed the recorder on her vest. She took some witness statement, then it was time for the hardest part.
NōRwa sighed. Every time she saw this damned headache of a human, it was doing socially harmful things. Twice a week. She couldn't even enjoy her free time, since that was used to cure her cerebral pain. And here she was, walking towards the source of her ailment. But this time, she knew it would be worthwile
"What are you doing? You're not going to arrest him?" asked the human.
The towering titan put a grip on her multi being manacles. "Oh, i don't have anything to arrest him on. However, based on the party statements and witness testimonies, i will be obliged to arrest you."
The maddening human was outraged. "WHAT! HOW DARE YOU! YOU CAN'T DO THIS, I DID'NT DO ANYTHING WRONG!"
NōRwa's ribs twitched in guilty pleasure. "Well, let me tell you under which charges you will. Obstruction of law enforcement agent, falsification of facts, public threats, extortion attempts, Harassment and disturbtion of peace."
While she manacled the human, it resisted the arrest. "YOU CAN'T DO THIS! I KNOW MY RIGHTS! DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? I KNOW YOUR BOSS, YOU'LL BE FIRED!"
NōRwa was thankful to the stars that her species was slightly stronger than the humans, because the thing tried to wrestle its way out. "Another line, another charge. Resisting arrest is a heavy one, and empty threats won't be of any help to you."
"THIS IS DISCRIMINATION! THIS IS TYRANNY!" gesticulated the human.
NōRwa gave a flex of satisfaction. "Anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of law."
She called a transport. "You have a right to an attorney."
She opened the transport. "If you cannot afford an attorney..."
She put the human on the convict seat. "one will be appointed for you."
And just before closing the door. "And YOU, have the right to remain silent."
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2021.12.08 11:13 mrogre43 How to think about game balance as part of narrative design (and why you should care)

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2021.12.08 11:13 matty_g81 Does anyone know if the CDC App will get bio-metrics for login?

I have the android version of the CDC app and hate using the pin and would love to know if they will enable bio-metrics like the exchange has. I'm surprised that feature is not available - Is it less or more secure?
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2021.12.08 11:13 MikhailDovlatov I have answered to this question (and other similar question) 100 th times, but it always shows 12 d

I don't have time every 2 weeks to repeat every simplest thing again
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2021.12.08 11:13 Carapapa66 explicite Noob Questions

Hi there Com, I am new to Diablo 2: Resurrected. Never had contact with D2 in former days but i enjoyed Diablo 3 a lot, so i got D2R for PS5. Now I am leveling at D2R but although i read a lot about gems, runes and so on, i still have some questions. I would like to avoid stupid moves so I would really appreciate you to answer my questions and i guess some other guys could have similars too. Thank you so much in advance!!!
1) Creating Runewords, does it make a differece which base item is used? I am referring to normal, exceptional or elite. Would i make sense to upgrade "grey" items?
2) Creating Runewords, does ist make a difference which requirements the base item have? F.e. do strenth req. still be active or even increase?
3) Upgrading Items, is it possible to upgrade base items with empty sockets? Do amount of sockets change or even be rerolled? Like a 4 socket bow loses them?
4) Aetherical item, are they still aetherical after inserting runeword? Or is it just the runeword which makes it aetherical?
5) What am i supposed to do with all those perfect gems? I mean, yeah Amethysts are for crafting Mage-Item and so on. I have a list with horadrim crafting-recipe. But now my bank is full of them and i am afraid to misuse them for false purpose.
6) Should i upgrade unique and green set items? I found a lot but often they seem to be less powerful than just "blue" magical items. will they be powerful after upgrading referring to end game?
7) I am not able to find open games. How do i connect to open parties? I always open up one for myself but i would like to join other dudes so there f.e. is a higher drop rate and playing together is always more enjoyable
As i said, thank you in advance for answering. i am happy that there is a com where these questions can be written down. If there are other tips that a newb like me should know pls tell me. Thank YOU!!!
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2021.12.08 11:13 Aggravating-Jaguar-4 Thanks.

Best of luck to everyone out there. This sub has helped a lot the past couple years, and it was a blessing to be able to talk with people who understand, since it's often nearly impossible for someone to relate to being a BP SO or ex SO without being close to someone in some way who has suffered with BP.
Always remember that bipolar may be an explanation for certain behaviors, but do not excuse terrible behavior just because someone has bipolar; you do not deserve to be treated poorly or abused because someone is mentally ill, or does a poor job managing their illness. Do not trick yourself into thinking you can save this person time and time again if things are bad, as you are only accountable for your own actions. You can be there for someone who has BP, but you shouldn't be forced to tolerate bad behavior because BP is involved, and if he/she isn't willing to do the work on his/her own and is going to use BP as an excuse for poor behavior, leaving is the best option.
People suffering with BP certainly deserve love, but they don't deserve a free pass time and time again for behaviors you otherwise wouldn't tolerate with someone who doesn't have BP, and I guess that would be my takeaway from my own personal experiences being in relationships with someone who has BP or some other form of mental illness. Do not continue to make excuses for this person when they continue to disrespect you or abuse you.
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