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Guys! I found my best going out shirt today, let's go celebrate with some fresh nectar and tendies!!!

2021.12.08 12:40 fortcpt Guys! I found my best going out shirt today, let's go celebrate with some fresh nectar and tendies!!!

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2021.12.08 12:40 edditbot (+6921) A game where you either have to rapidly babyproof your house, or you are the baby and you try vehemently to kill yourself

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2021.12.08 12:40 Plison007 This is me on holiday ops

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2021.12.08 12:40 Untamedalpaca Got an ad on Instagram for these, Anyone order from this site before?

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2021.12.08 12:40 comtoz Omicron NFT

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2021.12.08 12:40 scrubby_posh Ring of Death needs to be changed

As the PVM meta deepens, more and more emphasis is put on using weapon specs / ultimates. This makes it so that Vigour is used more and more.
Sadly, you don't get to choose when you die. As of now, ROD only gives you cheap death if the ring is equipped upon death. Otherwise, too bad. It's as if you weren't using the ring at all, so why even bother? It is extremely ironic that people switch to ROD for cheap deaths but end up paying the full price because the ring was off for that exact tick they died. It makes no sense.
I suggest ROD effect is made either as a passive if it's in inventory OR its death effect works if it was equipped in the last 10-30 seconds.

tl;dr: Make ROD death effect work if ring is on you and not necessarily equipped.
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2021.12.08 12:40 jonesmilner 50 inspirational anime quotes

50 inspirational anime quotes 50 inspirational anime quotes

With so many works, it is normal to find many references and expressions that deal with motivation, relationships or feelings. Here you will find a compilation of anime phrases that we can listen to in this facet of Japanese cultural products, trying to cover different series, without repetition or looking for spoilers.
  1. You are an incredible being, you have given the best of yourself and that's why I admire you. You went through many transformations, you were so powerful that we all hated you. (Son Goku)
Son Goku talks about Majin Buu in "Dragon Ball Z". Despite being your enemy, it doesn't mean you can't admire someone.
Maybe you're interested in: "Psychological series: 20 TV series that every psychologist should see"
  1. Don't live with lies or fears, because you will end up hating yourself. (Uzumaki Naruto)
This is part of the "Naruto" philosophy of life. It means that lying and living with fears, in the end, you don't like yourself.
  1. I don't care whether gods exist or not, I am the master of my life. step of religious matters, but never despise someone who believes in it. (Roronoa Zoro)
Zoro from "One Piece" clearly explains this quote; you have your own ideas but don't try to influence others and accept what everyone else thinks differently.
  1. Isn't the sky amazing? No matter how many times you look at it, it is never the same twice. This heaven of now exists only in this moment. (Hitsugaya Toushiro)
Hitsugaya in "Bleach" refers to what is around us. You can find small details that go unnoticed and make life something wonderful.
  1. Stand up and move forward, you have your legs to do it. (Edward Elric)
One of the protagonists of "FullMetal Alchemist" says these words of encouragement. You must always keep going.
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2021.12.08 12:40 Zucchini_United Cop menace or greed

I had a very funny and disturbing incident 2 days back in one of the north bangalore suburbs.
We had to pick up something from a our apartment in the suburb close to Manyata tech park. I was waiting in my car just outside the apartment gate, with parking lights on while my wife went to collect the bag from home.
I had parked - not on the road and not obstructing anything and just next to the main gate of a mid sized apartment.
The moment my wife came in and sat in the car - a cop on an activa charged up and stopped his vehicle on front of the car.
He asked what the hell are you doing here and who is this girl. It took me a moment to understand what he was referring to - he was thinking i was picking up a hooker 😂
I was like - why the hell would i do something like that outside an apartment. He wasn't ready to listen and asked me to show wedding photos.
We were both in our home wear as who dresses up these days. A guy in mid 30s having wedding photos in a phone - like how and why would i keep a decade old photo in my gallery. To top it up the first few pictures were from an office party last week - few people of both genders and glasses in corporate setup.
He went bazook and was like why are you lying and stuff. Then i was like lets go to the apartment and i shall show you my house. It took some convincing and he was staring both me and my wife like qe had committed some heinous crime.
Given he was wrong, he changed the topic - dont stand like this on the road there are chances of robbery. I was like dude its a gated apartment with cctvs and security. He mumbled something and was trying to prove himself right. I gave up.
My wife bursted out in laughter 200 meters away on what just happened. I was like what the fuck man!
PS : Before someone says local language shit - hinta sulimaklig bhashe allri, neeyat alli aaiti khoti. Randi maklu luncha tinnak yargara topgi haktara.
Aka - Ee nan maklige bhashe alri, avra durase mattu uddesha irodu karana.
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2021.12.08 12:40 lettuce_field_theory 20 yo gamer

So as a bit of a background, I've played shooters my whole life (I'm 20). About a year ago i grinded Kovaaks to full diamond (took about 3 months) starting from silvegold scores. I have around 2.5k hours on csgo, also played a bit of valorant and hit imm pretty easily, but don't really fully grind a single game as i have lots of university work to be doing all the time. That being said, I recently started properly playing kovaaks again, and have hit half jade/master scores on most of the scenarios. I bought an artisan Hien mid xl for myself as a Christmas present (really hard to get hold of these in AUS) and i have a Logitech g pro superlight. I have a 144hz monitor and a good enough pc to run basically every game I've ever tried to play at 144 fps easily.
I'm not trying to flex with all this, I'm basically trying to say I'm far more prepared than your average shooter player. I have all the best peripherals, great pc setup to run games at high hz, have played shooters all my teenage years, and have played kovaaks to quite a high level. Sure I might not be GM or Nova or anything insane, but I think most of the players here need to take a step back and realise that being full gold in kovaaks is probably better than like 95 percent of pc aimers that don't train at all. I have no idea what the statistics are, but id imagine being full jade/half master would be up in the high percentiles of pc aiming. And this is reflected in my ranks in the games I play.
So over the years I've had a go at apex, usually only for a few weeks at a time before getting bored (none of my friends really play it) but recently have been playing it a lot because its quite aim intensive, and lots of people on this sub I've seen have recommended it. And I've been loving it. I'm only like level 200ish, but definitely know my way around the game. If you want to see the general state of my skill, i have two shitty montages up on my youtube (just check my prof, uve probs seen me spam them here over the last days). I like to think im alright at the game.
Now comes the problem. aim assist on controller players. If you go on the apex subreddit, which is mostly just casual controller player circlejerk, they will all scream that pc has advantages over controller. Which of course it does, pc is objectively better than controller for aiming. Aim assist has been present in every console shooter because of the fact that it is very difficult to aim with a controller when compared to a mouse. With crossplay being forced on the pc playerbase (But apparently not the console playerbase wtf?) this is a big issue.
So you throw a bunch of console players with pc players. With no aim assist/weak aim assist, the pc players completely dominate. Obviously unfair. To compensate, they have given the controller players the most insane aim assist I've ever seen in a game.
I 1v1'ed a random guy I met in my arena game today, he was like level 120 and playing on a controller, at mid-long range, i was literally unable to out track him, with both of us simple strafing left to right and mag dumping. Like fully impossible for me to out damage him. What the fuck? At close range, if i wasn't able to abuse his slow turn speed, the fights were still quite even, it wasn't even obvious he was a controller player unless you spectated his gameplay, and you realised he looked like he was a literal 2 year old walking around the map, only to turn into an aim god in the gun fights.
How the fuck do people justify this shit in their heads? I can't even consistently beat some guy who is sitting on his lounge with his controller with his dinner in his lap while I'm here with 300 hours on an aim trainer, avid shooter player, struggling to match his tracking.
Where is makes me REALLY fucking mad is when I queue up with my girlfriend (who is... terrible). She's never really played games until about 6 month ago, and still struggles to really aim/turn/move at the same time. She's a complete noob. How does she have any chance against your average console player? I thought the point of games was that the better player would win? My gf has no intentions of grinding kovaaks. She's on my old mm710 mouse, with a Logitech big mousepad, and a 144hz monitor gaming pc as well, like she's not disadvantaged in that way. She just is a new player, who is so far from being able to outshoot this console players it's not even funny.
Am I just a massive pussy whinger? does anyone else who plays apex have the same problems I'm facing? Why the fuck am I forced to compete against players with a built in aimbot into their input device? Clown fucking game basically.
And every time this is brought up, you have people trying to say that all this advantage is nullified because I Can tap strafe :D
if u made it this far ty for reading my mald rant, maybe i just gotta grind more kovaaks.

tldr aim assist is too strong makes me mald, plz let PC players that don't grind video game aiming to match console aim opt out of crossplay.
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2021.12.08 12:40 ShadoowR I cant play STW

I cant enter save the world. Game insta loading me into BR and i cant chose game at start, and when im clicking chose gamemode its showing loading screen for a few second and goes back to BR
Did someone had same problem or can help?
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2021.12.08 12:40 Gzed4real I need lots of Karma please guys🙌🙏 follow me to catch lots of FUNSTUFF ✌️. I'm doing giveaways so in between the first 500 and the last 500 will get amazing prizes!

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2021.12.08 12:40 clinosapio Bremen

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2021.12.08 12:40 No-Evening-6132 Does someone have the registration number of Kenny’s plane?

I cannot remember anymore but there was something stated before this year here.
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2021.12.08 12:40 rwoooshed $THLLY Thales and Gireve Simplify the Electric Vehicle Charging Experience and Deliver Trusted Foundations for Smart Grid Deployments

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2021.12.08 12:40 CacophonyCharm I love you because I need you

To the One Who Believes,
What more is there to say to someone who believes in me more than I believe in myself? Three simple words. I'm left to choose between two sets, and the chaos of this last week has left me dazed. Do I love you or do I need you? Both, perhaps?
I speak of comfort all the time - how I feel so at home in your presence and how I can be my true self. The air feels warmer, even in the dead of winter. My mind feels lighter even as your expectations for me continue to grow. I have an unassailable sense of purpose and it allows me to wake up every day with determination surging through my veins. I would have never guessed that it could happen before I met you. I mean, who would think that the depressed girl could feel so close to the self she lost ten years ago? I had written her off as a once-thing that was lost to memories and daydreams. That mirage of me was from a time before it all came crashing down - when I was skinnier, younger, and not world weary. Through the comfort I've found in you and the belief you have in me, I've discovered shards of the old me. There's a sliver of hope tucked in a binder from graduate school. I found a jagged fragment of a dreamer when I began writing in that diary. I found a figment of the warrior girl I dreamed of being as a child hidden among all the walls and excuses I've built up. How can I thank you for that comfort? How can I possibly express what You've done for me?
I know the answer, of course. I've got to keep going. I've got to hold onto the belief You have in me and make it my own, somehow. Whether I manifest your vision via spite, pain, or ceaseless dedication… it doesn't really matter, right? The one thing that does matter is that I don't give up just like I have every other time.
I have something special in you. You are the lighthouse that beckons me towards a comfortable home perched atop steep bluffs. Even as I cut my bare feet on the algae and barnacle coated rocks, I can't allow myself to falter. This was never going to be easy. That's the part no one told me about people like you. I've imagined how perfect it would be to have someone to lead me to my true potential, but I'm not the one writing the definition of what I could be. Where I'd be satisfied with incremental improvements, you demand ever more of me. With every step towards your vision, I see that you've been right all along. The path to the lighthouse is winding, but I can make it if I trust in you.
So again, I'm staring at this page and asking… which three words fit?
I think I've got it this time. I love you because I need you. I adore you not just because of how wonderful you are, but because you care more than anyone else ever has. They cared about happiness while you care about my (our?) potential future. I hope You know that your faith in me is more important than I can put to words. I hope you know that how grateful I am to know you and how much you inspire me and how much I look up to you. I hope you know that I walked through my kitchen this morning, practicing those words in a language I can't speak. I'm not able to speak those words to you yet, but I hope to soon.
With affection, The One Who Is
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2021.12.08 12:40 __RageQuit Tailoring a foil lame

Hi everyone. Recently I bought a foil lame(pbt inox) without trying it on, and when it arrived, I realised, that the size is overall ok, but it seems to be bigger in the waist than I expected, so it looks a kinda loose on me. The question is: is it possible to tailor it without losing conductivity? If so, are there any unobvious details?
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2021.12.08 12:40 DrN00bzLab Tech Up Christmas

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2021.12.08 12:40 kram_mark01 Hmmmmmmmmmmm

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2021.12.08 12:40 chazzyfe where can i find 8pin female to 2x 6+2 pin male splitter cables?

where can i find 8pin female to 2x 6+2 pin male splitter cables?
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2021.12.08 12:40 casett244 Dad jokes rule!!! #roomiecaptial

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2021.12.08 12:40 CosmicLatteeee Best sites to do freelancing online in Graphic Design?

Im looking for sites to get started on freelancing online. I need to expand my portfolio as it’s very limited now. So what’s the best site to get started on. I’m looking for advice based on your experiences. Or should I go with the most popular one Fiverr?
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2021.12.08 12:40 iSucc_At_Memes Chop looks like a really chonky boi

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2021.12.08 12:40 Pissypirate722 youtube channel scammer ?

There is a guy who has a weird channel on youtube but it's kind of interesting. A musician who will do live streams asking people for money. However, he seems angry and strange. He went on a rant about Isacc Kappy once that was scary (I do agree Kappy was very likely a scammer himself). I posted a comment on his channel and he answered warmly saying he'd love to talk to me and mentioned his email. I emailed and he wrote a strange note signed "Much love" asking me to skype. I said I didn't have skype, did he have discord. He never responded. I emailed again about something and he just wrote back more or less, "I did write you" and then I never heard from him again. Does it sound like he uses skype to pester people for money?
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2021.12.08 12:40 reverseatadam Reshiram 5028 2190 0129. Be online +40lvl. Write your name here

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2021.12.08 12:40 Pseudo-Federale Zugu Pictures-iPad Mini 6 and 5

Here are a bunch of Zugu porn pics and couple weight measurements.
The iPad mini 5 weighs .65 pounds, or 10.4 ounces naked.
The iPad mini 6 weights .66 pounds, or 10.56 ounces naked.
The Zugu is a weighty case, but it feels so good in the hand, offers stable lap use in several positions, has strong magnets, and offers great protection around all sides of the unit. Here are a bunch of pics of my (now) wife's 5, and my new 6 in the Zugu:
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