Super Bad Baddie here

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2021.12.06 21:23 456northside Super Bad Baddie here

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2021.12.06 21:23 StreetToBeach Has anyone upgraded the 4 inch radio to something with CarPlay? I see maestro capable radios supposedly work when you get the maestro rr unit as well, but was hoping to get some real world input here.

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2021.12.06 21:23 EyesOpenedWide31 Tried to get an idea of where my sisters head is at and she sends me this. I may never talk to my sister again and that just breaks my heart.

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2021.12.06 21:23 ZingClassy Jordan Peterson (controversial)

Ok here's a controversial one. I don't think Jordan Peterson fucked a cat yesterday
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2021.12.06 21:23 JudgeZedrix Too much defence....?

Hi poe reddit!
My question: I'm running a templar. I have many layers of defence such as.
Block, ES, Armour, Cwdt+ IC with 5 End charges, purity of elements, Fortify, and high regen/consecrated ground.
I'm going crit and will end up with around 50% with 300% multiplier. And my offence feels... "okay"..
My question is currently I'm at about 5700 EHP at lvl 87. And I'd like to be closer to 7k by the end of the build say 96-98ish.
I'm afraid of losing any of my defence layers as I'm feeling tanky but I'm occasionally getting 1 shot by big guys. Hence why I want the higher EHP.
But which layer do I sacrifice without bricking my entire build...? Any other advice is appreciated. Thank you.
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2021.12.06 21:23 huebert17 Taylor Gs Mini vs Dreadnought Jr10-e

Hello everyone, i have been thinking of getting a travel guitar. I lookep up the Little Martin and also the Baby Taylor and i concluded that maybe the sound they will project will not be that of a "proper guitar" as they are quite small (well obviously for travel). But i looked up the 2 guitars from the title and confused about the Actual size dimension. Can someone tell me the product dimension of the 2? I don't have nearby guitar shops that have this products on stock. so I'll be ordering online and they do not have the exact dimensions. If someone can tell me the right dimensions of the guitars it will be a big help. Thank you!
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2021.12.06 21:23 duelscreengamer Fortnite: Battle Royale │ Watch Both POVs as Players Duel to Survive #Fo...

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2021.12.06 21:23 blowdimply [News] - WHO Rejects Convalescent Plasma Treatment for COVID-19

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2021.12.06 21:23 A1ArmedToaster Deer suck

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2021.12.06 21:23 Seoulhyun 211206 Johyun Instagram Stories

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2021.12.06 21:23 Mrp00pybutth013 Accidentally destroyed codex required for arch codex

Like the title says, anyway to recover the codexes after accidentally destroying two of them?
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2021.12.06 21:23 okanaganbabes Could you keep her on her toes? 🔥Featuring: 👩@wilde_jennifer20 Let us know in the comments below! 👇 Send us your 🔥 content in the Okanagan Valley and we'll feature!

Could you keep her on her toes? 🔥Featuring: 👩@wilde_jennifer20 Let us know in the comments below! 👇 Send us your 🔥 content in the Okanagan Valley and we'll feature! submitted by okanaganbabes to okanaganbabes [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 21:23 Disentibot Tenías un solo trabajo qué hacer

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2021.12.06 21:23 comeatnenoob Tire sizes

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2021.12.06 21:23 CopyPlayful3379 This is a story I read on writing prompts

It’s a alien human war story where these aliens who are a galactic government and humans are fighting a war and it’s from the aliens perspective of the war and the alien government doesn’t really believe it’s a war but a border conflict and I think the genre was total war
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2021.12.06 21:23 EntertainerGuilty327 🔥🔥🔥 Pop Smoke x Travis Scott - Creature (feat. Swae Lee)

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2021.12.06 21:23 Miserable_Chip9943 [ps4] H: power armor and legendaries W: anything I can get with this (mostly a non legacy flamer)

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2021.12.06 21:23 Disentibot Se cancela mi boda, me tenía registrada como "Ceviche a domicilio"

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2021.12.06 21:23 Traditional_Try385 Survival Edge ——————— This is is s survival realm bedrock .

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2021.12.06 21:23 Katie_Redacted Contest for full body drawing of your dragon!

Alright, before I start. No, I haven’t drawn everyone’s dragons from the previous post. I only wanted to try doing a few so see some designs.(and I only have certain colors so some I’m unable to do)
That being said, and since I don’t really know how to do these, here’s what I need you to do(if you’re entering)
Type in the comments: “EnterContest”
From there, I’ll write these down and put them in a wheel. (Yes I’m doing a wheel) Whoever wins gets a full body drawing(standard like how the tribes are drawn) in my style.
That said, good luck!
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2021.12.06 21:23 Westkipp Deck Recommendations for Casual Player

What's up duelists,
As the title suggests, I'm in the market for a new deck. I meet up with some friends about once a month to get some duels in and we don't run anything meta. I'm looking for something fun with a budget of $100 for the main and extra deck.
For reference, I've been running a twilight deck with lightsworns and dark monsters. I loved milling, combos, otk's, and blowing up the board with Judgement Dragon. The deck is still fun but I've been running it for almost a decade; it's time for some new flavor. Pendulums seem cool but I'm not sure if they'd be too strong against my friends
I've been reading into strong budget decks since yesterday and it feels like information overload lol.
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2021.12.06 21:23 Disentibot Yo a mis 26 años dejando mi cartita en mi zapato y a un lado galletas y leche

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2021.12.06 21:23 Dizzyx1998 LF shiny stones

Looking for someone who would be willing to send over two shiny stones so I am able to evolve a roselia and a togetic. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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2021.12.06 21:23 ZELDA_AS_A_BOY An honest and toxic free 9mo review of Same Day Ready System - some good some bad

Specs - R5 5600x, 3060ti, 16g ram, asrock x570 phantom gaming 4, 500g SSD, 2tb HDD TraceMR case (or slatemr not sure)
Hello! I bought my PC from iBUYPOWER in the middle of March 2021. There are some ups and down to this, so I felt that I should give an honest and toxic free review. I will include where I think they went wrong, and the things they got right. Small caveat, this is my first experience with gaming on PC so I did go into this kind of blind. My roommate and best friend who built his own PC a couple of years ago has been here to hold my hand through this process.
Ordering and Shipping - My PC was ordered with no complications, and was shipped right on time with reliable tracking the whole way through. I've noticed some shipping problems others have had on here, but I was lucky to have not had any issue. It arrived unscathed and had packing material inside of the PC. Gamers Nexus did an iBUYPOWER review and their PC DIDN'T have any in there. Not sure if it was just a mistake or what. So overall my ordering and shipping seemed to go just fine.
Start up - PC started up just fine. Windows had to go through some updates, but I assumed this would have to happen. Got all my appropriate programs downloaded and immediately did a benchmark. The benchmark was great. And my CPU (R5 5600x) and GPU (3060ti) were correct and doing what they were supposed to do.
Games - First game I tried was Apex Legends. The first match went fine, but then during the next match the PC restarted. It didn't completely die, but restarted the whole system. This was clearly odd any my roommate and I started troubleshooting. On the phone, iBUYPOWER wanted us to take out the GPU and put it back it which we did. But that wasn't the problem. We eventually found that the BIOS had not been updated. It took us a minute to figure out how to properly install, but we got it fixed and the game worked fine after that.
CPU Cooling - About six months later with everything working just fine, I noticed terrible frame drops in games where it has never happened. Roomie had me run a benchmark, and from there we could see that the CPU was not working as hard as it could have. The score was super low. MSI afterburner showed I was idling at 80 and reaching 97 at full load. He thought that maybe the thermal paste just needs to be replaced. And that's what we did! Reapplying the paste seemed to fix it and games started running smoothly.
CPU cooling 2.0 - Well a few weeks later things started to get worse. The AIO cooling was making a terrible noise on start up. I thought the PSU was going to explode, but then I remember some people have posted noisy AIO coolers on here and I was worried mine had reached the same fate. Games could no longer hold frames properly and were generally unplayable. Replacing this AIO was the next step. I got a cooler master hyper 212 installed today and kept the back exhaust fan on as well. Things have been working great and temp are where they should be!
What they got right - The shipping and handling was great and I was able to track it the whole way. Start up was instant and I got the GPU and CPU I paid for.
What they got wrong (and need to fix) - The BIOS was not updated and I feel like that shouldn't have been skipped or overlooked during QA. I have no idea how these companies work, or what their workload has been, but the QA process should be updated to make sure BIOS setting are as up to date as they can be. Then the CPU cooling. If you search "AIO cooling problems" in this sub, you will find many posts about failed coolers. I don't know what/who makes these stock AIO's but they are no good. Any person that has no experience with this will have to send this back in and wait however long that takes to get their system fixed.
Conclusion - PC gaming is amazing and I can't believe I took this long to get on this train. I am happy with my system, but hope that future customers have a better experience than me. I hope some of the mods or iBUYPOWER team read this and pass this along to their team so that issues like this don't happen. I know there is no magic wand to just switch up all the coolers in all of your systems, but a plan to get better ones should be on the agenda IMO.
I know Reddit can be a cesspool of toxicity. Game devs are shit on constantly. Same with PR reps and community managers. Please try not to be shitty to these guys. They are still people just looking to get through the day and live their lives. No one here is out to ruin your PC maliciously.
Bonus - I took apart the AIO for fun because I wanted to. What the hell is that sediment like stuff in there. What kind of liquid is in these??
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2021.12.06 21:23 getitoffmychestpleas What blood glucose and/or A1C test kits would you recommend?

This is all new for me
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