A wallpaper I made for you with Shinji x Mari because there wasnt alot of them out there! Im gonna post two or three per week here! I hope you like them! <3

2021.12.08 13:15 YeetarusRex A wallpaper I made for you with Shinji x Mari because there wasnt alot of them out there! Im gonna post two or three per week here! I hope you like them! <3

A wallpaper I made for you with Shinji x Mari because there wasnt alot of them out there! Im gonna post two or three per week here! I hope you like them! <3 submitted by YeetarusRex to marishin [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 13:15 FearCloudPeople Didn't This Exact Sign Show Up In DD? Seems Really Familiar.

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2021.12.08 13:15 EeryAirplane819 PC Setup Showcase Competition!

PC Setup Showcase Competition! hey everyone, so there is a small competition going around that involves you showing off your computer setup, its pretty awesome, you win a prize of a 200qr Store974 gift card. if you do not know store974, you've been living under a rock lol. Submissions close on 15DEC.

discord server link; https://discord.gg/m5R55RWPVx

the official announcement
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2021.12.08 13:15 melanf The village of Kizhma (Russia) is a rare example of a preserved village of the 19th century

The village of Kizhma (Russia) is a rare example of a preserved village of the 19th century
Processing img tw0fpo1tfc481...
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2021.12.08 13:15 Spartans1414 Career in underwriting

Hello I was hoping this would be a good place to ask about starting a career in underwriting. I’m 26 years old w/ finance degree and have been working in the reinsurance for around 3 years doing claim operations work. Was thinking of taking a step toward a career in underwriting but was wondering if I would have to move laterally into a underwriting assistant or would I be able to go into underwriting directly having some years of reinsurance experience? Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thank you everyone!
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2021.12.08 13:15 LunalGaming Figured to try and give this another try after months of breaks from posting, in hopes to find people who want to connect and not just here out of boredom or need a boost to feeling wanted.

My name is Eden, I'm 24 years old male from Israel.
I would like to say it upfront. I am mentally disordered person, that means that my behavior can be abnormal to many people. I tend to be honest, sincere, straightforward and hardly have filters (That's without considering the effects my disorder can bring as well).So if you don't like mentally disordered people / blunt people, I'm probably not your guy.
Due to my disorder, to maintain passion is hard, but I do have my defaults that I like to do / got used to doing. I enjoy talking to people, tho I don't entirely like one time conversations and prefer to talk to people with the idea of trying to build a friendship. I play games but mainly with people since I find games not as amusing as I found them awhile ago. The games I play at the moment are: Terraria, Minecraft, Sea of Thieves, Risk of Rain 2, Red Dead Redemption 2 and I have many more on Steam.
I enjoy watching YouTube, anime, movies and shows. I don't have a preferred genre for movies/shows, anime is mainly isekai (The idea of a different world just helps me get a break from being with my disorder).YouTube, I enjoy watching the same ones I've been watching for some years now (Vanossgaming, Terroriser, Daithi De Nogla, TheDoo and some others).
In terms of music, I can't say what exactly I like, cause I like anything that my ears simply enjoy. I do know that heavy metal / screams is not my kind of thing. My preferred genre in this is called "Epic" and it's melody based mostly and is the soundtrack you usually have in climaxes and such in movies/shows.
Conversation wise, we can talk about anything. From games/movies and such, to the meaning of life (from our opinion). I will tho only say my opinion when I have some and it's a subject I do have an opinion. For example, cars are not my thing, so talking to me about cars will be like talking to the wall. Since I don't know anything about it, it will be hard for me to add anything to the subject. So as long as I have an opinion about it, I will share it and be more than talkative enough.
I would like to say upfront what kind of relationships I look for so only message me if you look for the same. I look for people who don't just want a one time conversation / gaming sessions but people who would be up to put themselves out here and try to form something without giving up after the first time. Connection takes time and effort, I am willing to put both and would like to find people who are willing to do the same. Looking to have people who not only can converse and answer with messages that give something to reply to, but also people who won't mind actually initiating conversation and proving that they actually want to chat with me by initiating it on their own.
Due to my mental disorder, I've been told I can be stubborn in my approach to mentality and people's behavior, so apologize if you experience the same with me. After 7+ years of my issue and encountering so many people, I just developed my own approach to things that people tend to find weird and not okay since I don't truly agree with how everything works in this society. Rather than accept it, I question it often and that's something that many people disliked when I do it.
Also, forgot to mention, I do smoke weed for my mental disorder. So hopefully also that not being an issue.
I would like to say, that if for some reason you do end up messaging me, put effort into it. I've given quite a bit of information about myself, messages that lack any information about yourself will just not be something I will really want to answer to. So message a bit beyond "Hey how are you?" and such. I would also prefer 21+ but won't stop anyone from messaging me if they put effort into their message.
I do prefer chat/inbox than replying in comments. So please chat/inbox me if you want to talk.
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2021.12.08 13:15 targetmedians CDSL Fundamental Analysis | Central Depository Services

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2021.12.08 13:15 Revolutionary_Mix941 should i take my leave?

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2021.12.08 13:15 laurequipe It was 3AM and I found him staring at me like that

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2021.12.08 13:15 Stardust_and_Shadows Daily Discussion ~ Dec 8th, 2021

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2021.12.08 13:15 MrRockyboxer I went on a vacation to Vancouver, and Vancouver island. I visited the Capilano suspension bridge, and the Butchart gardens. The night mode on this phone is amazing!

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2021.12.08 13:15 Comfortable_Dot_4923 Anything I can do to comfort her? Physically or emotionally She’s pineconeing and slowly dieing but I do not want to euthanize her to rush death.

Anything I can do to comfort her? Physically or emotionally She’s pineconeing and slowly dieing but I do not want to euthanize her to rush death. submitted by Comfortable_Dot_4923 to Aquariums [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 13:15 Fidalpapeye Roated this Chicken with Rosemary and thyme

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2021.12.08 13:15 Robocop613 Aww yiss blaster ornaments

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2021.12.08 13:15 hokkamy Hello beautiful people! :D

Hello beautiful people! :D
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2021.12.08 13:15 I_Love_Cheesy_Poofs_ For hunterboi1000

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2021.12.08 13:15 RLCD-Bot [Octane] [Purple Pork Pie] [Titanium White Standard] [Sk8ter]

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2021.12.08 13:15 memoryblue95 AAP-01 Upgrades list/Guide

If you have additional knowledge and experience with parts, feel free to reach out and have it added or any errors corrected to help make this a complete guide/list for everyone to refer to.
--Externals-- -SRU 3D Printed PDW Kit(comes with 3D printed charging handle and magwell flare, is known to melt/warp in high temperatures)
-RGW CNC upper(CNC hopup will require heavy dremeling of excess material on upper to fit inside)
-Action Army folding stock(replaces your rear sight with a rail)
-Action Army extended mag release
-CowCow G-series trigger(disables safety button function once adjusted so much)
-TTI Selectable Charging Handle(comes with CNC short stroke spacer and nozzle return spring)
-Action Army Thumb Rest
Inner barrels: -Stock barrel length 129mm
-Maple Leaf Crazy Jet stainless steel version(good results,no complaints)
Buckings: -Maple Leaf 2021 Autobot 60deg(great results paired with H-plate)
Bucking Nubs: -Hydron Designs V2 CNC H-plate(only works with stock hopup chamber)
-Maple Leaf Omega Flat Nub(for use with CNC hopup)
Hopup Chambers: -Action Army CNC Rotary Hopup(uses AEG style Nubs)
Nozzles: -CowCow Nozzle set(best shot to shot consistency, slight overall fps drop, uses proprietary rocket valve)
Rocket Valves: -AMG Anti-Freeze Bulb w/spring(FPS boost,but bad shot to shot consistency)
Hammer Rollers: (Hammer rollers will require material removed from hammer housing or hammer itself to function)
-Poseidon 9mm roller(received a 8mm roller packaged as 9mm,so take your chances)
-Slong 9mm roller
Hammer set: -Cowcow Stainless Steel Hammer set(comes with hammer, sear, firing pin, rotor & rotor spring)
Auto sear: -Cowcow G18c Stainless Steel Auto sear(may require slight filing on edge that contacts cowcow hammer)
Fire pin lock: -Cowcow Stainless Steel G-Series Fire Pin Lock
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2021.12.08 13:15 -ASB- Mega steelix7453 4688 9553

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2021.12.08 13:15 controverzy What is something that pisses you off about your country?

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2021.12.08 13:15 Some_Bath7976 Does everyone go through these horror story withdraws?

I’m thinking about stopping Cold Turkey from 3mg a day of clonazepam for 3 years, I’m now on 2mg clonazepam ever other day for 3 months. Is this doable?
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2021.12.08 13:15 Mrnicksitdicksit Royalty

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2021.12.08 13:15 sin_ese Hoy se cumplen 158 años del incendio de la iglesia de la Compañía de Jesús en Santiago, fue consumida por el fuego con cerca de 2.000 fieles en su interior y este hecho dio origen a la creación del Cuerpo de Bomberos de Santiago.

Resumen: El 8 de diciembre de 1863 en Santiago, la iglesia de la Compañía de Jesús fue consumida por el fuego con cerca de 2.000 fieles en su interior. La tragedia conmovió a la ciudadanía, instaurándose en la memoria colectiva de la ciudad. Una de cada 27 mujeres capitalinas murió allí, los testigos no podían hacer nada ya que no existían Bomberos en esa época, además cualquier intento por abrir las puertas era infructuoso ya que éstas sólo se abrían hacia dentro y la presión de los cuerpos no permitía socorrer a las víctimas.
La iglesia de la Compañía de Jesús era una de las más concurridas por la población santiaguina del siglo XIX y un lugar estratégico de la sociabilidad capitalina. Los altos prelados elevaban sus prédicas desde un púlpito allí ubicado; la torre marcaba el tiempo de la ciudad con uno de los pocos relojes que existían en ese entonces; pobres y ricos acudían a orar y clamar a Dios; y los más devotos la ocupaban como centro de distintas asociaciones piadosas.
El martes 8 de diciembre de ese año, a las siete menos cuarto de la tarde, más de dos mil personas esperaban dentro del templo para la conmemoración de la fiesta de la Concepción Inmaculada de María Santísima y del aniversario de las Hijas de María, cuando las llamas surgidas por motivos aún desconocidos se expandieron rápidamente por los adornos y la iluminación del templo, todos de material inflamable, mientras cundía el pánico entre los fieles, en su mayoría mujeres. Mantas de crinolina que se prendían o enganchaban con facilidad en el mobiliario sagrado y largos vestidos que entorpecían el andar y generaban caídas, terminaron por hacer que la multitud se atochara y las pocas salidas de la Iglesia fueran rápidamente bloqueadas. Una de cada 27 mujeres capitalinas murió allí: "Cuerpo sobre cuerpo, se formaba una muralla compacta i numerosa. Había mujeres que resistían el peso de diez o doce, otras tendidas encima, a lo largo, a lo atravesado, en todas direcciones. Era materialmente imposible desprender una persona de esa masa compacta y horripilante. Los más desgarradores lamentos se oían del interior de la iglesia" (El Ferrocarril, diciembre 9, 1863).
Mientras las campanas tañían para pedían ayuda, la ciudad se congregaba en torno al templo en llamas. Los espectadores nada podían hacer. Cualquier intento por abrir las puertas era infructuoso ya que éstas sólo se abrían hacia dentro y la presión de los cuerpos no permitía socorrer a las víctimas: "En los umbrales mismos han perecido centenares de personas, quemadas a la vista de un pueblo inmenso a que dirigían sus brazos en ademán suplicante i que en esos momentos era impotente para salvarlas" (El Ferrocarril, diciembre 10, 1863).
Tras la extinción del fuego, miles de cuerpos calcinados quedaron al descubierto. Frente a la imposibilidad de identificarlos y al riesgo sanitario que implicaba, se decidió darles sepultura en una fosa común del Cementerio General. El amanecer gris del 9 de diciembre estuvo acompañado del viaje al cementerio de 146 carretones llenos de cadáveres rociados de cal que abarrotaron la fosa cavada por más de 200 hombres. Cuatro días demoró el entierro. Pasados ocho días de la catástrofe, se pronunciaron las exequias en la Iglesia Metropolitana. Días más tarde las autoridades decidieron trasladar el templo de su lugar original, dejando en la tradicional esquina un monumento en honor a las mártires.
Este trágico evento conmovió a la ciudadanía y a las autoridades e hizo tomar medidas para prevenir este tipo de desdichas, como la obligatoriedad de las bisagras dobles en las puertas de todas las iglesias del país. Nadie estaba preparado para socorrer a las víctimas, no existía una organización dotada de las herramientas y la preparación necesaria. Frente a tal ausencia, surgió el primer cuerpo de bomberos de Santiago, siguiendo el ejemplo de los ya formados en Valparaíso, Ancud y Valdivia, siendo el porteño el primer cuerpo de bomberos de Chile.
Fuente: El incendio de la iglesia de la Compañía de Jesús (1863), Memoria Chilena.
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2021.12.08 13:15 chixmagnet ONLY TIME WILL TELL

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2021.12.08 13:15 fizztaa I cannot stop thinking about sex and it’s actually affecting everything I do.

It’s worth mentioning I suffer from borderline personality disorder.
I 25F for some reason even though I have a very loving attentive boyfriend who I always have sex with. It’s never enough, he’s an amazing partner and I’m satisfied but I always want more. I masterbate a lot too. Is this something that I should speak to my doctor about ? I feel so guilty too because even though I love my boyfriend, I find myself constantly fantising about other men during our intimate time. I also love it when other men check me out and I imagine having sex with them ( I’ve never cheated and don’t want to). But I’ve never had this issue before. It is worth mentioning that I lost my virginity to my current boyfriend and I have been sexually abused from the ages of 11-17 by my step dad.
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