What's this galactic hub you speak of?

2021.12.06 11:14 Sudden-Temperature45 What's this galactic hub you speak of?

Is it an actual place? Or player built? Whatever it is, I must see it lol
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2021.12.06 11:14 Waste-Statistician92 Looking for a consistent Trio for Rankeds/Pubs aswell :)

Hey im Toni, 28 years old and play apex pretty much since 3 Months.
My Gaming background comes mainly on Console ( Games like Rainbow 6), so i got that competitive and strategic background already which helped me reaching Plat in my first full Season now ( Season 11 Split 1), pretty much soloq'ing. But I would love to play together with 2 people (pref. with maybe a bit more experience) to grind Ranked and see where we can get together as a team. Im fine with IGL'ing although with more experienced players that might be weird sometimes haha.
Currently maining Valk/Octane but could also play a decent bloodhound for example aswell.
Im online Daily just write me a message on DC ( G3R Reek#001) and we play some rounds together :)
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2021.12.06 11:14 KakBak Spadgitarr? Spadgitarr!

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2021.12.06 11:14 chopchopped Cox Marine, Shape UK team to Demo a Dual-Fuel Diesel/Hydrogen Outboard Engine

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2021.12.06 11:14 TheLastElasticJedi [Marvel/2016 Ultimates] The Psi-Hawk, Psi-Force and Phoenix Force

What is the difference between the first two and the Phoenix? They seem to have similar functions as beings of psionic power. Is the Psi-Force some kind of Phoenix Force offshoot or strain?
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2021.12.06 11:14 Condition-Orange Kids stroller at Abandoned Mall, USA. [OC]

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2021.12.06 11:14 theme44 So your telling me

I worked my ass off to get the armor set i wanted and i cant even change the color pallet thats awesome
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2021.12.06 11:14 eaglemints it's that time of the year

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2021.12.06 11:14 obi_g need help with velcro on soft shell jacket

hello, i have an old, maybe 10 years old, soft shell jacket (it might be the "apex bionic soft shell") and the velcro fastener on the right sleeve cuff has never worked properly. the plastic strap part is constantly coming undone. i just put it in the cupboard and never wore or thought about it.
is there a way to fix or repair this easily?
thanks in advance
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2021.12.06 11:14 Strange-Advisor69 Traveling the heartlands

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2021.12.06 11:14 craigeeeeeeeeee Anyone else love trains around the tree?

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2021.12.06 11:14 NewsElfForEnterprise 2022 Mazda CX-5 priced at $27,125

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2021.12.06 11:14 Darkcat9000 guys yall are overreacting about balloon

apperently one card nerf that happens to target air is enough to create a balloon meta even tough 3 others got buffed, i mean ice wiz can prob fully stop a balloon now and even then, do you guys genuinly believe that tesla is what kept balloon in check, come on there are so many cards like hunter and mega minion it still has a lot of counters tesla, wasn't even that great against defending lumberloon's and stuff, i mean come on some bats or barb barrel could shut it down in a balloon push it was decent but definitvly not great against balloon and not the thing that kept it in check.
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2021.12.06 11:14 TrueR3dditor I‘m growing out of my favorite shirt :(

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2021.12.06 11:14 tiny_giant420 Why is my home always cold?

I don't even bother putting the heating on anymore to warm up, because it's pointless. It's 10.5°C without, and maybe goes to 11° if I have the heat on full for one hour. Surely this isn't normal. I've tried having doors open and closed but there's no difference. The only use I have for the heating is drying my clothes.
We aren't even in the coldest months yet, should I be worried at all about this?
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2021.12.06 11:14 bubblesquek Cinematic drift video

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2021.12.06 11:14 ComradeKartoffel Philosophy is just shitposting for intellectuals

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2021.12.06 11:14 danavdalan Imagine changing your religion to Islam just to get married

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2021.12.06 11:14 ChaoticNeutralNephew being told i cant register

in the US, state of MN. I uploaded id and this morning told my account cant be created because of laws in my area. any help?
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2021.12.06 11:14 Whey-Men In lawsuit over access to Colorado police data, Attorney General's office is contradicted by its own records

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2021.12.06 11:14 Nonconformistsheep First time Rover Sitter

Hi all!
As the title states, I’m a first time sitter. As my apartment doesn’t allow dogs I have made myself available for drop in visits and dog walking on Rover.
I finally got my first booking!
But I guess I’m a little paranoid.
I’m a girl, 28F, and I’m worried that the client may be using the site to “meet people” if you know what I mean? Is this worry founded? Is this something I’ll have to look out for as a sitter for Rover? Or am I just crazy and this guy really just wants me to come check in on his dogs while he’s away?
Thanks in advance for any tips or advice!
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2021.12.06 11:14 BabaYagasContinental What is the everyday thing you do that makes your life so much better, but only takes 5 minutes?

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2021.12.06 11:14 Noitsnotme45 Im fighting with my ex shall I cut ties with her or not?

I broke uo with my ex a month ago we decided to stay friends together because we both wanted to not cut off from each other. Yesterday I did something stubid and took my anger on her and I made her feel bad about herself I know Im a shithead but she always brings the past of what bad things I've done. Still I dont wanna cut ties with her she is a good friend but she brings the past onto me. What shall I do?
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2021.12.06 11:14 Unlikely_Librarian11 [H] Epic (getepic app) | The Leading Digital Library for Kids | Unlimited Access 1 Years -$4 [W]Paypa/BTC/

Get unlimited access to 40000 of the best books, audiobooks, videos, & more for kids ... Use Epic on iPhone, iPad, and Android apps or any computer or laptop.
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Popular titles and series include Big Nate, Garfield, Warriors and The Chronicles of Narnia series. Books are available in English, Spanish, Chinese, and French and includes bilingual options. The Epic! app offers personalized recommendations based on a child's reading level and interest.[11] Users can search for books, videos and quizzes on Epic! based on age, keyword and reading levels.
Warranty = 1 YEAR+
**Delivered within 1 to 12 Hours Maximum**
Price - $3.99 each
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2021.12.06 11:14 Embarrassed_File320 Dm me with cum on this picture

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