Making Crackshot memes until he comes back Day - 4

2021.12.03 10:30 GlitchverseMaker Making Crackshot memes until he comes back Day - 4

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2021.12.03 10:30 inu_yasha Arsène Lupin is arrested by detective Ganimard (1905)

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2021.12.03 10:30 Garryriv87 Get off Flockpool

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2021.12.03 10:30 sandunkeycap [Artisan] Lilac Banbani - SandunArt

Hi, Today, I prepared colorway with Lilac Purple Light purple is a very pretty combination. I prepared it because there were a lot of requests.
Sale Form
Discord :
Instagram :
Keycaps Specifications
- MX Stem
- Resin casting
Sale Format
- Raffle(Banbani)
- It is open for 20 hours.
- Raffle ends after 20 hours, and I will select the winner and send the invoice after that.
- The invoice will be canceled if you don't pay within 24 hours.
- Form open: Korea time 10:00 PM(+GMT9) 2021.12.03
- Form closes: Korea time 06:00 PM(+GMT9) 2021.12.04
Raffle - nomal Banbani : 10 available
- Lilac Banbani : 25 available
- BanBani Removable Stickers
- BanBani Removable Stickers Vol2

Pricing and Payment
- $70~ 80
- I only send the invoice through PayPal.

- Shipped from Korea.
- Ships to K-Packet or EMS($15-30).
- The shipping cost is 35USD in countries where EMS premium is only available.
- Shipping costs may vary from country to country.
- All orders will be sent within 60 days of the closing date of the sales form.
- I will email you the tracking number once I start shipping.
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2021.12.03 10:30 Falcone24 These spartans have been waiting HOURS in line just for some coatings. Are you really going to abandon them in the cold, Bungie?

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2021.12.03 10:30 EISHNOORDHANJAL Shikari Gangz

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2021.12.03 10:30 iknowyouradress Entitled parent and kid demand our badminton rackets. Me and my friend destory him in a charity match

I would like to apologise at the start for this story being so long
So for context I am very good at badminton I've been playing it for bout 1½ year and I've even defeated my coach in a 1v1. And now onto the story
Cast: Me: obviously me Gc:my good cousin Bf: my best friend Gf: my girl friend Em: entitled mom Etk: entitled teen kid Esk:entitled small kid Om: old man Sg: security guard
So Iam 17-M and recently my aunt was visiting us my aunt had 2 kids I like them both very much. The bigger one(gc) is 12 and he likes badminton alot and he wanted me to play with him,me being the good cousin I am agreed and I called my bf and gf(both are pretty hardcore player) to come to a nearby field because I also wanted us to get some practice for an upcoming charity match. I picked up my gf with my gc and I them took a nearby free Badminton field and was teaching the gc some tricks and basically going easy in him like missing some shots hitting the badminton cock back slowly etc...while gf was in a nearby shop to get a water bottle becaus I frogot mine at home. Now the em and her kids walk in
Em:(coughs for attention) Me:yes can I help you with something? Em:yes can you get out the field now, you can't play this game anyways why do you even need the field Me:well I am teach-(em cuts me off) Em: can't you hear me get out of the field now my Angel needs to prepare for a match Etk: yes get out of the field now(looks about 14~16ish) (My bf walks in with he expensive badminton racket) Bf: what seems to be the problem op Em:this kid is not letting us practice in the field Me:well we were here first and we can stay here for as long as we want Esk:mommy look at the bat I want that bat (points at bfs racket) I want that it look cool Etk:how did you even get that it costs so much Em:(looks at my bf and says)you better get out of the field and give us that bat as a compensation (Gf walks in with two water bottles in her hand) Gf:what happening? (Hands me one of the water bottel) Me:this lady is demanding that we Move out of this field and give ek bfs racket Gf:well thats not going to happen today we were here first and bf is not even going to let ek touch his racket now I want you to leave or else I will be calling the security (Etk stares at my gf) Em: who are you to tell us what to do now listen here all there of you will get out of the field now and give my kid your rackets or else I will be calling the cops for harrasment and theft Etk:(looks at my gf and says) they all can go but you can stay and play with me Gf: No they we will not be moving and I will never play with you Etk: aww come on I like you very much and I wanted to go out with you Gf:well bad for you I already have a boyfriend (points at me) Em:now lady you are going to stay here and play with my son and all three of you will leave(points at me,bf,gc) Bf:(angrily)no we are not leaving we were here first and the three who are goona lever are you and your kids and if you don't I will call the security and report you for harrasment (Em huffs and leaves with her kids) We thought it was over right? WRONG We play and practice for a while and leave the court and we're heading to the entrance to exit from there and we saw them again there were only few people present there and em took advantage of that and tells the esk to go and grab bfs and my racket bag and he did so and he was shouting Esk:give me my bats back Em:omg this kids are stealing my kids bats someone help. I remove the kids hand from my and my bfs bag and say these rackets belong to us, and an elderly man came stood infront of us and asked Om: are these your rackets Me:yes Om:do you have a way to prove it (I show him my name on my grip and my bf shows his name written on the bag) Em: they just wrote their names on them now I saw them writing their names on the bags (Sg walks in) Sg:what seems to be the problem Em:this kid stole my kids bats and they assulted my kid Om:they didn't assulte your kid he Just removed his hand which were on their bags and they even showed me proof that these are their rackets Em: I already told you they just scribbled them on the bags just before you arrived now give us our bats and we will leave Sg: well let's just check the security cameras we will know whether these are their bats or not (Em look kinda scared) Em: there is no need for that I told you these are our just give them to us I and I won't press any charges Sg: (understands that she is lying by her tone) well miss just for confirmation we are going to check the cameras (The em reluctantly agrees) We check the cameras and it was clear that she was lying the footage showed us walking in with the rackets and they were with us all the time Sg:sir do you want to press charges for harrasment against her? Me:yes Sg:ok sir you are good to leave and can you give me you number for legal purpose and miss you will have to stay untill the cops arrive Em:but he- Sg: mam I've seen enough please co-operate Em shuts her mouth up,and we leave
And after a few weeks while we were warming up for the charity match I was talking about earlier we saw em and her kids we thought they were sepectaters and returned to our warmup but the real shcok was when we realised that we were going against etk and another kid me and bf looked each other we knew waht to do
Me and my bf absolutely destroyed the ek and his frnd. We won by 15-3 points I was more happy that I destroyed him than being happy for winning the match. And after the match my gf told me that while we were warming up he tried to flirt with her and said that he was going to win easily and that he also asked her no. He seeing us with a defeated look while my gf was hugging me and the cheery on the top was when we were exiting the ground I kissed my gf in front of him and made sure he saw it. The em and ek glared at me I smugged and walked away
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2021.12.03 10:30 zi3mlich invidious proxy issues

why does the dash video format work without a proxy but as soon as a proxy is enabled it doesn’t work anymore? i’m using a vpn so is there a point even using a proxy?
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2021.12.03 10:30 DokCyber Did you hear about the drummer who decided to name all his daughters the same name? Anna 1, Anna 2, Anna 3, Anna 4.

Did you hear about the drummer who decided to name all his daughters the same name? Anna 1, Anna 2, Anna 3, Anna 4.
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2021.12.03 10:30 Stereoanlage I was trying sharpen my pencil at work this morning.

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2021.12.03 10:30 SoggyConclusion4674 Chahar Bagh school in Esfahan, Iran

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2021.12.03 10:30 ErrorSecret It's a video talking about how tubbo's and Ranboo's last interaction before ranboo died was the van conversation where tubo basically said he wasn't happy.......... I'm in pain

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2021.12.03 10:30 ThouShaltNotBelieve Trucks that will be available in the first version of the upcoming mobile simulator game “Truckers of Europe 3” by Wanda Software.

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2021.12.03 10:30 jayyourfather213 Dec 8 . Coming !!!!!!! Let’s make history 👽🚀

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2021.12.03 10:30 vapinTonight Mac Miller // The Divine Feminine // Urban Outfitters Pink Color Vinyl (Restock)

Restocked at UO:
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2021.12.03 10:30 PurpleFine4935 I just can't catch a break.

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2021.12.03 10:30 theabbiee theabbie on Observable HQ

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2021.12.03 10:30 Tobster0 NEED HELP FINDING ANTS

I really want to get into ant keeping and need some advice on what ant species to get ideally not Laius Niger something with majors (optional) and that do not hibernate, ideally as i want something interesting however still easy enough for a beginner to handle
other advice i need is a good quality formicarium
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2021.12.03 10:30 TotalThomasMan IgnitorSMP [SMP] {Content Creator} {Java 1.17.1} {Whitelist} {Hermitcraft-like} {Hard} {No Swearing} {Shopping District} {Applications}

Ignitor SMP is a family friendly SMP for content creators! (Twitch and Youtube) This SMP is like Hermitcraft. There is a shopping district, and an arena for special events. We will be updating to 1.18 somewhere around December 20th.
Currently, IgnitorSMP has 9 active members. We would like to bring that number up to 15 members, and so we have opened up the application process.
Our mission is to create family-friendly, community-centered content while having fun on a multiplayer server!

If you would like to apply please go to
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2021.12.03 10:30 Analyst027 If your Short-Term Good Luck Today with a Correction Possible

If you are a short term holder, we could use some more shares on a correction. Good luck regardless.
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2021.12.03 10:30 SaitoNetwork Network Migration Update – December 3, 2021

The end of November marked our target for getting Rust Consensus running on our network. While technical folks can follow our dev channels and get a close view of what is happening, we wanted to share an update for those who are non-technical but still curious.
For the last several days, our Rust Consensus network has been running in parallel with our public-facing gaming network. We are testing the ability of clients on the network to maintain consensus with module-generated traffic and gameplay. At the moment all of the clients on the network are operating as full-nodes and consuming and publishing full blocks.
As of this morning, everything is behaving a lot like the public network, although we are obviously continuing to find bugs and release patches. We have seen some edge-case bugs around the distribution of golden tickets, the validation of merkle-roots, and the relaying and distribution of blocks that are transmitted wildly out-of-sequence. The introduction of binary block and transaction formats has led to some minor serialization issues as well. All of these issues are manageable and expected.
We expect to be running this network for another week or so before updating the public network that is supporting active gameplay. In order to do that, we need to see chain re-organizations, automatic transaction rebroadcasting and other routing activities working smoothly in a live environment.
In general, we are pleased to share news that our migration is underway and encourage those who want a deeper view of our software development processes to join our dev channels or track developments on Github. As long as there are not significant problems with our clients maintaining consensus we expect to switch our public-facing infrastructure to run on our new clients sometime next week.
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2021.12.03 10:30 Haimantas Pastebimai krenta degalų kainos

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2021.12.03 10:30 Esdeath_The_Pirate Tis the season, after all

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2021.12.03 10:30 AtmosphereOk8778 Indiana police officer appears to repeatedly kick dog during call out

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2021.12.03 10:30 Gmbravos31 Rock climbing excursion

Looking for an experienced rock climber that would be interested in teaching 4 indoor climbers the ‘ropes’ to outdoor climbing in NJ. My wife and another couple have been climbing in gyms for 2 years and would like to try our hands at the real deal. I was looking to plan something for 2022 as a Christmas gift. If there is anyone interested let me know thanks
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