Code cards, first to enter gets them.

2021.12.06 20:06 heresit7 Code cards, first to enter gets them.

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2021.12.06 20:06 Sawbkaze The kid is chad, the person on the other end is cringe

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2021.12.06 20:06 00976g Percs

Where can I get some perckys my brothers north jersey only‼️
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2021.12.06 20:06 Reese_XXVI Can I conceal my firearm if I have my LTCF in Philadelphia?

I just recently got my first firearm “Glock 17” and have to pick up my LTCF at the end of this month and was wondering if the LTCF allowed me to open and conceal carry?
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2021.12.06 20:06 BRO4DSWORD027 Anyone Still Playing?

I’m just wondering if anyone is still playing this game and if it’s worth purchasing it?
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2021.12.06 20:06 inlocopotential Faded Passwords

Accumulation of deceased logins and passwords will become a boutique industry in the future. Like NFT's today. Genuine human created usernames, logins, and passwords will be a curio in the disTechnian future. We're living on the tarnished veneer of the gold plated age of the internet. Crypto currencies are just a new lottery, occupying time and lives. How many man-years are spent a day across the world in thinking, "If only I had bought in when I had a chance?" No one every thinks that and feels better. And where are the stories of bitcoin charities? Of Hospitals and orphanages and universities springing up, fully formed, from the largesse of those fortunate enough to have gained the wealth of kings overnight?
But the passwords. When quantum computing becomes commonplace. When a combination of capital and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols provides as much protection as cellophane to our digital lives, harsh truths will emerge. All manner of deception will be revealed. The inability to keep demons locked in our own heads will be remarked on. And the ultimate banality of humanity will be exposed beyond the capacity of any conspiracy theory. The desire of individuals for their brains to give them dopamine, and the efforts of others to control those desires. For those aware to place roadblocks, demand labor in return for people to feel their own bliss. (Originally religion, but anything that involves selling. Sizzle is the great driver of the economy).
When society has moved past that, our petty emails and social media accounts, our banking history and location data, will all be angles and lines on the digital portrait of our lives. Fascinating threads for internet archeologists to watch the ebb and flow of our lives at the turn of the millennium. Where economic inequality is still a cause, where multiple nation states operate in their own interests, where people reject medical science but desire better health. Where spoken language changes, and is marked in real time, along with the creation of emoticons => emoji => ???
In the near term, we are carelessly documenting everything, and saving everything to a limitless cloud, out of convenience. But unlike a dusty trunk left in the attic, all these notes will be available to anyone, anywhere, or any program that is looking for any shred of profit.
In the long term, we are leaving our digital DNA behind. In a disappointing twist, we could all be ghosts in a simulation. Personalized echoes of real people being put through existence to determine the success of the next product launch. The cycle of life and rebirth perpetuated to determine the ideal color scheme for the next cycle of fashion kitchen appliances. The joke of enlightenment being that once you realize it, your file is deleted from the program due to corruption. The great escape of dissolution, the only true freedom is to stop interacting.
Passwords create an illusion of security, an illusion of value placed on whatever we put behind them. Amazon created an algorithm to identify people by giving them product choices to make, and referencing their purchase history. The surprise wasn't that it worked, but how well, and how few choices were needed to pinpoint you. I don't know what metric is used to score a novelty ball cap vs. parachute pants vs. organically harvested coffee, and what subset of people that places me in. But the only reason not to implement that seems to be the consequences of customers realizing the deeper implication. That maybe defining ourselves by our possessions is futile. That the choice between a $10 coffee press and a $1000 cappuccino machine is ultimately $900 and a data point away from someone else. You're both getting a cup of black water with an addictive substance in it, and the joke is, you're both making it yourself.
Given that Amazon and every meta data farming company out there know what I want before I do, it's in their interest to prevent me from buying anything that gives me lasting happiness or utility, if that's a thing. If I could buy my perfect cutting board, my ideal knife block set with easy to use sharpener, they'd lose out on revenue. Any site that profits other cannot provide satisfaction, or they cannabalize their own model. Instead, they jockey between each other for my attention, and in return I give them the tangible results of my labor.
Like the graph of the uncanny valley, the goal is to edge closer and closer to that first peak of sympathetic dopamine release. Artificial happiness which is aware of its nature. That shallowness of the boyfriend pillow, of chat-bots, of facebook posts which garner not just a like, but the equivalence of human interaction - an emoji face! How is accepting that level of imitation intimacy any worse than any other fandom? Anime conventions, furries, sporting events, special interest clubs? Maybe nothing, if it can lead to crossing that gap to real human interaction. A knowledge of self gained form knowing someone else. But there are so many options available, so many diversions to take to feel satisfied without lasting effect. We are drowning in pilot episodes, and money to be made in pumping out more diversion. The search for meaning as a quest for completionism. If we don't find the Truth in the story, it must be in the ending!.
Game of Thrones and Lost were both hugely successful, but couldn't deliver a satisfying ending. Stephen King is a prolific story starter. What is so hard with endings? That all of the meat is on the middle of the bone? Nobody wants to start eating a chicken leg from the bone end. Or are we addicted to the dynamism of the story? And no ending can give us a lasting satisfaction. What does that say for life? Addictive behavior is just an effort to maintain momentum that feels good. Our engines were built to run, we just don't know how to do that. We imagine ourselves as show cars stuck in traffic, but really we're tractors driving in circles while texting. And then angry that all we've done is dig ourselves deeper in a rut.
Always be starting something. Start enough stories, and you'll always be cresting waves of satisfaction. Or disengage completely, and if you vanish from space and memory,
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2021.12.06 20:06 Storme_Ryder The Short Version of My Story

Hi All,
I also posted this in a different group, but this is my first post here:
I was raised around the org, but didn’t really embrace it until my late teens. Passed up a university scholarship to pioneer right out of the gate, met my wife through her grandmother whom I pioneered with, was appointed a Ministerial Servant and gave many public talks and was highly requested even as a younger servant. Moved congregations after an issue arose about certain events my wife and I were attending, total conscience matter, but a couple Elders were on a witch hunt and were basically offended that I didn’t agree with their personal point of view. In time I was re-appointed a servant and then an Elder. Some things never made sense in my head regarding the org, but I pushed those thoughts out and kept on, like we are programmed to do. In time, my wife began expressing doubts to me privately, things such as only witnesses being saved at Armageddon, why women can’t be elders, etc. I tried to reason with her using my training as an Elder and couldn’t really come up with a good answer.
At this point, technically still believing most of the doctrine, I stepped down as an elder citing stress (which was mostly true, although most of it came from doubts rising to the surface). Then I set out to prove some things to myself, and it didn’t take long to realize my doubts were justified. In a cautious way, I expressed this to my wife and to my surprise and joy, she not only had the same doubts, but was mentally on her way out while I was still an Elder. Fast forward to about a year into our decision to fade and never go back, I reconnected with a fellow former Elder with whom I had served. Speaking with him (for about 3 hours) accelerated the final pieces of the puzzle, so to speak. So that is where my wife and I are now, and life has never been better.
We haven’t spoken to the elders or family about this yet, and as far as they know we are just inactive. But we are prepared if/when that day comes.
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2021.12.06 20:06 lumicloud9 Just launched my dinosaur enamel pins on Kickstarter! Link in comments!

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2021.12.06 20:06 I_Am_Not_A_G0at Currently writing a television series.

A modern family of telekinetics living in a friendly neighbourhood wish to live normal lives. They try their best at hiding their powers from the world.
It's called Meet the Foreckins.
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2021.12.06 20:06 Tronsaction How well would this game run on core i7-1165g7, Intel Iris xe, and 16gb of RAM?

Title says it all. If anyone here plays on the above configuration, how well does it perform?
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2021.12.06 20:06 robblackshow Declutter Your Finances

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2021.12.06 20:06 whythisshitpermanent Am I a rebound or is it genuine?

This guy (M20) from my college and I (F20) met and talked for the first time over a trip, we grew very close over a few months. I've never found someone this easy to talk to, before and he says so hasn't he. We are so similar about so much, we used to listen to our sad songs together while we'd talk about our life. It became our everyday routine. He was going through a breakup and I was going through a lot other traumas lol. We were there for each other, to listen, to support. It was all beautiful and wholesome until we ended up developing feelings for each other. But his breakup from a year long relationship is rather recent (like 6-7 months?) And while my last relationship was 4 years long, my breakup happened a year ago. I have seen him go through all those stages of breakup as I did during mine. However now that we both have feelings for each other, (which idk might just be because we were there for each other during our most vulnerable time), its complicated because I've seen him talk about his ex, look at her pictures holding back tears and everything, I dont know how to get myself to believe he has moved on. What if I end up being a rebound? He tells me going back to her was never an option, that she never understood him the way I do and he hasn't felt loved in that relationship. He is however scared of commitment just yet, understandably enough how everyone feels after a breakup. I mean, I got out of a 4 year long relationship, not that I have a heart to risk getting broken again either, I'm equally as scared if not more. I dont know if I should trust him and take a leap of faith or is it a bad idea and we should back off and risk losing even our friendship anymore?
TLDR; I don't know if he has moved on from his ex, should I risk becoming a rebound or fuck it and lose my friendship as well? How do you ever know if you're a rebound?
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2021.12.06 20:06 NiceCockBro126 WHATS IP YOU LITTLE CUNTS!

Anything can be a dildo if you try hard enough
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2021.12.06 20:06 MichaelFurburger Star Fox - Danger Zone (Top Gun)

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2021.12.06 20:06 TrashIllustrious6584 Epic burnout fails, Cars bursting into flames, Im on road to 400 subs , it be great if you could come along for the ride

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2021.12.06 20:06 crystal_th Mini Tainted Lost drawing (OC)

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2021.12.06 20:06 SpinelessLinus I want to do product recommendations for an online shop

No idea where to start.
Any model suggestions/what data I need to collect?
This is for my school coursework.
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2021.12.06 20:06 YGLD $MDB MongoDB Q3 Adj. EPS $(0.11) Beats $(0.38) Estimate, Sales $226.90M Beat $205.16M Estimate

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2021.12.06 20:06 lingonberryjuicebox Discord notif making weird sounds for anyone else?

Instead of the usual 'badup' sound it's going 'clank', this happening for anyone else?
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2021.12.06 20:06 firepanda2302 Outward feet

When I walk or stand my toes are always pointed outwards and I was wondering if this is bad and if it’s should i try to teach myself to keep my feet straight or is there even a reason to change it
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2021.12.06 20:06 kris10leigh14 My partner requested I post this. Any Lions fans in the house?

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2021.12.06 20:06 bigmancrazy till this day i wonder where they’re going with this 🤔

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2021.12.06 20:06 c0uch74 Mr. Ballen, please investigate this one

I knew this girl and saw her right before she disappeared. The night before she disappeared she hung out with me and my roommate and a bunch of other friends at our place.
I know her boyfriend at the time and I'm familiar with the accused murderer. Her story is crazy.
Contact me for any information you may be interested in knowing. I knew her mother well and was heartbroken for her.
The man accused of her murder is a serial killer that has been found guilty of multiple homicides. This is the same city and time frame as Danny Rolling, the Scream killer.
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2021.12.06 20:06 shawshanking Banks Stakeholders are Proposing a New Park

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2021.12.06 20:06 wetslipper Best tools for outlining

I don't have the room in my apartment for index cards/corkboards so looking to find the best software for mac that can re-create this. Does anyone have suggestions please?
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