She wants to stay friends with ex hookups and guys she met on tinder…

2021.12.08 10:57 Long-Worry-302 She wants to stay friends with ex hookups and guys she met on tinder…

My girlfriend 26(F) and I 24(M) have been having a ton of issues as of recently and we have only been together a 6 months, I’m afraid to say it’s probably easier to just end it. I don’t have anyone to talk to and I really need some insight on what I should do and maybe some alternative possibilities(long shot I know)… is some back story.
From the start, extremely sketchy with her phone, silences notifications, even turns them off so they don’t even pop up on the screen, whenever id grab her phone, to look at a menu or get a phone number or even answer it when a friend calls, she’s right there hovering over me ready to try to grab it from me, like satan himself possessed her body to get it back. Changed passcode, as if I even knew the first one, went from 4 digits to 6. Always puts it face down, will go on the phone and face the screen towards her and away from me. Then, she started chatting with some dude I oversaw on the phone. I couldn’t tell you the context of it, but she mentions him here and there and how they have mutual friends that overlap. I didn’t want to seem crazy and insecure because who wouldn’t feel like that after reading the above^ Come to find out asking the same question 3 times. This guy turns out to be a dude she met on tinder a year ago, that she just wants to keep in touch with…? Am I crazy or is that wrong? I’m old school and I’m a firm believer that if they don’t hold value to me in my life especially being in a relationship, they get cut out the second it becomes exclusive. My standard is to delete people out of my life if they don’t plan on benefitting it or being a part of it. Why would I keep a girl from tinder around, because we have mutual friends? Just call your friends when you need something? Why go through him.
Now listen, I’m insecure now, I came in to this relationship content and happy and I feel as if it’s a crumbling wall now and I don’t feel safe and secure with the person I truly care about. I’ve tried and tried and tried to communicate properly and without arguing and she immediately becomes defensive and comes right at me, making me feel crazy and nuts for just wanting a little reassurance.
Again, do I just throw in the towell?
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2021.12.08 10:57 vino8855 Indian uncle returns with more firepower to support Max at Abu Dhabi.

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2021.12.08 10:57 muliaputraa Guys does this font a good one?

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2021.12.08 10:57 PetiteEbonyDoll Oof

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2021.12.08 10:57 mirko-new Thank you, the white hair really completes the look…

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2021.12.08 10:57 yatin000 Military Tycoon

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2021.12.08 10:57 chookychookchook Fun making Christmas cards today

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2021.12.08 10:57 xain1112 What fact did you learn recently that you really want to talk about?

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2021.12.08 10:57 littlebopeepsvelcro LPT Request: What are some stress savers for flying with a toddler?

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2021.12.08 10:57 drathturtul Drafting a contract between party members

I’m working on drafting up a formal contract between myself and other members of my adventuring party to try to set out some explicit rules for how the party will operate. I’m looking for suggestions on what conditions to add. So far I’ve got the following:
1) keep party members’ secrets in strict confidence
2) do not deliberately harm the party
3) do not abandon the party as long as you’re able to help (do not by inaction allow other party members to come to harm)
What other conditions should I add or change?
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2021.12.08 10:57 AwwThisProgress は japanese ha

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2021.12.08 10:57 HotCrossBunny1 If I have to self isolate I'm definitely not going to work

Work made me attend a 20 person meeting last week with no social distancing. I was annoyed at the time as it required 4 hours to travel but the client is "old school" and doesn't think online meetings can have the same impact.
Two people from the meeting have now tested positive and I have to self isolate to await my test results. So every day Im in self isolation I'm calling in sick to work.
I have a laptop and can easily WFH but if I'm not allowed to see my friends or go outside because of work then I'm sure as hell not giving them any work right now.
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2021.12.08 10:57 Weedingos_Crew Join a new faction

Simply called The Weedingos, we are establishing our presence in Euclid having under our control 3 Systems. 🌍🌎🌏
We are looking for people that want to join a new faction that will be expanding, establishing diplomatic and trade relations with other factions and travveling through the universe. 🏛🌐🚚🚀🛰
Members and citizens of the Community of the Weedingos will be getting paid in Gold until we release our own currency.💰
We will give miners and traders priority.💱⛏
Please if you are interested to be part of this you are welcome to message me on Discord: Mikelangelo1312#8320
I will happily answer any questions below
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2021.12.08 10:57 GaryandKennyShow If you're a big fan of Shrek, this is a conversation you'll want to hear. We interviewed Chris Meledandri, CEO of Illumination and the person the "Hollywood Reporter" called the "Titan of Animation".

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2021.12.08 10:57 FinestLemon_ IIL dark/moody music with a nostalgic feel, WEWIL?

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2021.12.08 10:57 TheWeirrdGuy Update ?

When will the New update come out ? I'm hyped
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2021.12.08 10:57 Winterwinter310 Is my husband emotionally cheating on me?

Holy shit. I can't believe I'm actually posting something on here, especially about infidelity. My husband and I have been together for 7 years, married 5, we'll call him D. We just had a son in June and he is the literal light of my life. And I'm clinging on to him to keep it together. There are two separate 'incidents'
1 there's an associate at his job who recently got promoted to a management position, let's call her H. Because he's in charge of them he needs to have their phone numbers. So he kept telling me how she flirted with him but it stopped once she got the new position. However, when I went through his text. (I know. Fucken kill me) I found some conversations to be inappropriate. Cue example: D- can you finish up this thing for work? S-ooooookay. D- it's yes sir. There I corrected it for you. S- yessir. LIKE WHAT? I call him that during sex and he telling her to call him that, too??? Another example: D- sends gif of chair spinning in a circle S- is that what you do all day when I'm gone? D- yeah I just wait here until you get back. Ugh my fucken heart. 2 there's a friend from high school he said he recently reconnected with, we shall call her P. He brought of the fact that they w we re talking but never really talked about specifics. Except that she keeps asking to hang out. Sooooafter I saw the text between him and S I went on his Instagram messages and clicked on her name. Like, God, why did you make me like this? Anyways lo and behold I find him flirting with her. He's sending her selfies asking if he should cut or trim his beard, telling her that no matter he's always there for her, that's she's ana amazing person and he is happy she's back in life. As if it weren't bad enough... D- how many tattoos do you have? P- 45 or 46 D- can I see them? And then she literally sends him hecks videos showcasing the tattoos 9n her body. Like holy hell. Also there's videos where she Is sticking her tongue out at him and in one message he said "I expected you sticking out your tongue, so I was only focused on that". There's also so many questions he ask her like "cold weather or hot?" "Indoors or out" "if there was one movie you could force me to watch would we it be" and I'm over here like..... You ask people those questions when you're in the dating stage. Not when YOU'RE FUCKEN MARRIED WITH A NEW BABY. And honestly what makes it worse is the way he compliments her. "Oh those were some nice photos today." "I like the hair, it looks good on you" "pretty lady" "little lady" "Hun". AND she calls him love, boo, and sir. I couldn't believe the conversations they were having, trust me I could keep going forever but I can barely see through my glossy eyes. Guys, I know in my guy he crossed several lines. But I'm going crazy trying to make excuses for him. Please tell me he's the asshole, not me.
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2021.12.08 10:57 HeKindaFreshDoe Who tf keeps putting these up around my school

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2021.12.08 10:57 Watman_1 Кручу-верчу

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2021.12.08 10:57 Neville_Lynwood Blue Eyed Dog - FREE until December 10th [Murder, Mystery, Thriller, Kindle]

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2021.12.08 10:57 CNSMaryland House rejects amendment to swap redistricting maps

The Maryland House of Delegates rejects an amendment that would have swapped the Democrat-led legislative commission’s congressional redistricting plan for that of the governor’s citizen commission.
Read more here:
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2021.12.08 10:57 PaleontologistDue258 Bored. 1v1 me on PS4 if u want

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2021.12.08 10:57 WinterSelf_ [SG] [H] Old PC Components including GPU [W] PayPal or Cash Collection Only

Item Name:

CPU: AMD FX-8350 4 GHz 8-Core Processor MOBO: Asus M5A87 ATX AM3+ Motherboard GPU: Sapphire Radeon HD 7870 XT 2 GB Video Card RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws X Series 8 GB (2 x 4 GB) DDR3-1866 CL9 Memory Case: NZXT Phantom 410 ATX Mid Tower Case 
Condition: All in working condition
Price: ~£100
Postage and Payment: PayPal or cash - collection only (LONDON)
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2021.12.08 10:57 Whiskey-12 This is my safety ☝🏼

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