Ora or Muda?

2021.12.08 12:53 DonThousand77 Ora or Muda?

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2021.12.08 12:53 Bpbegha [FOR HIRE] I'm open for character commissions! RPG characters, furries, creatures, and more! DM me!

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2021.12.08 12:53 dn04ci Anyone need a Shakepay card referral?

Just got mine today and I have two invites to offer - it’s a top up card and you get 2% cash back in BTC on Shakepay! Works with Apple Pay, seems pretty good so far!
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2021.12.08 12:53 complicated_girl Those who work overnight do you still finish all pallets after years of working there?

I wanted to ask. I will be going into three months working as an overnight stocker at Walmart. What is the minimum number of pallets that a person should complete? I usually get placed in toys and I’ll only be able to do 4 or maybe 5. Some days I’ll do good and others I’ll do really bad. I’m afraid I might get fired :/
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2021.12.08 12:53 reptiloeed [FOR HIRE] Junior Designer (Web, Mobile)

About me: Web, mobile, UI design specialist (Junior) with 1.5 years of experience. I also have a technical education in the specialty "Web programmer", which helps me to develop a design that programmers can fully implement.
I want to gain experience in freelancing, I don't have as much experience in design as I would like, so I will make a design for you for a small price and feedback in my profile on Upwork. Upwork: https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~018ed27d7620bebfbe Portfolio: https://behance.net/pampamp E-mail: mypostbruh@gmail.com
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2021.12.08 12:53 sinzzle WFLLLL QUICK Me: R cow Them: R Turkey and Neon Wyvern

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2021.12.08 12:53 cooldads69 Keep or replace old Sub Zero fridge?

My family just purchased a new home and it comes with an older model Sub Zero fridge. We don’t have the model number, but suspect that it’s 15-20 years old, given the age of the kitchen. We’re debating whether to replace the fridge with a Fhiaba or keep the Sub Zero and see about updating the interior shelves and adding an exterior panel to update its appearance. Any thoughts on either option?
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2021.12.08 12:53 Sentinel_2539 I have the Halo Infinite steelbook which arrived today with the disk in it (obviously), can I install the campaign early if I put the disk in my xbox or will it be MP only, even on disk?

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2021.12.08 12:53 Diamondmouth Is the new wraith skin glitched? I dont remember seeing that giant rip on the bandana in the event trailer and theres weird letters on her hands.

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2021.12.08 12:52 girlshaped_lovedrug Stuck on 8-30. Should I stick with this team and keep leveling up or make a change?

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2021.12.08 12:52 natemarshall Update on the Osmium Marketplace

OK, so the Osmium marketplace is opening in beta on January 1, 2022 and will allow current owners with OIC's (Owner Identification Codes) to begin trading what they currently own with each other.
They have targeted January 1, 2026 as the date when it will go live as an open exchange. A lot will happen in this timeframe.
My partners and I are independent and will be promoting it along with strategic metals and critical minerals through digital marketing, SEO, live events and sponsorships, pop up retail and events, conferences, shows, expos and the use of influencers on social media etc.
There are many factors that go into the daily spot price. It's not just supply and demand, as you have safety costs, quality control, personnel costs etc factored in. Crystallization requires a number of safety protocols. I have provided the moderators with the summary of what factors are generally utilized.
Generally, you should expect to see some retail outlets for the jewelry open up by 3rd and 4th quarter of 2022 and into 2023. These will be limited as they will mostly be consignment based and/or kiosks and pop ups.
There are 3 areas we are focusing on:

  1. Jewelry Houses and Designers
  2. Wealth Managers, Financial Advisers etc.
  3. Individual Owners for Store of Value investing.
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2021.12.08 12:52 DarkUrGe19 Glenn Foster: State police investigate death of former Saints' player after he was taken into custody

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2021.12.08 12:52 Unlimited_MacGyver Vaccine enters the food supply.

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2021.12.08 12:52 DeathMoJo What the first two weeks have shown me concerning the Halo fanbase and where the multiplayer game stands today.

*Long read, sorry. TLDR at the bottom*
I still remember the first time playing on my buddy's Xbox in his basement, with the late nights running through co-op of the campaign or just playing split-screen multiplayer. As the series progressed, I loved seeing the new game modes, many epic memories of Halo 2 and 3 multiplayer online and as customization started to be added, how I could make the bad ass Spartan look I didn't know I wanted. To me the Master Chief was always the iconic green with an assault rifle. However, playing through Reach, ODST and even the Halo Wars/Spartan Strike games, I appreciated the expansion of lore and a different perspective on the world I had come to love.
With Halo Infinite, I was sad to hear the delay news last year but understood that if the game needed more time, then I'd wait. It had been 5 years, what is another 1? My buddy and I still dabbled in MCC and Halo 5 multiplayer from time to time. I went through and beat Halo Wars 2 in that time as well. When the technical preview's occurred, I was ecstatic to play a new Halo game and was happy the gameplay reminded me of Halo and not some generic shooter. The sounds were great, gunplay was good but like any preview, it had its fair share of issues that were expected.
Now with the surprise multiplayer drop on November 15th, I was all in. Currently away from home on work, so I have had a lot more free time to play in the evenings with this great hotel life. Like any new shooter, I struggled to dial in my controls, learn the new weapons and maps but the gameplay felt like Halo.

The real start of the post:
After almost 4 days of playtime (yeah I know, but like I said, hotel life), I can say this game and franchise is at an interesting cross roads. With the recent rise in free-to-play games/shooters (Apex Legends, Fortnite, etc.), on one hand I can see why 343/Microsoft wanted to make Halo free-to-play. It gives an opportunity to new players/generations a chance to experience Halo multiplayer, without having to front the bill. I can say it was the reason why I tried out Apex Legends, Destiny 2 and PUBG (that one mostly due to game pass). The core of the game was there to enjoy with very little gameplay content locked behind a paywall.
Now, of course cosmetics is a separate but I'd say in today's world, an equally important aspect. People love to customize in games. They want to make their character, home screen, banner, screenshots, you name it be their own. It makes for fun topics of conversation and showing of what you have earned or bought.

My view on the Halo fanbase:
When you take into account the 20 years of Halo history and games and add in the free-to-play model, we are at an interesting crossroads for the franchise.
Many like me, that have been with the series since the beginning, expect a game that has the play modes and features we are used to having in the past. We want our Slayer, objectives, fiesta modes, etc. at our own choice. The customization has been an ever evolving aspect and one we know will continue, whether we want it or not. Some still want the Red vs. Blue days, can't say I blame them!
You also have a "new" generation of Halo fans that this is their first experience at a new Halo game. Sure they could have played MCC or Halo 5 on Game Pass or Steam, but remember, this multiplayer is free-to-play. Like Apex Legends or Fortnite, I am sure there are those that installed Infinite to see what it was all about, because it was free.
As I read through tons of comments, praise posts, hate posts, seeing the reddit being locked down, etc. I see a somewhat strong division in the fan base. Many want the old school way with pick your own playlists and let me play the game the way I want to play. Some new players are just enjoying the experience and learning what Halo is all about.
The way I see, 343 needs to find a middle ground with the battle pass and progression, that caters not only to the hardcore base that been here for 20 years, but also the newer generation of gamer that loves the customization and need for progression. Some people play games just to level up, its what drives them.
Thoughts on fan base?

State of the game:
Let's start with Halo 5. Many features ended up being added later (playlists, forge, customization, etc) and this was funded by the purchase of our loot "packs." It had its fair share of gameplay issues (aiming) and server problems from the start as well. The same could be said for MCC. I'll be honest, the state in which MCC released, I shelved it for months. However, look at it now. 4K/120hz support, super fast loading, great multiplayer options, seasons, customizations, etc. and a solid way to enjoy the Halo franchise.
Now Infinite. After days worth of multiplayer (like I said above, hotel life) I have some goods and bads for the multiplayer. I'll continue my discussion after that point.
- Maps. I feel they took into account many features that allow for fun and interesting gameplay. There is not one map I hate (I'll be honest, took me a little while with launch pad but appreciate the map and the design)
- Gameplay. Even though there are no dedicated playlists yet (they are coming they say!) the gameplay feels like Halo to me. I felt it is a good mix of Halo 3 gameplay with Halo 5 speed added in. I like that powerups can be saved when needed and the new ones add for some fun gameplay mechanics (looking at you grapple hook).
- Sound. They really nailed it with many of the new sounds and it really provides a level of immersion that hadn't existed before. Nature sounds, market/town sounds, etc. and the fact that guns and vehicles all sound unique makes the experience enjoyable.
- Sync/net code inconsistencies. This one is my biggest complaint. By no means am I an expert player or just to grind out ranked (Platinum 1 for those interested) but this is the area that I feel needs to biggest improvement. There are times where my shots feel spot, melees feel connected, vehicles drive well for the whole match. The very next match, it is inconsistent as all can be. Dying behind walls 1-2 seconds after going around it, emptying multiple clips into someone when it appears on my screen I am hitting them with no registration, vehicles driving erratic. My biggest queue is the melee. I don't believe the melee is broken, i think it is the sync/ net code. Multiple times I have seen melee's that appear like "rubber band" lunge where someone hits me or an ally for a considerable distance only to pop back where they were. Other times there is no lunge and they miss. The best I had was a melee that followed my buddy around a corner, like a 90 degree elbow shot... I truly feel if they can improve this section, we will see a vast improvement in feel and consistency throughout the matches. Doesn't mean I won't go 12-7 one match and 2-10 the next though.... that's just me lol.
- Battle Pass/Progression. This is one of the leading points I was building up to with this post. It goes back to that hardcore fan base and the "new" fan base. I felt that 343 did a great job in the way that Halo 5 allowed for customization and progression based on gameplay, specific to each mode. The random packs obviously not many were a fan of and like free-to-play games now, the battle pass was the next logical choice. 343 needs to find that middle ground with the community. Those that want to enjoy the game the way they want to play it, earn progression and customization and those that don't mind dropping some money for the extra looks and styles, be it locked behind the pay wall or something you earn ahead of time. I don't expect everything to be unlocked just by playing, that doesn't fit the model. However, I do suggest they don't look old looks/styles from previous games behind specific pack purchase. Make them part of the battle pass, giving some under the free tier. This way if you want the others, its a small fee, like the Halo 5 packs, but this time you know what you are getting.
- Polish of the game. It shows that some areas needed more time to be stress tested either through technical previews or QA. The main UI is glitchy when you transition between menus, the fireteam count doesn't always update, random issues with servers starting up, or fireteam disconnects. I am glad once you are in the match, I have never been disconnected, but it can be a pain to get in sometimes.
- PC/console crossplay. I see the benefit when it comes to BTB or to cross play with your buddies but this really needs to be an option to split. Like stated above, I am no expert player, but I honestly believe there is very little aim assist for controller players. I like it that way. It really forces me to work to improve my aim and control of my player. However, aiming with a mouse is different, whether you think its better or not but the option to separate keyboard + mouse / controller completely outside of ranked needs to be there. This will just help to squash any complaints or issues people have or think they have with regards to fairness.
- Features. I am sure more will come out after today and going forward, but many options that we have seen in past games are messing out of the gate. 343 has already hinted that this game has had multiple rough patches in development so I am curious to see what the reasoning behind some of it was. I leave this in mixed because I enjoy what has been provided so far. Opinion obviously vary here. The fact that 343 will make the improvements, at least I have faith they will, doesn't necessarily make it better but at least gives some hope in the matter.
- Weapons. I like the mix of old and new but feel some tweaks are in order. The academy really needs to go over the features of each weapons. The fact that some have stronger melee, plasma are stronger against shields, that you have limited control of the cindershot while zoomed, etc. need to be explained. This only helps players understand the weapon and how to employ it.
The AR, while an improvement from Halo 5 for sure, has an uncanny ability to hit at what seems any range. On some BTB matches, its funny to hit when I try to snipe or BR someone at range and the AR is still hitting me. I tried as theory to just play the AR for about 10 matches of quickplay, averaged roughly 40-50% accuracy. I think they need to tune the range down some and give it a little bit more accuracy spread.
The pistol, this one I do like the changes. Halo 5 was pistol duels for days, while not necessarily bad, just felt it needed some tweaks. With the sidekick now, I feel it has the punch of Halo 5 pistol but you are forced to be accurate to have that punch. Happy trigger finger will leave you empty real quick.

Thoughts on state of the game and what it needs?

Alright, since I have so much free time, thought I'd offer my opinion on the fan base and state of the game. In the end, I am enjoying the multiplayer, feel like I am back into Halo and know that 343 will double down to fix the issues and progress the game. They might not have the best track record with games out of the gate, but their support on the backend to keep improving shows with games like MCC and Halo 5.
At time of this writing, i'll be able to start my download for the campaign in about 2 hours and can't wait to see what the next progression in the Halo universe will be. Glad to be here over the last 20 years, playing this game since I was in high school and hope it is still going strong in a few years so my son and I can play along side each other. Thanks for the read and see you out there!
TLDR: This writeup is the sole discretion of DeathMoJo and does not represent the views of 343, its fans or anyone else for that matter. You are entitled to your opinion, as am I, but know that in the end we are Halo fans that will agree and disagree on many aspects of Halo. One thing we know for sure, 343 guilty spark on Legendary sucks.
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2021.12.08 12:52 Gigi_Poke Ma grotte Minecraft

Ma grotte de début d'aventure est devenue ça... Vous en pensez quoi ? ?/10
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2021.12.08 12:52 x69minecraft Behold! My monstera obliqua peru

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2021.12.08 12:52 ProjectFilms i can't equip taunts

i just bought a taunt for demo and i was trying equip it when i realised the film reel wasn't there in my loadout section by the way i use the deafault hud so it isnt that
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2021.12.08 12:52 IdRatherBeLurking DNVR Nuggets Takeover (1/16 vs Jazz): Party Bus, Great Tickets, Immaculate Vibes

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2021.12.08 12:52 Limerry-art [For Hire] Open for commissions - D&D, Book Covers, Game art, etc.

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2021.12.08 12:52 Strawberry_61 Skipping after c section.

I’d skipping ok to do 3 months after c section?
I’m trying to lose some weight and looking for safe exercises to do
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2021.12.08 12:52 sudokillallHUMANS SIM unlock T-mo version... but not a T-mo customer?

I've always wanted a OnePlus phone, so I finally pulled the trigger on an 8T during a recent sale. Got a great price... on the T-mo version. I repair phones and software-wise I have been messing around with custom ROMs as long as Android has been a thing, so I don't have any procedural questions about the SIM/bootloader unlocking process.
My issue/question is this... I am not a T-Mobile customer. After some research I was fairly confident that I could drop a Google Fi SIM in the phone without issue, and that turned out to be true. This T-mo OnePlus 8T is working GREAT on Google Fi. 5G and all. Not surprising as Fi is using the T-mo network.
I've confirmed the device is SIM locked by dropping in a VZ SIM. No dice. I was wondering if since I ordered the phone direct from OnePlus that it had the T-mo flavored software but was not actually carrier locked. Nope.
Has anyone else gone through this, and if so do you have any advice? I will likely contact T-mo and say "pretty please will you unlock my phone for me" but I am not sure how far that will get me.
I know there are sketchy services you can send your IMEI to and after the measly payment of $150 you might get an unlock code. I would be willing to try if it were in the ballpark of $20, but anything higher and I want to find another method.
I suppose I could get a SIM and use T-mo for a while, but really I just want to try LineageOS on here and idk if that is worth the trouble.
Really digging this phone, btw!
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2021.12.08 12:52 Tony836 What would your final 7 cuts be? Interaction is stacked on the left LVD style

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2021.12.08 12:52 Cute-Analysis so like

who needs a bf? asking for a tall, handsome friend. inquiries welcome
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2021.12.08 12:52 gimmeapizza does anybody know who designed that desk lamp and where you could get it? it's the desk lamp in walter gropius' house in lincoln, massachusetts.

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2021.12.08 12:52 mysterious-fox9 19F - looking for a fun [chat] later tonight

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