Anybody in Kempsville...

2021.12.04 00:40 menotyourenemy Anybody in Kempsville...

The FUCK was.that???
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2021.12.04 00:40 Zestyclose-Low326 Omega red

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2021.12.04 00:40 moviefan6 The Power of the Dog (2021)

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2021.12.04 00:40 Comfortable-West-950 THIS IS A SPOILER FROM THE ANIME IF YOU JUST DON'T WATCHED THE E 7 DONT READ THIS Actually Najimi Gender is Man, it can be solves just watching how najimi tries Enter in girls locker room with komi San, but he gets stopped for Tadano askint him where is he going. Then najimi goes yo boys locker room

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2021.12.04 00:40 SovietSchisms Nobody: your dreams have meaning! My dreams:

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2021.12.04 00:40 ur-ugly-mum Difference between me and KSI

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2021.12.04 00:40 Linalina111 Being both strong and soft is a good thing ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™

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2021.12.04 00:40 TrashyTyler101 Both home-grown, just tell me which one and your code and I'll send it right overr๐Ÿ˜Š

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2021.12.04 00:40 The_Precurzor H: TS/E/250 Gauss W: TS/E Flamer

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2021.12.04 00:40 SwerdlowM Matching a basketball pole to existing anchor in concrete

Hello. I bought a house with an outside measured 4" square hollow steel piece (no rounded edges, not cut down) that sticks up about 3 feet from concrete in the ground. I'd like to buy a slightly smaller fitting pole and backboard that would fit the existing anchor piece, but I haven't found a product online that I'm sure would work with what I have. If anyone has a setup like mine with a protruding anchor, please help steer me to a product under $800.
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2021.12.04 00:40 CLucey22 Beginner sticks

Hey there - new to this sub Reddit. So I recently have picked up the hobby of cigars. Mainly just buying one at the local cigar bar while having a few drinks with friends but recently got gifted some sticks for my birthday and bought the necessary equipment to store them and want to start a collection. The reason for my post is I am looking for some good cigars to start me off. For reference I tend to like the milder strength ones because Iโ€™m not big on a massive head buzz. I have liked the tan colored ones (Iโ€™m sure there is a better term for this) I have tried so far but am open to any color and or length that people enjoy. I tend to only smoke when having a drink or two and am a beer drinker for the most part as I understand certain cigars are better with certain alcohols. Any recommendations would be great and I appreciate your responses in advance!
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2021.12.04 00:40 nori94 Who do you think the *next* Phoebe Bridgers will be?

Let the debate commence.
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2021.12.04 00:40 oldhearthgaming GAS BERACUN | #Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy | #PS4 PRO | GAMEPLAY | ...

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2021.12.04 00:40 andhowmany I will pay you $15 ltc/btc or venmo/cash app to sign up and open a brokerage account

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2021.12.04 00:40 xvalicx Toronto Film Festival 2021 Review

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2021.12.04 00:40 oldhearthgaming GAS BERACUN | #Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy | #PS4 PRO | GAMEPLAY | ...

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2021.12.04 00:40 Throwracrockerfocker It's been a year since D-Day. There's been kidnapping, assault, and hospitalization since my last post.

Original post here.
TLDR at bottom
I have to ex-wives. To avoid confusion I will be referring to my latest ex-wife as ex-wife and my first ex-wife as "My son's mother."
This week a year ago I was sitting around trying to process my ex-wife telling me about her ex (Chris) approaching her with aspirations of writing a book based of their previous work together. It was an obvious front to further their ongoing affair and I was so stupid not to see it. Anyhow I confronted her and threw her out and she went to live with her parents taking her stepdaughter with her. I maintained contact with my stepdaughter for quite some time and still do make time for her, but she's had it worse than anyone. I guess I'll give an update to that first.
My stepdaughter was essentially kidnapped by her biological father some time after my last update. I've said it before, but her father is not from my country and has citizenship from the country he came from. Every couple of years he would take his daughter to his country to see his family, but this time he refused to send her back home. His given reason was that our mutual ex-wife was poison and he wanted his daughter away from her. In the end he shot himself in the foot on that front because 2 months later he caved to pressure from his own family and sent her back, and is not returning because he'll most likely be arrested if he returns to the states, so he removed himself as a good influence in her life and left her in the hands of someone we both consider poison.
Things did not get better from there on my Ex's side of things. Shortly after the divorce was finalized but before her ex-husband ran off with the child, she had begun dating a new man. I was unaware of this until my former inlaws contacted me to say that she'd been hospitalized. She and Chris, her affair partner had as many guessed, began sleeping together again, and from what former mil told me, she broke it off with him again to pursue a new man. Chris took her to a motel 6 where he sprung it on her that he was sick of being treated how he was treated. When she tried to walk back to her car, he snapped, picked her up over his head and slammed her down on the concrete parking lot. He attacked and drove off a good samaratin before stomping on one of her hands and then choking her so hard she had dark purple bruises and a fractured Veritbrae in her neck.
Thankfully he's behind bars now and is facing a slew of assault charges and perhaps even attempted murder, but I've not followed up on the legal aspects of any of it. She is in physical therapy and in recovery as she was also concussed in the assault and is pretty hazy a lot of the time. No matter what she did to me, seeing her in this condition breaks my heart. My Stepdaughter spends a lot of time with me these days as I am trying to do what I can to help the situation. She is understandably not in the best spirits, but spending time with my son, my son's mother, and I at least gives her a solid place to stand.
That just leaves my first wife, my son's mother. A lot of people have expressed a desire to see us reconcile, and in many ways we have. Neither of us is pushing the other back into a relationship, but we have discussed our past, the infidelity that separated us, and the fact that she has been forgiven by me. We aren't officially back together, but it isn't uncommon for us to spend the night at each other's place, and as we speak it's been 5 days since we've slept in different houses. We sleep separately as I'm sure this all confuses my son, but we've been intimate regularly for over a month now. It's going nice and easy, nobody is pushing for anything more than what we have, and for the moment it's working out.
I could go on for many more paragraphs but I think I'll wrap up this update and answer questions as they come.
TLDR- Chris assaulted my ex-wife and put her in the hospital, Stepdaughter's biological father kidnapped her briefly. My SOn's wife and I are a Pseudo couple.
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2021.12.04 00:40 Su1cidalButAmb1tious Is it possible to learn Microsoft Excel Expert in a week?

How difficult is it? I have to do it as part of a module in university, theyโ€™re paying for it.
I already did Excel Associate last year and I found that quite easy.
So, am I fked or can it be done?
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2021.12.04 00:40 Prestigious_Gas_4434 erropo.pvp.fight

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2021.12.04 00:40 tyguy925 [POSITIVE] for /u/DigitalGoomba [seller]

Good experience, beautiful coin. Thanks!
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2021.12.04 00:40 fautherpetrol โ€ฆ

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2021.12.04 00:40 deliciouscherries Why does ovulation happen like this?

Why does ovulation happen two weeks before your next period? And is that always the case?
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2021.12.04 00:40 oldhearthgaming GAS BERACUN | #Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy | #PS4 PRO | GAMEPLAY | ...

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2021.12.04 00:40 Weak-Tradition-8424 ๐Ÿ”ฎ META BIGHARU TOKEN ๐Ÿ”ฎ ATH after ATH! Stealth Launched! Do Not Miss The FOMO ๐ŸŽฎ DOXXED Team๐Ÿ’–Gane is here to revolutionise the metaverse ๐Ÿ’ŽGAME is here to revolutionise the metaverse๐Ÿ’ฐTake your place now

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๐Ÿ”ฐ META BIGHARU TOKEN will be the ticket to games from different galaxies whereby players can battle to earn rewards. It emcompasses non-inflationary and yield farming incentives. Our goal is to bring people from all over the world together into one game. A game that rewards holders and change makers. Together, we achieve financial freedom โ€“ while playing!

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2021.12.04 00:40 Flannelle [USA-WA] [H] Paypal [W] 2060 or similar!

Hey guys, I'm looking to upgrade my 980ti and am hoping to not pay scalper prices. My budget is 400 for 2060 but willing to pay a bit more for a 2070.
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