🎅🏼 MetaSanta has a NEW GAME!! 🎮🕹 Release is in 3 Days!!! || 🤶 BUSD Rewards || ⛄️Trusted and Experienced Team || 🎉 Charities || 24 Days of Christmas NFT and BUSD GIVEAWAYS! 💰|| ❄️ Fantastic Community || ⛷ Liquidity Locked || Audit Completed || Owner KYC Doxxed!! || 🛷 No “Team Wallet” 🚀🎄

2021.12.06 20:24 ItsallLegos 🎅🏼 MetaSanta has a NEW GAME!! 🎮🕹 Release is in 3 Days!!! || 🤶 BUSD Rewards || ⛄️Trusted and Experienced Team || 🎉 Charities || 24 Days of Christmas NFT and BUSD GIVEAWAYS! 💰|| ❄️ Fantastic Community || ⛷ Liquidity Locked || Audit Completed || Owner KYC Doxxed!! || 🛷 No “Team Wallet” 🚀🎄

We are excited to announce the Xmas Game on BSC will be launching this week!

⁃ 10% of transactions go towards MetaSanta BUSD Rewards Pool ⁃ Holders of 1M+ $SLEIGH from @MetaSantaBSC earn a whitelist spot AND a free mint (while supplies last)! ⁃ Check out our website for more info! https://www.xmasgame.io and the game’s telegram page https://t.me/xmasgame 
OH and did I mention the $$$$ giveaway at the end of the game!? You're not going to want to miss this one! Stay tuned for more details!
Between December 1st and 24th, we will be giving away limited edition collectible NFTs AND $4800 in BUSD.
There are two ways to enter:
  1. Buy and hold SLEIGH tokens*
  2. Random drawing*
*For complete details, and to enter for the random drawings, visit https://sweepwidget.com/view/42197-3q5i7jk8
Hold on to those Santa hats and ugly sweaters, For we are on a SLEIGH ride all the way to the stars!
Christmas time is officially here, and we have the perfect project to spread that Yuletide cheer!
We have had 16 of Santa’s most trusted elves working around the clock, that have brought everyone something green to put in their chimney sock.
Cheer will indeed be spread in this season of cold weather, From iPhones and NFTs won by holders To charity for those less fortunate that we can give altogether.
Santa is making his list and checking it twice, For this Christmas project is managed with integrity and cheer, that’s right!
So come join our merry band of Dad B0d SLEIGHers on Discord, on Reddit, on Telegram, on Twitter, On YouTube, on TikTok, on communities all over! (See what i did there)
More about MetaSanta
MetaSanta is not just another meme coin. It is a movement for the people, by the people & just in time for Christmas!
Part of the unique innovation of MetaSanta is that instead of enabling the marketing tax in the contract, the Marketing, Prize & Burn (MPB) Wallet will receive BUSD rewards along with the other wallets.
These rewards will be used to fund the project on an ongoing basis. The native tokens in the MPB Wallet are LOCKED. They cannot and will not be sold. We are rewarding our holders with passive income.
Liquidity has been locked to ensure we have the trust & safety our community deserves.
We have been audited by AuditRateTech to ensure our smart contract is safe and functions accordingly.
Along with verifying KYC & DOXXING to prove legitimacy.
Santa has surprise prizes and other gifts ready exclusively for holders, all year round!
Happy Holidays, Everyone!
Here is the list of info for you to check twice, yourselves.
8% buy tax
-6% makes it snow in BUSD on holders
-2% gets iced into the Liquidity Pool
16% sell tax
-14% BUSD - even. More. Snow!
-2% to Liquidity
Owner KYC Doxxed https://auditrate.tech/certificate/certificate_metasanta.html
Contract Audit https://auditrate.tech/images/pdf/MetaSanta_0xDADb0DB3652fdb222A9ECE4Bf0273Bcc8D069c31.pdf
No “team wallet”
Liquidity locked https://www.pinksale.finance/#/pinklock/detail/0x1a6984a969f1855c9bec4bfe15bd12f567add93d?chain=BSC
Future utility and year round NFT’s in the works!
Future P2E and Metaverse in Santa’s list as well
Multiple Language Groups Incoming - Please Visit our Telegram Page for more info
Minimum wallet size is 75,000 tokens to receive BUSD rewards, so get in early while it’s cheap to do so!
Telegram: https://t.me/MetaSantaBSC
Telegram Announcement Channel: https://t.me/MetaSantaAnn
Game Website: https://www.xmasgame.io
Game Telegram Page: https://t.me/xmasgame
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MetaSantaBSC
Discord: https://discord.gg/VFEhgZHF9B
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/MetaSanta/
YouTube: https://metasanta.finance/youtube
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/metasantabsc/
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@metasanta?
Website: https://metasanta.finance/
LinkTree: https://linktr.ee/MetaSanta
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2021.12.06 20:24 kileras1a In memory of exploding every boss with bombs back in 3.4

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2021.12.06 20:24 OliviaBagshaw [Movie Review Channel] Elf - What Makes Elf So Enduring?

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2021.12.06 20:24 Loud-Ad5032 Napping with my boys

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2021.12.06 20:24 bungion Angel Tree or similar Christmas donation programs?

I'm looking for an Angel Tree type program where you can adopt a family (usually with kids or senior citizens) and then fulfill a wishlist for them.
It looks like Salvation Army has one online but everyone has been "adopted" already as it just says to check back later. I also don't generally like to support the Salvation Army.
Does anyone know any similar programs like this that have families in need up for adoption? I know there are many ways to give and I give year around through various means but I do enjoy giving gifts that I know are going directly to a family at this time of the year.
Alternatively, does anyone know any families or classrooms who may be in need of assistance like this? Please DM me details if so!
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2021.12.06 20:24 Killercombo3 Any tips for fighting zote and questions about pantheon 5

Zote so far is the hardest boss for me above NKG and Pure vessel. I was doing my first attempt of pantheon 5 and died to him (pain). Does anyone have any tips for him? What are some good all rounder builds to pantheon 5? Do I have to do pantheon 5 every time to get to absolute radiance?
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2021.12.06 20:24 Jerybrooo 34REEEE personally need to explain to me why slayer is not in rotation 1!1!1!1

I have spent literally no money on the game but I fucking demand a full thesis on why slayer is not fucking included in my fucking ICONIC HALO EXPERIENCE. Playlist health? You think I give a fuck about that shit. I only care about MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCES WITH THE GAME. So what if objective take 30minutes to find a game? Eat some chicken nuggets and wait ur turn peasant.
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2021.12.06 20:24 divine_amelia Sometimes my lips get stuck on my teefs

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2021.12.06 20:24 comicalseadoggo Yes i'd like to see more of this google doodle.

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2021.12.06 20:24 rachieaw Hey you 😘

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2021.12.06 20:24 studiochannel1543 Who do we miss the most?

mesh dinos
View Poll
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2021.12.06 20:24 MegalosaurusStudios Milli TF/TG by Unikitty-Loves-Mint on DeviantArt

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2021.12.06 20:24 RegExrBot Funko POP! Jumbo: Gremlins - Gizmo - Walmart Exclusive now available at Walmart

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2021.12.06 20:24 TaupeFlannel Trapped in A Community From Hell

I'm living in a situation only I can title a true community from hell. Its an HOA community and let's just say if these neighbors could stick their heads up the sewer pipes just to hear me fart they would. I truly hate it here but, can't afford to sell my property right now with the way the economy is.
First of all I had a few disagreements with other neighbors which were over small menial things but those disagreements have exacerbated into this huge problem involving other neighbors to intervene and cause it to become worse. I've been facing for almost 3 years and this year is the worst of all time.
My neighbors are the nosy types that always talk to each other and like to know what's going on at all times. Literally all details of everyone's life and drama. Not to mention the homes are also side by side sharing a wall at each connection so no yard or personal space. You can literally hear what someone says inside their home if they speak normally. I'm not the type to share my personal info or business and this bothers my neighbors to the extent of trying to take things into their own hands. In fact, I have now been slandered against and called mentally ill and paranoid for avoiding neighbors and not sharing my personal affairs with them.
A good example is yesterday when I went outside to water my plants and the fat ass who sits in her garage day and night decided to berate me in front of other neighbors and speak loudly describing in front of me how unattractive, mentally ill, and paranoid I am for avoiding her and all my neighbors and that I must be afraid of my neighbors. I ignored her and said nothing but, she obviously was trying to get me to respond or say something just she she could film me.
This is a community full of hateful, prejudiced, racist, religious (Christian), and narcissistic people. They claim to be good Christians and are completely the opposite. These people will get together in groups and harass neighbors they don't like till that person and their family moves. I watched it happen to 6 families already here and now I am the next target.
This one main antagonist here who has been here for years before I moved in likes to have things their way and I decided to finally cut them off after pretending to be nice to them for the longest time and letting them walk all over me just to avoid the harassment I've seen others go through. This woman who's the antagonist is pure evil and she will literally start a fire with words and watch the drama unfold. She's what I call a master manipulator because she inspires enough hate and anger in groups of people which turn into this group harassment and effort of making someone's or a families life hell till they move out.
The HOA prevents me from putting up cameras or solar motion lights outside. They claim it's a nuisance and neighbors don't like it. The HOA doesn't care about the harassment I have complained many times and they only care if it's one of their own personal friends, family, or someone they like. The HOA won't even defend me and many times I have had to call police because of it but, now I'm starting to feel like the police don't care.
This is a really fucked up situation. I'm tired, stressed out, at my wits end. I'm emotionally drained, sleep deprived most times because neighbors setting off fireworks outside my home or intentionally making loud noises and I'm extremely irritated where I can't even enjoy my life because they don't stop. I feel like I am in hell because it's a group effort that is nonstop and they are trying to cause me to either fight and argue with them or just go insane.
I shouldn't have to worry about going outside and watering my plants and avoiding certain people. I should just be able to enjoy my life and privacy and everyone else should mind their own fucking business. I shouldn't have to be sitting here stressed out everyday waiting for this shit to be over when it never ends. I really am not in the position to sell and I can't move so I feel trapped.
It's not right that people are supporting this antagonistic woman and her slander against me with the bullying, teasing, shaming, harassment, and the HOA doing NOTHING about it. There are cops that live here and say NOTHING because they don't want to be the next target. This is not a normal community.
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2021.12.06 20:24 IdontYodel Salsa dance lessons?

Where can a single white guy who can't dance to save a baby's life get lessons? I've always wanted to learn to dance, now that I'm 40 I figured it's time to start checking more things off my bucket list.
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2021.12.06 20:24 trymyBWC Trade group on snap, send when you join

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2021.12.06 20:24 AceEagles Guess where I live. (I work from home)

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2021.12.06 20:24 sydsick Xpost: IFI Go Blu, different cables, same problem?

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2021.12.06 20:24 SteinDrache I'd love ragdolls instead of fixed death animations

Nothing like seeing enemy riders and their dragon kiss a mountain right after flaming them.
Also might be a little more immersive on your own death screen. Had a few teleports which weren't terrible, but i would have loved to see me crash into something.
love the game so far!
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2021.12.06 20:24 WeednumberXsexnumbeR TIFU by introducing my nephews to the wrong words to a nursery rhyme

Okay, so this actually happened yesterday.
I’m married but don’t have kids. My wife has a sister who is married, and they have a 3 and 4 year old.
So the whole family is together for Sunday dinner. There’s 8 of us all together (me, my wife, her sister, sister’s husband, 2 kids, and mothefather in law). They were finishing up dinner while I was playing with the kids. My sister-in-law took some pictures, and said “hey you know, they’re learning some nursery rhymes. They love singing them. John-Jacob is their favorite right now.”
I thought it was weird. That’s not a nursery rhyme for kids, I thought. I asked “you sure that’s okay for them?“ she gave me a very puzzled look and said of course it’s okay.
Okay, whatever. I start singing it. Kids are laughing. I think everything’s fine.
I’m still singing it off and on with the kids 10 minutes later when sister-in-law comes back in. She hears the end of it. She gives me the most “what the fuck are you singing?” look I could ever imagine. I asked her what was wrong. She said, “sing it again so I can hear it.” Umm, okay… so I do.
“John… Jacob… is a piece of shit… his name is my name too… whenever we go out… the people always shout… hey that John Jacob’s a big piece of shit… poo poo poo poo poo poo poo poo”
Yeah. I never knew that my older brother, while a teenager, taught me the wrong words. When I was 5. My sister-in-law was pissed. Now the 4 year old won’t sing any other version. The whole family got a huge laugh but only AFTER I explained my brother taught me the wrong words and I’d literally NEVER heard it anywhere else in my life. Now everyone is jokingly calling me “piece of shit (my name).” FML.
TLDR: I taught my nephews a dirty version of a nursery rhyme that my brother taught me as a kid, NOT KNOWING there was any other version
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2021.12.06 20:24 SanDiegoLibreBot Traffic not moving. 805-S at Children’s

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2021.12.06 20:24 WhisperingHope44 Outrage over China Policy

Okay so I am asking where the outrage is to Biden upsetting China? I haven’t seen one article that is talking about the dangers and risk of it. They have all painted him as being strong and firm against them.
But the same media sources went ballistic when Trump tried to get into a trade war claiming that was going to usher in WW3.
I’m not a fan of Trump at all but I am fan of good, solid, honest journalism and the differences over the way this has been covered is crazy. I feel like what the Biden administration has done has put us much closer to an actual conflict with China then Trump ever got with his ridiculous trade stance.
But there has been almost no media and almost zero social media outrage over this circumstance and I can’t figure out why. Can someone please explain to me why?
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2021.12.06 20:24 rolls33 If the founding fathers were alive today, what would they think about the 2nd amendment?

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2021.12.06 20:24 Lovethyself1207 If my current list is [anne, mary, bob] what can I use to make my new list be [bob, mary, anne]. Maybe a (for loop)?

For i in range(0,len(list1)): List2=[] ???
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2021.12.06 20:24 Tinkerclap What do people pretend isn’t in the Bible that absolutely is?

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