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[No Spoilers] Some fanart by my little sister. She's a bit shy about sharing her art, so please let her know she's got some real talent!

2022.01.29 00:53 Malignant_Cancer_Cel [No Spoilers] Some fanart by my little sister. She's a bit shy about sharing her art, so please let her know she's got some real talent!

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2022.01.29 00:53 WavyyJordan Look Brandon i drew John cena

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2022.01.29 00:53 heisenbergsblackhat The duality is crazy!

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2022.01.29 00:53 ConrailFanReddits I have two sides

I hate fascists I’m a capitalist I hate the ATF. I like police
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2022.01.29 00:53 chefbfrancis Good West Coast Servers?

Hi there, I just got back into playing for the first time since MoP. When I started the account I was in the Midwest but have since moved to the West Coast. So I was wondering what some good WC PvE servers are? Looking to hopefully get back into raiding; currently have one lvl 60 and planning on leveling alts. Thanks and Lok'tar ogar!
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2022.01.29 00:53 Act_True Fast food workers, is it ok to ruin someone’s food cause they were rude to you?

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2022.01.29 00:53 ThGoatedOne HIV

HIV testing
Hello, I am a heterosexual male who had unprotected sex with a female unknown status, she did told she never got a std and done a test 1 month ago. I believed I was infected so I tested 4th gen 23 days, hiv rna 32 days, 4th gen 46 days, another 4th gen 74 days all negative. I known the 4th gen is said to be conclusive at 6 weeks, I can’t stop thinking I am infected have y’all ever seen someone turn positive after 10 weeks? With no further expo of course.
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2022.01.29 00:53 SylentTrans What do you do about people telling other people you're trans?

I'm trans. And my close friends/family know that.
It seems that I pass to new people, whether its online, or even in person.
Sometimes, my friends or family tell new people that I am trans.
like "Hey, just so you know xxx is trans"
My first reaction was to pull them aside and be like wtf, if people cant tell, tf you outing me for?
Have you dealt with this? What did you do? Is my best course of action just letting everyone I know to not out me unless they ask me? I honestly don't understand why people would anyways.
UNRELATED: I had surgery with UofM. doesnt seem to be a lot of info regarding them here, let alone anywhere online. If i were to create a huge word doc or whatever, would you all want that posted here? i have seen other people aside from myself wanting info on them, so i would be down to create one, just lmk.
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2022.01.29 00:53 DoftheD No one has mentioned Oyster cards

There has been some talking about Andrew being familiar with London and being knowledgable about the transport network. As someone who grew up near London and has lived there for many years now I would like to challenge this. Very few people “know London”. Black cab drivers do. Maybe some people do. But London is not one place. It’s a massive conurbation of nearly 10 million people. It isn’t one place, it’s a collection of smaller places smooshed into one massive city. Each part has its own population and culture. You can spend two hours travelling from one part to the next. Andrew, at 14 years old when he went missing, may have visited family in north and south with his parents, maybe journeying down in a car from Doncaster, would not make him familiar nor savvy with London transport systems or areas of London. Even if he was very bright. Also something no one else has mentioned - Oyster cards (pre pay travel cards that you loaded up with funds at pay points in stations for cheaper travel in the capital before touching contactless bank cards came in - still available) came in in 2003. I wonder if when he exited Kings X he was looking to buy an Oyster card from a newsagent/convenience store rather than looking out for a person. As a frequent traveller to London at that time, and knowing the layout of Kings X well now (although not then), you often did have to go buy an Oyster card with a £5 deposit from some kind of mini supermarket/newsagent kiosk because the ticket machines didn’t dispense them. You could get them from a customer service desk/ticket office inside the station and there may have been these in Kings X in 2007, there probably were (there aren’t now) but the queues were often long so you’d just go to a kiosk or minimart outside a station and pay a £5 deposit for the card. Maybe this is what he was looking for.
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2022.01.29 00:53 PDCH Don't know if this has been posted, but there is a great currency loop at spider right now if you have a ton of shards like I do

You can grab 10k glimmer for 20 Stalwort and then grab 5 Stalwort for 1 shard. If you need glimmer for anything, this is the way.
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2022.01.29 00:53 motoridersd We are officially members of the family

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2022.01.29 00:53 Outrageous-Collar-09 What do you sympathize with the opposite sex for?

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2022.01.29 00:53 horse106xbox [XB1]H:Executioners 2525 railway W:offers

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2022.01.29 00:53 YOLOTREND 29 Jan 2022: China moves in to soothe the markets. But so what?

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2022.01.29 00:53 HelpUsDocs Seeking Advice for Testing/Self Advocacy for Insane Symptoms

24, Female, 150 Lbs, 5'2", Caucasian, USA
Issues have persisted for over 10 years.
Only taking 25mg Levothyroxine (For Hypothyroid)
Drink maybe once a month.
Once a week use of Nicotine, as a temporary treatment for the Brain Fog symptom, as it has a calming effect with the distress they bring.

Hey Reddit, I’m helping my partner put together this post so she can advocate better for herself in the upcoming doctor appointments, as these issues have been plaguing her for years without getting conclusive resolutions.
She’s had various mental disorder diagnoses throughout her life due to things like hallucinations and mood issues, and most recently was diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder - Bipolar Type, but has been treatment resistant pretty much all her life. We’ve been trying a lot of things over the last few years and have actually narrowed most of the symptoms associated with her diagnoses to some sort of Gluten reaction (Suspect Gluten Ataxia or some brain-affecting variant of Celiacs).
Making our home strictly gluten-free has been substantially more effective than any of the Antipsychotics she’s worked with in the past (Latuda, Seraquel, Zyprexa, Ivega, Risperdal, Abilify, Geodon, Haldol, and others), and virtually all related symptoms are treated after 2 or so weeks without any cross-contamination. Because of this, she was able to completely go off all mood stabilizers and antipsychotics months ago with no negative consequences.
But there’s two things we’re wanting to work towards now. One, just narrowing down what exactly it is (Like Ataxia VS something else). Two, there’s a small set of seemingly unrelated symptoms that seem related to nerve issues that are pretty concerning and are persistent regardless of glutening.
At the moment we have scheduled a visit with a Primary Care Physician and a Neurologist and want to detail this stuff to them in a concise way, and also advocate for tests that will best help identify what all is going on, and were hoping we might be able to get some guidance on that here.


Symptoms Obvious After “Glutening”:

Strange Nerve Issue (Seemingly unrelated to Glutening)

Another weird issue that seems to stand on its own, but is persistent:

Treatment Attempts
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2022.01.29 00:53 ken061095 Designer/ Artist of all sorts

Hi, name's ken. I'm a professional Graphic Designe Illustrator, I have worked for entertainment companies as well as corporate companies.
I would like to offer my services to digital content creators as i feel i can contribute so much in this field.
here are my services:
and many more!

here are my sample works, you may check it out.
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2022.01.29 00:53 ickynicky51 Better picture and guide on how to sex harlequin shrimp, the female(first 2 pictures) has blue tips on her swimerettes, and the male(second 2 pictures) does not.

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2022.01.29 00:53 Quantrixe Best MTB under PHP 15k?

Mostly for long rides. Preferably all-ICR, smooth weld ang frame and hindi galing sa no-name brands. Can you recommend anything at this price range?
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2022.01.29 00:53 lonelyhouseshow Faster Jonsi!

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2022.01.29 00:53 ummmcheese My fallout won't work

I just got a laptop for my birthday and got the original fallout, but every time I pressed play it says
"Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If you click continue the application will ignore this and attempt to continue if you click quit the application will close immediately. The specified executable is not a valid application for this OS platform"
Can somebody help me?
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2022.01.29 00:53 yolibear Marina crafting iron ladder set-up kit

Feel free to shop and hangout! Comment below for dodo💜
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2022.01.29 00:53 Additional_Reward750 Just been diagnosed with coeliacs disease… Where do I start?

As stated above, diagnosed today.. Where do I start… My whole diet currently consists of gluten and processed foods…
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2022.01.29 00:53 iwasridingonabike 1kTerry - Thankful

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2022.01.29 00:53 em-rose Q regarding Differin

hi! i want to start using differin soon and was wondering if it'd be a better choice to buy the 15g tube rather than the 45g one since i've never used it before. i initially thought of going that route since i don't know how my skin will react to it but am rethinking it due to it taking 3 months or so to really work. any insight is much appreciated!
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2022.01.29 00:53 Futgolscorer TOTY!! Tradeable Jumbo rare pack! Sell or use?

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