2022.01.25 19:58 SmartyDoc99 ich_iel

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2022.01.25 19:58 Background_Day_3888 I actually like when something is hyped up or Overhyped

To me when something is trending and everybody is talking about it, it just adds more of a reason for me to get excited and more times then not it lives up to the hype for my expectations.
I know it sounds kinda weird but when something is tend to be overrated by the majority of people, it just adds more fun to something, kinda like one big party.
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2022.01.25 19:58 blueeyes0602 Is this common?

Is this sort of driving just a rookies thing or is this common elsewhere cause I bought iRacing to get away from people being idiots on games like F1 but if it's just as common in this then I probably won't bother due to how long it takes to build up safety rating.
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2022.01.25 19:58 eighty2angelfan Unfuckinbeleavable

Haven't listened since first week of December. Rode with coworker today, heard show. 45 minutes of Gary's book. What the fuck happened to Howard. I was such a hard-core fan my ex-wife made me promise to stop talking about the show at home.
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2022.01.25 19:58 SchnieboJr The feeling of joy

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2022.01.25 19:58 The-Golden-Chicken Nyancave's Road to Nuzlocke Victory

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2022.01.25 19:58 verusenecka Pravda s příchutí bolesti 😭💔

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2022.01.25 19:58 Fyre4 How would this ambush encounter with sneaky Boneless work?

So in the new Ravenloft book it is clear that the Boneless is meant to be an ambush monster. They are proficient in stealth, need both attacks to hit in order to use their main ability to wrap around people and they can squeeze through spaces about an inch wide.
So here is the scenario: My players will be walking down a narrow hallway. It will be pitch black but they will have the light spell active in order to see. 3 out of 4 have dark vision. If the Boneless were to drop down from the roof of the hallway and attack them, slipping through small cracks in the roof, would they get a benefit?
Would surprise come into play, what about disadvantage on passive perception, could they get advantage on attack rolls?
Stealth rules are pretty weird so any and all advice is helpful
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2022.01.25 19:58 victoriacarrell JENSEN ACKLES on Getting Thrown Curveball on THE BOYS #insideofyou #theboys

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2022.01.25 19:58 eboldrey2001 Ps5 help DS3- in need of help to defeat champion gundyr. PLEASE!

Pass is ps2
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2022.01.25 19:58 PublicThese 🎁 NFT + WL GIVEAWAY 🎁 UPVOTE ⬆️ AND DROP YOUR WALLET ADDRESS!

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2022.01.25 19:58 KoriYokubo Need advice fighting the lizardmen as Vampire Coast - Hard Battles - Hard Campaign

Fighting the Lizardmen on hard mode is fucking ridiculous. They literally fight to the last man, are all armored, all of them have armor-piecing attacks, and are pretty fast unlike dwarves. I can't hold the line we any sort of even matchup to due to how expensive pirate bulk is compare to just simple saurus warriors spam. The only big battles I ever seem to win is when I cheese the A.I. in siege battle cause they never want to leave the fort even when they could literally just run me over in an instant, but this isn't really how to I want to play the rest of game and it take so long to do these battle. I know I'm not the greatest total war, but I have to missing something here. Any advice some better players can throw my way?
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2022.01.25 19:58 Powerful_Decision_58 T-mobile SNPP service?

I work for a 911 ambulance service provider and we send things like call information, times, and operational messages to our crews (to their personal phones). Some of our folks have T-mobile as a carrier and they've been having issues, such as not receiving messages. We've been sending the messages to [xxxxxxxxxxx@tmomail.net](mailto:xxxxxxxxxxx@tmomail.net). I did read a press release from 2011 about T-mobile having SNPP and WCTP service available. But when I call to ask, no one seems to have any information about the SNPP server (supposedly it's advertised as T-mobile Enterprise Messaging) or what's needed to start up service. I've been transferred no less than a dozen times (including at least 6 during my most recent 2 hour phone call navigating different departments). I even got to the number for 911 and law enforcement interception requests.
Does anyone know where I can find the T-mobile SNPP server and how to go about using it? To be clear, our purpose is to send messages from our dispatch system directly to T-mobile subscribers.
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2022.01.25 19:58 usernameaeaeaea Napalm test in the antarctic at an unpredictable time between tomorrow 6:00 to 12:00 [+0h] and at an unpredictable location. Please be at that exact location if you want your skin to melt off of your flesh and bones.

Good luck sabotaging this one.
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2022.01.25 19:58 tatamatinjo What does this CPU Temperature tells?

(Image of the cpu temp is on the link at the bottom)
Im upgrading this one, i think its even out of date, i did some reckless mistakes by buying a highend gpu 1year ago, thinking that pc parts work individually and not knowing a single thing about their compatibility with each other, ended with a terrible bottleneck, cant even play games properly.
-But im upgrading the cpu and the cooler, some exhaust fans too cuz i think the case inside its burning right now. I wanted some opinions on this? What does this say about it? As far as my knowledge exceeds, this cpu is like 3-4 years old, i think even the thermal paste inside the intel heatsink fan is dried out. Cant wait to replace it. (the picture is taken like 20seconds after i quitted valorant).

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2022.01.25 19:58 drak0ni Petition to ban all rants from r/dadjokes

Sign your name in the comments if you agree
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2022.01.25 19:58 TufLukSwifty [Question] What's Kirby's most impressive sucking feat?

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2022.01.25 19:58 TrendingBot [Mildly Trending] /r/beatsaber - The Beat Saber Subreddit! (+204 subscribers today; 174% trend score)

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2022.01.25 19:58 Advanced-Total-1147 Which A Ma Maniére Jordan hits the hardest?

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2022.01.25 19:58 sklbrn__97 Educational Books for Balancing Hormones

Looking for recommendations for educational type books for balancing female hormones and body health. Please let me know all your favs!
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2022.01.25 19:58 toptoyouyoutube President Joe Biden caught swearing after Fox News reporter's question - The National

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2022.01.25 19:58 Sil-Ent ITAP of the sunset @ 400m below sea level

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2022.01.25 19:58 Stockport_Iniesta474 Any girl or boy wanna fuck

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2022.01.25 19:58 idroppedmyhotnvm looking for mates to play with, any game (that we both own)

timezones dont matter because i only sleep like 5 hours. I dont use my mic alot. Ignore my VAC ban I am a clean player its just some bs with csgo and shit.
consider playing with me lol
discord: ''#9882
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2022.01.25 19:58 Professional_Fail_62 Rule

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