advisor help wont stop anoying me

2022.01.25 20:47 minox1991 advisor help wont stop anoying me

Hey. Been playing for years and have over 1k hours loggen on the game. always have advisors help off in the settings but i know its usually buggy with new saves and pops up once for every new thing... BUT. this time is different.
i just downloaded the new DLC and started a new game. advidsor help pops up every time, no matter what i click. not only once etc.
tried restarting the game, started another new save etc. absolutly noting helps.
i tried to ignore it but after a few hours of playing this darn bun-bun-bun sound just makes me agressive and not wanna play this game anymore.
PLEASE ANYONE?! anyone know a fix to this BS?
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2022.01.25 20:47 rocknroar1 Anyone know how to make these pillars? I have all the building items from the anomaly but can’t find these anywhere.

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2022.01.25 20:47 orangejuiceolympics i feel like all i do is suffer and my twin is fine

i know it's not true but i feel like i fet better for a while and then i suffer. when i suffer i get really upset, cry with every organ in me, stop eating, and i can't sleep. i feel like my twin knows im suffering and wants to talk but doesnt care.
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2022.01.25 20:47 Bonus1Fact [News Shorts] Boris Johnson 'thought he had a silver lining' in potential delay of Gray report ¦ Sky News Australia

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2022.01.25 20:47 Errgghhhhh Where are YOU from?

Just curious where folks form this sub are from.
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2022.01.25 20:47 SouthComfortable7198 Eine sehr unsaubere Frau mit halben tattoos

Lügen baron
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2022.01.25 20:47 uhohdtinku SCARY story

as i park my car on the side of the road, i start walking to the forest with my wife, we walk for ages then she said lets go back this is taking a long time, we started heading back, after 5 hours we still were in the forest walking on the trail, i thought to myself why are we not back yet, as i look at my wife i say shall sit and rest for a while, she agreed, we sat and rested, before long we heard a little girl scream, we jumped up and started heading that direction, the things i saw, are just... scary, as we ran to the noise we stopped to see 2 white men hiding behind trees with beards and glasses, the 2 men where gasping trying to breath, my wife paniked and ran the other direction, but it was too late, i hear someone running, then i see a green glow, i turn around to see my wife not there anymore.......
i feel something behind me, i turn around and still saw them there, looking at me in horrifying faces, i knew im going to be them but i still denied it, i tried going up to one of them but they ran off faster then the fastest living creature could run, i couldnt believe it, am i doomed? I ran back where we last sat down and rested, i look at the place from a far and i see someone just standing there behind a tree looking at me, no emotion, no face, no ears, no hair, no clothes, it was just a plain human form, standing there, i ran to the woods as fast as possible, i stopped in the middle, rested and waited, i decided to scream loudly, i could hear something, somethings running, i see the same plain human form running at me like the others, but when i looked at him he stopped, then just looked at me, i tried to be silent so i can try to hear somehting from it, i heared a little girl crying, sounded like she was in something, i looked at the plain human form and saw something moving in his stomach, i decided to rush the creature, hoping it will free the little girl, after i pushed it, it, it started screaming, i became deaf, he grabbed me and threw me on the trees
he climbed at the top then started looking at me, i pissed my pants, i could hear everything, i could hear the girl trying to escape but hear her being melted alive, the creature broke my arm then threw me back down, at that point my leg and arm are now fractured, he came up to me at non human possible speeds and started screaming again, he ran off, left me down here, i remember i had a phone, i could phone call only 1 person, i called my dad telling him to help me im stuck in a forest,,.... all i can hear was laughing and blood spilling on the floor. i cant take it anymore......
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2022.01.25 20:47 propshaft Does Justice Sotomayor's Intemperate Rant at Her Colleagues Indicate That She Knows Roe v. Wade Is About to Be Overturned?

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2022.01.25 20:47 butterflyy_y Ucr Student riding above (SRA)

Did anyone else sign up for it? Or had signed up for for it, and is it worth it?
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2022.01.25 20:47 Cococat_1 Make any assumptions about me hhhhhhh

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2022.01.25 20:47 RYUJIN_HYPE I will happily eat water 🙂

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2022.01.25 20:47 Shoddy-Team-7199 Very profitable

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2022.01.25 20:47 mossopossum this hobby summed up in two comments

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2022.01.25 20:47 SSJ_JARVIS What if I can’t hate her because she tried…

My wife and I are officially separating, not something I ever thought we’d do. I recently caught her flirting with a coworker over text and have found out another coworker confessed his feelings to her. Though I do not know if that led to anything yet as we haven’t been together to have the conversation.
I am so mad at her for giving up on us. We have a great marriage and relationship but every standard I can find. But she’s always struggled with a grass is greener situation.
She said last year after a big fight that she never wanted to get married, that it felt wrong and she felt pressured. Obviously this killed me as we have been best friends and lovers for 11 years now. I let her yell at me about it as she clearly had been holding this in for a long time. I validated her feelings and apologized for not knowing.
We are Christian and take our marriage seriously, we’ve always tried to communicate and work on anything that was weighing us down. We are always happy and laughing.
Now I feel so lost and blindsided. She’s been getting attention from men at work and she has fallen for the temptation. I see posts always say “if they didn’t find then fuck them they didn’t deserve you, blah blah blah”. The thing is she did try…she’s been a great wife and friend even with her flaws. And I’ve stepped up everytime she needed me to to make her happy. I am struggling to only feel sympathy for her even though she probably cheated on me. I guess since I don’t have confirmation she cheated I still have her on the pedestal I’ve had her on forever. But I’m constantly fluctuating between anger for her emotional infidelity and sorrow for her pain and for our future that is almost certainly gone.
I’m not entirely sure what to think or feel. Any advice would be great.
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2022.01.25 20:47 JoeMorgue A gift from my wife on our 11th wedding anniversary.

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2022.01.25 20:47 Final_Ad9862 Join the Submarine / Aqua Apes Discord Server! So hyped join asap

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2022.01.25 20:47 notpiercedtongue Good memories? whats that?

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2022.01.25 20:47 G_Money_X What’s your response to the change in CYDY leadership?

How do you feel about this transition to new management now that Nader works for CYDY and SK is no longer the COB
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2022.01.25 20:47 Imaginary-Drummer607 Will this tear affect the use of the pop filter?
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2022.01.25 20:47 Red-Droid-Blue-Droid CPSC 323 - Compilers in Summer?

I didn't pay too much attention and will need to take Compilers - 323 in summer.
I heard it's a hard class, but summer courses are less tough. Is this true? Anyone have experience?
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2022.01.25 20:47 TrendingBot [TRENDING] /r/Glitch_in_the_Matrix - Glitch in the Matrix (+763 subscribers today; 174% trend score)

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2022.01.25 20:47 NetIllustrious Never noticed that in the first scene of threat level midnight there’s a “carol stills - realtor” sign in front of Michael Scarn Manor

Shoutout to Steve’s wife in real life in his fantasy movie? Adorable
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2022.01.25 20:47 rainbows-n-stuff I made these neon happy clown sad clown earrings. They glow!

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2022.01.25 20:47 The_Greece_Merchant "The sting of a reproach, is the truth of it" - Benjamin Franklin

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2022.01.25 20:47 felllinie Impulse is still looking for members!

Hello! Was recently in contact with Peter Cornell, and Impulse is still currently looking for members! Find out more @*1brzvxa*_ga*eXF3NG96SHlzWklSTnk0NWU5MjB5WEJjLVRUT1FfYnRZUFEzVG5BdWlWQkljSGRSSGFLUHdza0Fwdjc0Z3BMNA..
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