I had my 12 week scan and didn’t get good news….

2022.01.25 20:38 lamahemi10 I had my 12 week scan and didn’t get good news….

I am 12w4d and I had my scan at the hospital this morning. I was hoping to see my little boy/girl bouncing up and down and I couldn’t sleep of the excitement. When the technician was doing the scan, I noticed what seemed to be a black ball on the baby’s tummy but since I don’t know how to read an ultrasound I thought maybe it was normal. I asked the technician if she would be able to tell me of something was wrong to which she answered, “if there are any abnormalities the doctor will go over that with you today, if not we will send the results to your OB and they can go over them.” She kept measuring behind baby’s head several times and when she was done she asked me to empty my bladder. When I came back from the restroom, the medical assistant mentioned to me that the doctor would be in 45 minutes and I needed to come back. My heart dropped. I came back in 45 minutes and the doctor went over my ultrasound. They found 2 abnormalities on my baby. Spinal fluid measures more than the limit and baby isn’t emptying bladder. No options were given but to see a specialist on Monday. My partner and I are devastated and we do not know what to do. This is our first baby and we were so thrilled to find out we were expecting. Has anyone else gone through something like this? Did you seek a second opinion?
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2022.01.25 20:38 myboogerstastespicy TWoP Recap: ROL Season 2 Reunion

Unedited; questionable language
Woo! It's Rock of Love 2 reunion time! With our host, Rikki Rachtman. It gives me great pleasure to tell you that Rikki Rachtman, once the bad-ass host of Headbanger's Ball, is sporting a greasy pompadour and looks like a member of Sha Na Na. He says, "Dip dip dip dip dip," and we're on our way! Rikki reminds us that eight months ago, at the season one reunion, Bret was unceremoniously dumped by his initial Rock of Love, Jes. Or as she is more commonly known, "Jes, the hero of a nation." But he rebounded quickly enough to allow VH1 to assemble a new crop of 20 skanks willing to show their silicone parts to best advantage. And here they are! Stripper Jackie! Ukranian Love Bus Inna Tuna! Ashley? Roxy? Oh, and then we get a shenis double play with Aubrey and Angelique. Excellent. Then there is Catherine, and two strangers named Korie and Niki, plus fellow early ejectees Erin and Courtney. Then there are some people we do know -- Jessica, Daisy, Peyton and Destiney, followed by stranger Missi, then sadly not strangers Megan and Kristy Joe. I think we are missing someone, but it doesn't seem like anyone we'd care about, so I won't dwell. And then there's Big John! He will always be Bret's true Rock of Love.
And speaking of Bret, here he is! He emerges from a cloud of smoke, and several members of the audience wonder if they're having strokes. Do not fret, beloved audience -- it is just the stench of burnt wig. Bret is wearing a bandana and cowboy hat and has maybe had a Botox refresher. Rikki notes that Rock of Love has gotten so big that even Saturday Night Live and Letterman have parodied the show. Bret thought that the SNL parody was killer, and pretty accurate. Rikki asks Peyton what she thought, and she shows her absolute lack of aural comprehension skills by talking about how she and Bret were attracted to each other, even if they didn't have a particular connection. Bret then brings up the fact that they actually did get some face time, and Peyton denies ever saying "face time." She says it in the EXACT manner of the SNL skit, though. Face time! It's how she'll forever be known. I have to say that Peyton looks good, and a lot less haggard. Small victories.
Rikki reminds us that nothing was as crazy as the insanity inside the house, which was helped along by the most hilarious French import since Pepe Le Peu. In all fairness, we never got to see Pepe smearing homemade chocolate mousse on his boobs. He chose to keep those moments private, which I respect. But Rikki is of course talking about Angelique. We get a montage of Angelique exposing her bodacious tatas and her vag and talking about how good she's going to fuck Bret. We also get some select clips of Aubrey talking trash about Angelique, her shemale twin. Rikki calls Angelique up to the stage. Why do all of her dresses always look like they lost a battle with the shredder? I doubt that she is really in that much danger of identity theft. And -- whoa! With her hair straightened and a choker necklace on, Angelique bears a stunning resemblance to Tori Spelling. No wonder David Silver became such a meth face.
Rikki asks Angelique if she might have won Bret's love by playing harder to get. Angelique totally wants to show everyone her vagina right now. Does that answer your question? Bret makes a comment about how Angelique doesn't have a malicious bone in her body, and Rikki jokes that we've seen all her bones, and a malicious bone wasn't among them. The audience is forced to clap for this stupid joke. Shoo bop shoo wadda wadda, Rikki Rachtman. Rikki asks Angelique if she has any regrets. She doesn't, but she does have a bitch slap to give Aubrey, whom she thinks is fake, zeriously, and looks like a rat on crack. Oooh, she totally IS like street corner Ratatouille. Will make soup for crack. Good call, Angelique. Aubrey is all like, "What did she say, are you speaking English?" to which Angelique responds, "Shut up beech, you are zo fake." She then tells Aubrey to kiss her perfect Barbie ass. Aubrey might do it, too, if Kristy Joe is unavailable.
Then Aubrey totally calls Angelique a she-man! And really, if some VH1 producer were casting Battle of the Network She-Males right now, these two are the first he'd phone up. The lesson of this particular reunion show is that woman tend to be hardest on the women who are exactly like them. '70s feminists watch and weep. I mean, for a lot of reasons, I guess. Bret assures us that Angelique is all woman. Oh, come on, there's not even a little nub? Angelique says that, hate her or love her, we're all still talking about her. Or, were talking about her. Rikki notes that Angelique has stopped stripping since the show aired. This is true, and she's totally sad about it because she loves being a stripper. But people always just want to hang out with her now that she's been on TV, and I guess that's not good for business. She wants to give Bret her last lap dance. It's weird and manufactured and she doesn't even seem to be enjoying it. Angelique has a sense of shame! It's the biggest revelation thus far.
Next it's time for a spotlight on Destiney. Rikki notes Bret's fear that she was a super-groupie, and we get a montage with evidence to back this up. And then Destiney totally wouldn't say she loved Bret, and we were all confounded by her sudden onset of sanity and discretion. Destiney gives Bret a big hug, then takes a seat on the stage. Rikki asks Destiney about her groupie-dom, and she assures everyone that although she loves the rockers, she's not a groupie. She also says that Bret needs a woman who understands the lifestyle, which not all of the girls in the house did. Bret says that Destiney is not a psycho groupie, but just a girl who loves rock music. Crappy rock music, but rock music, nonetheless. Rikki then asks Destiney if she regrets being honest about not loving Bret. She doesn’t and adds that she only spent about two hours alone with Bret in the month that she was there. He really had no interest in her whatsoever. It's amazing that she made it to the final three. Destiney cares about Bret and always will be a fan, and they'll never know if she could have fallen in love with him if they'd had more time together. Bret replies that certain psycho bitches in the house -- pan to Kristy Joe and Daisy -- needed a little more emotional attention. Destiney says that wasn't fair to everyone else in the house because they were all there for him. In other words, remove yourself from whatever orifice of Daisy's your patronizing today, and make an effort to talk to these bitches of questionable taste who have given up a month of their lives to try to win your love, you bastard.
Rikki then says how cool it was when Destiney's parents came and rode motorcycles with Bret. We get a montage, which includes Bret's bandana-less wig. Enjoy that chuckle while you can because things turn sad really quickly. Destiney cries as she watches the footage of her dad, and several of the other girls come over to comfort her. This includes Peyton, who doubtlessly wants more FACE TIME! Even Bret wipes away a tear. Destiney tells the audience that her father passed away about two weeks ago. She knows he's in a better place now, and thanks Bret for giving him such a special day. Everyone's bawling. There is information on the screen for anyone who wants to donate to the Liver Foundation in honor of Destiney's dad -- you can go to www.liverfoundation.org/donate or call 1-800-223-0179 x126. Destiney continues to cry us into commercial.
It's then time to relive Kristy Joe's turbulent ride through the house of rock. You know the drill -- marriages, annulments, restraining orders, tears, frightening lack of eyebrows. And then Kristy Joe left of her own accord, and Destiney shouted hallelujah. Kristy Joe takes the stage. Rikki says that he doesn't understand why a person would go on a reality show looking for love when they're still married. Kristy Joe explains that she was separated, and that there are hundreds -- yes, hundreds -- of people in America who date people when they're separated. She doesn't think she's a bad person. Rikki asks for an update, and it turns out that being on the show allowed Kristy Joe -- who was numb for so much of her one-month marriage -- to start feeling feelings again. Bret Michaels: making humanity feel feelings, one Playboy model at a time. Once Kristy Joe's husband saw her giving Bret a beej on television, he realized he might actually lose her, and did a 180. So, she committed to going to counseling for him for six months. Which means that they are back together. Rikki is not feeling it and tries to put the bomp-a-bomp-a-bomp in Kristy Joe's ass. Aubrey interjects that Kristy Joe and her husband weren't trying to work things out at the time she was on the show. Kristy Joe says that the other bitches should be thanking her for getting out of their way.
Oh, and then Daisy wants to say something. She wonders why Bret never addressed Kristy's marriage in the way that he addressed Daisy living with a roommate who just happened to be her ex-boyfriend. Bret tells her that he laid into Kristy Joe hard. And harder and harder. He spoke to each woman alone, so Daisy doesn't know exactly how hard he laid into Kristy Joe on their all-night interrogation sessions. He then points out that Daisy was living in the apartment with her ex, and that they were more than likely still sleeping in the same "area and/or bed." Daisy says they weren't sleeping in the same area and/or bed, but she never got to explain herself. Okay, she was alone with Bret, like, all the time. If you're not willing to take his cock out of your mouth long enough to plead your case, it's pretty much your own fault that you were misunderstood. Rikki is on Team Daisy. He says that Kristy Joe is the typical rock star girlfriend -- unavailable with a lot of drama. Rikki wants to cancel the subscription because he doesn't want any more issues. Oh, Rikki, and his clever turns of phrase.
Daisy says that she heard the reason Kristy Joe left was because she had heard exes were coming on and knew she was going to be fucked. Oh, you mean like you, yourself, were fucked, Daisy? If any of you are feeling like Daisy deserves a punch in the head, you will totally be in luck in about ten minutes. Aubrey jumps to Kristy Joe's defense again, which cues the lez-be-friends montage of Aubrey and Kristy Joe. Ha ha lesbians are hilarious. Twat? I cunt hear you over the montage! My TV suddenly smells like fish, though. You will be surprised to know that Bret is turned on right now. Anyway, Aubrey assures us that she and Kristy Joe are in fact just platonic friends. Except in Aubrey's mind. We get thrown to commercials with Peyton singing a song she wrote about Bret. It has the words "Bret Michaels" in it a lot. Billboard Top 40 all the way!
When we return from commercials, it's time for the reintroduction of Heather. The crowd goes wild, giving her a standing ovation. She should get a standing ovation for wearing that sequined headband alone. Daisy, however, gives her the finger. Oh, just wait. Rikki asks Heather what the biggest differences are between the girls from season one and season two. Heather thinks that the season one girls were more real, whereas the season two girls were fake, desperate followers. With the exception of Destiney, whom she loves. Rikki asks if Daisy is Heather's girl, too, and Heather diplomatically says, "I don't know her, I just know the things she does." Rikki thinks that Heather was hard on Daisy at times. Heather says all she did was bring the things that Daisy has done in her life to the table. Bret mentions the time that Heather hit Daisy in the face with a bottle. He's cracking up when he says it, though. Heather's all, "I just splashed her with some Red Bull!" It's not like she punched her in the head repeatedly or anything.
We get a montage of Heather's greatness, and Heather's meanness, which are sometimes indistinguishable. This is intermingled with a montage of how much Bret wants to bang Daisy at all times, except for when her ex Charles is in the room, and also features Daisy squealing like a bat when her web of lies and deceit and deception is exposed. And then, of course, Daisy getting dumped on the finale and tearing her weave to bits with her own hands. Oh, and THEN. Rikki invites Daisy to come up to the stage and sit next to Heather. That is a GREAT idea. I mean, say what you will about what happens in a few minutes, but these bitches are totally setting the scene for some girl-on-girl violence. Daisy admits that she was very hurt when Bret rejected her, and she had a hard time getting over it. See, she and Heather should totally be forming a sisterhood! They had, like, the exact same pathetic experience. Daisy brings up how Bret always talked about them only having a physical connection. This pissed her off, because he shut down her attempts to get to know him and saw her merely as a hank of hair and a pair of silicone bags. Bret says that there were too many unanswered questions. Blah blah blah. Daisy then says that they slept together on their last date in Mexico. Heather points out that Daisy hooked up with Bret the whole time she was on the show. Daisy's defense is that she couldn't help it. In all fairness, I would feel the same way were I on Rock of Clooney. But I wouldn't whine about it afterwards. Daisy says that as she is a girl and was vulnerable at the end of that last night, Bret could have just suggested that they cuddle. Bret is all, "Jigga-wha?" Instead of cuddling, Bret took advantage of her. Oh, sweet innocent Daisy. How could she have been led so astray?
Oh, and THEN (part II). Daisy says she's not just some chick that Bret can sleep with. Which, technically not true, as we have seen all season long. Heather interjects to say that, if that's the case, Daisy shouldn't act like that. Really, at the end of the day, I think Heather wants Daisy to have some self-respect. Bret tells the girls to take it easy. They do not heed his advice. Daisy says that she doesn't have any slutty actions, and Heather responds that she's a fucking dirt whore, who gets sloppy seconds. At this time, it's at least sloppy sevenths, I would say. Daisy then screams something about Bret kicking Heather's ass to the curb, which Heather does not take so well. Ew, and then Daisy calls Heather "Stevie Nicks" in a derogatory manner. What would really be awesome is if Stevie twirled across the stage in a big cape right now and held Daisy down so Heather could beat her better. But I'm getting ahead of myself.
Heather says that she didn't ruin Daisy's life, Daisy's slutty-ass actions ruined her own life. Basically, she should stop dragging her OWN heart around. Rikki tries to calm the girls down, to no avail. They squabble about whether Daisy actually wants to look like Heather, and Daisy gets all up in Heather's face. Heather is built like a Mack truck. This is the wrong move. Stand back, Daisy. You are on the edge of seventeen beatings. Heather gives Daisy a hard shove, and Daisy comes back at her, and then Heather just grabs on to Daisy's hair and starts punching. Shouldn't Big John be jumping up there like the Springer bodyguard? After several quality right hooks to the head, Bret manages to pull Heather off of Daisy. Thank goodness because I don't think Daisy has all that many intact brain cells to spare. Daisy storms off of the set, as Heather and Bret head off of the stage the opposite way. As Bret drags her out, Heather says to him, "You always take her side." She is seeing her reflection in the snow covered hills right now. Rikki Rachtman is all, "Shama-lama-ding-dong" as he throws it to commercials.
When we return, Rikki Rachtman acts all incensed even though he coveted and totally helped to create this situation. Daisy is back on set after reattaching her eyelashes and extensions. Heather is, like, in jail or something I guess. And it was not the most dignified move for Heather to punch Daisy in the head repeatedly, but at the same time Daisy gets a whole lot of slack for being so wee and helpless looking. If Inna Tuna had waved her finger in Heather's face and called her a bitch, we would all much more tempted to say that she deserved what she got. And then Daisy is dismissed, because it's time to talk about Ambre, who actually won the show. We get the Ambre montage, and are reminded yet again that Ambre was almost eliminated on the first episode. Motorbikes, mud bowl, bloody knees, past lives, panty-free dining, hot monkey sex. It's the trajectory of a great romance.
Ambre comes onstage, looking pretty good. She and Bret smooch, and still seem like something of an odd pairing. They sit together, and Ambre tells us what an incredible, fate-filled journey this has been. Bret tells us that on the very first night, he thought that Ambre was on the phone with her boyfriend, and that's why he was going to let her go. But it was all a mistake and look where they are now! With the greatest love of all. Bret says how beautiful Ambre looks, and that it's awesome and he's excited and horny. And then Ambre starts giggling and, like, doesn't stop. Either what her life has become has sunk in and she's completely mortified, or Bret banged the wig off of her backstage and she still hasn't recovered. Bret confesses that he's a rocker and a rule breaker, and thus he and Ambre snuck in a little boom boom in the months after the show stopped filming. Ambre got to go backstage at a Bret Michaels show, and in Bret's tour bus, and it turned her into a giggling maniac. Seriously, you're 37, woman. Get it together. And then Rikki brings up the whole Sharon Stone moment -- a landmark event in televisual history, for sure.
Rikki asks Ambre if it was hard to see all the women who flock to Bret backstage. In fact, it kind of turned her on. Big John cracks up and Bret makes devil horns. Rikki wonders if Ambre thinks it will be hard for Bret to stay faithful. Bret is all, "That's not part of my contract." Players only love you when they're playing, Ambre. Beware. Ambre says that it will be hard, but Bret's at a place in his life where he's looking for a more in-depth relationship. And, she says, their lifestyles -- with all the traveling they do -- are pretty compatible. She's found what she's looking for. At the same time, she says, she's not disillusioned. I think what she means is that she has no illusions. But she wants to see what happens. They're dating, and she's excited about that. Bret nods and strokes her arm and can't wait to knock boots with Daisy later on. Rikki asks if both Ambre and Bret want to leave here and try to make this thing work. Ambre giggles yes, and Bret solemnly says, "Absolutely." Well, I'm sure it will all work out just great! Until it is time to film Rock of Love 3.
And with that, another season comes to a close! Thank you all for reading. And get tested regularly. Watching this show is classified as high-risk behavior!
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2022.01.25 20:38 ImportantGreen % of minutes by U2⃣1⃣ players in 1⃣5⃣ 🌐 From 9.3% in 🇧🇷 @Brasileirao to 3.4% in 🇲🇽 @LigaBBVAMX ❗️

% of minutes by U2⃣1⃣ players in 1⃣5⃣ 🌐 From 9.3% in 🇧🇷 @Brasileirao to 3.4% in 🇲🇽 @LigaBBVAMX ❗️ submitted by ImportantGreen to LigaMX [link] [comments]

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2022.01.25 20:38 Complex_Price_8460 Macron says Europe is preparing 'common response' in case of Russian aggression

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2022.01.25 20:38 tb12871287 When's the mgle challenge coming?

My gf doesn't know so I figured I'd ask you guys
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2022.01.25 20:38 Zakaizu2 Type something random into the Reddit search bar. What subreddits did you find?

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2022.01.25 20:38 Joscowill Trying to find a new laptop

So I’m beginning to slowly teach myself some coding before classes start so I have somewhat of a leg up but I don’t know what laptop to buy to begin this journey into computer programming. I have about 450 to spend any good ideas?
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2022.01.25 20:38 ElenCelebrindal Which main martial god has power in the territory of Yong'An?

Help, I have a terrible memory for places and martial gods related to them :')
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2022.01.25 20:38 MEMESTER80 On the #Moddingmonday post on youtube the creator of the map replied to my comment!

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2022.01.25 20:38 uglysuccubus How am I supposed to answer the question "How do you deal with having multiple stakeholders?"

I've received this question so many times during my interview process without much context, and I'm always at a loss as to how to answer. I've only worked at startups and small marketing agencies, so I don't have the experience of working at a larger company for this to even be relevant ... and it seems fairly nebulous. I figure it's for bigger companies that have a lot of silos and competing priorities.
Anyway, I usually focus my answer around:

Is this correct?
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2022.01.25 20:38 Toku-Nation Do they actually hate Garrett or is it just an act for the cameras?

I follow Garrett on Twitter and Instagram, and he seems like a nice guy, so I think it's weird that in the Smosh Pit videos, the cast bully him and treat him like garbage. Eat It or Yeet It is of course where it most commonly happens, but I also saw it in the TNTL with the Crew when Shayne said "I'm excited to see all these funny jokes, except for Garrett's". So, do the cast actually hate Garrett because or Eat It or Yeet It, or they just joking around and it's all in good fun?
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2022.01.25 20:38 RosemaryTea Dutch is 3 months! Recently adopted this sweet boy from a local shelter after he & his siblings were picked up as strays with parvo. He's healthy & happy now & the goodest boy!

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2022.01.25 20:38 Nmalacane25 Anyone who lives in Europe especially Eastern Europe what do you think of Putin?

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2022.01.25 20:38 clip_mirror_bot He left the headphones on him on purpose and went Pisstime in the restroom live

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2022.01.25 20:38 MrCliche925 Paired Emotes Or Centurion

I’ve been saving up my steel, I got enough and I have it down to either a paired emote or Centurion. I am leaning a little towards Cent because I am not sure about the emote, Are paired emotes different when you purchase them for a hero, like since it’s the same animation do you unlock it on all hero’s?
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