whoah it burns

2022.01.23 00:45 CalmNoontologist6 whoah it burns

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2022.01.23 00:45 lightningstorm112 Converting handwriting to digital without retyping the whole thing

To start, I fully admit that this is a problem I've created for myself. I like to write on paper as I almost always have pen and paper, plus I have a lot of pens and ink I love to write with, but recently I've also wanted to start putting my writing online for others to read and give feedback on. However, I have many pages full of writing that needs to be transcribed to digital and its kind of a daunting task.
Is there an app, service, or whatnot that could easily help with this task?
The only complicating factor that i think could come up is that I usually write in cursive. I also recognize that perfect accuracy is a pipe dream, and in reality it's not necessary, as my spelling is pretty bad, so a lot of editing will be needed regardless, just as long as words are taken from paper to file, I'll be happy.
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2022.01.23 00:45 No-Lingonberry2280 My wife just started a new job at Amazon

She started a new job and we think it’s a seasonal role but we’re unsure how to check for certain. My questions are does anyone know how/where to check? and in terms of benefits is a seasonal role different to a standard full time position?
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2022.01.23 00:45 WhereAreWeNow17 Trying to figure out the lyrics/game. Help?

New to this Reddit, absolutely loved the game. Sorry if this post is not structured right. But on to the questions: what game had the song that went, "3rd down, what to do now?" Or was it "4th"? Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.23 00:45 cyanide4suicide Difference between Mubi through Amazon Prime Video vs the official website?

I subscribed to Mubi through amazon and I'm paying $5.99 monthly for a huge collection of films I can watch anytime
But from what I understand, when you subscribe to Mubi through their official website, you can only watch a limited handful of rotating films every week.
So why is the Mubi subscription through Amazon more beneficial? What's the catch here
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2022.01.23 00:45 pe1uca They even had the old paint as a guide...

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2022.01.23 00:45 ZinuValorant NEW easy technique for LINEUPS to KAYO killjoy viper it might help u so take a minute and learn something usefull and if u not playing lineups bc u not have a time to learn that in every spot on pixel so u would like this way

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2022.01.23 00:45 Mean_Test_9993 Night terrore

Hey, so I'm san ospidéal at the moment, and one of the guys on the ward seems to get night terrors.
I'm not gonna rant about it or slag him or anything, he can't help it obviously. But this is the first time I've ever heard someone with them.
My partner tried to record some of my sleep talking a few years back (I do say funny stuff apparently), and she caught what I can only describe now as a night terror.
I just gind this interesting because I've always had some kind of parasomnia or another: sleep paralysis, sleep walking(not since i was a kid), sleep talk. So I was wondering do many people in the community have night terrors as an adult still? Cause after some googling I apparently should have grown out of it 😬
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2022.01.23 00:45 dogg98 She expected the “how much do you weight?” But I came with something better. She had in her bio “open for something fun and casual” but not something about asking specific height 😂

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2022.01.23 00:45 BlackR57 If someone is licensed up to their IFR rating can they rent a plane and offer rides between two points for people?Costs would be split evenly so the pilot would not be making a profit. Pilot wants to build time and lives in an area where people would appreciate a quick flight instead of a long drive

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2022.01.23 00:45 Constant-Ad-9820 My fps is messed up

Im getting 30-40 fps with fancy graphics, no anisotropic filtering, no shaders, no antialiasing, and only 20 chunk render distance while on servers i get 200+ fps with medium strength shaders.
I run all other games at 150-200 fps on high settings but when it comes to single player minecraft everything is just slow asl.
My current pc specs: i7-10700 8 cores 16 threads Geforce rtx 3060ti 8gb gddr6 vram 16gb ddr4 ram (5gb allocated to minecraft but i will allocate more if necessary) 500 watt psu
What really gets me is that on my old gtx 1660ti i used to get 144 fps with no shaders and around 40 with shaders, same settings. Ater i upgraded the gpu to the 3060ti it just got worse. If anyone can help it will be very appreciated. Thanks!
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2022.01.23 00:45 BigClubWins Bokeon1 Lost

The darkest episode had just occurred in the Bokoen Main Universe. Bo has lost. At first it looked somewhat bleak with the loss of the wise but stupid swimmy losing in 1942 but Bo used his arcane starts to invade and take lots of land from Britain including England itself.
But one by one, golden took all that land away. Worse, Russia soon began to become competent at its job and began to use micro magic upon them. Bos allies were withered away and they all kept on getting naval invaded.
In the end, Bo surrendered not to golden or allies but to the Russians who gave them all 99% communist packages for all of them as well as a famine bonus.
Bo has lost 3 American games in a row thus when golden won as America his ego grew so large it killed swimmy. He now wears the 'I'm the navy guy' badge, a badge he does not deserve.
And Braun the meme wizard...did nothing because I have no idea what he did.
Now, Bokeon1 The King Of Hoi4 Denmark has lost all his prestige and lost his title as Danish 1# Hoi4 player in the Northern Lights. What will he do now? If Bo does not win as America or loses once again his channel will die and the twitch, reddit, and his discord will be stolen by golden thus ushering a thousand years of covid lockdowns.
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2022.01.23 00:45 ilookliketheSOAguy Stupid noob shotgun questions

So I got my maverick 88 today (I posted like 10 days ago when I bought it thanking everyone for their help lol). Got it out, inspected it, cycled a few (inert) shells through it to double check everything is working properly. I uh… I can only fit three shells in the tube.
Am I correct in thinking i should be able to fit more shells in the tube? Am I also correct in thinking it’s got a plug in it reducing the capacity because the capacity legally has to be lower if you want to hunt with it? And lastly, Can I remove that plug without doing anything illegal?
I feel like the answers to all of these are yes, and I’m overthinking it. Any assistance with not being a dumbass would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.23 00:45 dillpicleboi H:B/50/250 Exe/50/250 hm b/25/90 and AA/e/15c fixer W:legacy offers 4:1

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2022.01.23 00:45 phosgate54 1/21/22’s Extra Bases

How many of you didn’t get your rewards from Winker’s extra bases round?
I had over 5 million points and there was never a button to check rewards.
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2022.01.23 00:45 InfectionRx Repost 😂😂😂

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2022.01.23 00:45 Existing_Worker3019 despite me being trans, i have a difficult time separating gender expression and gender identity?

i am a 16 year old transmasc and i would like to keep my identity as vague as possible because i am so ashamed of myself and fear my friends seeing me struggle with this
i feel like i just have a very skewed perception of gender because all my life i have been fed the gender norms and transphobic rhetoric by my own family and people around me. and i have grown to know that gender is so much more than i thought it was, and the reason i use the word “know” is because despite me knowing, i feel like i havent learned that it is.
like as much as i tell myself how awesome it is that i can present feminine and identify more masculine and that its ok and that gender is constructed and everyone is free to do what they please, i still struggle?
when i see others doing that, being free, i have a hard time grasping it and my brain will try to default everyone as man or woman based on how they look. and its a terrrible way to think and i hate thinking like that.
i have really strange internal dialogue that i have no idea how to explain but its just me trying to reason with it and make sense of it, and the way im trying to make myself understand is probably wrong.
and its not like i have granted myself the freedom to express myself however i want while i also struggle to understand others doing the same thing, i have a weird view of myself despite knowing who i am (well, not really)
is it just because im young and live in a painfully transphobic household and environment that makes me this way? does anyone have any idea how to stop thinking like this? it is miserable
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2022.01.23 00:45 RomioiStrategos My dream since I was 13

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2022.01.23 00:45 rene19677 Help!

I just got the Raspberry pi 400 desktop and managed to get octopi/ Octoprint on it. However,my raspberry pi desktop is gone. How do I get it back? I'm stuck at the terminal and can't do anything. Can't I have them both?
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2022.01.23 00:45 Apprehensive_Big_354 Streak 16 ¿Deberíamos gastar dinero en exploración espacial?

Ahora mismo, el turismo espacial es la diversión de los súper ricos, especialmente después de los viajes de billonarios como Jeff Bezos y Elon Musk. Aunque muchos dicen que la exploración espacial no vale la pena mientras que hay problemas mundiales como hambrunas, sequías, y pobreza, yo opino que la exploración espacial puede proveer trabajo a miles de personas, estimulando la economía y eventualmente convirtiéndose en un viaje tan cotidiano como un vuelo de 500 millas.
La exploración especial es carísima, entonces un boleto para un periplo del espacio puede costar millones de dólares. Sin embargo, los primeros vuelos, los primeros carros, y los primeros celulares también eran cosas de los ricos, pero poco a poco se convirtieron a productos de la muchedumbre. Creo que el turismo espacial será igual, y estoy completamente convencido que un boleto al espacio estará al alcance de un plebeyo como yo en mi vida.
Es más, las aerolíneas emplean a cientos de miles de personas en el mundo, y generan millones de dólares de ingresos cada año. El turismo espacial está convirtiéndose rápidamente en una industria mundial. Además, esta industria puede emplear a muchas personas. Por ejemplo, algunos de estos vuelos al espacio tienen una base en ciudades pequeñas en los EE. UU. Rápidamente, estas ciudades están creciendo debido al dinero llevado por negocios y visitantes. La meta de la economía es crecer, e innovaciones como el turismo espacial pueden ser la chispa de un crecimiento rápido.
Tengo que admitir que es posible que el dinero gastado en el turismo espacial tenga otros usos, pero yo creo que el turismo espacial es una buena forma de empleo para muchas personas, y este empleo puede crecer la economía y llevar riqueza a muchos. Tal vez voy a comprar un boleto a los cosmos algún día, pero ahora la única cosa clara es que pase lo que pase, el turismo espacial va a proceder.
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2022.01.23 00:45 NationalStruggle6430 How is MC supposed to brainstorm with Keanu lookin like a fine piece 🥴🤤🥵

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2022.01.23 00:45 SCPandAnarchy DONT

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2022.01.23 00:45 androptimusprime Are puppies accepted here?

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2022.01.23 00:45 HermgayusMorA One of these is an extremely popular and highly sought after Japanese sports car, the other is a Nissan GTR

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2022.01.23 00:45 fuckthedodos679rr Hmmm is this a mutation or not. I don't think what i gonna say this one has a brown color huh ????

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