There's another Putther RP character in this photo, but where?

2022.01.28 05:49 LocoCrackerjack1 There's another Putther RP character in this photo, but where?

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2022.01.28 05:49 Limitbreakerbond After 3107 srs I got my shiny Dialga. I'm just glad I didn't go over odds this time like I did with the starter.

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2022.01.28 05:49 MeronDC I think I've watched every sci fi show in the last few years, are there any that I missed?

I'm looking for some blockbuster scifi series that I haven't seen yet
These are the ones I've seen recently:
the expanse, star trek Picard - discovery - Lower decks, snowpiercer, the 100, altered carbon, the Orville, final space, Rick and Morty, sea of ​​tranquility , Star Wars bad bats, mandalorian, boba Fett, cowboy bebop, black mirror, electric dreams, twilight zone remake, love death robots, tales of the loop, solar opposites , MCU shows, arrowverse, strange things, and peacemaker.
Any missing?
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2022.01.28 05:49 zeldakhalo Ibex Skull, Me, Fineliners, 2022

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2022.01.28 05:49 GrFrim- The detention class in our school. Welcome to Brussels!

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2022.01.28 05:49 lerfeis insectophobia

hi. i’m terribly afraid of insects. i can't even look at pictures/photos/drawings with them. i’m scared to think about them before going to bed, because in the dark a terrible panic attacks. i understand that i need to solve this problem, but i’m afraid to go to a psychotherapist. if you have been treated for insectophobia, please write how the therapy went
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2022.01.28 05:49 japanidol reGretGirl - ロードイン - Official Music Video

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2022.01.28 05:49 Wonderful_Fix_718 freshly cured garlic breath. i got the cuts from klone colorado.

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2022.01.28 05:49 Vendoban Judge throws out Biden administration’s massive Gulf of Mexico oil and gas lease sale

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2022.01.28 05:49 Meowmix0008 My expectations dropped a little

I love the game but don't think it's for me sadly.
I'm basically a person who knows the meta but just want to play casually with my homies and it sucks that you have to grind to get the cards to simply play with them. I've made a deck already and am already so low on materials that I can't even make a sec deck unless I do the day to day or grind the unlimited challenges.
I know its more of a me problem since I never liked the whole gacha esc style games. I don't have the motives to grind ranked and play that "just genuinely wish you could build decks and just use them freely in private matches" even if you don't have the cards.
I didn't look up anything about the game and just heard about it so I thought it was like another legacy of the duelist game lmaoo so that's on me
Obviously the free to play aspect is accessible but if you are like me and don't want to pay the extra to get gems your gonna take more time to even make diff decks you want to make.
Overall super fun game just not my cup of tea
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2022.01.28 05:49 bigdongmonkey Ach kommt schon...

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2022.01.28 05:49 Available-Deal6817 help please

At the gateway to Dubai, Hear the shots flying high, Past the fingers on one hand, On a face, we won’t stand
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2022.01.28 05:49 happytoads i need advice about a romantic situation

ok so basically i like this one guy. and earlier in the year i was talking to my then best friend and i told her that i thought he was hot-so she KNOWS that i like him, right? well she comes up to me at the lockers and tells me that they’ve started talking. wtf do i do? she’s not ready for a relationship anyways because she just got out of a rlly toxic relationship so i could just use that as an excuse. also-her ex and this guy at like best friends. i don’t wanna be that person who says “oh i liked him first so he’s mine” but i also REALLY really like him and i don’t just wanna give up. advice? (i’m going to bed now so i’ll check the responses in the morning)
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2022.01.28 05:49 dejectedyogibear Name recs for conflicting name styles

What are names that appeal to those with traditional tastes and those with a more modern taste?
Husband likes nicknames, ‘non names’ and what I’d consider trendy names (he brought up Dax the other day). We’ve tried working backwards from nicknames before— I made a post about this nearly a year ago on an old acct I can’t access anymore, and can’t find—otherwise I’d be revisiting it now! So I’m hoping to get recommendations in that same vein.
There aren’t specific nns in mind right now, but for example we’ve considered Malcolm from nn Mac and Orson from nn Sonny.
I’m getting anxiety headaches from thinking we’ll have to start from scratch again, as he’s recently dismissed the names we had narrowed down to, which as I’ve said, took about a year of whittling away at every viable name choice. I feel spent and like I’ve already been forced to scrutinize and ultimately reject a lot of names I liked along the way, and can’t imagine reconsidering them all again.
Just looking for some assistance while giving my brain a break and maybe seeing some names/options in a new light. Any and all recs appreciated!
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2022.01.28 05:49 FiveElements5E الفوضى آتية

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2022.01.28 05:49 ArtAlienDeluxe Killer pumpkin 🎃 by me, A5 pen and ink drawing

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2022.01.28 05:49 Bradaz_27 Things come and go but etching "clean me" on a dirty van is seemingly timeless

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2022.01.28 05:49 Dizzy-Mark7249 Punk Applebee’s Customer Thief Husband Dasher Hope You Can See This

Hand to me order gone wrong, I picked up a no-tip Applebee’s order heading back to my zone 20 minutes away. 3$ promo pay at 10pm and 3.75 base pay I would have to drive there anyway.
Well I’ll say it, y’all were right. 22 minute drive later no tip, and I complete the delivery. 2 min later they text me with that lying BS where food?
Hopefully I can beat this violation, my GPS matches
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2022.01.28 05:49 FindCompanyOffice Find Company Office

FindCompanyOffice is the best place where you will find authentic details about companies head offices, contact numbers, service centers, customer care no (toll-free), locations, support email id, etc
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2022.01.28 05:49 Argentum1909 The Artists and The Streamers

So, the Manatreed thing. It's clear that this was an unfortunate situation that brought up some old hostilities. I just want to say that my opinion is that people jumped the gun on this one and immediately assumed the worst. However, I want to look at both sides of the argument, and sort of look at why both sides reacted the way they did.
It's no secret that artists within the MCYT community have been burned before. From stolen merch ideas to unpaid commissions to months of dead silence, the artists within the fandom have seen their fair share of getting the short end of the stick, and are understandably sick of it. Any wind of another artist getting scammed is met with support towards the artist and outcry towards the instigator. Skin artists, however, is on a different level. Skin art as a whole is generally taken less seriously. Especially with MCC, where dozens try their hand at making skins for their favorite teams, it seems that skin art is simple, easier, and not worth commissioning. This sort of dismissal towards skin artists is why the MCYT art community especially rallies around them and defends them when it seems one is being slighted. So when it seems like another CC is dismissing the work of artists, especially a group of one of the most ignored artists, and is relying on the charity of their community in order to gain something for free? These artists have been burned before, and are tired of it, and angry that it's a recurring problem. So the reaction is immediate criticism, and in some cases, attacks.
However, we know that the above scenario isn't the case. Manatreed is new to having such a large platform, and so a situation like this was bound to happen. It was simply unfortunate wording which led to unfortunate assumptions. But unfortunate assumptions on the level of thousands of people is pretty intimidating. For someone as new to the scene as Manatreed/Ollie, it must be pretty overwhelming. Quickly clarifying was the correct move, however that's still hundreds of users who already believe the worst of a guy who's appeared live once, and so enters Dream. Dream, one of the most controversial figures on the internet. Loved, but also hated by many. Someone who tries to stand as a positive figure both in and out of his community, but who's absolutely seen the worst the internet has to offer. Even a sliver of whatever bullshit Dream's dealt with is way too much, so when he sees a friend starting to receive that backlash, he responds in kind. He tells people to back off, that it wasn't ever mentioned that he was going to try to get anything for free, and that he just said the community was going to be involved. He showed annoyance in his Tweet responding to someone telling Ollie to use commissions. And that's where the other side comes in. Fans of Dream, probably one of the most targeted fandoms on the web, who've seen what sort of hell the Internet has in store and are in turn very defensive. They see Dream, and a friend of Dream's, being attacked for seemingly no crime and immediately come to the defense of both of them. Both here and on Twitter, they point out that nothing actually happened and that this anger is unjustified.
I think Dream was right, but also maybe that he should've responded to Ollie directly/made a separate Tweet instead of responding to one of the criticisms, because from there the commenter, Bri, was harassed by multiple users, enough to start a space (#ShieldsForBri). Of course that's not his fault, but what can one do?
Both sides have their points and defenses, and both sides reacted with hostility, with anger brought up from old wounds. In the end, I hope this doesn't discourage Ollie too badly, especially with something like this happening on his first day really interacting live.
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2022.01.28 05:49 Friendly-Explosive We Sell Heavy Equipment

Even when gas prices are low, it's always a good idea to do everything you can to keep your fuel bills low. The following is a list of suggestions for keeping your fleet as fuel-efficient as possible.
1. Train machine operators—Machine operators, have a critical role in reducing fuel expenses. Train operators avoid speeding or abrupt braking, which can increase fuel consumption.
2. Reduce idle time—Leaving a machine idling for longer than necessary can increase your fuel expenses by up to 50% and reduce the life of your engine oil by up to 75%. Heavy machinery performs best when driven at a constant speed—frequent stopping and accelerating wastes more fuel. It's helpful to think that car miles—highway miles (i.e., continuous use) are more fuel-efficient than city miles (inconsistent use). We advocate defining an idle policy for drivers, which can be tracked using idle reporting.
3. Avoid fast acceleration—When operators accelerate quickly, machines use 40% more gasoline. Encourage them to avoid "jackrabbit starts," which can increase fuel consumption and harmful pollutants.
4. Avoid speeding—Not only is speeding dangerous, but it also wastes fuel. Encourage equipment operators to drive their equipment slowly and steadily.
5. Don't carry excessive weight—Extra weight burdens a vehicle's engine, lowering fuel economy. When possible, reduce added weight to improve your gas mileage.
6. Plan workdays with efficiency in mind—Planning will help you save a lot of money on gas. For example, make sure staff use the shortest travel lengths with the fewest obstacles. It's also a good idea to look at how each machine is used to determine if there is a more efficient option (using one dozer instead of two, for example, or using a giant wheel loader bucket).
7. Get frequent tune-ups—Keeping up with maintenance items like oil changes, air filter replacements, and brake checks will not only help your machinery last longer but can also save you money on gas.
8. Maintain proper tire pressure—critical It's to maintain proper air tire pressure for wheeled machinery. Low-quality tires can add up to two weeks of fuel to your annual fuel bill. Keep the tracks on tracked equipment adjusted to the proper tension.
9. Choose the correct size and machine for the job—Since larger machines require more gasoline, you can save money by not utilizing one that is larger than necessary. Similarly, if you use a smaller machine than advised, you will be overworking it, causing extra wear and costly repairs. In the long run, improper equipment or attachment might result in more work, and more work means more fuel. Check out these 9 Crucial Questions to Ask Before Renting Heavy Equipment.

  1. Install monitoring technology—Along with operator training, installing an advanced telemetry system is the most excellent way to cut fuel expenses. Telematics can not only help you track fuel usage, but it can also give you information on how often the machine idles and when fuel consumption is at its highest, as well as data on your operator's driving patterns.
  2. Encourage effective communication—Poor communication is a common cause of idling and wasteful machine use. You can reduce employee downtime and unnecessary machine use by improving the communication process between teams.
  3. Shift at a lower RPM—When operators gear up and throttle down at high RPMs, they burn more fuel. Therefore, before shifting, encourage operators to reduce their RPMs.
  4. Maintain the cutting edge and teeth of your equipment—A worn blade edge or dull or rounded bucket teeth can increase fuel consumption over time by reducing the machine's efficacy. In addition, equipment with dull blades or bucket teeth has more resistance and is less effective at cutting through the material.
  5. Improve your machinery—Newer, higher-quality machines are more efficient than older, poorly maintained devices. If you're seeking to expand your fleet, take a look at our new and used equipment for sale, or give us a call at 469-370-7501.
Source: Blue Diamond
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2022.01.28 05:49 dejobaan Otome No Himitsu - Otome No Himitsu is an addicting game in which you have to solve puzzles with Lovely Girls.The game is perfect for relaxing.

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2022.01.28 05:49 NameBackground6592 TORQUE UPDATE STATUS?!? WHERE THE HELL IS IT!?

Super73 you released the update and it bricked some number of controllers. When will the new version be released? If you think the fever level of frustration is gone, it's not. You owe your customers an update!
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2022.01.28 05:49 carieberry WHAT DOES THIS LOOK LIKE

My mother has a history of being jealous of her daughters , honestly. And also playing and comparing one against the other. Every time I seem to be getting close with one of my two sisters she tries to separate us. Well something caught my eye last night. My sister wrote my mom a letter saying should I still go ? and then she then secretly called my mom into her room. I respected their privacy. I saw the note on the table after noticing my sister acting weird. The vibe was just off in the room. But then My mind totally went to another subject and I saw her walking outside I asked are you going somewhere? I thought she was going to get food somewhere. She then said mother said not to tell anyone. She’s grown & 20 years old so she’s not a baby. I said okay you don’t have to tell me. The whole thing alerted me. That was last like at 3:00 am that she left and she hasn’t been back yet home all day. I rode in the car with my mom today as well and I asked her where is my sister? Lets go to her job like we usually do because she works everyday. My mom then said Idk if she is there. She tried to get me not to get the answer by saying why are you worried about her, you don’t like her anyway. and then said she MIGHT be in her room in which I know she isn’t. That alerted me still because I do like her. She left in an Uber no suitcase.
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2022.01.28 05:49 Skilled1 You would have to accumulate $2,688,990 (without interest) every day since the United States of America became a country to have as much money as Elon Musk.

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