MOVE Day 24 - Process

2022.01.25 16:48 Aranciata2020 MOVE Day 24 - Process

So I decided to start the daily thread even though I haven't made it to the mat yet... I am pretty knocked out from my booster shot yesterday, but I will give the video a go now. If it is too much, I will just do one of her seated meditations and then try to do two videos tomorrow.
I have never done 23 days of yoga before so I don't want to stop now, but gotta respect my body and how it is feeling!
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2022.01.25 16:48 sleqhchen MontanaBlack88 responds to Trainwrecks' live-stream shout-out
... or if you can't dodge VPN:

squadL monteL
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2022.01.25 16:48 sykeout Opinions on older school Mercedes-Benz

More specifically what's your thoughts on the Benz 190e ?
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2022.01.25 16:48 uttharasena58 Do you read, read as read or read as read...

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2022.01.25 16:48 promaria Profiles HEA pour Betou Congo

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2022.01.25 16:48 elietplayer I know that Patagonia is going to attack and it is the first days of the game. Any suggestions. I saw a fighter patrolling my costal cities.

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2022.01.25 16:48 Tom_Foolery2 Low tier ammo is too weak and discourages new players.

Title basically. The low tier ammo that new players are stuck with is too weak to fight against all the giga chads running around geared to the tits with tier 4+ armor. Unless you blast someone in the legs with buckshot 5 times or get a miracle head/eyes, you’re pretty much fucked.
I know what you’re going to say. “LeVeL YoUR tRAdERs” BITCH IM TRYING. But in the meantime, I’m getting bent over by PMCs not necessarily because they’re better than me, but because they have access to flea and have more hours towards quests. It’s just a little discouraging when you mag dump a geared up guy and he lives and then kills you in two shots.
I know everyone here probably experienced this and won’t have any sympathy for the noobs but it’s sad being low level in this game.
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2022.01.25 16:48 SAMURAI-5601 Surprise !!

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2022.01.25 16:48 Ro_Ros Updated map of herbs (Chronicles of Myrtana: Archolos)

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2022.01.25 16:48 thenuttyhazlenut Help opening an account as a Canadian

I just filled in the forms and submitted proof of identification.
Should I wait for it to be approved or transfer money now? Should I use the bank wire transfer option (it mentions fees)?
When I created the account I selected the TFSA option, so I assume if I wire money now it will be eligible as TFSA money?
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2022.01.25 16:48 Efficient_Resource15 New haircut,how is it looking guys?

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2022.01.25 16:48 Small_Relation_1410 Question on court attendance?

Hi there, those of you who may have attended or provided a required court attendance for an arrest you may have carried out. What usually takes place on the day, what are you asked, what things are good to prepare for and what happens if you are ripped by defence and it’s not the greatest outcome the police would have wanted, are you in trouble for that or is it just case gone down the drain.
What can you expect from the defence?
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2022.01.25 16:48 prtljaznik Stigle nove mjere

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2022.01.25 16:48 Meat_stix69 The curse madden next gen madden 22 league. Next gen Xbox league very active. Just finished the playoffs need people before we start next season. (Teams available- falcons, saints, rams, eagles, cardinals, bengals, colts, titans, chiefs, broncos, patriots.)

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2022.01.25 16:48 Resco87 Sell/Verkauf: Shadow Ghost. If anyone is interested in Shadow Ghost, you can contact me. I sell 1 piece. Link:

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2022.01.25 16:48 Fizxs A small jungle

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2022.01.25 16:48 Loves2FishOK Work that Chest

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2022.01.25 16:48 TheAntiDecaBeast Beandryl Allergy availble 2$.98 ikea

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2022.01.25 16:48 iccaecumsa Missed on Shiba inu ❓ Floki inu❓Kishu inu❓then Get ready for Akita Inu 🐶 With useful case APP in progress which have never been witnessed in BSC Space before 🚀

AKITA INU's aim is not only to get Akita Inu to the x1000 moon! Also to protect investors in this cryptoworld with its upcoming AKITASCAN APP where you will be able to scan any token!!


When it comes to crypto and investing its all about the trust! With Akitascan app you will be able to scan tokens and check: ruggable, honeypot, lplock or unlocked, ownership renounce, distribution, mint, buyback, taxes and more functions coming soon!

Contract address: 0x996abbe03c9832b2d415b13349a616bedf07566a




✴️ Website launch

✴️ Telegram Launch

✴️ Reddit Hotposts

✴️ Coinsniper, Coinmooner etc..

✴️ Poocoin Ads

✴️ Twitter influencers

✴️ Dev Doxx

✴️ Launch

✴️ Coinmarketcap Quick listing

✴️ Coingecko Quick listing

✴️ Exchange listing

✴️ Akitascan app

( Full Roadmap in the Website )








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2022.01.25 16:48 amdiyenadam am

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2022.01.25 16:48 cyberpunk2012 LPT : when practicing for job interviews, put your own twist to it

Don’t memorize answers word for word , it makes you seem robotic and rehearsed. Say it in your own words , and then during the interview don’t get nervous if you can’t remember the EXACT words, just add your own spin to it a little more. Seems a lot more natural and genuine than just memorizing.
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2022.01.25 16:48 Omar_AbuHaltem Is ophthalmology hard to get for an IMG?

What can help me get a residency in ophthalmology or orthopedics or minors basically as an IMG?
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2022.01.25 16:48 ambrosia_and_rice doing t shot at the same time?

do i need to do my t shot around the same time of the day every week? or does it really not matter?
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2022.01.25 16:48 Swishhhhhhhhhhhh Tired of Randoms. This year of 2k they’ve evolved to a new level of bad. Rec/Proam, anyone want to run? Ps4

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2022.01.25 16:48 maloel23 First time buildings a PC how’s my cable management so far

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