Anyone looking to buy new today? Pm me!

2022.01.25 16:53 She_Is_Empress Anyone looking to buy new today? Pm me!

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2022.01.25 16:53 unbitious My clinic is leaving me in the dark

Hey y'all, I've been having a really hard time with my clinic lately. TLDR at the bottom.
In the past several months there has been a rapid fire turnover among the staff, and my care team has been different from one month to the next. In the past two weeks it has ramped up to changing day by day. I know the entire medical field is in chaos right now, but my clinic is giving me nothing.
Last Wednesday I found out that my doctor would be leaving after this week. Then on Thursday, she texted me that she was no longer with the clinic, and not to contact her, but forward any questions to the clinic. When I've called the clinic, no one picked up in my city and the call was rooted to a neighboring city. I left messages in person with that receptionist, as well as on the voicemail, and haven't heard back at all.
My doctor was working on spacing out my injections because I metabolize it slowly, so yesterday marked 6 weeks since my last injection. Dealing with all this stress and not knowing is giving me mad anxiety, to the point that I'm worried about feeling the beginnings of withdrawal. I doubt I am, but I can't help but think about it.
My question, and TLDR, do y'all think I might be okay to just stop now? I've had one 300 and two 100 shots, ending six weeks ago. I was planning on tapering off/ taking my last shot this year anyway.
Thanks for any answers!
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2022.01.25 16:53 lordredapple Some questions about using a Mylar marijuana growing tent for my 3D printing enclosure

What are the chances of my printer setting the Mylar on fire?
Also should I make sure there is a hole next to the power supply's fan to let it breath? It's going to be ventilated with negative pressure so idk if this is needed or not
Lastly would it be better to just get a grow tent with a built in vent holes or should I just buy a dedicated 3d printing enclosure and cut in a ventilation hole?
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2022.01.25 16:53 RadiantFinance9121 AICPA Tax Advisor Magazine

Does anyone know if the Tax Advisor Magazine articles are all free? I'm trying to understand the benefit of subscribing to the magazine when all of the articles appear to be free online.
I understand the magazine went all digital for 2022 and the digital flip book is restricted to subscribers, but does that mean they are not going to be posting the articles any more?
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2022.01.25 16:53 ddesigns Beaver County cracker plant more than 95% built as company prepares for operation

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2022.01.25 16:53 GamingxZone Far Cry 6 did you find him

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2022.01.25 16:53 CassualCraft [for hire] Taking comissions. Starting at $25 for a color ilustration!

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2022.01.25 16:53 justmyshitposts Can I leave a sticker on bags?

Am I allowed to leave a sticker asking the customer to leave a review on the shopping bags or is that against the rules? I can’t find anything on it
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2022.01.25 16:53 Morgan-992 ELDERLY CARE PRODUCTS RELIEVE PRESSURE ON SKIN — High-density sponge increases the service life of the product, and will not be deformed and lightweight; Soft PU leather is environmentally friendly and anti-allergic, preventing skin abrasion of contact.

ELDERLY CARE PRODUCTS RELIEVE PRESSURE ON SKIN — High-density sponge increases the service life of the product, and will not be deformed and lightweight; Soft PU leather is environmentally friendly and anti-allergic, preventing skin abrasion of contact. submitted by Morgan-992 to McrOne [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 16:53 gfoodie Here’s something to consider

Part of Sabrina's story was that Gus would accompany her to the doctor's office to make sure she wasn't exaggerating and to correct some of the details she told the doctor. He didn't dispute that, so I gotta think it's true. Now either that means he's a cartoonishly huge asshole, OR it means that he was responding to a pattern of manipulation that already existed in the relationship. I'm open to either possibility, he could absolutely be a heartless dickhead, and it could also be that she'd already proven to Gus that she was willing to exaggerate and stretch the truth in order to get attention and sympathy. So either of them could be the asshole here or, maybe, they're both assholes. It's all so convoluted and unknowable that I'm starting to not give a shit, who’s with me?
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2022.01.25 16:53 impacts_finance 6 Tips How to Easily Buy & Invest in Crypto for Beginners

6 Tips How to Easily Buy & Invest in Crypto for Beginners 1- Invest what you can afford to lose.
2- Be an active investor.
3- Resort to averaging.
4- Do not put all your eggs in one basket.
5- Do your due diligence.
6- Don't invest against the market
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2022.01.25 16:53 NinjoeWarrior What car should I buy? New 2022 Elantra Hybrid Limited or Used 2020 Accord EX-L Hybrid

Given the two cars are about the same price (give or take a few hundred). The Accord is used with one owner, clean carfax and has 23K miles on it.

I feel like the hyundai has more features and a little more fuel efficient, while the Honda has more power and room.

Which one would you buy? And why?
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2022.01.25 16:53 Lejzah Is there any way to Contact a human from jagex instead of bots on Twitter? I have a problem with account that no ticket can help me

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2022.01.25 16:53 Iwanttobuysquad Option to See percentage of pedal Input?

Noticed in some craigs Setup Shop Videos that the people driving These hotlaps have the percentage of pedal Input shown in the iracing ui part of it (left bottom with Gear, Speed, Pedals).
Is this an in Game Option (havent found it) or 3rd Party?
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2022.01.25 16:53 max09x Regice add 544757416586 or 7694 5410 7984

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2022.01.25 16:53 newgoldenowner Puppy chill time for 12 week old golden

Fairly self-explanatory - I give my 12 week old golden oodles of exercise and try and get the mental stimulation going as much as possible as well. Working hard on having his pen be "quiet time" but it's easier said than done and he's either running around like a mad man/barking at me or passed out asleep.
I realize he's only a puppy but any advice on creating an environment where he's interested in just relaxing? He has tons of toys & chew sticks in there as well as his bed to keep him occupied
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2022.01.25 16:53 Hotelblvd Need a LOW end Paladin Torch (12-12 or lower), I have a Mal that just dropped for me. Highest rune I've ever had drop :-)

Please DM me if you have a low end P-torch you would like to sell to me for a Mal. I'd really appreciate it. Thank you!
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2022.01.25 16:53 crapplegate AirBnB Claim Agent MIA

Wondering if anyone can help me out here.
Last week a guest apparently made a security claim against my listing - hidden cameras (which I do not have).
Without telling me, Airbnb suspended my listing.
I’ve tried messaging, and this is day 3 of calling the host services line. I can’t get anywhere. They keep telling me my Claim Agent will call me tomorrow. It’s been tomorrow for over a week now. It’s a whole thing.
Any advice? What can I do? I haven’t had a chance to refute any claim and provide proof. They literally will not talk to me. They are also telling me they cannot give me the security department’s number as they “don’t have a direct line.”
I am not contacting the guest, because he is mentally unstable and knows where I live (listing is basically a guest house with shared wall).
Any help/advice on who I can call?
(I’ve been listing my rental for several years and am a super host if this matters at all)
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2022.01.25 16:53 G00bie123 This guy is blind but can rap better than 99% of the rappers in this generation.

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2022.01.25 16:53 TownieToBayman Embedding FB page??

Hi all
So I was going to use the FB page widget in Pro, ( but apparently one has to sign up as a FB Developer to use it??? Because even if I change the default URL to my FB page URL the widget does not show in the section it was dragged to, the text above still says "Set your Facebook App ID in the Integrations Settings" and if you click on that, it takes you to the "Facebook SDK" Elementor section of the dashboard where you then have to click on another link and go here:
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2022.01.25 16:53 f15hf1n93r5 How do I stop being so angry?

It's been 10 years and I'm still angry. I'm angry that he decided to rape me. I'm angry that I couldn't say anything when it was happening. I'm angry that I couldn't fight. I'm angry that every person since then has completely failed me. I'm angry that I got the blame for what happened. I won't forgive any of them because they don't deserve forgiveness. No, I don't buy into the "forgive them because you deserve it" line - I'd be failing and betraying myself by forgiving them. I hate them more for what they did to me, than I hate him for what he did. I hate that they're all complicit. That none of them protected me, before I was raped or after they found out. None of them did anything as I (15F at the time) was attacked by an adult for saying what happened. They just watched. They didn't even say anything. They all chose a rapist over me. They all failed me. They all stabbed me in the back. He raped me. But they took everything else.
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2022.01.25 16:53 Mustche-man I guess it's no longer capped at 1 million...

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2022.01.25 16:53 boredlol234 what’s the time for you right now?

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2022.01.25 16:53 Maleficent-Net4170 Join the Horny Place '2 Discord Server!

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2022.01.25 16:53 Icy_Egg9244 Українська дівчина пробує каву на справжній кавовій фермі в Колумбії 🇨 ?

Українська дівчина пробує каву на справжній кавовій фермі в Колумбії 🇨 ? submitted by Icy_Egg9244 to ukraina [link] [comments]