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I purchased a bag of scrap fabric for quilting and the crouching tiger was in there as a fabric! I feel like I saw a unicorn

2022.01.29 02:18 TinyLT I purchased a bag of scrap fabric for quilting and the crouching tiger was in there as a fabric! I feel like I saw a unicorn

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2022.01.29 02:18 duddlered Men with green face Ch. 3

Alright, I'm trying to figure out a posting schedule. I'll be posting 2-3 times a week starting next week. This is the first time I'm writing combat, so please be gentle! Let me know if you guys like it and link a song you think goes with it!

[First] [Previous]

The moment Klaxis hit the ground, his 50lb rucksack threw him off balance and fell directly into a small creek.
“Really?” Gabriel vocalized, a few snorts were heard as everyone held their defensive posture.
“Give him a break Gabe, he obviously has never fast roped let alone done anything involved with air assault” Charice chided.
Charice walks over and helps out of the water, the poor mammal gasps for air as he is pulled out and coughed. Not only was he subordinate to lower enlisted men, he just humiliated himself in front of a xeno army, he surely has hit rock bottom and it can't get any worse than this.
Looking into the creek, Klaxis saw that his reflection still held that damnable dye in his fur. Ah… yes it can. It can definitely always get worse. With a sigh, Klaxis took Charice’s hand and was pulled to his feet.
“Thanks… Char, right?” Klaxis inquired. Charice looked back at him and said in a much colder tone “ It’s Charice.” Charice spun around and went back to her position to cover her sector.
He supposed he understood, they seemed like a very tight unit.
Barbecue said over the net “Darkstar, this is Malice, be advised, we’re on the ground and making our way to our AO, over” A reply camover the net “Copy that Malice, don't get our linguist killed, out.”
Barbecue sighed and walked next to Klaxis and slapped his rucksack, causing him to flinch.
“You’re with me, you stay 5 meters away from me at all times, you go where I go and do what I do. When I tell you to move, you move.”
The man left no room for argument as he spun and addressed the team. “Alright, Gabe, you're on point.
Animal Mother, pay close attention to Gabe. We’re not trying to get noticed, so you only shoot when Gabe shoots.” A grunt of affirmation as Animal Mother adjusts his belt fed squad automatic weapon.
Barbecue continued “We peel in pairs,if shit gets bad. This excludes the Linguist, he’ll be near one of us at all times even if it puts us into a group. Alright, sync up your gear and let’s get this shit over with.”
Everyone stood up and slowly proceeded through the jungle in their patrolling formation.
Rivers, Rapids, swamps, vicious amphibians, giant insects as big as your head, Klaxis has truly died and gone to hell.. They’ve been walking, climbing, waddling through chest high water, swimming and sliding through this hellscape for… hours.
Unable to handle it anymore, he spoke loudly “How far do you thi-”
Barbecue immediately silenced him by covering his mouth. When did he get behind me??? The terrified mammal squeaked in his own mind
In a shushed voice “Shhh, shut the fuck. We’re deep in Charlie jungle, if you have something to say, say it over the chat or use hand signals.”
It dawned on him that they haven’t said a word this entire time. They’ve had a 15 meter spread and only communicated with hand signals or through text on their local datanet.
“Charlie?” Klaxis pinged over their chat. A feed of text communication popped up containing the other members having a conversation about something called… Vietnam??
A message from Charice answered his question “Charlie is our code word for the Cong, and we’re patrol to contact, so we’re going until we find someone.”
Another message popped up from Animal Mother “Can you also stop being so fucking loud?? I can hear you crunch every branch and pant all the way up here” Now that he thought about it, they were eerily quiet, like ghosts moving through the vegetation.
Gabes hand quickly went up to the side of him in a fist, everyone immediately froze and dropped their rucksacks at the same time.
Klaxis was startled by the seemingly quick and fluid movements, Everyone had their weapons raised and watched their sectors, then heard several clicks as they turned their weapons from safe to fire.”
Barbecue grabbed Klaxis and pulled him down to one knee behind some foliage. “Be as quiet and still as you possibly can, their eyes seem to glide over us if we don't move.”
Straining his eyes, Klaxis couldn’t see or hear whatever spooked them. The hand sign for get down was given by Gabe, and Barbecue pushed him onto his belly.
“Stop trying to look for things in the forest, try to look ahead as if you’re trying to see through it and focus on things movement.” Following the Team Sergeants advice reluctantly, he gave it a try.
There, it was hardly noticeable in the incredibly dense jungle, but several shapes were lumbering towards their position. His blood ran cold.
Everyone had their weapons trained on different areas, he was worried they didn’t see what was ahead and that's why they didn’t have their weapons trained in on the figure moving directly ahead of them?
He held his tongue and was as still as he possibly could, now is not the time to be asking questions. Klaxis just had to trust and hope they knew what they were doing.
Then he heard them, more the rustling and crunching of branches directly to their left, choosing to trust the humans has just prevented them from being discovered.
It seemed that the pair of reptiles didn’t notice them as they leisurely walked towards the human squad in their bright red combat armor. He also noticed the pole attached to their back held a banner that denoted their unit and rank.
Klaxis was breathing heavily, his heart pounding when he heard their guttural tones of language.
[Why are we patrolling here? There is nothing here, let us go back to the supply den] a voice from his flank resounded.
The lizard next to him spoke [Overlord is scared, there has been constant harassment from around this area, as if they’re trying to sniff us out.]
Klaxis heard [Overlord is scared of his own shadow, we’ve dug this den to direct supply to our front lines, we should be there instead!]
This group was close, Klaxis didn’t even realize it, had the humans noticed all of them?
They closed in continuing to talk [We moved a large portion of our supplies here, it must be defended even if its not glorious]
They were about 20 or 30 meters from their position, Klaxis’ panicked and did something foolish. He flipped his weapon from safe to fully auto.
The lizards turned around to join the rest of their squad further in when an audible CLICK CLICK resounded in the area they were just looking at. Both lizards turned around and immediately started scanning the area.
[That was not an animal] said a lizard closest to the hidden squad, it started to approach the group to investigate, honing in on where the sound might have come from.
The lumbering beast approached, unable to see anything and when he reached the 10 meter mark, instinctively readied his weapon.
The reptile dropped, Charice dumped 4 rounds into the chest of the lizard and within just half a second, she was on her knees snapping her muzzle to the other Sentry.
The back of the head and neck of the unprepared lizard burst open, surprising klaxis at the sheer speed. Their reaction time was unreal.
Then the cacophony of noise.
Animal Mother held down the trigger on his unsuppressed weapon, sweeping the jungle in front of them in the direction he and Gabe had his weapons pointed towards. Both of them ripped apart a squad of 12 lizards that was huddled together in a tight formation.
The battle kicked off.
Barbecue stood up, grabbed Klaxis and dragged him to the tree in a near dead sprint as everyone scattered, engaging Lizards in different directions.
CONTACT RIGHT” was yelled by someone out as Animal Mother shifted his fire, lifting his weapon up to avoid pointing it at Gabe in transition and started laying in hate in that direction.
Klaxis noticed Animal Mothers weapon was creating pressure waves from the barrel, kicking up dirt, ripping at foliage around it as he fired 10 round bursts.
The infernal machine spat hatred and death at 750 rounds a minute, it’s projectiles were blowing straight through trees, hitting lizards hiding behind them, snapping branches and destroying rocks that weren’t thick enough.
After their initial volley that ensured immediate threats were dead or dying, the orders came out “SERGEI, GET SMOKE OUT, JIN PREP A FIRE MISSION! GABE, CHAR PUSH LEFT AND WASTE THOSE FUCKS”
As everyone was laying down a hail of suppressing fire to give the illusion of a much larger force, Gabe and Char stood up, and ran left.
As they were moving to their new positions, they made sure the reptiles Char initially engaged were dead, by putting another bullet in each of their heads.
They were making their way to a flanking position when a heavy counter volley happened. That was a god damn crewed weapon pointed in their direction. Everyone knew that thing needed to be gone, yesterday.
Ducking behind cover as they were moving, slags of plasma raced past them slagging anything they hit. The massive bolts seemed to splash on everything when they hit, turning wood to ash and dirt to glass.
Gabe took a knee behind a tree and started to catch a few lizards in the open as they were getting ready to retaliate after being pinned down. He snapped his weapon up and tore until them as they crumpled to the ground screeching.
Char was still in a dead sprint, pushing towards her new position. Both small bolts of plasma from lizard hand held weapons streamed by her, but soon let up as the focus shifted to her teammate slaying their war brothers.
She slid into a depression and yelled “You’re up!” Char lifted her rifle to provide covering fire for Gabe as he stood up to run towards her position.
She caught a further 6 Lizards out that were trying to respond to their flank and proceeded to rip them apart.
Char proceeded to light them up, they clutched their bodies, and screeched as they fell. Not wanting to leave it to chance as Gabe was running towards her position, she didn’t stop firing even as they lay, only twitching as rounds hit their bodies.
The core of the team continued providing covering fire for the two flankers as they kept around 30 lizards pinned down, any foolish enough to stand in the open to get a clear shot was effectively sawed in half by Animal mother.
Klaxis was thankful he took the headset and wore them, because he was certain he would be deaf by now, the humans weapons were loud, the ones with the cans on them were much more manageable, but Animal mother’s weapon was a terror weapon in sound alone.
Lizards kept their heads down and fired over their positions, ones foolish enough to think trees protected them briefly learned the lesson between cover and concealment as the trunks burst open and bullets burst into their bodies.
Klaxis was captivated, they flowed from rocks, to trees and mounds of dirt while firing their weapons with near pinpoint accuracy. Their oddly patterned armor even made it hard for him to understand where he was standing next to them, as it broke up their silhouette.
Barbecue slapped the back of Klaxis’ head breaking him out of his reverie and yelled “Fire your fucking weapon!” Fumbling Klaxis lifted the rifle and started to pull the trigger, every squeeze made the rifle violently push the butt of the rifle into his shoulder.
Even though the unexpected recoil surprised him, he held the trigger down, dumping all 40 rounds in the general area of where they were receiving fire from.
He was cowering behind his tree, fumbling, trying to reload this infernal thing when he heard Jin’s distinctive voice yell into his headset.
“Mailman, mailman! This is Malice, fire mission, Danger close!”
Klaxis couldn’t understand what was being said as Jin just started shouting numbers at his radio and decided to focus on more… immediate problems.
Unfamiliar with how to fully utilize his weapon, he ended up spraying uncontrollably in the general area of incoming fire.
His rounds were ripping through trees and canopy, when he unwittingly hit one of the gunners in the fortification in the head and momentarily stopped its fire.
Finishing another magazine of ammunition, he ducked back into cover to reload when he paid attention to Jin’s voice again.
“1 Plasma Bunker in the open 20 dismounts! 2 rounds LGHE, fire for effect!”
The words in bright red started flashing in Klaxi’s HUD, 2 LASER GUIDED HIGH EXPLOSIVE INBOUND
Not understanding the context of what this meant, he ignored and continued fighting
The battle has been raging for 10 minutes and they knew that gun emplacement needed to be gone. Now.
It was 600 meters away and blindly firing in their direction, but it was a big gun and not one you need to aim well with to be effective.
With the sheer volume of fire being thrown out by the other element, Char and Gabe stopped firing and waited. 12 lizards ran up on the other side of their little depression, 10 meters away from them.
Gabe peaked and immediately went down “Ohhhhhh fuck, that’s a lot and they’re setting up another Heavy Plasma Caster.”
Gabe was laying down pressed against the wall of the depression and Char climbed on top of him and peaked over.
That’s when Char pulled out a grenade and pulled the pin.
“Ooookay… that's cool. Gonna throw a grenade? it’s party time I guess” Gabe silently and nervously blurted out as Char was literally pinning him down between her legs.
He heard her mumble “fuck it, we’re all gonna die, I dont give a FUCK
He did a retake and saw that smirk she made whenever shes was going to do something fucked up or crazy.
The spoon of the grenade went flying past his face.
She was still holding the grenade
Shock and unbridled fear spread across Gabes face
One one thousand
“Oh my god throw it”
Two one thousand.
“Oh my god throw it”
Three one thousand.
Four one thousand
She gingerly tossed the grenade over the depression.
Five one thousand
As 3 of the 12 man squad waddled over with their Heavy Plasma Caster, the rest were providing security and firing in the general direction of where the Imperials might be. They were hard to see and moved like ghosts.
The gun was finally set up on a log in a flanking position against the petulant snacks that dared come so deep into their territory, they’d make sure the maw would take them.
But as everything was perfectly set up, the War Master just barely noticed and looked up to see a strange ball flying just over his head.
Years of training and experience took over as they both popped over the depression at the same time. The grenade killed 3 instantly and the rest were either severely wounded or incapacitaed as they aimed their weapons.
The pair of Humans emptied their magazine into the lizards who were all sprawled on the ground or were on their knees disoriented. Puffs of dirt, gore and blood splatter all over the ground and dead tree, the enemy squad no longer moved as their blood seeped into the ground.
The pair immediately reloaded and cautiously advanced to make sure all the lizards were dead. Once satisfied Gabe looked at Char in irritation looking to give her a piece of his mind. She innocently smiled and winked when then their radio crackled to life in their headset.
Jin yelled over the net “Gabe, we’ve got mail! 2 beam riders in bound!”
Gabe immediately ran in a dead sprint to a 4 meter tall mound of rock and earth the second he heard Jin and started to climb. Gabe stood straight up to get a clear view and immediately spotted what he was looking for.
The extremely obvious flashes of plasma blasted away on the other side of the jungle, bright red globs rocketed towards the core of the team's general area.
Gabe got into a standing marksmen stance and pointed his weapon directly at the fortification, flipping on his IR laser slaved to the Humans data net, he waited for confirmation in frustration.
The firing stopped momentarily as Animal Mother shifted his fire towards the bright flashes. Gabe was impatient, it was hard getting a lock with this dense jungle and he knew the ordinance coming was massive.
“Come on you fat fuck, lock on, come one, come on!”
He was a sitting duck, all it took was one asshole with a brain to drop him… “Ding!” a noise rang inside his headset and an icon on his HUD went green. “LOCKED, COVER!” Gabe yelled over the net as he jumped off the boulder and tackled Char back into the depression.
Barbecue was having a stroke, this fucking guy just went through 4 mags in as many seconds….
He wasn’t even aiming his rifle. He repressed the urge to shoot him in the back of the head and claim enemy action as large bolts of plasma slammed into trees, splintering them into burning shards and slagging the ground around him.
Then he heard Gabes voice over the net. “LOCKED, COVER!”
Barbecue grabs Klaxis, pulls him away from his tree and throws him into a ditch. He immediately dove in as well and covered the furred mammal with his body.
Surprised by Barbecue’s sudden and violent action, he yelps and drops his weapon in surprise as he fell into a hole and then was proceeded to be smothered by this angry dark man.
The position he was in just at, was ripped apart by heavy plasma fire. That’s when in only what he can describe as a pair of “bone shattering” explosions, ripped through the jungle in quick succession.
2 2000lb laser guided high explosive shells just slammed into the fortification and the fireball consumed the newly arrived reinforcements around it.
The blast wave uprooted trees and sent debri over a hundred meters into the air. The noise would have probably left Klaxis deaf if it wasn’t for the noise adjusting headset.
Pure silence reigned over the jungle as a voice crackled over the radio.
“Malice, this is Mailman, status?”

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2022.01.29 02:18 Redbean01 Is this some kind of idiotic neoliberal JOKE? Canceling $15 billion doesn't come anywhere NEAR Biden's campaign promise to wipe out ALL student debt, which is more than one HUNDRED times that

Is this some kind of idiotic neoliberal JOKE? Canceling $15 billion doesn't come anywhere NEAR Biden's campaign promise to wipe out ALL student debt, which is more than one HUNDRED times that submitted by Redbean01 to WayOfTheBern [link] [comments]

2022.01.29 02:18 BenCarney17 How did Kirito survive Episode 14?

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2022.01.29 02:18 eaglebtc Meet Willow, the new White House cat.

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2022.01.29 02:18 DramaticPraline8 Thought I was alone

I was a DCP supporter for quite a while but kept feeling a strange unease about his content. I don’t agree with him about a lot (progressive feminist here) but early on, I was ok with that, more or less.
A switch flipped for me round about his coverage of Gabby Petitio’s death. His newfound passion for ‘real crime’ felt fake and exploitative.
I began to wonder if it’s all a façade for popularity. He desperately wants in to the Cool Kids Club and thinks this is the way to do it.
I’m sad, though. I liked him at first. We share the same intolerance for idiotic blathering and poor grammar. But I can’t deny that he’s showing his true self more and more and it’s not pretty.
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2022.01.29 02:18 thatchthepirate Why we need to be self reliant and not to be forced to be reliant on the government. This guy spits the truth and how the government is trying to force us to rely on them.

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2022.01.29 02:18 Kitchen_Republic9322 Common question for newbie

Im interested in starting 3d printing..but don't have a computer..can I just buy the files online and hook em up to the printer and just do it that way or do I absolutely need a computephone or laptop..if I can do it from my phone what app do I need please help
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2022.01.29 02:18 New-Sleep-281 [LFA] Yarrow, my red fox character, neutral evil. Background info in comments. Thank you.

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2022.01.29 02:18 sadatwalmart The Shadowlands lore is meant to make you frustrated. That's the point.

"Who is the jailer and why should I care? He's so vague and we don't even know why he's doing all these things or why any of the plot line in the shadowlands happened"
"You're telling me that the past 20+ years of warcraft is explained by some random big bad dude that we met a year ago? He's so generically evil and boring!"
Maybe... maybe that's the point.
I know this is slightly controversial... but maybe the writers of wow aren't stupid? Is it unwise to say that they probably understand how generic and vague they're making the story now so that they can reveal/setup something later? And I think I'm starting to catch onto what that is.
I mean look at the context of 9.2. We're seeing the beginning. Literally the entire beginning of everything. Existence. Reality. We're getting as meta as possible. So here's what I think is going to happen, and why maybe this expansion was worth it in the end
Throughout our entire time playing WoW, we've always been some nameless, faceless "Champion of Azeroth" who's just there to save the day, each and every single time. No questions about it, just another hero of our faction.
what if (and please bare with me), the twist of the shadowlands, the ultimate twist that sends us sky rocketing into the next expansion, is some crazy revelation about our existence as the players and we just get so fucking meta that completely transcends any "world" of warcraft.
This is really hard to articulate but I'm just thinking, why else would they send us to the beginning of everything? Why would they tell us "Oh yea you know that franchise we spent decades building? It's all explained by this lich king looking guy with the intention to just do evil things because."
I think they're setting up the shadowlands to be a hallucination/simulation plot, but in doing so reveals that the entire world of warcraft is a simulation, and our purpose as the player is much grander than we ever thought. And then into 10.0 we go.
I'm screenshotting this to post in like a few months. Just saying I told you so.
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2022.01.29 02:18 IntelligentAmoeba209 Someone message me I'm 19 help me squirt I don't mind being dominated I can send pictures of me I have saved

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2022.01.29 02:18 Leather_Afternoon518 Do I have overwhelming paranoia and anxiety or am I in a toxic work environment?

So I got what I thought would be a dream job… and the actual job itself is. The environment feels all too familiar to me. I’m not new to this industry. I know work is hostile, lots of dirty jokes, lots of name calling. Sexual harassment. But every one talks so much shit on each other behind everyone’s backs. It’s like a reality show the things that go on. It makes me think if they are saying these things to me about other people… they are definitely saying things about me to other people. It is really extremely difficult for me to disconnect from the drama of it. I wish I couldn’t care about what people think of me. I know I’m not perfect and I contribute to this hostility. But I am falling back into a pattern of myself that I don’t like. Bringing my day to day stressors home with me and laying awake thinking about things I should have or shouldn’t have said. I have been down this path before at a job that I stayed at for many years. I left because the stress actually started affecting my physical well being. And it is now again. Eye twitches, migraines, shaking. I went to doctors and did a lot of tests when I experienced this for the first time at that previous job only to find out it was work stress related. I’m at a point where i don’t even want to show up because I am afraid of the new drama the day holds ahead and contributing to it. HR is not an option. It will be obvious that the only woman here is the one with the issues. I have learned the hard way that will only make it worse. I am wondering if anyone else here’s feels this way, constant anxiety and over thinking. I have been contemplating leaving, but I do love my actual job. How do you disconnect emotionally from a job that feels like you’re living in a reality show every day of your life?
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2022.01.29 02:18 SnooDogs2729 Sheriff in dance routine

Is it just me or did it look like the new fake sheriff is in the dance routine now and it used to be someone else previous to this newest episode ?
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2022.01.29 02:18 ashton081 My dream team a year back Vs my current team (f2p)

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2022.01.29 02:18 MySilverSquad [POSITIVE] for /u/TacoPenny [buyer]

Thank you for being such a great buyer! Will do business with again in the future without hesitation! Thank you!
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2022.01.29 02:18 arukhin Report Inappropriate Predictions

Inspired by another subreddit, I wanted to see what they said about us.
What applies to you?
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2022.01.29 02:18 WillowBeeio why dont i feel like i exist?

indont feel like i exist and i have to tell myself i am alive. does any one else get this or am i just weird?
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2022.01.29 02:18 MaceWinnoob Anyone know what this is? Found at the bottom of a bottle of Casamatta Sangiovese. It looks like a piece from the production that fell in the bottle?

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2022.01.29 02:18 sashasexyx22 26F [F4M] [Selling🤑]▪︎ Video call ▪︎ ▪︎ fetish ▪︎ Sex tape ▪︎ Anal ▪︎lesbian content ▪︎ Photos and videos ▪︎ completely naked ▪︎ GFE ❣️▪︎ Good prices [Available now] 🔥Snp: sashasexyx21 / Kik: sashasexy21 I verify live 💯⁷

26F [F4M] [Selling🤑]▪︎ Video call ▪︎ ▪︎ fetish ▪︎ Sex tape ▪︎ Anal ▪︎lesbian content ▪︎ Photos and videos ▪︎ completely naked ▪︎ GFE ❣️▪︎ Good prices [Available now] 🔥Snp: sashasexyx21 / Kik: sashasexy21 I verify live 💯⁷ submitted by sashasexyx22 to DamaG [link] [comments]

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I've just got a pre owned 2016 GTI this past week. Today while starting from stops I realized a small delay when letting off the break or giving it gas. Is it normal for a dsg to have a slight hesitation when starting from a stop ?
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