The girl I’m datings mom got sick, advice on how to be there for her

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2022.01.25 16:34 TayOh91 The girl I’m datings mom got sick, advice on how to be there for her

So things were going great, she gets covid and unfortunately her mom gets sick to the extent she’s being intubated. She tells me she misses me but the last thing she wants to do right now is text/call. I’m being understanding it’s been about 3 days so for I just don’t know what to do because I miss her and want to be there but I need to respect her wishes. What do you guys think ..
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2022.01.25 16:34 primestarkiller I love this suit, but i'll be first to say, I hate the position of the spider so low on his chest. It should be higher up

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2022.01.25 16:34 Only_Foot_5207 My win disappeared?!?!

I was playing Reactoonz and won 50 euros with spin. Straight after that the casino timed out. After few minutes I logged back into account when the server were back working. The 50 euro win couldnt be seen anywhere and when I went to Reactoonz the round wasnt on. The game which I won cant be seen in my game history. Can it be that I dont get my winning because the casino servers went down?
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2022.01.25 16:34 midnight_rebirth Noticed Some Cracks In My Walls, Should I Be Concerned? Or Is This Normal?

Just noticed them the other night. Not sure how long they've been there. I feel like I would've noticed them if they were there for a while though.
A couple of these are towards the front of my house and a couple are in the bathroom which is more towards the back.
Here's the Imgur album:
Any/all input appreciated!
If these are something I should be concerned about is there anything I can do/any advice? Or is this something a professional has to fix?
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2022.01.25 16:34 Benighted-Username help im stupid

help i cant stop referring to zhongli as schlongli and referring to childe as chungus please help. everytime i see them im like "oh its schlongli and chungus" and i want to die.
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2022.01.25 16:34 LeeCinSculpt Тест

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2022.01.25 16:34 CartographerRound590 If someone has a hair transplant and their hair continues receding will there be a weird gap between their actual hairline and the transplanted hair?

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2022.01.25 16:34 TunesMedia Tucked Inside Biden Infrastructure Bill: Unconstitutional Crypto Surveillance

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2022.01.25 16:34 KommissarJH Clicker clacker

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2022.01.25 16:34 ShizuHladki Go under the mist before finishing the prelude plateau... IT'S Possible !! Have fairies, fire road and more ..... Help me see what is possible <3 Maybe we can Dodge the paraglider flag !!!

Go under the mist before finishing the prelude plateau... IT'S Possible !! Have fairies, fire road and more ..... Help me see what is possible <3 Maybe we can Dodge the paraglider flag !!! submitted by ShizuHladki to gameglitches [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 16:34 MadPianist Looking for an affordable walk in clinic to get a COVID recovery letter for international flight to New Zealand.

Hi everyone, my partner and I are looking for a walk-in clinic to quickly get a letter from a Dr that says we're COVID symptom free. We live in NZ and are hoping to transit back on Thursday. We need to find a place to do a quick PCR test as well within 48hrs of our flight. Thank you
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2022.01.25 16:34 Diplysaus Just relapsed after 8 days

Title. Also I almost got into a binge but I'm trying not to
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2022.01.25 16:34 whosurmaster Who Likes These ATH 🚀

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2022.01.25 16:34 wink-wink_wink Hottest Indian Celebrities tournament ( I didn’t make this but I thought it be good for this sub) vs

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2022.01.25 16:34 ObsequiousChild NZXT H1 Crossroads, advice?

Looking for input. I liked the H1, but since I purchased it (from NZXT on Ebay, though now out of warranty...), can't upgrade PCI riser to 4.0, riser sparks (fixed) and now the pump on the AIO has died and pc began shutting down from heat until I changed the fan to run constantly. I'm whining, but tired of the hassle.
What to do?


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2022.01.25 16:34 Skill4Hire When I rule the world

My policy for when I rule the world is janitors will get payed extremely well even if businesses will have to contract them from the government in order to make sure they get paid enough.
Honestly It's not a job I would do and I don't think anyone should do it for minimum wage.
Same thing goes for people who work other gross jobs, garbage collected, recycling plant workers etc.
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2022.01.25 16:34 Woodworker2020 What is this? I call it desert watermelon cause of its pedal leave looking things

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2022.01.25 16:34 Blade_of_Kyrie A detailed guide on build balance and versatility

Foreword Balance and versatility are critical to a build’s reliability and success rate. This guide’s purpose is to recommend and promote underused equipment and abilities, along with the situations they can be used, with the intention of inspiring balanced and versatile builds. Balance in general is a concept I’ve been extremely fond of exploring since around eight years ago, and Code Vein managed to get my attention in that regard. Part of the guide’s purpose is to disprove the notion that “meta is optimal”, so an alternative name for this guide could be “the off-meta argument”.
Special thanks go to u/PseudoDrifter for helping with this guide by providing his own opinions, coming up with the guide’s alternative name, and encouraging me. He’s 70% of the reason this guide exists at all, so go check him out.
Big thanks to u/ElectroShadowAngel as well, whose old guides are the sole reason I know everything about focus, balance and elemental damage.
Without further ado, let’s get this guide started already, shall we?
Weapons Unlike in many other RPGs, weapons in Code Vein are overall well-balanced, at the expense of being monotonous. Many weapons of a class perform similarly to each other, with the main difference almost always being the moveset. As such, weapons listed below are mainly judged by their moveset and auxiliary stats.
The Queenslayer Blade. Good damage, low stat requirements, average weight, a great moveset and respectable blocking stats. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. This is a weapon that can do everything well, and its moveset allows it to remain relevant throughout the entire game.
The Argent Wolf Blade. More or less the same as the QS Blade, except it deals crush damage and trades the superb spacing potential of the QS Blade’s charged heavy attack for a subpar projectile attack. More volatile in performance than the QS Blade, but if you really want more damage, you might want to choose this one.
The Crimson Longsword. A pre-order exclusive weapon that happens to be the lightest 100% shield in the game. It also trades the lunging thrust of the QS Blade for a subpar projectile attack. Its weight and stat requirements are both very low, allowing it to be used on every single build. A superb defensive weapon, but be mindful of the low stability and subpar damage.
The Queenslayer Greatsword. A light greatsword with good damage and a moveset heavily geared towards crowd control. A little bit odd in that only its charged heavy attack knocks down, but greatswords in general benefit greatly from increased charge speed, so it’s usually not too much of an inconvenience. It’s also a good shield, and generally the most reliable source of crush damage that isn’t a hammer.
The Zweihander. Of course the anime bass cannon would be part of this list. It has below average attack speed, high weight and a mediocre moveset, but it fits on many builds, if only for its sheer offensive and defensive effectiveness.
The Nagimukuro. A very underrated greatsword. It trades some damage and some stability for an extraordinary moveset that allows for crowd control and spacing at the same time. Harder to use than most other weapons and requires some building around, but when mastered, it turns every encounter into a graceful dance. I simply cannot recommend this one enough.
The Lost Zweihander. Surprised to see a corrupt variant here? Compared to its pure variant, the Zweihander, it has lower damage and lower damage reduction. However, it weighs less, has a slightly lower stat requirement and a unique combo light attack that’s just like that of the QS Greatsword, but with the addition of knockdown. This attack trades away the incredible spacing potential and offensive momentum of the lunging thrust and provides superb crowd control capabilities instead. Overall, the Lost Zweihander might not be better than the Zweihander, but it’s certainly more versatile. I just hate the way it looks…
The Queenslayer Halberd. It’s a balanced halberd with extremely low stat requirements and a spacing-oriented moveset, with its only real fault being the high weight. There’s really not much else to say other than it does everything well enough.
The Bardiche. Another underappreciated weapon, the Bardiche has a mediocre moveset, average damage and slightly below average weight. Where it really shines is blocking. It has extremely high stability and great damage reduction, surpassing even a couple of greatswords and hammers. With a little bit of building around, it can match the Zweihander in defensive prowess, while being much lighter and faster. It’s an overall excellent weapon with no real weaknesses.
The Impaler. Everyone’s favourite. It has very low weight, the fastest attack speed of all halberds and a near-monopoly on thrusting attacks. Seriously, 90% of all thrusting attacks are on the Impaler. The reason why I eventually started moving away from the Impaler was its blocking stats. It’s very underwhelming in that regard. So, try not to block with this weapon.
The Cerulean Spear. Just like the Impaler, but it’s pre-order exclusive, lighter, deals less damage, has even lower stat requirements, better blocking stats and a slightly different charged heavy attack. You guessed it: it’s another subpar projectile attack. All things considered, this is a good weapon.
The Queenslayer Hammer. Arguably the best hammer in the game. It deals high damage, has below average weight, a great moveset, great blocking stats, and is overall just fun to use. It’s the only hammer that can match the versatility of greatswords, and a weapon that will never let you down. Aside from the universal short reach of hammers, that is.
The Queenslayer Bayonet. This is a weapon that almost always flies under the radar, mainly because its damage is bottom 5 among bayonets, if not bottom 3. However, it has a few aces up its sleeve. It’s a sniper-type bayonet (which means long-range shots), has no real stat requirements, average weight, an amazing moveset (for a bayonet) that includes a combo light attack that knocks down, and the highest uncharged shot speed. That last one is immensely powerful and part of the reason why I have a 90% hit rate with uncharged shots. They are able to reliably tag even the most elusive enemies, including a frantically moving Blade Bearer at ranges other bayonets could only dream of. This is a delicate weapon that takes time and effort to learn, and when mastered, it completely makes up for its lack of damage with its peerless gameplay.
The Brodiaea. Compared to the QS Bayonet, it deals more damage and weighs less, but it has higher stat requirements and lower uncharged shot speed. It also has a different combo light attack, which is a lunging slash instead of a thrust that knocks down. For some players, its gap-closing ability might be preferable, but personally, I consider it a drawback. Regardless, it’s definitely one of the best bayonets.
Blood Veils This was definitely the easiest part of this guide, since most Blood Veils are specialised in one way or another. Below are the four exceptions. I should mention weight and offensive stats were given higher priority than defensive stats.
The Queenslayer Claw. You get this one the moment you start the game, and its casting stats are surprisingly good. What determines how long you keep using it is the weight. Many Blood Codes will struggle to maintain normal dodge speed with this thing on.
The Night Claw. It has decent casting stats, high critical damage, extremely low requirements and weighs much less than the QS Claw. It’s a solid all-around choice that can very easily last throughout the entire game.
The Night Thorn. The embodiment of the “boring but practical” trope, the Night Thorn is marginally worse than the Night Claw at everything except casting, and is even lighter to boot. Use it.
The Ivory Grace. I seriously hope nobody is surprised to see this one. It has the highest combined casting stat total and the lowest weight in the game, along with great status resistances. While its critical damage is very low, it completely makes up for that with the highest drain rating in the game.
Blood Codes This was admittedly the hardest part of the guide. So many Blood Codes are specialised, even those that don’t appear to be so at first glance. Having to give lower priority to stat-up passives was super inconvenient as well. The following list includes Blood Codes that can assume a multitude of roles at once, while factoring in potential uses of stat-up passives.
Prometheus. One of the very first Blood Codes you’ll get, Prometheus is an incredibly potent melee-oriented class that can and will carry you throughout the whole game. With Mind/Willpower Up, it becomes a part-time casting class and gains access to multiple useful buffs as well, and with Mind/Vitality Up, it becomes one of the absolute best tanking classes.
Prometheus also has exclusive access to Blade Dance, a versatile and complex offensive buff. While it doesn’t have the raw offensive power of Queenslayer’s Final Journey or Heimdall’s Sacrificial Edge, Blade Dance has no drawbacks whatsoever, allowing you to hack away at enemies with nary a care in the world. Use it and use it a lot.
Isis. One of the only two dedicated hybrid classes, Isis has high combined casting stats and respectable dexterity, along with high base ichor. It’s one point away from Foulblood Barrier and Morale Boost, so it can branch out into tanking and offensive support if it becomes necessary.
Isis also has exclusive access to Shadow Leap, a command backdash with very low cooldown that tickles enemies. Its invulnerability frames are a bit finicky, but it’s a fun novelty.
Eos. It’s a sturdy class with plenty of offense to boot. Not too shabby. Like Prometheus, Eos is one point away from many potent dark Gifts, so once that’s fixed, only stamina can limit Eos. And dexterity too I guess.
Eos also has exclusive access to Ablative Blood, an ichor-intensive defensive buff. Its main use is filtering damage when getting tossed around like a ragdoll, or for hyper-aggressive melee builds that never stop swinging. Just don’t forget to crank that drain rating up.
Scathach. The other dedicated hybrid class. Scathach has slightly lower casting stats in exchange for slightly higher melee stats and more stamina, while at the same time maintaining access to many critical spells. Immediate access to Morale Boost and Night Fog Veil make it the best class for offensive support and stealth builds respectively.
Scathach also has exclusive access to Peony Flash, a large fiery explosion. It’s subpar on its own, but it becomes a great “get-off-me” attack with any sort of Gift speed boost.
Hades. Have you ever heard of the “stealthy colossus” trope? This class is practically it. Hades has sky-high strength, high dexterity, above average stamina and higher max ichor than most other heavy-weapons classes. It’s also the only heavy-weapons class with immediate access to Morale Boost and Night Fog Veil. Let that sink in. Other than its commanding melee presence, Hades is one point away from Foulblood Barrier and the Ivory Grace, allowing it to chuck some mid-level spells if the need ever arises.
Ishtar. The Blood Code that takes balance and throws it out of the window, Ishtar can do absolutely everything that doesn’t involve dexterity. Like Scathach, it has a bit of trouble when it comes to tanking, but that’s not saying much anyway.
Ishtar also has exclusive access to Deliverance, an overrated but still potent defensive passive. Any damage your companion takes while they’re at 1 HP is taken by you instead. It sounds amazing, but considering enemies lose aggro when their target dies, it can backfire very quickly. When it doesn’t backfire however…
Queenslayer. Probably my most hated Blood Code in the entire game. The grand meme itself, Queenslayer is “the best Blood Code in the game” and “can be whatever build it wants to be”. The truth is that, besides Bridge to Glory and Final Journey, there’s absolutely nothing Prometheus can’t do better than Queenslayer. For some people though, that’s all that matters. But to be fair, Queenslayer is versatile enough to make it into the list.
Queenslayer also has exclusive access to Super Saiyan God, except you die when time’s up. Before the nerf, it was the best active in the game due to its absurd duration and forced quick dodge speed. Now, it’s a gimmick that requires building entirely around it (also known as a one-shot build), since it’s much less safe than Heimdall’s Sacrificial Edge and especially Prometheus’s Blade Dance. Use it if you breathe DPS instead of oxygen.
Active Gifts If Blood Codes are the heart of the game, Gifts are its soul. The first half of said soul is active Gifts, which are being listed separately from passive Gifts in order to be more orderly and easier to read.
Side note: this entire section could be exclusively about Bridge to Glory and how stupidly overpowered it is. I’m not going to do that. It’s fine if you really like using it, but please be aware it isn’t game over for a build that doesn’t (or can’t) have it. There are alternatives. Use them.
Blood Shot. High damage, low ichor cost, low cooldown, high speed, medium-long range. The only real problem is that there are no alternatives for the other three elements. Due to Code Vein’s incessant enemy recycling, Blood Shot manages to stay relevant throughout the entire game, since most trash mobs are weak to blood damage.
Sanguine RoaBlazing RoaFreezing RoaPlasma Roar. The first heavy hitters you’ll come across, the roar-type Gifts (as I like to call them) are a great choice when you want something dead quickly. The former two especially make up 100% of the early game for casting-oriented classes. Be mindful of their slow casting speed.
Blood Spike/Flame Spike/Frost Spike/Lightning Spike. The primary long range Gifts, the spike-type Gifts shine in situations where distance is ideal. However, they have surprisingly low ichor efficiency and high cooldown, so try not to use them up close or you’ll feel severely underpowered. They are also light Gifts, so they’ll fit best in Blood Codes with equal casting stats. In a cruel twist of fate, the latter is DLC-exclusive.
Dusk Edge/Crimson Moon/Aurora Flash/Jupiter’s Blade. Arguably the best offensive Gifts in the entire game. The blade-type Gifts deal moderate damage, have fast casting speed, a wide area-of-effect, low cooldown and surprisingly good ichor efficiency. Their only fault is their limited range, but they’re absolutely worth the trade. They’re so brutally effective no spellblade build should be considered complete without at least one of them.
Blast Bolt. If the blade-type Gifts were anything less than stellar, this would be the best spell in the game. It deals high damage, has high speed, medium-long range, extremely low stat requirements, very high ichor efficiency and is monstrously good at staggering. There’s nothing Blast Bolt can’t do, but just like Blood Shot, it’s only available in one element. How unfortunate.
Volatile Storm/Sands of Depravity. Both of these Gifts deal non-elemental damage and have a wide area-of-effect, making them ideal for mob dispersal or against enemies that resist every element. Volatile Storm has lower ichor cost and faster casting speed, while Sands of Depravity deals higher damage and has higher ichor efficiency, so whichever you choose depends entirely on preference. Personally, I prefer Volatile Storm.
Warning: both of these Gifts deal less damage the lower the frame rate is, so they're slightly worse on consoles than on PCs. Everything else about them functions normally.
Homing Hellfire. The ultimate wake-up tool and a great choice for stealth builds, Homing Hellfire will delete just about anything not resistant to fire, so long as it’s given time. It’s extremely potent against enemies that are either slow by default or too stubborn to get out of its area-of-effect. Don’t use this outside of short range.
Ember Reversal. Beneath a silly animation lie surprisingly potent crowd control capabilities and the absolute highest DPS of all spells. Ember Reversal has extremely low stat requirements and equally low cooldown, so spam to your heart’s content. Just don’t run out of ichor if you choose to do so.
Blood Weapon/Flame Weapon/Frost Weapon/Lightning Weapon. Each buff increases damage by 20% and converts all of the weapon’s damage into the corresponding element. The bread-and-butter of every melee build, elemental weapon buffs are the first step to successfully taking down whatever challenge comes across, and are usually more potent than Bridge to Glory if running with a partner. Always research which type of damage is best against each enemy, otherwise they will backfire spectacularly.
Adrenaline. The very first Gift you ever see, Adrenaline has a respectable damage multiplier and extremely long duration, giving it superb ichor efficiency and making it the epitome of free damage. What sealed its place in this list is its ability to affect bayonet shots.
Overdrive. Compared to Adrenaline, it has a higher damage multiplier and lower stat requirements, but expires the moment you get hit. A superb choice for stealth builds, its potency depends entirely on both skill and concentration. Not a Gift for beginners.
Bloodsucking Blades. More ichor is always a good thing, so the more ichor-intensive a build is, the greater this Gift’s value becomes. Despite its name, it increases ichor gained from blocking as well.
Gift Prowess. Higher casting speed means less vulnerability time. Less vulnerability time means higher chance of success. A bit troublesome to fit into certain builds, but its potency cannot be disputed.
Valiant Heart. Dodges are the primary form of defence, so reducing their stamina cost makes them less of a commitment and allows for easier stamina management. Its long duration and low stat requirement allow it to be used effectively on any dodge-intensive build.
Morale Boost. The defining Gift of offensive support, Morale Boost instantly refills all stamina and increases max stamina by a significant amount. It’s an overall incredible choice for any non-pure caster build, and can be used by a surprising amount of Blood Codes, all of which have above average stamina to boot.
Iron Will. It’s a simple but effective defensive buff, with its only real fault being its short duration, making it relatively ichor-inefficient. A solid choice whenever more staying power is desired.
Steady Bulwark. The quintessential defensive Gift that has somehow managed to remain unpopular since day 1, Steady Bulwark improves weapon damage reduction to the point blocking becomes an incredibly strong alternative to dodging, negating attacks that would otherwise be painful to deal with. No tank build can be considered complete without this. It’s simply that effective.
Blood Guard/Flame Protection/Ice ArmouRaijin’s Veil. Not only are the elemental resistance buffs easy to fit on any build, they are extremely potent with long duration. They can even be combined with their item equivalents to make elemental damage a joke. Like the elemental weapon buffs, they require some research to be used perfectly.
Royal Heart. For how frequently players complain it’s too easy to get staggered out of their actions, you’d expect this Gift would be brought up more than once per year. Royal Heart changes balance from active (like Dark Souls 3) to passive (like Dark Souls 1) and greatly reduces balance damage taken. It’s as stupidly powerful as it sounds.
Feral Tenacity. Unarguably the best active in the game. Anyone who has played any role-playing game knows that the only rule more important than “hit the enemy” is “don’t die”. Feral Tenacity does exactly that, and without a time limit to worry about. Some multi-hit attacks will negate its effect by dealing two or more consecutive hits (duh), but there are alternatives for all such attacks. Needless to say, it’s extremely effective regardless of build, and can singlehandedly turn around even the most uphill of battles.
Cleansing Light. Other role-playing games have HP regen. Code Vein has HP regen on damage taken. Pairs incredibly well with Feral Tenacity and Blood Sacrifice, allowing you to cheat through certain aspects of the game. Other than that, it’s very useful for saving some healing. It’s rather ichor-inefficient, but it’s worth the investment more often than not.
Circulating Pulse. One of the most ichor-efficient Gifts in the game and a great way to both save stamina and add plenty of damage to any large opening. Its surprisingly subpar tracking will sometimes make you cross the enemy up and whiff, until it suddenly autocorrects on the final hit.
Chariot Rush. There are good reasons why this is only available for halberds. It deals high damage, has long range, can be cancelled after the first hit into practically everything and is very ichor efficient. Every halberd build should use this.
Shifting Hollow. A surprisingly weird Gift that made it into this list solely because of its ability to be used regardless of build, Shifting Hollow is a mostly invulnerable command dash with low ichor cost and no cooldown to speak of. Sounds broken in theory, right? In practice, Shifting Hollow has too many factors working against it. It costs ichor for an otherwise free action, is less safe than blocking, takes up an active Gift slot, doesn’t grant Focus on a successful dodge and cannot have its direction adjusted. Due to these drawbacks, it’s best used as either an emergency dodge when stamina is critically low, in hyper-aggressive builds that use 100% of their stamina for attacking, or when your dodging game is shaky. Not a bad choice, but a heavily outclassed one.
Swallow Cutter. An extremely fast attack with knockdown to boot, Swallow Cutter has an ironic name due to it having a higher damage multiplier with hammers. It’s exceedingly boring, but for weapon classes that have subpar attack speed, it can and will be a lifesaver.
Tormenting Blast. High damage, high speed, medium range, a huge area-of-effect and surprising DPS. This Gift has it all. Spacing-oriented weapons make particularly great use of it.
Passive Gifts Here we go. The final part of the guide. Passive Gifts are no less important than active Gifts, and a good choice of passives can often shape the outcome of a battle more than actives. Despite that, I was honestly surprised at how specialised a lot of them are.
Sprinter. Most of you will think I’m crazy for including this, but ask yourselves this: how often do you run? Sprinter reduces the stamina cost of a universal mechanic that’s essential to exploration, ambushes and repositioning. It’s a great filler choice for any build that would rather have extra stamina over extra damage.
Swift Destruction. Obviously. Swift Destruction’s biggest strength is its ability to affect every form of damage, including bayonet shots and spells. However, Swift Destruction requires too much building around to always be worth the 20% damage increase, while the 10% damage increase is usually not enough to warrant its use. Overall, it’s an overrated passive that’s still very potent on the correct builds.
Savvy Evasion. The main reason this was included is because it affects a universal mechanic, therefore every build can make use of it. The cornerstone of Focus builds and an unconventional choice for stamina management.
Weapon Drain Rating Up. If a build swings its weapon, it’ll get much more ichor over time. Simple as that. Since it’s a flat increase, it’s not affected by drain rating multipliers like Bloodsucking Blades, and is more effective the lower the drain rating of the weapon is.
Avarice. Exchanging the trigger frequency of Weapon Drain Rating Up for a colossal drain rating boost, Avarice massively increases the utility of Blood Veils in ichor management, and is absolutely disgusting when paired with the Ivory Grace.
Increased Gift Speed. Exactly what it says on the tin, a little speed boost can go a long way. That’s it. What else do you want me to say?
Revenant’s Ambition. Another surprisingly underwhelming passive, Revenant’s Ambition allows easier meeting of weight requirements. However, it doesn’t directly increase offensive or defensive prowess, so it’s not immediately useful, and many builds would benefit more from a simple change of Blood Code. Regardless, it fits the basic criteria of “versatile”. Beware getting overly reliant on this.
Deft Parry. More of a gamble than an actual build foundation, Deft Parry is another unconventional choice for stamina management that, like Overdrive, is heavily influenced by skill and concentration. Dumb fun if used correctly.
The stat-up passives. I’m obviously going to group all of these together, since they all serve the same purpose. The correct choice of a stat-up passive can expand a Blood Code’s versatility to ludicrous degrees, and will help with balancing out its weaknesses or amplifying its strengths. They’re generally super useful on every build, but not necessarily mandatory.
Focused Gift Speed. An alternative to Increased Gift Speed, Focused Gift Speed trades some uptime for a much greater speed boost. It indirectly enforces a gameplan (swing when it’s inactive, spend ichor while it’s active), so it’s generally the superior choice between the two.
Ichor Focus. I have no idea what the developers were smoking when they decided the amount of ichor this passive should restore. There are situations where it can be extremely inconsistent, but it’s an overall easy and carefree way to manage ichor.
All Stats Up. An underappreciated passive that greatly spices up gameplay, All Stats Up slightly increases all stats (duh) and allows for completely different planning on active Gifts. For example, it's the only way for Prometheus to have Flashing Fang, Feral Tenacity, Foulblood Barrier and Regenerator at the same time without using more than one passive. Its overall effectiveness can be inconsistent, but its enforced gameplan and fun factor make it a worthwhile consideration.
Improved Regeneration. Arguably the best passive in the game. Not every build needs damage. Not every build is ichor-intensive. Not every build uses lots of stamina. Every build can use more healing. In a game where HP is never enough, Improved Regeneration stands out as the most consistently useful way to deal with any potential challenge.
Side note: with the event of excessive healing in mind, there are certain level ranges where either Augmented Regeneration or Regeneration Shift will be more potent than Improved Regeneration. However, since Improved Regeneration has a much wider level range and doesn’t affect total healing count, it was chosen over the other two as the core healing passive.
Tirelessness. You better believe I saved the best for last. Partly due to the game’s half-broken stamina regeneration, Tirelessness is the most consistently powerful option for stamina management, and is extremely effective even on builds that don’t initially appear to use much stamina.
Conclusion Well, this is it. A detailed guide on build balance and versatility. It took a lot of effort to make this, though surprisingly little time, but if you read the whole guide, I thank you all the same. I hope I was successful in emphasising the importance of balance and versatility in builds, because at the end of the day, the best build is the build that works best for you. Always remember that.
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2022.01.25 16:34 kushami36 Painkillers

I occasionally get stomach aches (cause is known and I’m trying to sort out surgery). I would say the pain is a 4/10. Not agony, but I can’t do anything else until it subsides and after an hour or two it starts to wear me down. Also sometimes keeps me awake.
I have been told by my surgeon that I definitely shouldn’t take Buscopan and by my doctor that there wasn’t really anything else that was suitable in terms of balancing risk vs. my pain level. But I’m about to ask again with a new doctor.
Do painkillers work on visceral pain? I have read that it is hard to treat.
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2022.01.25 16:34 AggravatingCost3174 Arena opponents forfeiting and expiring...

Since when did EA stop letting our offense points NOT count when opponents either forfeit or expire? I started noticing this trend since the new tourney started this week or last week. Absolutely BS when I get matched with 2-3 opponents who either forfeit or just let the match expire because they're so under ranked, and then I get matched with a whale and I can't put any points up and barely move in the leaderboard rankings.
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2022.01.25 16:34 deldante21 Day 5 of being a Miner. How am I doing?

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2022.01.25 16:34 Retrace123v2 Beler bu herif mal mı amk?

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2022.01.25 16:34 R3lak Ha, wishful thinking?

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2022.01.25 16:34 Bioptic307 [xb1] H:be90 laser W: legacy offers

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