A friendly hedgehog needs your help to travel the world.

2022.01.22 19:55 yeeterguyman A friendly hedgehog needs your help to travel the world.

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2022.01.22 19:55 keeper18 [WTB] CZ P-01 strong side/4 o'clock IWB holster (PA)

Ideally a Black Arch Protos-M dual clip, but I haven't done a lot of research on anything but AIWB for this gun, so I'm open to anything with two clips. $40 - $80 through PayPal
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2022.01.22 19:55 AnimeOcCreator77 Devil Fruit naming needed

Hey, so apparently this subreddit doesn’t allow polls anymore, so I’m doing this the old fashion way.
I have a special paramecia in the works that utilizes the power of fireworks, but I can’t decide on a solid name for it and need some input on it.
Name choices:
Akura Akura no Mi (Bright Bright Fruit)
Shain Shain no Mi (Shine Shine Fruit)
Hanabi Hanabi no Mi (Firework Firework Fruit)
Pairo Pairo no Mi (Pyro Pyro Fruit)
Senko Senko no Mi (Flash Flash Fruit)
Supaku Supaku no Mi (Spark Spark Fruit)
….So, yeah, comment on which one would best be a name for this devil fruit!
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2022.01.22 19:55 snooshoe Uighur Muslim incarcerated at Beijing 'reeducation camp' relives chilling ordeal

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2022.01.22 19:55 Sutarmekeg Scotch brand desk dispenser. Cast iron, made in Canada.

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2022.01.22 19:55 02321 Agent In The Woods, Family Ties. Part 3 (Fiction)

(First: https://redd.it/q4ayuj Previous: https://redd.it/s84uzd )
I was told that I’d been asleep for a full day. Being away from Casper for so long horrified me but I got over it when I saw those three agents waiting for us. They were ordered to stay behind to clean up the mess they made at the cabin.
The one was still in his insect like creature form. He was in something like looked like a strait jacket and his mouth covered by a clear plastic muzzle. At least he was calm and not in the feral state of mind. They didn’t notice us at first. They were outside, two of them petting Monkey laying on his back accepting the attention. I suddenly realized that Monkey was the reason why I was still alive. He was told to go get Tooley if I was ever in trouble. I didn’t see him the entire time those three were going to kill me. He must have saw the danger and raced off to get help. He earned those belly rubs and any food he stole while I was gone.
Tooley returned to his stern agent persona and the three straightened up the moment they saw us walking over. Rushing over, their suits a mess the two started to talk over each other frantic to apologize for what happened. Their brother chirping but unable to speak in any language I could understand.
“It’s alright. I forgive you.” I told the three of them and it was an honest answer. I understood their reaction. If someone made my sister upset, I would consider cutting off a finger or two.
They all looked relieved until Tooley spoke sounding just as angry when he first saw those three.
“it’s not alright! Not only did you attack a resident of the town that is off limits you three had a disgrace of a box! Three of you were given an entire year to fill it! Not only was it half full you only put roadkill and cake inside. These boxes are meant as first meal for our siblings and you want them to eat that?!”
His arms were crossed looking down on them. They all suddenly looked like scared children, even the monstrous creature huddled closer for protection.
“I’m going to need to kill you before our parent learns of any of this.”
Tooley sounded so cold I couldn’t believe he was the same person who was laughing over Casper’s foot phone a little while beforehand. I looked at him trying to think of anything to talk him out of what he was about to do. My arms were full holding Casper so I couldn’t stop him before he grabbed one of the younger agents. The man let out a small and scared sob but accepted his fate. His insect brother chirped sounding stressed. I was about to step in but the one held me back.
“It’s alright. We deserve this.” He said but couldn’t bring himself to look at what Tooley was going to do.
I wanted to stop this. It didn’t seem right in the slightest. So, what if they made a few mistakes? Killing them wasn’t the answer. Within a second of getting the shorter man in another head lock, Tooley pulled a small switch blade from his pocket. It looked like he was going to cut the man’s ear off, but he only dug the blade around for a second and then pulled out a small bloody coin shaped object from under the agent's skin. Pushing him aside he took the other that stopped me and did the same to him. When he took another small round metal object from the agent creature all three of them clung to each other as if waiting for death.
“There. You three are dead.” Tooley said as he flashed the coins in his hand before crushing them.
All three let out a yelp of fear and shut their eyes waiting for something that never came. My own heart was beating so fast I thought I was about to pass out. Finally, one risked opening their eyes to confirm they were all still alive.
“We’re not... We should be dead. You pulled our numbers out.” One of them said in a small voice.
“The number chips are a lie I made up. How stupid would it be if we put a massive weak point like that in every agent’s head? Something that would kill you if destroyed? But our parent believes it. If I want to fake a death for any of my brothers all I need to do is remove the chip and show it to our Lord. I swear, I’m the only one using my brain in this family.”
I wanted to kick him. If he was going to fake their death, he should have at least told me.
“You! We thought! That’s just cruel!” One of the three shouted almost unable to speak clearly.
“Cruel like cutting of someone finger and threatening their child?”
That shut them up. Tooley’s anger faded and now he looked exhausted from dealing with them.
“Now I need to figure out where to put you. I don’t know what kind of job you three would be suited for. I can’t really sperate you either....”
“Mailman!” The middle one said and then his face flushed from how excited he sounded. “I mean... The mailmen are always hiring.”
Tooley didn’t look very impressed. It was as if he was rewarding their bad behavior with and escape from the family and with a dream job. I looked at the four of them wondering just how many times this had happened. How many agents were out there wishing they were doing anything else but was trapped? Without Tooley none of them would have gained their freedom. When I met his parent, I was able to ask for anything I wanted. And I asked for Tooley’s freedom only to have him still doing the same job as the rest of them. I now wondered if I asked for something selfish back then.
“In the car. We’ll talk about it later.” He hissed and they scrambled out of his sight.
At that point Casper was getting fussy. We had gone out of his routine and no amount of foot phone would help that. Tooley noticed and started to walk away.
“We never confirmed if we’re still going to see each other or not.” I told Tooley making him stop.
“We are still friends, aren’t we?” He replied over his shoulder.
That didn’t exactly tell me if he would still come by. We could still be friends and yet he might only send a message once and a while. I knew I was asking a lot of him. He had a job and his entire family to deal with and I wanted to add my concerns on top of that. Just the thought of how close I’d come to never seeing my closest friend again made me feel more emotional than almost dying.
“I was really scared you know.” Judging by the look on his face he knew what kind of emotional stress he put me under. I could forgive my finger being cut off but not another person cutting themselves out of my life. Clearing my throat, I tried to ignore how upset I just sounded.
“Come by tomorrow.” I told him. I felt as if I didn’t use a demanding tone he would go off and I wouldn’t see him again for six months.
“If I have time.”
“Make time. Casper has been around for a month. You’ve missed a lot. I’ll go over to your parent and tell them to give you a day off if I have too.” I threatened and he believed me.
He was going to protest but the three now ex-agents were getting into trouble. Their brother was also was getting fussy and he got out of their grasp to start chasing a squirrel. They ran behind unable to catch up.
“Alright, I’ll be by tomorrow.”
With that, he went over to the chaos and easily solved the problem. Scooping the creature under one arm he went over to his rental car and tossed it in the trunk. The other two were shoved in the backseat and I waited outside long enough to watch them leave. Even though I slept for a day, I was exhausted And Casper needed to be fed. I sent a text to my friend reminding him to drop by the next day and caught a quick nap before Casper needed to be changed. I was only dealing with one baby. I didn’t know how Tooley dealt with hundreds of troublesome brothers.
I was starting to worry that Tooley wouldn’t be by. Darry came over to fish. He owned the bait shop in town and liked to use my dock. He also knew my grandfather and would often tell me stories about him because I never knew him that well. I set up a blanket on the small sandy shore so me and Casper could hang out as Darry fished. When Tooley did come by it was later in the day.
He came around to the lake after I told him where to meet us. He was dressed in a suit looking like a government goon again. He looked over at Darry a bit wary of the other man seeing him. As he arrived Darry started to wade out of the lake. He walked in earlier to cool off his feet while he fished. As he came to shore, he stopped to pet Monkey who was swimming around in circles. This made Tooley freeze mid step. Darry should not know about anything supernatural and yet he just acknowledged a creature happily paddling around.
“Is this your agent friend?” Darry asked and Tooley looked almost panicked.
“Yeah, this is Tooley. I think you met him when you were younger.” I replied. I reluctantly let Darry take Casper from me.
Tooley did not look like he enjoyed the conversation. He gave me a ‘Are you kidding?’ look. If we weren't friends, he might have killed me. I trusted Darry to babysit Casper. If I was going to have him over, he was going to see Monkey at some point. And Casper may start displaying some supernatural traits. It was best to be honest with my future baby sitters.
“Oh. That's right. He knew your grandfather I think?” Darry said recalling vague memories.
Tooley was really going to kill me for this. But then again, did it really matter if Darry knew he wasn’t human? What is he going to do? Tell the media who won’t believe a word of it?
“Adam you can’t just-”
I shushed my agent friend and made a spot for him on the blanket. I’d stopped drinking since getting Casper but had some juice and snacks. Tooley was hesitant but he sat next to me looking out into the lake wondering why I called him over that day.
Darry talked to Casper and they both went over to a fold out chair by the start of the lake. I trusted him and knew Darry wanted to get Casper into fishing. I needed to practice letting someone else hold him for a while. They weren’t even that far away but my arms ached wanting to take the child back. Having Tooley beside me helped a little.
“Did you call me to just hang out?” Tooley asked after a while.
He looked over almost not believing my boldness. For all I knew I could be pulling him from an important part of his job just to sit by the lake for a while. And honestly, I didn’t care. He owed me and that was enough to get him to sit down.
“Alright I might have wanted you to give me advice about Casper.” I admitted to my other motives.
“I don’t think I can really help with that.” He tucked his sunglasses away as he spoke.
A year ago, we sat by the lake before I knew anything about him. Back then his eyes looked dead. They still looked a little dull but now he they had a hint of a shine to them. It was hard to tell if I was just adjusting to his strange eyes or, since knowing him they became more alive.
“I think you’re the only one who I can ask about this. Casper... isn’t human. He looks human though. And it’s the same for you. You’re the only one in his life that can share the same perspective of looking like you belong in one world but you really are a part of both.”
I wondered if parents who adopted children from different cultures had my same anxieties. But instead of trying to decide if my child should learn a second language and celebrate different holidays I had to deal with magic and werewolves. I was so afraid that I did something wrong while raising him. That Casper would become an adult resenting me for my choice of trying to keep elements of his father’s traits with him despite the horrible act the beast committed that resulted in Casper being born. If I thought about all the choices too long my hands would shake and I would get in a loop of over thinking.
“You think I belong in the human side of things?” Tooley asked staring forwards watching Monkey climb into the sandy shore. The creature shook the lake water from itself and started to dig a nice hole to sit inside.
I never considered how distant Tooley must feel at times. He looked completely adjusted to human culture. He could order coffee and drive a car. He used phones and knew current memes and media references, some of which thanks to myself. Valik, our mutual werewolf friend spoke English but didn’t have a clue about any of that. I wouldn’t have thought that Tooley felt just as much as an outsider as Valik.
“Of course, you belong. You’re here, aren't’ you?” I nudged him with my shoulder as punishment for thinking otherwise.
We both stayed silent for a long time just watching the lake. We both had a lot of worries about the future but could put them aside to have a quiet moment. I’d hadn’t slowed down since I first picked up Casper and I doubted Tooley ever slowed down a single time in his entire life.
“Are you going to say at the cabin?” Tooley asked finally breaking the silence.
“Yeah. I can’t imagine Casper in the city. I think the cabin would be good for him. We can stay away from the woods when your family comes by, but overall, the forest is a great spot for someone like him. Even though... What happened to his mother was around her... I think the land is good.”
I had considered on moving but every time the thought came across my mind it didn’t feel right. In such a short amount of time, the cabin by the lake felt like home. I didn’t want to unload so much of my worries on him at once. So, I started to ask questions about his work. Normally he couldn’t tell me much but with the sheer amount of work he did even vague answers filled up the time.
Having someone to spent time with and talk about nothing too important finally got me to relax. I didn’t notice how tense I felt until my shoulder finally released then tension. After a while and to my horror, I nodded off asleep. I think I leaned against his shoulder and passed out but when I woke up, I was on the blanket with his suit jacket over me. The sun was starting to set and some panic started to sink in when I didn’t see Darry or Casper. Just Tooley standing by the lake his shoes off.
“How long was I out? Where’s-”
“About an hour. They’re inside the house. Casper is sleeping, Darry is cooking some fish he caught.” Tooley explained before I freaked out too much.
Placing aside his jacket I walked over to him and stood in the damp sand. Across the lake and in the woods, I saw some flickering of lights signaling his family was setting up for their yearly meeting again. I still didn’t know exactly what went on this time of year. No matter how much I pressed he refused to answer. But somehow, I felt as if I asked now, he might tell me something.
“What does happen this time of year? I can understand you all meeting but what’s with those creatures like Monkey being in the forest?” I ask carefully wondering if I would get an answer.
“I think a part of what goes on in these woods is similar to a Kodoku. It’s my understanding that is a practice of placing venomous insects inside a jar until they all kill each other besides one. The final product can be uses as a curse or medicine. Those creatures, like Monkey all are unleashed into the forest for six days before our meeting. They kill each other and anything they can find. Humans are ingrained in their minds to be off limits but sometimes accidents happen. It's my job to gather up the survivors so our parent can decide what to do with them. Some get placed inside deceased human bodies to become agents, other are sold as weapons.” Tooley answered and I looked from him to the woods beyond.
It made my skin crawl a little knowing as we spoke there was an unknown number of those creatures out there fighting to survive. Hearing this I felt like I understood him a little bit better. He always acted as if he was trying to redeem himself in some way. As if he felt guilty for living. Tooley’s start in life was killing his siblings. There was a chance that was his motivation trying to save as many as he could now.
“You know... It's hard to imagine Monkey being one of the remaining creatures from last year.”
We both looked over to the fat racoon creature that had buried himself inside the sand to nap. He made wheezing snoring sounds his face looking creepy as all hell, but harmless. When I first started to feed him, he barely could win in a fight with a racoon. And yet he lived for six days in the woods with so many other bigger blood thirsty brothers.
“Well.... We haven’t always used the woods. Because there are more places to hide some stay alive by pure luck.”
That explained it. I didn’t press on more answers feeling as if he was done talking about his family wise. My hands started to get the empty feeling from being away from Casper for so long. I needed to distract myself. I found a somewhat flat stone to attempt to skip across the lake. It did a pitiful two skips and sank. I swear Darry could skip a rock all the way across the lake and his method was lost on me. Tooley copied me. Finding a decent sized stone, he flicked his wrist and it skipped past the dock. He wasn’t showing off, but rather looked like he was testing to see if he could skip a stone.
“You’re not human. That doesn’t count. Let me try again.” I stayed to look at my feet trying to find the right stone to at least break my record of two skips.
“It’s not because I have super human strength. It's just in the wrists. Here, I’ll teach you.”
I accepted his help. For the next ten minutes he showed me the proper way of skipping rocks. I was starting to get it as he stood behind me to help guide my hand through the motions. With minimal practice I was able to get three constant skips. Getting seven was a proud moment.
“You don’t seem like the type to practice this. Did you need to learn for a job, or did someone teach you?” I teased not expecting the answer I received.
“My sister taught me.”
I stood at a loss for words. It was the combination of his hushed tone and the fact he never mentioned having a sister before. The way he spoke made me assume his sister was no longer around. It felt like a topic so off limits not even my nosy self would ask more about. I was rescued from the sullen air when my phone in my pocket started to ring.
It was a number I didn’t recognize but I answered it anyway. I never would have expected someone on the other side asking for Tooley but they referred to him by his codename. It must be one of his brothers but I didn’t have a clue on why they would have my number.
“It’s for you.” I told him while placing a hand over the receiver.
“I'm not available.” He answered back coldly.
While he was looking for more pebbles to skip, I tried telling the agent on the other end that Tooley was busy. I only heard voices begging Hans to settle down and a faint cackling laugh in the background. I looked in the trees where I’d seen the light from before just as the line went dead.
“I think you’re available.” I told Tooley was I watched a blast of flames shoot hundreds of feet in the air beyond the lake and over the trees.
He looked up spotting the stream of flames turning from orange to purple against the sunset. Face pale he leapt into action struggling to get his shoes and socks back on as fast as possible. He was so fast bolting towards the trail that led to the other end of the lake I barely had time to call him back because he forgot his suit jacket. Turning on his heel and kicking up dirt he raced back towards me. I’d picked it up to offer it to him and in his haste, he didn’t stop in time. We collided and I nearly fell backwards. Darry came down from the cabin to see what we were up too just in time to see Tooley holding me in a dip and his hair a mess from running. We both were aware of how it looked and when Tooley brought me in closer so I was no longer in mid fall it made it appear even worst. To his credit, Darry didn’t comment on what he just walked into.
“Did I see fire coming from the woods?” Darry asked the most pressing question.
“I’ll go deal with that.” Grabbing his jacket Tooley ran off looking a little embarrassed although, not over his brother nearly setting the forest on fire but for the awkward moment before.
I gave a warning look at Darry almost daring him to say something. He knew better. If he wanted to see Casper again, he would keep his mouth shut.
“I made dinner for you. Extra because I assumed your friend would be joining.” He said while emphasizing the word friend.
I gave him a playful punch to the arm as I gathered up the blanket and left-over drinks. Monkey already ate the snacks for me so I had less stuff to clean up. I honestly didn’t know what I would do without all of them. Darry liked to come over to cook dinner for me on occasion. His son, the sheriff found out about Casper and showed up with a load of baby items. They spent the afternoon building a crib I had trouble with. If my sister wasn’t busy, she offered to watch Casper, and Tooley was going to stick around to help listen to my worries. Aside from my sister, my family still wasn't speaking with me. It hurt a little but I found that I could finally handle it now that I had people I cared about supporting me.
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2022.01.22 19:55 TypicalJam How the hell did this happen

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2022.01.22 19:55 Chubbslawson Today’s find

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2022.01.22 19:55 Kittani77 Mods that can turn Noita into a roguelite?

Honestly I love this game but my 44yo ass just doesn't have the resources to git gud anymore. Anyone know a gamemode mod that can let me build up power over time till I can get to the godly heights of completionism without the roguelike experience? I just never get anywhere and that's very frustrating for a game I otherwise love. I have beaten "nintendo hard" games in my youth (I beat blaster master and guardian legend :P) but I just don't have it anymore. I'm old enough to admit that.
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2022.01.22 19:55 KJM31422 Not bad, Del Taco... Not bad

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2022.01.22 19:55 Constant-Action6878 UK NIPT T21

Hi just wanted to post my journey so far for anyone else who is scouring the internet for more insight. M39 F37 F= previous LG 14+ years. Currently 33 weeks pregnant. Possible ovulation anomaly and big surprise. Tested positive after 1 day late for period. Small bleed /tissue shedding at 9 weeks LMP woke up early with bad taste in mouth. Bathroom visit revealed dark blood. Hour later a large smear of bright red blood… the rest of the day included brown and grey small amounts of what looked like wet toilet papetissue. Much later large mucus clots then 2 days of minor variable grey or dark red tissue loss. Told midwives but did not investigate.
Went for private scan day after initial bleed. Confirmed 9 week gestation and a heart beat. Due to private commercial scan no indication of multiple or possible cause given. NHS advise potentially implantation bleed.
Fast forward to NHS date scan… should have been 12+3 CRL indicated 13+3 with nuchal translucency of 2.8mm (sonographer said everything looked fine) but for baby hiding face squished into lining so no nasal bone checks just CRL. Next stop triple screen. At some point i started to experience extreme all day nausea very debilitating for weeks. Incredibly sore breasts heightened everything for pregnancy symptoms. Some days maybe a week later received a call my screen revealed a 1:36 chance for Down syndrome. Hcgb 82 ng/ml 3.36 MoM PAPP-A 3018 mU/L 1.16 MoM NT 2.8mm. 1.47. MoM (From what i can tell only HCG is the biggest concern. Majorly elevated hormone level). Offered NIPT screen took it as i like to be prepared. Was told although only a screen test you can take it as is. I have since learned there are variable statistics and personal predictive values. A very impatient 8 days later full of constant googling and stress/anxiety (alongside constant nausea and fatigue) I got the call that devastated me. I was told positive for Down syndrome. My concern was mostly whether i have the ability to care /cope with health concerns/conditions an extra care baby needs already feeling very weak from symptoms…. Physically and emotionally distraught. Next week i went for a private gender scan to re-humanise my baby after next day deciding against amnio. It was just too scary for me. A girl measuring 16 weeks still a week behind NHS measurement but on par with my LMP. In comes referrals for various scans/consultants…. 20 week scan comes. Again poor position can not get heart view. Low lying placenta. Head circumference measures small femur normal. Can’t see face. Rebooked for 11 days later heart looks fine head still small. Specialised fetal heart scan a couple of weeks later, nothing found, consultant the following week orders 4 weekly growth scans. Head circumference still small but within ‘normal’ parameters. At 27 weeks still low lying placenta. A placenta check scan is due 26th jan keeping my fingers crossed it has moved. Despise the idea of c-section yet will be booked after scan if concerns remain (also no symptoms of bleeding etc indicative of placenta low) Another anxious wait. Starting to feel that irrespective of birth it’s tainted with a positive NIPT due to zero scan markers date discrepancy, early bleed and peers in denial.
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2022.01.22 19:55 madamav New GM looking for 1-2 players (UTC +00:00, 5e, Roll 20, English)

Hi all,
I am a 24 yo Irish man, who really likes dnd for its role playing and comedic aspects. I’m a new GM, I have DMed a one shot and found it really enjoyable and have decided to try and GM a full campaign. The game will be based on Roll20, 5e and will be spoken in English. The sessions will take place on a Saturday at 8PM UTC each 2 weeks, the setting for the campaign is a home-brew, Medieval Gaelic Ireland setting, pre-norman invasion, it is a low magic world setting also.
Right now I am looking for 1 or 2 players of a similar age to add to the current party of 3. They would have to be patient and understanding as I am a new GM and may not always be spot on. I am looking for other people who are happy to work in a team, looking to meet new people and are more interested in the role and character playing aspects of the game than the game nature of killing NPCs. People who are generally looking to have a laugh.
If you are interested leave a comment and I will dm you or you can dm me yourself
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2022.01.22 19:55 Tenebris27 Seven Seas Of Rhye

Stand name: Seven Seas Of Rhye
Stand User: Freddie Mercury
Ability: Can create weapons out of water. Initially, he can only create bow and arrows. He can freeze the arrows to make more deadly ice projectiles. With time, he can create more powerful weaponry, such as swords, spears, guns and even artillery guns. He can only activate his stand when he sings the classic "Aaaaayoooo".
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2022.01.22 19:54 deathydra Gorgon the midnight mauler

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2022.01.22 19:54 ChechTheMan I'm having trouble finding the carpet (or any like it) they use in this photo. can I get some help?

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2022.01.22 19:54 theinnergretchen Weekend girl!

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2022.01.22 19:54 Tifoso89 Dušan Vlahović has not been called up for Cagliari-Fiorentina. The club did not explain the reason for his absence

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2022.01.22 19:54 Veli3a Does your receiving have a couch??

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2022.01.22 19:54 LadoBlanco Best way to add chamomile/butterfly pea to secondary? Or any other loose leaf for that matter.

Is it best to brew a small but strong about of tea and poor it in, put the loose leafs in the carboy, or use a mesh bag and put the leaves in? Or something else?
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2022.01.22 19:54 DixonK1 Appreciation post for the small characters in the opening act who do such an amazing job of introducing you to the world and setting the tone for the level of depth that the characters in this game would come to have!

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2022.01.22 19:54 SloMotionlife Needs a name! I've never named one before

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2022.01.22 19:54 Mad_Wentz_Nowhere Just found out SHIB is on Uphold!

This means everyone using the Brave Web Browser gets BAT for viewing ads and can then transfer that to free SHIB?!
Just did it and have a #Hype feeling about this now!
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2022.01.22 19:54 SnooBreakthroughs86 [US-CA] [H] KFE CE Suave Blue WKL, Iron180 Green WK, Cyberboard Aquatic Green, GHS RAR Scarlet [W] Paypal

Timestamp (KFE CE and GHS)
Timestamp (iron180 and Cyberboard)

hi everyone
i have for sale the following items. all are BNIB and shipping costs to be added.
please let me know if you need any further information/pictures

item Description Price
KFE CE Suave Blue WKL 2 h88c PCBs. Brass weights. $650
GHS RAR Scarlet 2 PCBs. Brass plate. More pictures. $1100
Iron180 WK Green Brass Brass plate. 2 PCBs. More pictures $1350
Cyberboard R3 Aquatic Green 2 PCBs. Extra FR4 plate. $950
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