(Sources) North American PUBG Scene is in a "Rocky" State

2022.01.22 23:26 T1Facts (Sources) North American PUBG Scene is in a "Rocky" State

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2022.01.22 23:25 taulover Were Books Really Bound in Human Skin? - Ask a Mortician (Caitlin Doughty) [35:49]

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2022.01.22 23:25 PaulLeeto [WTS] Jordan 1 Low Golf Wolf Grey - DS - sz 10M - $250 shipped

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2022.01.22 23:25 VIKING713 Figured I'd post my collection after some maintenance

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2022.01.22 23:25 YaBoyKawaki My guy looks like he’s starting an apology video

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2022.01.22 23:25 EestiMentioned [/r/cryptostreetbets] Centaurify - Launching Now on BSC

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2022.01.22 23:25 Busekvinne Should I shave my head? Scared my features are too strong, always been hiding behind hair

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2022.01.22 23:25 Runeald_Waslib Top three things you can do in overwatch that make you feel badass

  1. Scoring the basketball on control maps
  2. Lifting an ulting Reaper off of your team with gravitic flux
  3. Jumping over an earthshatter using sound barrier
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2022.01.22 23:25 ianLegion7777 Need Help on Verification Email

Hi Tutanota Fam,

I'm having a problem for a verification code from Riot Games when logging into their website turns out it was rejected by Tutanota Mail Server which bounces off Riot Games verification email.
On Rejected Email > Added Spam Rule Then tried again to request a verification code but it was not being received and I believe it still bounces off. I've confirmed with Riot that their email is being bounce back to them and rejected by Tutanota.
How long does tutanota spam rules take effect? I badly needed to access one of my accounts for security purposes.
How to completely remove the Rejected emails under Rejected Email tab? Refreshing them won't do a thing.
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2022.01.22 23:25 pantherBlitzz Are you still straight if you date a trans woman?

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2022.01.22 23:25 Hydro1100 CS116 Material and Curve?

Hey y'all, as the title suggests, we are only on the second assignment but the material is very dense and the homework is quite complex for those who aren't experienced in computer vision. Prof. Fowlkes seems like a great guy but the material is so complex I am just afraid of doing poorly in this class. Additionally, the reading materials are extremely math heavy and wordy and overall quite complex to understand. Wondering if anyone has taken the class before and if they have any tips on learning the material and if the class is curved? Thanks!
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2022.01.22 23:25 Scaundure In 2022, what is the most Optimal Build for Georgia with Halsey, and how do I play it msot effectively?

I got the resident good boy, Captain William "Bull" Halsey, and after debating for an extended period of time, I fitted him to my Georgia and my Des Moines. The question I have now, is what is the most optimal build for Georgia with Halsey? I'm pretty sure US secondary Battleship builds are dead at the moment (Massachusetts/Georgia/Ohio), so I want to optimize Georgia to be the best as it is now. Even with 700 battles in Georgia, and a 51% win rate, I can't figure out where to draw the greatest strength from Georgia. People tell me she's a map control dominatrix, but I can't pin down how to build to that, but also how to capitalize on that.
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2022.01.22 23:25 fuzolan Jamuary 2022 day 23 with the Novation Circuit Rhythm

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2022.01.22 23:25 gksmithlcw Freemason lodge in Detroit added to National Registry of Historic Places

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2022.01.22 23:25 couscous_ Evidence of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ's Prophethood in 10 MINS

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2022.01.22 23:25 scaram0uche Tutti is here for your soul

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2022.01.22 23:25 LongCity Pre-Main Card for UFC 270. What are you cats having this evening?!

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2022.01.22 23:25 No_Garden8248 Parenting 💯%

Version française plus bas:
I am using a trend I saw on tiktok:
What is the biggest lie you told your kids that they believed for a long time? (Except traditional myths suchs as Santa Clause, toothe fairy etc.)
Since I don't have kids, here is one I saw: when kids lie, only adults are able to see a mark on their forehead 🤣
Je reprend un trend que j'ai vu sur tiktok:
Quel est le plus gros mensonge que vous avez dit à votre enfant qu'il a cru pour longtemps (exception: père Noël, fée des dents et autre mythes traditionnel)
J'ai pas d'enfant alors un exemple que j'ai vu: quand l'enfant ment, seul les adultes peuvent voir une marque sur leur front 🤣🤣
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2022.01.22 23:25 Eineron_456 [REQUEST] Takanashi Kiara from Hololive EN in Ds2

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2022.01.22 23:25 hackjut12 Will there be a tailgate in Cincinnati next week?

Live relatively close to Cincinnati. Wanting to be around more Bengals fans next week when we play in the AFC Championship, but don’t know if there will be a large crowd or not.
Any ideas??
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2022.01.22 23:25 BahariterraLife Al-Bahariterra-Salibaan Qaweedin Asaamo - Bahariterra's secret clubs based in Bahariterra and Virginia, USoA - Tualaim writing on hands

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2022.01.22 23:25 KMDarcy Sand in the Ashes

“By relinquishing control, freedom is acquiesced once more.”
It’s been four years, three months, and five days since the event. Things haven’t been the same but we still keep on living. Surviving. Whatever. I’m not sure why I’m even writing this. Maybe it’s just so that I can know I’ve done something for someone before this is all over. Well at least I can pretend. It’s not enough, I know that but it’s all I can manage anymore.
My name is James Cromwell. I am 27 years old. And I am responsible for the deaths of eight individuals in combat, and two outside. I plan to take my life before winter comes on the condition that a second wave does not arrive. If one does I can address my dilemma once more.
In the event that this record is lost to time I’ll move forward on cataloguing the state terrorism, insurgency, and asymmetric warfare leading up to and following the event. There’s a reason the world I live in now is little more than a teetered cabin cocoon in rock and rubble. We gave up hope on using our phones early on. It was electricity entirely that was harder to face loosing. Realizing soon after that warmth, running water, and going a day without pangs of hunger and all those little luxuries we took for granted, that’s when many of my comrades started dropping.
It was like watching the edge of the ocean rise to swallow men made of sand. Medicine became scarce. Even when we were held up in the armory, it wasn’t a month before bandages, peroxide, even toilet paper became gold.
I saw a man once, believe his name was Sanders. I saw him trade his gun and rations for a bottle of pain killers after being shot in the leg. See he had been given the tourniquet procedure, a single aspirin from Leon’s dwindling supply and one of the last bottled waters. This came after a fight caused by Sander’s refusing to have his wound burned. A sick looking boy named Vinmy had the notion that cauterizing the wound without surgery to remove the bullet, let alone antiseptic, was somehow a bright idea.
I still have trouble deciding if Vinmy was just in a panic and using misinformed information they may have seen in a film once upon a time, or if they were really just a sadist playing dumb. He was a strange enough person, always costing people with his actions. Yet there was something about how he played it off, that bewildered, innocent, “just trying to help” teary eyed look would always throw the camp off. Regardless, Vinmy started their faulty medical procedure quicker than the sound of the bullet leaving the barrel.
I watched Vinmy grab the torch we were using for the fireplace and dive onto Sanders. He let loose and started on his leg. Have you ever heard the sound of flesh sizzling? The crackling and bubbling of meat being charred? The wails of a man in a blistering agony being forced to feel every nerve that he tries to shush with his mind scream back to life in the light of a butane cleansing?
The last thing Sanders used was his already well aged 7mm Remington to bash Vinmy in the nose. Then fumbling over and pressuring his singed leg into the dirt beneath himself. Wincing in the fetal position as he rocked himself back and forth. Vinmy had fallen back clacking his skull onto ground behind him, knocked out cold. The camp watched for a moment caught beyond off guard as Sanders screamed. It must have been thirty plus seconds before Claire ran over with a water and rags.
I remember Benny began throwing a fit at that point. He shuffled over to the raiment cupboard, shifted through some pots and pants to reveal the final bottle of Jim Bean he had stashed. Of course when he turned around, he was shame faced. I commend him though, to reveal to us what we all knew, for the sake of aiding a comrade, that’s something worth respecting. A man in the face of his own ugly truth. He looked around opening the bottle before taking a big gulp. A very big gulp. Nobody reacted. We all understood that three years sober was more a state of mind than a fact of a life like this. Claire didn’t react like I would have expected. She just went back to tending to Sanders, as if nothing happened at all. Benny then brought the alcohol over and forced the agonized man to drink. After what supplies we had left had been extinguished aiding our brother, the moaning began. It was a rasping horrible sound, even as hushed as Sanders tried to make it, there was little he could do. The agony was getting to him, but he was still with us. With us long enough to make use of his barter. Now when I say he traded his gun as if it was a choice, that infers that he had one. A dying man’s items were repurposed. A painless answer to his painful problems. That’s the kind of choices we had left.
It was obviously too much for him and by daybreak Sander’s bottle was empty, and I was left holding his gun. He wasn’t the first life I took, but he was one of the toughest. I was new to the camp then. They counted on me for my experience. For example, Benny was selling cars before the event. I was fighting over seas. Claire was working at a day care. I was escorting children out of destabilized areas preparing for imminent air strikes. Ones to be done by my own country. I was their leader for a moment. And that was their, and my own mistake.
Let’s change the subject. Best to not dwell on things like this. That’s what I’ve learned over and over again throughout my life. My entire life, a collision course of misfortune and triumph, of horrible, terrible, awful, things being squelched only by my ability to get through them. Looking back. Not just “letting go”. That’s been the single most agonizing challenge I’ve been left tasked with. The one thing I desire the most but can not have. I just want to forget. Why does it have to be so goddamn hard to forget? Just for a second. Just-
Excuse me. It’s been three days since my first entry. Little funny reading it all back. Wasn’t expecting myself to trail off like that. It’s difficult for me to relay things in a historical fashion. I’m a human being, barely made it through high school. Writing a timeline of conflict isn’t something I’m real acquainted with. Never really was a great writer, even before all this happened. I just put words and thoughts on paper. That’s what was funny. How determined I was for this to mean something for someone. Like a diary was some kind of force in the world to right all the wrongs I’ve done. It’s just funny to me is all. Like one of those jokes nobody told at a funeral.
Our last tag was Sam. Never got a last name out of him. Didn’t get much of anything at all. He went down when the rats started showing up. Our food supply began to dwindle and everyone, and by everyone I mean me, began to turn my gaze at Benny. See Benny had an allergy to fur. It meant no dogs in the camp, else he’d seize up. That was enough for most everyone. They wanted that kind of companionship and loyalty, the natural door deterrent for any unwanted visitors. Trained right a dog out here would be the most valuable asset a supply truck of toiletries could buy. But that wasn’t in our cards. Aside from early on most of the camp inevitably came to the conclusion I had the second Benny informed me. It’s one less mouth to feed. Seemed simple enough, we’d stick to human ranks. Least that way things could operate more predictably. We could hypothetically keep things cleaner and stay more well hid. Not to mention the coyote issue, but that’s a story for another to tell.
See It’s not like anyone in camp had enough know how to train some stray that we might stumble on anyways. Mostly every dog we did see tended to dart away as we’d get near. Nine times out of ten, it would be that we were better off. Fleas, mange, rabies, never knowing if someone sent the pup, just seemed safer to avoid. There was a catch however. We were moving and frequently. Finding new locations with a new host of problems. Dilapidated shacks or run down old store fronts. One thing that was common was that the inside of the pre-event had become just as much apart of the outside. And with that came vermin. Namely rats. The perk of rats was that they’d keep bugs away. No waking up in a tarped cot with roaches running up your sleeves. But it also meant food supplies needed to be secured thoroughly.
What many didn’t understand early on was that it wasn’t just going to be humans scavenging for human resources. So new avenues were thrown together. Superstores were the first place one knew not to go and so on down the latter. It was dumb to assume you’d be the first person anywhere. If something wasn’t touched there was usually a good reason for it. Early on we found ourselves roaming through back country. Farmlands. We yielded unkempt crops and picked what edible fruits were left. Thankfully it was summer still so underdeveloped apples were available by the bucketful. We took to storing them in holes we’d dig out. And soon enough we had some strays showing up watching our methods with a keen interest.
Sure there would be the occasional weekend youth just looking for food and a place to stay the night. Lost and confused as the pandemonium reaches their mind. We’d care for them. Give them what I’d consider too much care initially. And often we’d send them on their way naively assures we saved a life rather than exiled a soul to damnation in the wastes of a once decent country. But they weren’t the majority demographic you see. Those were the cats.
You couldn’t go a day without spotting at least one. Their entire socio-ecosystem was shook the same as ours. Whether wild or once homebred they knew domestication. Or at least the benefit of a communal system. By offering food and shelter, affection or at least a means to groom and be protected from larger predators, we’d benefit with their knack for keeping pests away, and children happy. And by children I mean myself specifically. I’m a cat person. Unfortunately due to Benny’s condition it became a no go. Even when we tried, and even when we didn’t. Sometimes a stray would break into our encampment regardless of our attempts to shoo them away. It wouldn’t take much but the way it hit Benny was enough to convince the rest of us. Throws of convulsions weren’t much compared to the way the man’s throat would try and force a cough without having the ability to move air. He’d heave and break out in hives. Or I believe it was hives, his skin would go red like a lobster under the sun. It wasn’t a pretty sight. And I’d assume you may end up thinking what I was before what happened did. The notion that a car salesmen trying to sell us on the idea that he’s not relapsing was worth keeping around. Well, it didn’t really grab me.
Claire on the other hand was mighty fine looking though, and even though she was a loyal woman, didn’t hurt to get a glance at something beautiful in an ugly world every now and again. I’m sure what happened to Sam didn’t help either of them though. Started seeing them sleeping separately on occasion after the fact. Figure it’s my fault. Got a little mouthy one night, let my real feelings show. Started stammering out about how if we had just kept a cat around the rats would have never got to the supply. And if that didn’t happen then we never would have gone out to the fields. Benny knew it. I know he did before too.
I’m not sure, I think part of me was just trying to let it all out. But another part regrets it, regrets not just letting the truth speak for itself. Here I am making a scene so that the civil folk could have something to talk about other than the pains in their stomachs and feet. But I know it was just a selfishness. To blame someone for something they couldn’t help or change.. I apologized later but it didn’t mean much. Whether Benny appreciated it or not, nothing was much the same after Sam went.
See we all got sick from the yield then. And I had eventually tried to explain that it was likely we would have ended up at that field regardless, but my feigned attempts at taking back my outburst were withheld from the hearts and minds of my crew. Tended to be that way. The petty drama, the need for empathy and forgiveness, all that humane communication, it was all traded. The mental fixation on surviving, on not having to worry about today and if you were lucky tomorrow, it was like addiction. Nothing else meant anything.
The field wasn’t far from the farm. At the time Benny had ran out of his supply and was struggling to hide it. Claire likely knew but good luck convincing anyone of that. Seems she already had begun to have more important things on her mind. Maybe was like that since before the event for all I know. Sam has been with us since the beginning. One of the train kids I was calling them. Group of teens who had to break the windows of their Amtrak and hop out while it was about to roll into a tanker crossed along the tracks. That was before any strikes even fell. Before any bombs went off.
At the point that supply lines and road ways were cut, the worst we had seen were riots. Civil unrest in response to the new initiative. Controlled commerce, democratic stripping, militarized police forces acting without required jurisdiction, the list goes on and on. You’d think the things effecting a person directly would be the worst of it. Imagine a man walking up to you, sticking a gun into your mouth. Then he’s steeling your shoes, wallet, car keys, phone, birth name. Now imagine being more upset about what that man has done to someone other than yourself in that moment. It doesn’t take some sort of zen stoicism to reach that state of mind. It doesn’t take years of youth groups or any good book. It takes inextinguishable rage. It takes true legitimate empathy and humanity to know that what this entity does to me will never compare to what they have done to others, what they will do, and to what extent. I sometimes consider detailing what we learned. What really brought the riots about. But I’ve yet to have gone as far as four sentences before I break. So I’m leaving it.
Sammy.. Sam was in the city. He watched it unfold in real time. When he came to us he still had a scar over his left cheek where glass fragments from a building which had been demolished reached him. The building was near three hundred meters away. He told us all the war stories. Sometimes he’d get excited as if he was reciting a film he’d seen or a sporting event. And I loved him for that. I felt it was healthier for him to find a pleasure in his waking moments. It was hard enough to hear his quieted sobs turn to shrieking wails in the night. He had a younger sister he was trying to get back to. He knew. But it was something for him. Hope. Enough to keep him going. Until the field.
The food had gone. Sickness came quickly. We all were hungry and had no other options. Statistically with how few of us there were, we should have faired better. But Sammy was young. He was weak. Not of spirit or body but mentally. The trauma of what he went through, it would have been enough to take him without the help of tainted crops. Lenny left soon after that.
I am lonely. The thoughts looking back on the stories and trifling. What bigger picture was I supposed to surmount from any of this? Nobody should have to live like this.
Lenny left me her bandana. I sealed it immediately in plastic wrappings. I try not to open the bag often. So that the scent of her doesn’t go completely with the blended aroma of what muck and grime surrounds us. She wasn’t meant for a caravan like ours. She was wild at heart. What domestic efforts we attempted would always be met with ridicule. Never verbally, but in essence. She didn’t just believe in freedom she crusaded for it, even before the event. She was what you’d call a good person through and through. Tending to those in need before herself. A sharper shooter than anybody in our enclave, myself included. When bullets started to become sparse she moved on to trapping game for us. Hunting and fishing with little more than sharpened sticks and line without a rod. She knew one thing better than all of us. How to survive in a world trying to kill you.
I at least had my dawning years to relish in the comforts and luxuries of life. I had a family and home. I had security. I traded those things to learn how to be the kind of man the world required of me. Whether I knew that at the time or not. I still had that choice. Lenny couldn’t say the same. In the way many of us exist in bubbles. Imagining ourselves as islands among a sea of interests and purposes, pursuits and causes, Lenny never kidded herself about the nature of life. I’ve met tough girls in my life before but never one so driven in their mission such as her. Where one might hesitate, finding themselves longingly swaying at the precipice of intuition, that’s where Lenny would soar. Part of me thinks she left because the only other option was to continue living with me and all that I had done. Sam was sick, and there wasn’t enough food. Someone had to do what needed to be done. The humane thing. The wrong thing. And I was the leader.
Sanders was able to use my hand to take his own life. Sam would have used his to stop mine. I did it away from the camp. Carried him on my shoulders to the edge of the burnt out woods. It was like winter in the middle of July, cold and white. I wanted to say something, talk to him, say a prayer. I just didn’t know any off the top of my head. Still I asked for God to be there in that moment. To judge me and save Sam, but I don’t really think that’s how it works.
It’s been four years, and four months since the event. I’ve been transfixed on not living since I got here. All this “surviving” has been shadowed by nothing but regret. But I know now why I wrote this now.
Yesterday I saw a stray off of the western ridge. He was sickly and moving slow as the sun was setting behind him. I’ve given Vinmy the 7mm Remington and the last of my personal supply of medicine. I’ve tried to do good with my time here, but I’ve come to realize I’m not very good at good. All I know is I don’t need to be judged anymore. I’m leaving tonight with a reminder of everything I’ve lost sealed in a plastic bag.
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2022.01.22 23:25 sweaterhorizon Decluttering for Good

As I’ve been reflecting and going through a no/low buy, I’ve been learning to give myself grace for how I got here. I have a truly endless amount makeup and skin care. And while I take ownership for my coping mechanism during the pandemic and was finding joy once again, I was still overwhelmed. I did the math. If I don’t buy makeup or skincare for another four years, I would be just fine because that’s how much I have. Which sounded great! But then I remembered that things expire when I tried to bust out some SPF I had in backup. The problem was that no matter how I cut the reality I’m in, I’m overwhelmed by how much I have. So I went through everything with a fine tooth comb. I printed out the requirements for project Beauty share and made sure each item matched what they needed. And those that didn’t are being given to a neighbor in need who is thrilled with some pallets that I’ve panned and half-used lotion. It’s appalling that I’m over here, overwhelmed with having too much when there’s so many overwhelmed with having nothing. So today I’ve got a little bit more grace and I’m even more thankful to my past self than ever before. Each of these items made me happy when I got them and what a gift that they can give even more to someone who is on a journey of positive change. I’ve got everything in a box, after checking each item twice, and gave each item the biggest thank you for what it did for me when I needed it the most and the warmest wishes to its new journey.
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2022.01.22 23:25 anyNoob Any compact 2-Channel HDMI Mixers?

Hey guys, I'm looking for an unusual product for a LIVE U Solo Backpack Rig. I want to be able to switch between 2 HDMI Signals and nothing more. No need for Multiviews or encoders. Do you guys now any Niche Product that does this? I want it to be compact wih low power consumption. Help would be appreciated :)
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2022.01.22 23:25 one_piece_fan_420 how can i defeat something that isn't there?

how can i defeat something that isn't there?
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