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Where to cop M Batch black and white Dunks EU 42?

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2022.01.25 19:40 Correct_Concept_3759 Where to cop M Batch black and white Dunks EU 42?

A1 top is unavailable and LJRfat bros is oos on the size, please help out
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2022.01.25 19:40 DiverSecret5761 A toxic person won't stop harassing me

I'm being pretty much constantly harassed by a person online in a Discord server. I'm scared to block them as if I do I lose tons of high-paying job opportunities, as I know they spread rumors about past friends - and most people believe it.
I said I didn't like something and they called me a "leftist" (yes, they're that type of person). Originally they used to be very nice and quite helpful with programming projects, but now they're self-centered and egotistical, they also only like things that they make. They consistently make fun of my code and my business because none of them are "successful" in his words.
Most of the time, they say that they're joking. They have Asperger's as well, so I would assume they would understand that I seriously cannot take jokes like that, but unfortunately they don't. If I say anything about it, I will likely be shamed and blocked, then have rumors spread about me or private conversations leaked. The only reason I stress about this is that they know the majority of people I know, and those people know even more people.
In other words, if I block them my entire reputation is in jeopardy, leading to the likelihood of me not being able to find a freelancing job - which is what I want to do with my life so bad, but if I don't block them, I have to deal with awful mental health. In my eyes, there's no solution to this situation. Perhaps someone can help? Thank you for reading.
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2022.01.25 19:40 benjamingiles85 Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered Multiplayer Gameplay (No Commentary)

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2022.01.25 19:40 Red_Wrist_46 Diagnosed 3 Weeks Ago... What's Life Now?

New Reddit user here and new member of the HIV+ community, having just been diagnosed on 1.6.22. I'm gay, 46 and have been in an open relationship for more than a decade. The diagnosis came as a surprise, especially since I didn't experience any initial infection symptoms and continue to be in otherwise good health. I've already seen an infectious disease specialist and have a second appointment this week to review my genotype and start medication. My initial test showed 39,000 copies, so I've got a ways to go to undetectable. Overall, I've handled this all better than I would have expected. My partner has been very optimistic and supportive and I have two very good friends who I've also told. By and large my life is mostly the same and as I've already said I feel fine (so far - though possible medication side effects do concern me a bit). But, man it sucks. I do feel pretty isolated. I miss sex and worry that I'll never have it again (in no small part because I don't know many guys who will hook up with positive guys, even once undetectable). I'm mostly taking it one day at a time right now and focusing on getting on meds and allowing my life to feel "normal," but I'm here because I need some cheerleaders to help me realize that joy and sexual fulfillment haven't left my life for good, and a place to share some thoughts and feelings that the people currently in my life won't understand.
I keep rereading what I wrote and realize it sounds pretty basic and sterile. I honestly just don't know what to say. I can't believe this is a turn my life has taken - especially at this point in it - and I can't envision how any of this will ever feel like a life I recognize or one that can contain things to look forward to. Yes, I'm depressed, but I'm medicated for that/OCD already, so I'm not in any way suicidal. I haven't really felt angry and am not a bargainer (I'm an atheist, so who/what would I bargain with?), but I'm definitely grieving something.
For those far beyond the moment I find myself in now, how did you get there? What helped you along the way? What should I look out for? How do I... LIVE?
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2022.01.25 19:40 sapphic-sunshine Just because a lot of people have a fluid sexuality doesn’t mean everyone does!

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2022.01.25 19:40 pincopancolo Oedo Julianight 2 By owowhatsthis #theme @themes3ds - Nintendo 3DS Themes / Badges / Splashes [NHZ ]

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2022.01.25 19:40 RelativeLawfulness15 Can anyone relate 😔?

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FILES FOR SALE DM ME AND I HAVE LOTS OF OTHER PPL TOO, I HAVE TBS AND BASICALLY EVERYONE LMK(DEALS TOO) submitted by CartographerEvery102 to waifumiiaofleaks [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 19:40 CookedPeaches Mercy Health Muskegon employees demand fair contract agreement |

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2022.01.25 19:40 jelmer888 Does anyone know a site where i can order a Rolling Stones diamond painting? ive been looking but cant find it :(

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2022.01.25 19:40 ghostoftheocean Ethan Klein Thinks He's Smarter Than Jordan Peterson & Healthier Than Joe Rogan

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2022.01.25 19:40 heq- Worth it

Hurt my hip in a tenors collision because someone got the moves wrong he’s fine and figured it out. But after I got hurt I got to go to the box in our fancy elevator and got to use the mic to control all of the drum core 🌎🔥it was a fun week
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2022.01.25 19:40 turnthebreadover Where can we eat ?

If I go study at the library, I can't eat in there but then I assume we can't eat anywhere cause you're not allowed to sit and take off your mask right? Weather ain't exactly great for a picnic so where can someone eat other than smuggling snacks in the library?
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2022.01.25 19:40 __michaelg Bears - Sweet Home Chukotka

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2022.01.25 19:40 Theonewho-knocks Question

Looking for a decent stock for my sam7r, any suggestions? Price doesn’t matter too much
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2022.01.25 19:40 blackmine57 I've learned 80 decimals of pi ! What about you?

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2022.01.25 19:40 Dre_Dede Today I lost my ________.

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2022.01.25 19:40 regian24 [Image] An 80 year old sits for his primary school finals. Galkayo, Somalia, 2020.

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2022.01.25 19:40 Tibulski Red Army

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2022.01.25 19:40 JHINital How to deal with consistent rushes?

So i just got off a game that went into OT and we lost it 15 to 13, it was the most tilting shit ever. When they were on offence they enemy team kept rushing us non-stop and it was so frustrating to play against. We were on haven, and were split up between sties as usual. I as chamber trapped the entrances to C and was waiting for any signs of enemy approaching, and as soon as I heard one I pinged it and peeked to find 5 in front of me, I shot just one bullet before getting showered from every direction. And so it continued, whether it was C or A (we beat them when they went B). It just felt so cheesy and I felt completely helpless.
The match was dragged out this far cuz of our Reyna who dropped 39 kills that game. Their strat wasn't always fruitful cuz we would outaim them sometimes, but they generally had better aim + the strat.
On attack I would bait C and waste utility and time while my team went A and or waited C with me to ambush them, but for some reason we never rushed them.
The enemy obviously had the lead when it came to aim (I would usually get outaimed frequently (although I was 3rd on my team)) but my question is : How am I, as a sentinel player, supposed to help my team against such strats.

P.S : I'm a newbie and this all happened in an Iron 2 lobby.
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2022.01.25 19:40 throwakanda I have really bad ocd

I have jerked it to homosexual hentai in the past when I was just entering/ before puberty one time when I was 7 multiple times at 12 and I remember I called a kid cute in my preschool class when I was 4. I don’t have any homosexual tendencies and I don’t jerk off to gay stuff. The idea of masculine guys grossed me out and feminine ones gross me out too. I don’t like having genital sensations I’ve noticed when I don’t think about my anxiety of whether or not I might be gay I get less groinal responses and the more I stress and think about it the more groinal responses I get. I don’t think I’m gay and this is sort of a reassurance post but most of my fears come from what I saw as a kid. I have nothing against gay people I think my cousin is gay and he used to be one of my best friends I just need some advice
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2022.01.25 19:40 Apprehensive_Fox4652 Thoughtful things to give to partner's parents?

I've known my girlfriend for 8 months, we are both 19. I've never formally met her parents.
My girlfriend has said to me in the past her mom isn't interested in seeing or meeting me. It's intimidating to even think about this, I worry her mother and father thinks poorly of me even though she has never met me... And since my girlfriend lives with her parents, her mom restricts her a lot from seeing me. We normally see each other once every other week.
I'm independent, I pay my own bills and live on my own in San Diego just 12 miles away from her. I think I'm a responsible guy that isn't some fuckboy. All this freedom I have, it really sucks not being able to even see my girlfriend often.
I wanted to drive out of my way over there today or some time with flowers for my girlfriend, and a gift for her mom to try and get a foot in the door with her at least.
Would this be overstepping boundaries? If it isn't what would be a nice gift coming from me be? Is there a simpler solution I'm not seeing?
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2022.01.25 19:40 Jojntek Yessir!! My first toty!:)

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2022.01.25 19:40 hazeleyes-aqua 29 [F4M] Anchorage/USA - Looking for my everything in one body

Hey there, i'm 29F, live in anchorage alaska, work as a private tutor, i'm 5'4", 125lbs, Hazel eyes, a dog lover, and a movie buff.

Gaming, Hiking, Swimming, Traveling, Cooking, Baking, Youtube, Camping, Meditation, Cameras.

Looking for
Someone understanding, someone with a big heart, supportive, someone that can hold a conversation without doing too much, someone with a good sense of humor, a listener and a good talker.

I miss having people to interact or conversate with. I’d really want to be emotionally invested again. We don’t have to talk everyday but it’d be nice to chat regularly.

PM from USA only.
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2022.01.25 19:40 IntoTheCosmo She still doesn’t remember that night in the Ozarks.

I asked her again today. About what she remembers, that is. Nothing.
Me and Samantha, Sam for short, had been best friends for some time. We met in seventh grade, but really only became close after our freshman year—that’s ninth grade for anyone that doesn’t know.
We were weird and awkward, and unabashedly so. We even spent a year as each other’s beards; that was a crazy experience to say the least. Anywho, what I’m trying to get at is that we were close. Brother and sister, one might say. She was pretty, fun, with a knack for photography and a love of British television.
So I was surprised when Sam decided to leave Kansas City and attend college down in the southern part of the state. Sure, it wasn’t bad per se, but it just felt like a strange shift given that this was the girl that had certainly watched more cinematic fly-over shots of the London Eye than she was ever willing to admit.
The high school graduation was tearful, as expected. Losing a friend always is, I suppose. I stayed for college; she went. That’s just how things were going to be. We kept in touch for a semester or two, but, predictably, the messages gradually slowed before stopping altogether.
To me, a lowly Kansas Citian (Kansas City, Missouri that is—yes, I know it’s confusing), the southern half of the state is almost like a different country entirely. Driving down near Joplin and Springfield, I’m always surprised by the change in accent most of all. It’s a subtle, yet emblematic thing to hear “Missour-ee” transform into “Missour-uh” as Midwest culture becomes Southern.
In general, I think there is a kind of lingering mystique that surrounds the place for us northerners from K.C. and St. Louis. The Ozarks: a wild and untamed land where bigfoots roam free on the hilltops. Silly, but it’s a real sentiment.
It was last fall when I received a message from my old friend down south after years of silence. There was nothing particularly odd about it. The normal “Hey” and “How are you?” and “Wow, I’ve almost got my diploma too!” applied. But then it was straight to business: “Gotta take a few photos for a final. Want to join me for a night on the trail? Not sure about doing it alone.”
Hiking? Camping? Wildlife? Was this still the same person that would dance around, Tardis phone case in hand, going on about her dreams of being a professional photographer in metropolitan England?
Still, I accepted. It would be a nice time to get away, get some exercise, and catch-up on all the highs and lows in-person. On a more selfish note, my own finals were coming up soon, and getting a breather before then sounded like a fantastic idea.
The trailhead was about an hour’s drive outside of Springfield. I had gotten up at the early college student time of 12pm to make it. It was around 4pm when I pulled up into the mostly empty gravel parking lot.
Sam’s car was the only one there, but she was already out, fiddling with camera straps and other related supplies, while tossing in a couple handfuls of granola bars to last through the night and early morning.
It was hard to believe that it had been so long since we had last seen each other. She looked exactly like my memories of her. And, despite my initial worries, greeted me with a smile as light-hearted and carefree as I remembered.
Soon enough we got on our way, the gravel of the parking lot eventually giving way to dirt paths.
I had never truly experienced the Ozarks before. Not really, anyway. I’d driven through the place, as most other North Missourians had at some point or another, but never stopped for anything more than gas. I’m not exactly sure why I had expected something drastically different from my city, only some 200 miles away. The trees were all naked and bare. The leaves had already been shed, and covered the forest floor with the usual decaying brown. It started to get me curious about what it was she was searching for in that barren country.
“So what’s the project? Look’n for anything in particular?”
“I think so.” I squinted at her as she played with the Kodak hanging from her neck.
We must’ve walked another half hour before she elaborated further. “You know when you’ve got a really good feeling about something? Like something good is right on the cusp of happening? I’ve been getting one of those about this place for a while now.”
“No,” I laughed, only somewhat jokingly.
“Well you’re my Watson out here, asshole. So how about trying to make sure I don’t do anything too fucking stupid.” I smiled at that. It was nice to know that despite all the years, some things remained the same.
We rounded a corner and found ourselves at a bluff overlooking the entire area. Hillocks and hills covered by endless waves of sterile treetops. A small, muddy creek ran between the deep valleys, vanishing into the ridges just as suddenly as it seemed to appear. It was difficult to take in the sheer scale of the place.
I recall looking down at the slope leading to the water’s edge. I had that urge: I could jump. Maybe I would survive. Maybe I wouldn’t. Perhaps someone would find me. Perhaps they wouldn’t. Perhaps they couldn’t.
Dusk shots really help to bring out the forest’s character, apparently. Sam told me that, as I struggled to pitch the cheap Walmart tent she had brought for the both of us. We had found a place to set up camp some ways off the trail and behind a small outcropping.
I watched her between my failed attempts, as she sized up different angles of overhead branches and rotting wood bark. Some pictures she took with a bright camera flash, some without. Better to get everything possible while we were there, I supposed.
Before too long though, we were huddled inside against the bitter fall air as night began to come round. She threw me a breakfast bar, our flashlights following its arc through the tent.
“Get everything you needed?” I asked, taking a bite of honeyed granola. She froze for a moment, as if thinking hard about how best to answer.
“Not yet.” That was spooky. I laughed all the same, trying to mask the strange uneasiness that had come over me.
“What else did you want to get a shot of?”
“I don’t know.” She shrugged. “I’ve still got that weird feeling.” And with that the conversation was settled. We finished our preparations for bed and drifted off.
Sleep has a way of coming and going without telling me; the next thing I remember was lying in my cozy sleeping bag with my eyes open. Even in my hazy, half-asleep state, I recall being struck by the utter silence. No animals. Gray shadows of trees stood motionless over the canvas. No wind either. But the atmosphere didn’t feel peaceful; it felt suffocating.
Then a flash of light. Lightning? No, it wasn’t storming. Off to one side of the tent, I was sure I’d seen the faintest camera flash.
I reached toward the opposing sleeping bag. She was gone. My hands pulled and yanked at the thing, as if I would find her buried somewhere within, but only the warm cushions of her bed remained.
I sat up, feeling about the tent as I did so. My pack was still there. Hers too. Flashlights. Phones. Jackets. All accounted for. But the camera was gone. Something that simple was enough to set me off.
Rubbing my eyes, I moved to unzip the tent door. Outside, the light cast by the moon covered the trees in a kind of silvery gloom. I stuck my head out first, half-expecting Sam to be just a few feet away taking stupid midnight selfies. Instead, there were just empty shadows of trunks and rocks.
The night was cold and desolate. I remember my teeth beginning to chatter as I clicked on the flashlight and began shining it at the surrounding woods. The trees were endless. Withered leaves crunched against my feet as I scanned the immediate area, looking up and down the brown bark for any sign of Sam.
Everything looked the same. The same trees. The same rocks. The same dark and dusty ground. After a few minutes I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I started to scream: “SAM! SAMANTHA!”
Maybe I was genuinely concerned. Maybe I was just lonely. I’m not really sure. I wandered then. Aimlessly. Like I was reliving a childhood memory of being lost in the mall searching for my parents. I ran about, fumbling over loose stones and my own two feet without any sense of direction. All the while the faint echoes of my yells taunted me: “Sam. Samantha. Where are you?”
Choking on a breath of cool air finally brought some sense back into me. I didn’t know where I was. How long or how far I had strayed from the safety of the tent.
Then, as I continued waving the light at my surroundings, I saw her about 30ft from me. She was facing away, yet gazing slightly skyward at the branches overhead. Even from this distance I could see the faint reflective glow of the camera strap around her neck’s backside. She was shivering too, her jacket having been left behind with all her other belongings. All except the one.
She turned to face me suddenly. It was her. Tired and exhausted, but her. My eyes watered somewhat as tears of relief began to form. Sam, in contrast, stared at me blankly, her pupils, perhaps, adjusting to the brightness of my flashlight.
“Christ, Sam. What are you doing out here?”
She didn’t respond. Instead she walked calmly—swiftly, but calmly—over to me.
“Turn it off.” I complied without argument, fear suddenly overtaking me again. “Back to the tent. No talking.”
She grabbed my arm, leading me away into the blackness. Despite the obvious lack of light, her pace never faltered. I stumbled, tripping over overgrown roots and discarded sticks, as she continued to drag me along through the forest.
Every shadow seemed to harbor something sinister. I didn't know what was happening. And somehow that confusion only made me all the more terrified. Was it a bear? Bobcats? Coyotes? Was someone else out here with us?
Within a couple minutes we had arrived back at the small clearing where our tent lay undisturbed. She released me, the strength of the grip only becoming apparent after it was gone. I watched that silhouette mechanically unzip the tent door flap in the darkness. One of the blackened hands pointed commandingly at the interior, as if I had any other choice but to obey. Then she followed me in, sealing the entrance behind her.
“Did it touch you?” The voice was firm and steady, as her figure turned to face me, still featureless.
“What? What the fuck are you talking about? Did what touch me?”
“Did it touch you?” The tone came more seriously this time.
“Get some rest.” And without saying another word, she collapsed down onto her sleeping bag.
“Wait!” I gasped, finally realizing that it was probably best to keep to a whisper. “Tell me what the hell is going on. What is out there?”
But there was no reply.
In the darkness, I couldn’t tell if her eyes were open or if she truly had faded off to sleep, and I didn’t have the courage to flick on my flashlight to check. Despite that, I remember sitting there for an hour or so—it’s hard to estimate time when you can’t see anything. I listened for any hint of movement, any crackling of branches or rustling of fallen leaves, but there was nothing. Just nothing.
As the minutes went by, my fear gradually gave way to tiredness and I allowed myself to lay back down and rest.
I awoke at dawn to the sound of Sam rummaging through her pack.
“Finally awake, huh?” She snorted playfully.
“Dude...” I groaned.
“Let’s eat and get moving.” She tossed a granola bar at my face with a friendly smirk. It was only when I reached to grab it that I noticed a faint redness on my arm from where she had grabbed me the previous night. I blinked as the memories slowly started to come back to me. It all felt too surreal to be true.
“Hey, what happened last night?”
“I don’t know. Slept like a rock.” Not the answer I was looking for.
“You don’t remember anything happening?”
“Nope!” It was humorous, if a tad dismissive. “I’m going to go stretch a bit before we head back.” And with that she rose and exited, acting as if the matter was finished and done.
While she shuffled around outside, I sat there thinking about the previous night’s events. What had even happened? What had she been doing out there? The questions picked at me as I sat up and stared at the camera sitting idle next to her backpack.
The tent was easier to put away than to put up. Dirt flicked around as I tried to organize the cheap canvas as well as my thoughts. Sam sat on the side, surveying the surroundings with an unusual keenness. Yet, despite my inner and external hassles, within the hour we had breakfasted and broke camp.
For me, the return walk was tense. I took a chance and pressed her again on what she could recall. But she waved me off uncaringly.
There was something off about the situation. Familiar perhaps, but off. I got into the habit of walking just a pace or two behind her dusty footprints. She was more chipper than I expected. Even more so than yesterday, when she actually had gotten a proper breakfast and a shower.
“I am so goddamn happy to finally move on from this place. I’m gonna get my degree and be out of here.” I looked in her direction with a raised eyebrow, the strangeness of the tone eating away at me.
“Hey, can I see what sort of pictures you’ve taken?” I ran up and reached prematurely at the camera around her neck. She stopped and grabbed my wrist before I could touch it. For one second the grasp was solid; I thought for that moment she'd break my hand. But in the end she let go with a shrug—handing the old Kodak over to me without a fuss.
Trees and branches among a background of sky. A few interesting rock formations. A view overlooking the shallow creek from above. But as for anything that stood out to me, there was nothing. There was not even a single nighttime photograph to somewhat confirm my suspicions.
“Well?” she eyed me expectantly as I handed the camera back to her.
“Looks good. Got a lot of cool shots.”
The remainder of the trek back to our cars was mostly silent. I thought about bringing up what I personally remembered from the night before, but stopped myself. I doubted that I would be getting any real answers from doing so, other than a few sarcastic eye-rolls.
The lot was still mostly empty; our cars were sitting next to each other, just as we had left them. Goodbyes were exchanged. Hugs too. Promises to keep in touch followed. Then I drove off, determined to get home.
We’ve both graduated now. She’s mentioned in texts how she’s looking into living abroad somewhere. I've told her it would be a nice change. I mean it.
But I’ve also continued to bother her about that day: trying to understand what she was doing when I found her there—alone in the woods. She still says she doesn’t remember anything about what happened that night in the Ozarks.
I’m not sure if I believe her.
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