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What is this dark crack mark on my tooth (second from back)

2022.01.23 00:46 towerqueen What is this dark crack mark on my tooth (second from back)

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2022.01.23 00:46 Rockin_Otter Tank upgrade recommendations (Australia)

My betta lives in a 16L (just under 5 gal) tank right now and I really want to give him an upgrade, especially so there's less maintenance and he can live with shrimp and more plants. I've had a hard time finding a nice tank though! I'm looking for one that will fit on a 35 x 75 cm shelf and is available in Australia. Anyone know of any good ones that will fit the bill? Thank you!
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2022.01.23 00:46 American_Greed DUII driver arrested after fatal crash

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2022.01.23 00:46 poopa_scoopa EUSS applying to convert pre settled to settled status

What happens if my settled status is rejected. Do I just get pre settled status for a further 5 years?
"If you’re given pre-settled status again
You can stay in the UK for a further 5 years from the date on your Home Office decision letter."
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2022.01.23 00:46 JEW_LOLI_CUNT Everyone here will be converted

And become my sissy diaper sex slave
You have no choice
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2022.01.23 00:46 RevolutionaryClub476 Experience with Physics 1P22/1P92

Heyy, I'm planning on taking physics II over the summer and was wondering if someone could give me some insight on the course? I landed a decent grade in physics 1 but i'm far from good at the subject. Please let me know how you guys found it? Is a B+ doable in the course over the summer? Thanks!
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2022.01.23 00:46 kingswing77 Do you ever feel like folks in movies and shows have it "together" and are better than you? Even when they are a raging alcoholic or something?

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2022.01.23 00:46 Silly-Fox-9270 Rejecting of love for limerence

I have a question for those who ended a long term relationship for someone they had a very long limerence for (in a specific case 20 years)and finally got their LO. How long did it last? Was it worth it? What were the repercussions? Divorce? Marriage? Children? Do you regret it? How long did it take for the limerence to come to a stop? Do you regret rejecting the one who accepted you (love) for someone who had always rejected you? Thank you for any answers I’m on a healing journey.
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2022.01.23 00:46 chrisor97 [PS4] The Sims 4 - PlayStation 4 is $22.75

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2022.01.23 00:46 Replti Singularity (rex), Sun wings, Smash O’-Lantern, Stardrop, Boogeyman

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2022.01.23 00:46 Top_Tooth_566 My first custom! His name is Sterling Shivers

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2022.01.23 00:46 Positive_Chemical_54 F/23 be the reason I delete this app!

Hi! I’m just trying to make new friends and I feel like with the pandemic and everything, it’s been even harder. I’m from the eastern United States so I would prefer if you were in a somewhat similar time zone! It’s just a little bit easier to communicate that way :)
I don’t think we must have similar interests in order to be friends, but sometimes it’s easier to connect based on an interest. I love sports, movies (Harry Potter, recently interested in Star Wars, and lots of horror!), being outside, and traveling.
I work full-time but my job is pretty laid back so I’m usually available to talk and I have a decent response time (unless I’m sleeping lol). Feel free to reach out :)
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2022.01.23 00:46 valentinafreidys Kik freidy1 🤤😋

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2022.01.23 00:46 greenewallpunch My daughter asked me to "send this to Minecraft"

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2022.01.23 00:46 GreenGod238 Average Islamist

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2022.01.23 00:46 Gameon_2000 I hate gay people

Anyway I was just thinking about the fact that I'm very sarcastic sometimes so I have to put in parentheses if my comment is a joke sometimes or else gay people will get offended lol
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2022.01.23 00:46 Jvldz12 New stock for AK

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2022.01.23 00:46 Know_Your_Shit_v2 [YouShouldKnow] YSK: When buying an instrument for measuring, whether it be length, weight or volume etc. go for brands that are well-known and well-respected, because cheap and infamous brands often provide inaccurate/imprecise scales and measurements.

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2022.01.23 00:46 YuGiOpenings First game using the new Nanogan and I GOT TO USE THE +2500B Chrysalin effect!! :D

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2022.01.23 00:46 Amazing_Locksmith_40 New optimisation for the Events Marketplace

I am sure that PhoenixDAO and their Events dApp will make huge splashes in 2022, and in fact - we’re still in January and they’ve already published all about their new and important updates!
These changes are still undergoing internal testings, but here some of the updates the users of Events dApp can expect soon: - Setting a preferred token - as you browse through the events, you will see all the prices directly in the chosen token. - Locking the event ticket price (for the event creators) in either an amount of PHNX or USD value. - Notifications update - if a user visits an event on one chain that exists on another chain too, the user will be notified via message about it. - Improved image upload options for banners and thumbnails.
These changes are part of Sprint 1 - the first stage of PhoenixDAO’s multi-stage plan of high-priority improvements to the Events dApp, they announced at the end of last year.
So far, promised - delivered!
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2022.01.23 00:46 Icantthinkofaname678 shat pants your m

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2022.01.23 00:46 EggsRnoice2 Raspberry Pi Pico Alarm Clock (Finished)

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2022.01.23 00:46 AllNetflix_NoChill How up front should I be about still being a virgin guy at 28?

Due to a not so great childhood (homeschooled and neglected by over-protective parents), I struggled socially until my early to mid 20s, and didn't really start trying to date til around then. I'm still a little shy and introverted, and so far my lack of relationship/sexual experience has been a dealbreaker for everyone I've gone on dates with or talked to on dating apps.
My approach so far has been to only admit to my inexperience when asked about sexual preferences or kinks, but I find that often times women ask about that stuff pretty early on, before they really know me, and they'd rather just cut things off rather than get to know me better.
As I get closer to 30 I'm not sure how to handle things anymore.
Would I seem desperate if I just made a tinder account being up front about still having my V card? (As a note I'm 6'1 and slim, average looking face)
Or should I just stop admitting my inexperience altogether, up until its time for clothes to come off?
I'd really appreciate any advice!
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2022.01.23 00:46 grilovisk So, this month I'm giving away arts for my dear subs on trovo and this is the 9th request: The Claptrap

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2022.01.23 00:46 Zulimations is the wither supposed to be this awful of a boss?

i never really liked fighting the wither. did it once or twice in single player using cheese strategies a few years ago, and recently in multiplayer twice in a cave (i didn't get too much of the action due to everyone going all in at once.) today i decided to fight it above ground in my friend's server with a couple of others... our armor was a mix of iron and diamond, but we all had enchanted bows and crossbows with power II and quick charge III. should have been enough for us, and it was of course daytime on a flat plain.
summoned it and within the first 30 seconds or so one of us was dead and it was targeting me. it was constantly hovering *right over me* so that it would hit me with skulls every shot and i couldn't even escape it because i had to turn back to shoot. not a huge deal if we could eventually kill it, but we got it down to around 70% of its health when i got blown up and literally everything (except my boots) was gone. in the end, we all lost our stuff, had to lead it away from the area, and i'm pretty sure it doesn't despawn so it's still out there.
so... who at mojang had a little too much to drink coming up with these boss mechanics? unless i'm doing something seriously wrong (besides fighting it on the surface, which shouldn't result in something this bad) the way the boss can hit you basically every time by just hovering over you and being almost the same speed makes no sense. not to mention how the boss doesn't ever go away and can leave you with nothing to finish the fight. what do you guys think?? is the boss really this awfully designed or is it a "mad because bad" case
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