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[Games] 9th Dawn II 2 RPG ($3.49 -> Free)

2022.01.22 21:37 AndroidGameDealsBot [Games] 9th Dawn II 2 RPG ($3.49 -> Free)

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2022.01.22 21:37 WoolChunk21 BENGALS WINNN

This means that if we beat the chiefs, then we are going to have home field advantage in the frickin AFC CHAMIONSHIP
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2022.01.22 21:37 DXXDP00L Nightclub Loading on Second Character

So I went to switch back to my main character, who happens to spawn in the nightclub and I get stuck on the loading screen. I can load into online on my second character fine, but I want to switch back to my main.
Currently have the controller joysticks rubber banded hoping to spawn in. Iโ€™ve tried loading into solo, invite, and solo public. Also tried some invites and no such luck.
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2022.01.22 21:37 metroleo Litvak weening and naming customs for girls?

My bubby's mother was born in Vilne, and gave birth to my bubby Lea not long after arriving in the USA. I recently acquired Lea's birth certificate after many failed attempts, because I expanded the search request in a way that led to another mystery:
Lea's birth certificate's given name is listed as "baby girl" because my elter bubby and zeyde had not named her in the hospital. That's fairly common as I understand it. However, she's listed as being born on 15 January 1923, but we've been celebrating 23 January for 90+ years.
Recently, it occurred to me to check the Hebrew Calendar. 15 January 1923 is 27 Tevet 5683, and precisely 2 years later in the Hebrew Calendar on 27 Tevet 5685 it's 23 January 1925. Do I recall correctly that we used to celebrate the weening of girls on the second birthday? Do some communities still? Was this a Litvak custom? What did it look like or involve?
My theory is that we've been celebrating the "wrong" birthday in the Gregorian Calendar since at least her second birthday because her immigrant parents "remembered" her birthday as 27 Tevet, and celebrated her weening two years later on the 27th of Tevet which happened to be 23 January that year. Then as school registrations, naturalization petitions, and other events required listing a birthday for Lea they just happened to remember 23 January instead of the "real" 15 January? January 23rd is the date on every other government document.
Does this theory sound plausible to others? Has this happened to others? Similar stories? Does anyone have any sources or citations for weening ceremonies? Particularly what Jews from Lite would have done in the 1920s??? That's my biggest ask: I want to read something authoritative on the phenomenon.
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2022.01.22 21:37 jo-136371 Nothing will download

Pls help nothing will backup and let me free space
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2022.01.22 21:37 Humble_Finish_5100 I love the turquoise color. Opinel N.06 | Turquoise.

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2022.01.22 21:37 NORDLAN Rudy Giuliani's Cockamamie Scheme Was the Master Thread Through the Labyrinth of Stupid

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2022.01.22 21:37 Bluecomments As a stand-alone series, do you prefer Adventure (original) or 02?

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2022.01.22 21:37 Brenkir_Gaming23 Sauron Comes Up With The Idea For The Rings Of Power

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2022.01.22 21:37 AlwaysUnkn0wn My windows 10 won't install, and on boot I get this screen, don't knownwhat it means and f1 won't work on my 60% keyboard.

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2022.01.22 21:37 Nebula_XD This game should have map selection

Valorant should have a map select option, or at least a voting system. For example before the agent select screen, there should be a choice between at least 2 maps. If riot thinks it's necessary to add a new agent select method, I don't see why they shouldn't add a map select vote. With the amount of maps in this game, it's possible to go 10s of games without a particular map being played. Also, if a particular map is popular and picked often, it will help cement valorants identity (such as dust2 is csgo)
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2022.01.22 21:37 green937 Ich liebe ihren Kรถrper

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2022.01.22 21:37 VayloHasLogins HMU FOR LOGINS

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2022.01.22 21:37 sherrybomber Is it worth adding decade old work experience to your resume?

Especially if you haven't done much in between then and now? I'm worried employers might go "hmmm" and ask what I was doing in-between that time. Or would it be better to "start over"?
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2022.01.22 21:37 mab2002 make assumptions about me based on my irl best friends through the years

2002- i was a baby
2003- same
2004- again
2005- does my sister count?
2006- not yet
2007- ๐ŸŽ€
2008- ๐ŸŽ€๐Ÿงฉ
2009- ๐ŸŽ€๐Ÿงฉ
2010- ๐Ÿงธ
2011- ๐Ÿงธ๐Ÿ๐ŸŽ๐Ÿ’Ÿ๐ŸŒŒ
2012- ๐Ÿงธ๐Ÿ๐ŸŽ๐Ÿ’Ÿ๐ŸŒŒ
2013- ๐Ÿงธ๐Ÿ๐ŸŽ๐Ÿ’Ÿ๐ŸŒŒ
2014- ๐Ÿงธ๐Ÿ๐ŸŽ๐Ÿ’Ÿ๐ŸŒŒ
new school
2015- ๐Ÿงธ๐Ÿ๐ŸŒŒ
2016- ๐Ÿ’Ÿ๐ŸŒŒ (๐Ÿ on and off)
moved new school
2017- ๐Ÿฑ๐Ÿฅ๐ŸŒ…๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿฅ๐Ÿ‰
moved back new school again
2018- ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ›ค (๐Ÿ’Ÿ๐ŸŒŒ for like two minutes)
2019- ๐Ÿฉฐโšฝ๏ธ๐Ÿงฟ๐ŸŽฅ๐Ÿฅ๐Ÿ›ค
2020- ๐Ÿฉฐโšฝ๏ธ๐Ÿฅ
2021- ๐Ÿฉฐ(๐Ÿฅ sometimes)
2022- weโ€™ll see
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2022.01.22 21:37 techmet Understanding fire damage

Iโ€™ve been trying to find an answer to this so please point to a thread if itโ€™s answered.
I canโ€™t tell if flaming swords (burning sword, way of the flame, raging flame) simply apply the burning status effect, or do they make the attack stronger?
If Iโ€™ve hit a mob with a flame bomb, is it then pointless to say light up burning rage or will burning rage make my attacks stronger?
This will help with build decisions and gameplay strategy. Thanks!
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2022.01.22 21:37 O8A1W4RR10R Eula (ๅ’•ๅ“’)

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2022.01.22 21:37 WompCrewneckMan Mount Breckenridge looking very stoic this afternoon

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2022.01.22 21:37 DownshiftedRare yo baby yo

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2022.01.22 21:37 TurtleCool123 Got this treasure

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2022.01.22 21:37 Happy_Entrepreneur20 A beautiful quote from an article (link below)

Remember that investing is not a race or a competition. Nor is it about hiding and protecting capital. Design your investments to contain risk, and keep your eye on those life goals your money is aimed at. Marriage. A house. Kids. Retirement. A Harley Davidson Softail. And that reminds me. The best advice new motorcyclists get is not to look down at where you are on the road, but to gaze far ahead to where youโ€™re going. Way more stable. Those who worry about the next fifty feet often land there. They fear. They fall.
Just ride.
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2022.01.22 21:37 momotaneko ๆ—ง็Ÿณๅ™จๆ™‚ไปฃใฎ่ฌŽใฎๅฅณๆ€งๅƒใ€Œใƒ“ใƒผใƒŠใ‚นใ€ใ€ไฝ•ใฎใŸใ‚ใซไฝœใ‚‰ใ‚ŒใŸ๏ผŸ

ๆ—ง็Ÿณๅ™จๆ™‚ไปฃใฎ่ฌŽใฎๅฅณๆ€งๅƒใ€Œใƒ“ใƒผใƒŠใ‚นใ€ใ€ไฝ•ใฎใŸใ‚ใซไฝœใ‚‰ใ‚ŒใŸ๏ผŸ submitted by momotaneko to newsokunomoral [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 21:37 andyh3476 [USA-VA] [H] PayPal [W] S21 5G or S21 plus 5G

Looking for a s21 or S21 plus 5g with original accessories and box. Not looking for the FE version as it's not worth the extra price IMO.
Budget: $450 and under.
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2022.01.22 21:37 I_thght_he_was_wth_u Dark Souls 3 exploit could let hackers take control of your entire computer

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2022.01.22 21:37 kdani17 Saturday Sharpie Party

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