Social Media should pay it's users.

2022.01.25 17:45 FullAd4288 Social Media should pay it's users.

When social media first became popular the trade off of being able to use something cool for free seemed fine. However over time these companies have made a ton of money by charging other companies to read our content and mine our data and output. It seems unethical that companies make money off of our content and don't even think about sharing an iota of a penny with users. It is like we work for them for free.
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2022.01.25 17:45 philosopherstone_ Law of Attraction Skeptic

Hello Everyone.
As per the title, I am very skeptical of the law of attraction (in certain contexts).
I understand it in certain contexts, such as for e.g. manifestation can help balance our internal system (mood, stress levels, self-image, motivation to work which yields more success, etc), but I have seen a lot of posts regarding how it can help change someone's eye colour, change someone's nose shape, give someone who is bald a full head of hair, etc (a lot of outlandish claims).
There is 0 evidence or line of reasoning to those claims, so I am honestly confused about how people reach those conclusions, cause it definitely cannot be from anecdotal experience (no one is going to be bald genetically and just spurt a full head of hair lol). What am I missing?
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2022.01.25 17:45 Quandaledingle_ When

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2022.01.25 17:45 ShortAlgo $MPLN Waiting for short signal on MPLN

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2022.01.25 17:45 AkumaAi38 Diavolo No.1 💙 Now with English Subtitles, thanks to Maon (please see video description)

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2022.01.25 17:45 No_Independence1158 Decentralized version of DropBox

Hi everyone,
I quickly build a web app to share files with IPFS. I wanted to create a simple alternative to DropBox or WeeTransfert. No need to create an account or anything. Drag and drop your files and it's done.
If you think that the project can become a real thing, or be useful, lemme know. If you wanna join the project, do not hesitate too. Hope you'll like it and see the potential I wanted to show. The link fo the web app : and the github repo link : .
Feel free to check it out,
Have a nice day.
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2022.01.25 17:45 AngeryCat53 Yarpen Zigrin

Minor spoiler for Sword Of Destiny and Blood of Elves

I just finished all books and in retroperspective I kind of wondered, why Geralt and Yarpen Zigrin became buddies. From what I remember Yarpen literally hit and handcuffed Yennefer when they tried to hunt the dragon and didn't help them at all? Did they flee or did they even fight against Geralt and the dragon?

So when he was escorting the convoy, Geralt seemed as if he met an old friend, not someone who was an old enemy. What exactly did I miss?
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2022.01.25 17:45 357951 Fedora35 - block internet access to all applications except whitelisted

If blacklisting I'd use firejail, but since I want to whitelist and include preinstalled binaries, seems like SEL is the only potential choice. Essentially, could SEL be used to add a new type context to the network device, and then check if binaries requesting network access have that type context as well?

I've checked the docs, but since it's so niche - didn't find anything.
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2022.01.25 17:45 Trop67300 Can I build indoor stairs to the roof?

I saw a vid (here) where mister man builds a stair to the roof. My questions are, will the roof tiles just disappear? If that is the case, will this invite the cold in when winter hits? Assuming I survive that far.
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2022.01.25 17:45 ShortAlgo $CVX Waiting for short signal on CVX

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2022.01.25 17:45 Monty_Cz Idea’s on how to attach a sling??

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2022.01.25 17:45 boyitsamellia-212 Suicidal thoughts?

I used to have suicidal thoughts and want to delve into them again so I can be set free. Has anyone have the same experience and what have you done with your suicidal thoughts?
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2022.01.25 17:45 Coopbuddy Giving away one copy of Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

Hey guys,
I recently purchased this game, only to get it via Prime gaming a few days later. Since I cannot use the code twice, the first person can feel free to activate the game :)
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2022.01.25 17:45 Grid1992 How it's stored

Hey everyone, does anyone know if the khiron 22 from dispensary green comes in an actual pot, or in one of those cali style pouch/bags? I'm trying to plan how to fit the things I need in my portable case for work haha
Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.25 17:45 qtjuli homemade Sanrio reaction memes <3

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2022.01.25 17:45 xander_2626 Can y’all compete 23!!

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2022.01.25 17:45 IronWarriorU Have shoes always had a narrow toe box? Have there been trends with different shapes across history?

Most modern shoes have toe boxes that taper inward. * Running shoe example * Work boot example
Even those without much taper tend to differ a lot in shape from some modern niche manufacturers making shoes that do not taper inward, but instead get wider towards the top (this trend is sometimes associated with the phrase "barefoot running"). * Example of this
I'm mostly interested in shoes that would be used for day weawork, where function and comfort would be important (maybe the primary concern? Though I'm sure fashion is always important). Have there been trends towards other shapes for this kind of footwear?
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2022.01.25 17:45 dejavugibi Beyler yakın bir zamanda cezaevine girebilirim şimdiden hakkınızı helal edin iyi geceler

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2022.01.25 17:45 gamesbyumaira Gameplay kits

Are we going to get another gameplay kit? Dust the bust was the only and it came out in the very beginning.
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2022.01.25 17:45 ChefBolyardee Tangerine dream

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2022.01.25 17:45 Numerous_Tomatillo92 🦖 Godzilla Inu 🦖 | Just Stealth Launched ⭐| NFT Marketplace & Website Coming Soon | Easy 100x Moonshot 🚀

💎 Welcome to the biggest BSC Moonshot of all time 💎
📝 Contract Address: 0x67b0B987F23852C5854Caeb614cD32051BD031E9

🦖 Godzilla Inu🦖
⚔️ Total Supply: 100,000,000,000
⚔️ Max Wallet: 4%
⚔️ Max Txn: 2%
🪓4% Marketing Wallet
🪓5% Auto Liquidity
🪓3% Buyback
🛡Verified Contract
🛡 Liquidity Locked

Initial Liquidity: 40 BNB
Get on the train and shill everywhere. This will be huge.
Crypto influences are already on board. There will be a lot of advertising going on this week and beyond.
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2022.01.25 17:45 DwarfWizard Everything I love makes me depressed

I love so many hobbies and yet everything to do with them makes me heavily depressed because for some reason I have hit a road block where I just don't have any way of motivating myself to do the hobbies I love.
For example, I love modeling but I haven't touched it and everytime I listen to things or see photos of other people modeling I get so depressed. Same with certain music. I love metal but can't listen to it because it inspires me to write D&D sessions for a campaign I have been running but I just can't get the motivation to do it. Metal literally makes my brain run on loops of the same glaring issues and things I want to accomplish with my campaign.
I don't know how to fix this or if there is a fix. I'm just always stuck and never do anything I love to do or put time into them.
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2022.01.25 17:45 MiniSamu Andrew ❤️

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2022.01.25 17:45 farklinkbot 'Brutal,' 'crazy' housing market has Seattle-area homes selling half-million over asking price. So if you were planning on selling that cardboard box with 'house' written on the side for fifty cents, now's the time

'Brutal,' 'crazy' housing market has Seattle-area homes selling half-million over asking price. So if you were planning on selling that cardboard box with 'house' written on the side for fifty cents, now's the time submitted by farklinkbot to fark [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 17:45 Ihopeyoudieslowly API TTL for Watchlist endpoint

I am working on building a strategy using the API that relies on the watchlist endpoint. However, when I update the assets included in the watchlist the API response still has the old watchlist data.
Does anybody know about how long it takes for the watchlist results from the API to match the actual values?
(I checked from both my PC and phone and it is showing the correct watchlist everywhere except when I access it via the API)
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