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2022.01.25 17:04 ooopafion [For Hire] Character Commissions!

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2022.01.25 17:04 NateKrusty "Input Signal Not Found" on my monitor

Just got my capture card today. Plugged everything up, but my monitor starts looking like it'll turn on, just to turn off seconds later. Then stating, "input signal not found" on the monitor (Source is on HDMI).
The Ps4's HDMI is plugged into IN, the monitor's HDMI is plugged into OUT, and I got a double sided Type-C wire going from the elgato to my Windows 11 (confirmed to be compatible).
7 red lights showed up on the elgato, and Google said it meant a proper signal was found, but the monitor says differently
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2022.01.25 17:04 LeanAhtan92 What sort of things do you ask the gods about or for?

Are there any "big picture" kind of things? Or more small scale?
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2022.01.25 17:04 Hybr1d89 Use protection

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2022.01.25 17:04 GabrielEllison1 Will have a brand new image of Jade Devil very soon as well as the official title art!

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2022.01.25 17:04 Despare69 Ultimate Meme

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2022.01.25 17:04 officialxmada mada playlist for sad songs worth checking it out

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2022.01.25 17:04 Bechmeka I'm left handed, any lefties? [Over 18]

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2022.01.25 17:04 Old-Taro6764 Finally sharing this.

I always wanted to share about my husband's sister but never did. This will be long.
So I ended up moving in with my husband's at the time boyfriend's family at 19 due to some personal circumstances. My SO and I paid 1/3 of the house which included the mortgage, utilities, internet, etc. I always hated this because we were 2 of 8 people. My SO's sister and her family was half the household but didn't pay rent or anything. My SO worked night shift and I was in college full time and worked a very part time job. So my money basically covered our gas and I never could get more hours It was a very small town so jobs were hard to get especially those okay with me being in school so moving out was not an option we tried multiple times. The amount we were paying literally made it impossible to save. It was one of his checks a month nearly.
So multiple times I was stuck watching her kids and they would use my SO's tv and game systems. The kids were young about 6yo girl and 9yo boy at the start of this. I never could discipline them. I am very much a time out person but the sister never allowed this. She would physically be in the house but drunk and high on drugs so my SO's mom had to beg me to watch them so she could go to appointments and such. The youngest would throw controllers and scream if she ever lost games. I tried to not let them play but the sister and his mother bullied my SO into it because they were in to common area and they were his niece and nephew. Controllers and games were broken and/or stolen by the kids friends and never replaced. The boy even threw a basket at one point to the door next to the tv and scratched it and even that was ignored. I always had to go upstairs try to wake her up to get her to deal with them. Which most the time didn't happen.
Oh my husband was also forced off the systems anytime the kids had sleepovers or wanted to watch movies or play his games. Every single time. I refused and oh this was a fight.
We shared a fridge and they would steal our food. When we complained we were told the label our food even though it was on a different shelf as we were told to do. After we started labeling the sister and boyfriend complained we were labelling food because we treated them as thieves. Names were so upsetting so we had to then use symbols. which was still not enough so we ended up having to buy a mini fridge.
The sister got mad I asked my SO to change his schedule so we could have time together while I was in school. My school was an hour away and we crashed on my sisters couch but it was the only time we actually had the day mostly free. She one night cornered me and demanded I stop doing this so she could spend time with her brother. Every single week. When they spent time together they never did it to accommodate his schedule. Both his sisters and his mom didn't work but they demanded he stay up for 16 plus hours to hang out. Which then meant he was passing out at work.
The sister kept demanding we make dinner. She got the mother to enforce a policy where we had to cook dinner once a week but they never cooked for the family while we were home. Her family was so picky. Every meal had to have some sort of beef or the boyfriend wouldn't eat it. Honestly he complained if she wasn't cooking anyway so why was this even a thing? Cooking for 8 people is expensive considering 2 hated mushrooms, 1 only would eat beef, 1 hated how the family seasoned everything and so on. This policy didn't last long because I demanded it stop. Oh she also was pissed when her kids did compliment my food. Um I'm literally in school for this?
She kept demanding I wash her dishes. When I kept refusing she would throw the family excuse in my face. Yet at the same time said we couldn't be family because I don't smoke. I can't handle cigarettes. My throat closes up and I can't breathe. It triggers my asthma really bad. My SO hates smoking also. She then would complain I was constantly sick. Well it happens when people constantly smoke around me. I would be sick for days afterwards every time. This meant I couldn't watch her kids or play with them.
My husband has supplied the router and it got the the point 10 plus devices just couldn't be sustained on the device so I spent some of my financial aid to buy an expensive router to handle the load of devices. The sister and boyfriend refused to let me unplug it until their entire family stopped using it. Which meant I was up until 5am to do this. Then they demanded the password so every one of the kids friend could use it as they pleased.
I disliked my SO's nickname after I found out the meaning behind it. It was B which stood for boy. My husband wasn't entirely fond of it either but his family always bullied him into what they wanted because his mom liked it.
The sister demanded we keep our bedroom door open because her kids were asking questions. We slept in the basement were we 1. weren't allowed to have our vents open because of the stepdad. 2. were blamed for every noise in the house. 3. her kids played outside the door while my nightshift SO slept. She also would walk in the room at all hours of the day because it had a storage room off it. Most the time she never brought or took anything. She just wanted to enter. When we got a lock after his friend showed up while I was sleeping she would pound on the door until we opened it.
She got pissed when her daughter started calling me mom and saying she loved me more. I don't know why this started. Maybe it's cause I spent so much time with her? I kept trying to get her to stop but she wouldn't. She also hated I sewed her daughter dresses because she asked me to. They were just hand sewn but I would do this for her.
I proposed to my SO but we wanted to keep it quiet. My SO kind of asked the family how they would think. The sister demanded he ask her permission before he gets married. THE SISTER. Then when we finally came out that we were getting married she got mad. Everything had to be about her and she took away what little time we got to prepare for the wedding with his mom. She had to have a big birthday party so the family could prove they cared about her while my SO and I were planning the wedding. Oh she then tried to cancel the wedding. His mom and other sister did as well. They also hated our guest list. The mother said how she dreamed of his wedding since he was a child.
After we moved out during wedding planning to my older sister's who converted her garage for us his sister kept trying to use her kids against us. How they missed us. How we needed to come see them but I wasn't allowed to come. I wasn't invited to a lot of things because she wanted quality time with just her brother.
His mom enabled her the entire time and would always tell her if I had a complaint which caused a lot of the drama. Also the fact she got so drunk she pinned me to the couch and did things to me which the family blamed me for. This was the biggest reason we moved out. His mom literally laughed when I told her.
So yeah this family was very entitled.
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2022.01.25 17:04 thebuggygamer Downloading directly to drive, instead of using slow chrome downloads

How do I do this? Things like steam download a 1 GB file in a couple minutes, but on chrome it takes hours for the same size file. How do I do this immediately off of chrome, for free?
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2022.01.25 17:04 humpday2020 Cali Doe, Whitney Westgate - s #Casting 9

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2022.01.25 17:04 crypto_pranav 🦉 OrcaProtocol - A sybil-resistant DAO protocol that uses ERC1155 standard to allow on-chain voting for on-chain assets, was listed on Thedapplist. Know More: ➡️: https://t.co/FTrmNEifkb $WISE-ly Curating the Web3Adoption with Thedapplist CryptocurrencyNews, Crypto

🦉 OrcaProtocol - A sybil-resistant DAO protocol that uses ERC1155 standard to allow on-chain voting for on-chain assets, was listed on Thedapplist. Know More: ➡️: https://t.co/FTrmNEifkb $WISE-ly Curating the Web3Adoption with Thedapplist CryptocurrencyNews, Crypto submitted by crypto_pranav to OfficialTheDappList [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 17:04 smartybrome Memory: 3 Ways of Memorising Like a Spy

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2022.01.25 17:04 black_blade51 The translator rly did a great job emphasising the "invisibility" aspect

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2022.01.25 17:04 ctully1988 [XB1] H: Nice Berserkers W: Van/AP/WWR Raider PA RA and torso, Ber2525 Laser, and offers

BerE25 Fixer
Ber50c25 Fixer
BerE15r HM
Ber2525 Plasma Gun
Ber2525 Enclave Plasma, Flamer, stock, snv scope
Ber2515r Enclave plasma, flamer, stock, reflex
Ber50c25 Enclave Plasma, Reflex, Stock, aligned auto - pending
BerSS90 Power Fist
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2022.01.25 17:04 bringbackcommunsim Lesson learned: IMMEDIATELY for a raise as soon as they increase your duties at work

I've been working in an optometry clinic for the past four years. I'm a medical administrator with my current duties including submitting patient referrals, managing accounts payable, and coordinating clinical trials.
Over the pandemic we have had some staff leave, and others regularly call in sick. There has been a lot of work that we have had to make up for. The past two years have been the busiest time of my life.
I had trouble finishing my work even without the extra duties. My norm had turned into covering other duties until lunchtime, and do my own work after. I expressed my frustrations to management, and despite them promising they would hire more people, they didn't do anything to address the situation.
Throughout my four years I have only gotten a single dollar raise and I was earning minimum wage before. Having worked there long enough and with my new duties, I asked for a meeting with my manager to discuss a raise. Initially she sounded incredibly supportive. She told me how much extra work I have been doing and that she would talk to the owner. She even asked how much I was making, and she was shocked when she heard how much I made and thought I made more than that.
In the actual meeting her attitude had completely changed. She denied my request for a raise. She said that they are doing their best to pay everyone what they are worth. She said that she acknowledges I've been doing more work, but she said that I was only "being a team player" and that the extra work wasn't a part of my official duties.
All I told her after her corporate spiel was just how incredibly disappointed I was.
The only silver lining now is that I have been relieved of all my extra duties. I now do the minimum amount of work that doesn't jeopardize patient health and I go home.
I'm going to school in September, and until then I will probably stay in this clinic and quit afterwards without notice.
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2022.01.25 17:04 bot_01253 a island country in worldbox:

birds are singing, kids are playing, nothing is better than a worldbox island country.
bob: that is so good to live in a small island country.
jim: yeah, no one attack us.
empire A has declared war on island empire
bob: what the hell!
bob: jim you shutup!
empire A army swim to there
the island empire has been taken over
bob is on a ship to another island
bob: the ships saves us.
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2022.01.25 17:04 henkdetweede Ik_ihe

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2022.01.25 17:04 SUBphilip1300YOUTUBE grand new video is now here of The tiny bang story part 3- find apples find puzzles find stuff

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2022.01.25 17:04 _slight_blue_third 7 levels of BLUES [OC]

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2022.01.25 17:04 alanobi [For Hire] The Best of the Best in Writing Services✓

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2022.01.25 17:04 cadenherring123 Binance Us Sign Up Bonus

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2022.01.25 17:04 Budgiejen I am sick after a Corgi exposure. This is my boss’s response

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2022.01.25 17:04 peteski DMs are open!

DMs are open!
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2022.01.25 17:04 Mark_MSX FRESH PERSPECTIVE! Shoot Em' Up Discussion With A New Player, RJB!

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