Economic Development in Utah

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2022.01.25 16:55 Jumpy_Dog_2045 Economic Development in Utah

The problem with "economic development" in Utah is that leaders only consider overall wealth imported to the state by giving hand-outs and subsidies to big-tech companies. What they don't consider is the impact this has on the overall economy and housing picture.
Partially due to incentives and handouts, Utah now has the hottest tech economy in the nation (per-capita) and now our housing supply is at an all-time low and prices are stratospheric.
If far fewer Utahns can now afford to buy a home, how is this type of economic development actually an overall gain for most middle-class Utahns?
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2022.01.25 16:55 ELMan123456 What is the difference between buying multiple residences, causing the quality of life for Canadians to go down due to unaffordability, and buying Nike Shoes, knowing we are supporting Child Labour and Sweatshops in China? Why are we such hypocrites?

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2022.01.25 16:55 Sylastral Those of you on a diet, or that have dieted, what was the hardest food to stop eating for you?

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2022.01.25 16:55 IndustrySea2728 Looking for info on the Premium VSTAR Japanese trainer boxes!

I am currently looking to buy a booster box for star birth and came across these Boxes. Was curious if anyone has ever bought one or knew if they were guaranteed a secret rare or what the deal was? They are more expensive with less packs, so if they don’t have something special about them I’m just sticking with the booster boxes. Thank you in advance!
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2022.01.25 16:55 virajbhise I am in the second year of my university and now I am confused from what point shall I start preparing GMAT(Do read the body it may help in answering)

I have one more year of apprenticeship to go and I have three years for collecting work experience So, according to the test givers and tutors that I have read here in other posts when shall i start preparing GMAT?
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2022.01.25 16:55 powerinnumbers369 As a fellow white guy, I just want to say this

We don't have to act like we are scared of black people. I think one of many reasons we can't go back to that harsh 50s talking is because of an agenda put in place. Its like we are "unknowingly" in on the longest running joke ;) (of course except black people) I know it's only to make them feel like they are getting some where as a people, but all it does is having them drive around in circles going back to the same spot. Lol well it is kind of funny when I think about that. That's besides the point. I know we shifted things to where they can just destroy each other now because come on, you ll rarely see a black person killinghg a white person. They ll just usually whine, say it's not fair, and protest. They are scared of us and really want our validation/ acceptance. So many times I've seen self hatred upon them. From how they switch from speaking to me to how they speak to each other. Lol they always base things off whether the person is "cool" or "lame". I mean we just talk about you behind your back when we see this behavior. Its pathetically funny to see a black guy and a white guy come together to shiuut on another black guy. Yea, I know this may rub people the wrong way, but ask yourself this...Did I told any lies?
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2022.01.25 16:55 K2six-1 What is the best and the worst side of your country ?

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2022.01.25 16:55 osowavy MyNBA Idea - I Need Good Hypothetical Duo/Trios to Create for season+playoffs

Ive been really bored of 2K for some years now so I thought it'd be fun to do a couple 15 game seasons and playoffs with 5 man rosters made up of a 2 or 3 (depending on how good the players are) stars from the past and present.
I'm having some trouble figuring out who to pair together. Any ideas would be great.. players who could make up the rest of the teams would be great as well.
The 2 I'm gonna run with is prime AI with rookie Bron and rookie Melo, KG and Dirk.
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2022.01.25 16:55 The_Holy_Fork I've looked at videos online about increasing dedicated gpu but none seem to have the menu that i have, help!

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2022.01.25 16:55 Pale_Werewolf1103 Entitlement at it's Finest

Warning: Long-Winded
I work at a hotel that caters to mostly long-term stay business. Our rooms come with a Kitchen, Microwave, and Refrigerator. SOME of our room types have an Oven inside, SOME of them don't. Otherwise it is a stovetop with 4 eyes in all rooms. Typically when a guest calls to make a reservation and makes it known that they need an oven, we let them know which room type does and does not have it before they make reservations so they can request this room type, before they check in. Management ordered a few toaster-ovens (like 4 of them) just in case we get anyone who insists on having an oven who doesn't in their room. We are down to 2 TOs now because the other 2 have gone missing (I.E Guests have walked out with them)
A lady guest approaches me on my first day back at work after having been sick and out of work for a little while. She tells me that she is here for more than a couple of months, and does not have an oven in her room. She wanted a toaster-oven, and asked for one last week from Front Desk, but couldn't get one because we apparently didn't have anymore extras. She'd heard from one of her co-workers who is also staying here, that we had extra ones and they were provided with one. Of course, whoever their co-worker is was given the last extra toaster-oven we had, and Oh, Joy I get to be the one to tell her that was our last one.
Upper Management who buys these extra items if we run out, is not in. They are out because their parent passed away suddenly, and so are dealing with a lot at the moment. Which means they're probably not looking at emails, or even worried about trivial guest issues like this one. I tell Miss Oven that unfortunately we're out of the small toaster-ovens at the moment. I went into the system as I'm speaking to her and also checked to see if we had a room type with an Oven that we could move her to so she could have one. Of course, we don't have one of those available either, they're all occupied. I told her we didn't have a room type with an oven we could move her to at the moment, but that as soon as one opened up, we would be more than happy to move her. Her next response was:
"Well, can't you just buy another toaster-oven?"
I tell her that I can certainly bring that to upper management's attention, and ask them if they could order her a small toaster-oven for her room, but that because management is out due to "family emergency", it may be next week before we get anymore in. Front Desk does not have access to the company credit card, obviously, but I figured there was no need to tell her that, as that should be common sense. She then says,
" that would be the same for the blender then?"
.....I'm sorry what? I asked her what she meant. She told me that she was also in need of a blender for her room so she could blend her medication. I struggled to keep a straight face. I told her blenders don't come standard in any of the rooms. That it's a personal item that guests can bring on their own if they wish, same as if someone needed a floor fan or a humidifier for their room. You would bring your own. I told her I could "request" the blender, but that it would just be a request, but that I highly doubted that would be provided, as it isn't a standard to have one.
She nods and says ok like she understands. I emailed management after that, asking what I should do for this guest, if any items would be ordered and when I should tell her to expect them if so. Of course, I don't get an immediate response.
Miss Oven doesn't even wait a day more before she approaches me again about her toaster-oven and blender. She again asked me if anyone had been notified and when she would get her items. At this point, because she was actually giving me attitude about this with her exasperated tone of voice, I went ahead and told her that the reason management hasn't gotten back to anyone immediately about this issue she was having was because Upper Management is currently dealing with the sudden death of their parent. I figured this would give her some kind of perspective and a little more patience and understanding about waiting for a response.
I reiterated that I had, in fact, emailed management about getting her a toaster-oven but that again, neither that or the blender come standard in the room. Circumstances being what they were, she would have to wait before getting any kind of response as to if and when they would be ordered. Pissed off, she leaves for work for the day. THANK GOD, later on, I had an early check out for one of the rooms that have an oven inside.
I immediately emailed her and called her cell phone and left her a voicemail about being able to move rooms. It would be a bigger bed in the room (a King versus the Queen she had now), it would be a studio size room, bigger than the One-Bedroom she had, but without the door to separate the living room from the bedroom area. She was alone in the room (from what we knew), so that should be okay. But I wanted to make sure before moving her in our system. The blender, I would certainly have to wait for because there was no way for me to rectify that without management stepping in and actually buying her one.
The next day: I come back into work to see a long email response from her that said,
"No thank you. I’m staying at your hotel for almost four months and I will not be comfortable in a studio. I prefer the room that I currently have.
This issue has really been disappointing and disheartening. I frequent your hotel brand often while traveling and never have had an issue of sorts. It has been a painful experience trying to get a toaster oven and blender. I have talked with three different people and received three different responses including a recommendation to another hotel. It is especially disappointing to hear from your staff that you don’t have toaster ovens when I know for a fact that a couple of my co-workers have been given one by the hotel.
At this point, I will purchase them myself. However, I do believe that a couple complimentary nights to be used on another trip is warranted in this situation."
There was nothing I wanted to do more in that moment than to tell her to FUCK OFF. First of all: your company is paying for you to stay here for more than a couple of months and you didn't think to call ahead and ask what came in any of our rooms? Second of all: you're staying here for more than a couple of months and you didn't think to bring your own blender for your medication, or even buy yourself a cheap little bullet blender for your medication, something that is important to you?? Third of all: I gave you an option to at least fix half of your issue, and you turn it down and then have the nerve to tell me you feel like you deserve to be compensated with a COUPLE of free nights at another hotel after that?
UM. No. Now you can fuck off and to hell with whatever other issues you have. I can be great, I can help out and do favors for those I feel deserve it and go above and beyond when I don't have to. But people like this, you can certainly kiss my ass, ma'am.
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