i68y9 n2bas 4kr95 22bre ay2zk 7iit9 5664n 6db7d t2s92 izika rnzd9 89iht ibke5 39747 aitsh e56se 78yta ysa63 td47h tyhrk dr228 Is it just me or did beast machines have a pretty good plot but the designs and the animation ruined it |

Is it just me or did beast machines have a pretty good plot but the designs and the animation ruined it

2022.01.27 23:48 DoomMuffin3145 Is it just me or did beast machines have a pretty good plot but the designs and the animation ruined it

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2022.01.27 23:48 golftthehellboy Favorite sos verse ?

Mine is on either on CYKA or Nuka cola idc though if you don’t like sos you wack (also zilla I’ll give you a big sloppy kiss if you reply)
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2022.01.27 23:48 Fillingavoid2468 Have you ever had someone in your journey tell you you need to think more when on the job?

Like question everything instead of take everything for what it is
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2022.01.27 23:48 MarshyBarsh Can bacteria survive in deserts miles away from plant life?

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2022.01.27 23:48 bar1ey Alright - you lot have liked the first two, so here is Dawn from Partea Knits.

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2022.01.27 23:48 buttermilktoast25 How does swapping sched work?

I notice lang some posts that asks people to swap a certain sched of a certain course with them. Di ko po alam na possible iyun please enlighten meeee
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2022.01.27 23:48 chalkchick0 Winter river by Anna Razvadovskaya

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2022.01.27 23:48 darkx1337 I'm upset

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2022.01.27 23:48 scoobsboob Missing my blue hair :/

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2022.01.27 23:48 MissReagy1 Silly man is home

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2022.01.27 23:48 cattinthehatt Sleeping teefies

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2022.01.27 23:48 thepenguiofroblox How do i break my own leg?

We got a shooting threat at my school and i have to walk to school so yeah
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2022.01.27 23:48 meanjeepguy Making new friends.

I am having trouble finding and making new friends. I have an amazing wife and family. But I miss having a good buddy to hang with. I'm too isolated and lonely in sobriety. I need to make some more changes to my recovery.🤔
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2022.01.27 23:48 Senior-Review8937 Married at the age of 17, I am in favor of early marriage: Zaranish Khan

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2022.01.27 23:48 Distinct-Ninja-4827 What is it like to prospect for an outlaw motorcycle club?

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2022.01.27 23:48 Jolly-Speaker-5094 Help

Do any of yall know an a03 fic where like technoblade is traumatized dekm being in a cult and drinks blood. But is heavily manipulated by wilbur and then gets things done to him by a culti sts who found him and tubbo saw who is scared and philza is there with ranboo who knows who technoblade is. I think it was called barbarinism but I can't find it so can yall help me please
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2022.01.27 23:48 No_Guide3652 Would it consider losing my virginity if I did it to myself?

So basically I’ve never done anything sexual with anyone. So still a virgin. I also come from a religious family and country so sex is unspoken about and also they have some pretty shitty views regarding a woman’s virginity. I’ve always held this concept where I’d lose my v when I have penetrative sex. However, seeing that I may never have sex with anyone cause I’m hella fucking ugly and I’ve been holding it off cause maybe there’s hope in the future or whatever, I was thinking of fingering myself but idk if I’d regret it.
Does it count as losing one’s virginity? Or is it just a dumb social construct?
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2022.01.27 23:48 JCKrypto Dead Island

Brand new server, free starter pack, Two green zones, no mechs, store coming soon… donation packs coming this week!
Join the discord, react to the rules and the IP address will be pinned in announcements.
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2022.01.27 23:48 zombiekiller67 What's a predicate, homeboy?

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2022.01.27 23:48 SilverCenter76 [SPOILERS] Season 2 episode 1 stairway confusion

In the first episode we when everyone has just arrived at the D.A.D.D.I.E.S. facility we get a bit of minor ramifications of the doodler's return, this being the disappearance of elevators and knowledge of them.
This leads to a brief while of stairs and elevator use that leads to TayloFreddie sneaking away from running down the stairs to floor 11. He decides to go in this door because he hear multiple foot steps and saw people coming up the stairs towards him.
The scene plays out and Taylor ends up back with the group and we get some more exposition. A small line of this confirms that the whole organization was just the Daddies, later the sons and then the assistant who's name I forget.
So my question today, WHO WAS RUNNING UP THE STAIRS?!?!
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2022.01.27 23:48 Mystery3434 Is it safe to travel to Kashmir in 2022?

I’m planning a trip in February. Probably going to be sticking with a guided tour through Srinagar, Gulmarg and Pahalgam. I was wondering what the situation is like and whether tourists would be affected.
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2022.01.27 23:48 tylerk06 Defi In NEAR

What’s the status of Defi in NEAR? I’ve heard that until there’s a chainlink oracle Defi will be unusable. NEAR seems to be backing Flux (oracle aggregator). Any users that can speak to the current state of Defi on NEAR and what to expect in the future?
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2022.01.27 23:48 fntastk My skin after a course of antibiotics for covid (left) vs a month later 🥴 I wish I found a long lasting solution

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2022.01.27 23:48 fractalfay Here I am for you, the brave bitch: Recap of BT90D S05E07

Kim is suffering an acute case of sexual starvation, so she and Usman head out to explore a market for something that will sate her. They land at Kim’s personal red light district when they discover the one gift shop with thousands of entrances all around the world.
“It’s true,” Gino lacstoses. “Jasmine and I went, and I got the same magnet I have at home, except this one says PANAMA.”
Kimberly gets a magnet that says TANZANIA, and declares that all of the hats speak to different moments in Michael Jackson’s career. Usman selects an item from the Smooth Criminal era, when MJ fashioned white fedoras with tourist destinations stitched into the side. He offers Kim a few weak Michael Jackson sounds, and then Kim does her own impersonation by attempting to bully a younger man she showered with gifts into sleeping with her.
Usman is not stimulated by Kim knocking at the door of his pants and demanding he open up, and he reminds her that they agreed to separate rooms before she even bought her plane tickets. This rejection sours Kim’s mood, and she asks to return to the hotel, and sulks away while refusing to hold his hand. Kim does not understand that adjacent to the more dignified friend zone is Now? How about now? Island, and once banished to this place you can never escape the hamster wheel of needling sexual request.
“The only thing less sexy than begging for sex is begging again and again and again,” Usman shakes his head.
“It’s not like I’m begging for sex,” Kim feels like someone needs to have this opinion.
To Kim’s credit, she does manage to reel this in enough to say that she’s not trying to be like his ex wife, chasing him around gravel-voiced with a reptile tongue snaking figure eights around her mouth. Usman appreciates this shift back to Kim’s normal personality, and starts pouring on the charm and telling her she’s beautiful. This breadcrumb is all Kim needs to start running for the sandwich, and when Usman rebuffs her again, she insists she has no plans to ask him to stay in her room again.
Two hours later Usman appears at Kim’s door, shyly asking if he can stay with her. He insists that the slumber party remain a platonic one, and so Kim suggests they can watch a movie, or have sex. Come on, Kim, you can’t pull out that dusty Girl Talk game and have an M&M eating contest with this man between mud masks and toe painting?
“I mean, we could have sex?” Kim has a one-track mind.
Usman instead says they should build a fort of pillows to isolate his genitals from hers, and Kim suggests they ditch the pillows and he can cuddle up to her bod instead.
“Jesus Christ,” Usman is getting winded. “There are thousands of willing parties all around the world. Why are you bothering a man who is not prepared to leave the house?”
Since Kim is not to be dissuaded, Usman starts going off about how Nigerian men store yams in their pants, and since wild yam stimulates the production of estrogen, Kim should really investigate what impact their ongoing relationship might have over menopause.
“Honey, I’m already having hot flashes,” Kim is ready for yams. “I’ve even got this maple syrup ready so it’s more like Thanksgiving and less like a baby eating stage 2.”
Gino can’t take an unescorted trip to a carry-out window without aggressive telephone surveillance and swift action from Rebecca PI, but Jasmine is fixing to disinvite Gino to her divorce celebration so she can be “surprised” by a stripper. It took five long years to break those chains, and Jasmine is ready to put the mental meltdowns of the past behind her, to make room for the mental breakdowns of the present. This also means that she technically cheated on the ex with Gino, proving (yet again) that people preoccupied with cheating usually cheat.
Jasmine makes a dress out of red tights, just like she used to do for her Barbie, and asks Gino to buckle her shoes, because Barbie can’t move her thumbs. The area bars and clubs are closed because of COVID, so Jasmine is simply stumbling to a neighboring hotel room, where all her favorite hairdressers have assembled to sing Jasmine carols and make incriminating videos. Suddenly there’s a knock at the door, and it’s a Proud Boy who got lost on his way to freedom. He asks if he can alleviate himself of all his hidden ballots and hunting weapons, and they agree to pardon any minor crime and pretend he’s a cop while he’s naked.
The stripper is a lot, and as a true professional he’s not going to let something small, like a total lack of music, slow his grind. He origamis his penis into a parrot and balances it on Jasmine’s shoulder, while she laughs and swears she doesn’t like birds.
“As long as I don’t order dinner before I tip him, this is fine,” Jasmine declares between drinks.
While Jasmine’s getting teabagged Gino is having a party-for-one, and keeps busy thinking about how versatile a half-inch width belt is when paired with track pants.
“I also thought about different ways to fold my socks and label them,” Gino’s suitcase is a wonder to behold. “My shorts are arranged by length, and here I have an assortment of coordinated toothpastes.”
“I think you like imitating Gino too much,” Jasmine has found me with her laser eyes, so I’m going to need to wrap my entire house in emergency foil blankets for protection.
Jasmine is drunk and done wiping the stripper’s ball sweat from her eyes, so she’s ready to return to the room with her entourage to rub it in Gino’s face. Gino initially laughs off their arrival, until one of Jasmine’s friends shares a vid of the shenanigans. This friend might have thought Gino would find this funny, but this friend has forgotten that Gino is dating Jasmine, which means he can’t even floss without being tracked by a fleet of drones. Gino’s face does a lot of work arranging the perfect expression of disgust, and he quickly forwards the video to his ex so they can talk about this scandal later. The friends accurately determine that they need to GTFO before they get relationship shrapnel on them, and so they say their goodbyes.
Gino isn’t upset about the stripper itself, but would have preferred it be kept a secret. He asks Jasmine how she would react if roles were reversed, and she admits even thinking about it violates her parole. She apologizes, and says she won’t do it again, and they retreat to the bedroom where Elijah is waiting with his hairbrush.
It’s Elijah’s last night before he returns to Russia, which means it’s his last opportunity to lob a grenade at this fake couple and run from the wreckage.
“Can we talk about the fact that you walked in on us having sex?” Caleb Shatners.
Apparently, Alina gave Elijah keys to their room, and Elijah entered on the hunt for a hairbrush. Caleb asked WTF he was doing, and Elijah responded, “What, I was just checking your body,” and walked away.
“That bitch did call me stunning when we met,” Elijah has arranged a defense. “And you also looked good.”
“Ha ha ha KAH-LUB is uncomfortable and Elijah wants a threesome!” Alina is That Villain.
This couple is even less believable than Ben and Mahogany, but they decide to keep it interesting with a game of Never Have I Ever. Elijah kicks things off by saying he’s never had sex with 100 people, and Caleb drinks.
“Wait, do you drink if you have or if you haven’t?” Elijah asks the question on everyone’s mind.
“Well I believe Caleb had sex with over 100 girls,” Fuck Machine Gino, reporting for commentary. “A lot of girls will have sex if they don’t recognize you. Plus, have you ever been to college? It’s like an orgy, but really expensive.”
“Never have I ever HAD A THREESOME,” Alina completes the setup Elijah started, but no one is drinking. That’s right kids, Caleb had sex with over 100 people, but never had sex with two people at once. The college orgy theory is dead.
This has all been far too subtle for Elijah, and he’s not enjoying dipping himself in chocolate to sweeten his commentary, so he goes all salt with: “Never have I ever keeping a big secret from someone I know 13 years already.”
“I feel like you’re trying to tell me something,” Caleb is wearing his thinking beanie.
“Here I am for you, the brave bitch,” Elijah says to a scowling Alina. “Spill it out bitch, already.”
Elijah tells production that he did this because Alina lies recreationally, and unless he outs her Caleb isn’t going to map what happened until Shaun wows it out at the reunion. Alina says she’ll tell Caleb at the hotel, so for now they can just talk about where this is going. Again. Caleb points out that her inability to tell the truth is a great example as to why where they’re going is nowhere.
“I’m tired of hearing about how we should get to know each other more,” Alina pouts. “If you keep getting to know me, we’ll never be in a relationship.”
“Exactly,” Caleb thinks she’s starting to get it.
“You’re using that as an excuse,” Alina says.
“No, I’m using that as a reason,” Caleb closes.
“So no threesome?” Elijah has to try.
Everyone returns to the hotel, where the crew eagerly records Alina’s prolonged struggle to get into bed, while Caleb keeps reading between the lines. Alina comes clean about her recent cohabitation, and Caleb admits he doesn’t really give a fuck about who she was dating when they first started talking again. What matters, Caleb insists, is that he only found out because of Elijah. Alina seems to think Elijah serving as the information goal post shouldn’t matter, because the information didn’t before Caleb knew about it.
“Have I mentioned my parents treat me like a child?” Alina reminds him. “That’s because I act like one.”
Caleb is not going to be persuaded by her commitment demands or attempts to reroute the conversation, and he once more asserts that this deception proves they don’t know each other well at all, and he has no idea what else she’s hiding.
Mike and Ximena wake up in their hotel room, and Ximena stretches and wonders how fast she can escape to call her sister Wendy and report she finds Mike repulsive. She got vulnerable the night before and told Mike things about her past, and when Mike reacted she noted it felt like he was looking down on her, so she just wants to point out that he’s not better than her. Ximena tells Wendy that it’s very different dealing with Mike alone, just the two of them, and the way he leaves clothes around and farts and burps kills her lady boner and makes her worry she should brace for child #3.
“The man-baby epidemic has spread all across the world,” Wendy thinks Ximena should be realistic. “Once, there were women who gathered annually to report their success at converting their man-babies to men. These women are all dead.”
“Was it suicide?” Ximena whispers.
“It’s kind of like humans having tails. We evolved them away.” Wendy is so wise. “This is how Caleb slept with 100+ women. All he had to do is arrive without a diaper.”
Ximena notes that this is the courting stage, when people are still pooping at neighborhood restaurants and blowing their nose in the bathroom — so what does it mean that one sex later Mike arrived at comfortably gross? Wendy encourages her to just cut the shit and talk to Mike, and to use love and compassion to make their relationship work.
Since it’s raining Mike meets up with Ximena at the hotel’s fireplace, and after they’re served fancy drinks Ximena outlines her complaints, and Mike is startled that her attitude towards him changed so quickly after they had uninterrupted sex.
“It’s almost like when I’m around her family, I’m a potential father,” Mike is putting the Legos together. “But when we’re alone, I’m the guy folding my belt while she wears a Santa costume to play with strippers.”
“I’m 24,” she reminds all of us at home.
“And I’m 34,” Mike declares, farting into the wind. “I’ll try not to be gross, but I don’t know what else to say, or how to turn you on. I got a speeding ticket one time? Yep, 35 in the 25. I didn’t do any time, but that fine…”
This episode of Desperate — but Demanding continues with Memphis, who has been unraveling since before Hamza failed to fuck her brains out.
“I don’t think you really want to get married,” Memphis puts her own feelings on Hamza.
“I am just trying to get the translator to tell you what a bus is,” Hamza tries.
“A bus! With bags?! What is this, every major city in America?!” Memphis is outraged.
With the bus banished as a transportation option, they wait on Hamza’s friend, who is temporarily derailed from driving thanks to forgotten papers.
“I mean, there is a man-baby pandemic,” Hamza shrugs. “I don’t know why his mom didn’t pin his papers to his shirt.”
Hamza’s friend suggests the paper retrieval will take five minutes, and Hamza pads it and says 10 or 15. An hour later, and they are still sitting in a car while Hamza weighs their upcoming night in a hotel, where he hopes to stretch his reputation from two-minute man to five to match his number.
“Five?” Caleb smirks.
“Yes, and I am lying!” Hamza is stoked.
“NO! No!” Memphis yells at Hamza’s dick. “That’s not what we agreed to! You’re not listening! FIFTEEN MINUTES! FIFTEEN!”
“It doesn’t have ears, and it lives in my pants!” Hamza tries so hard.
“Do you even want to get married?” Memphis is determined to ask this question until the answer is no.
The hour of lag time means they’ll arrive in the city too late for the consulate, so they plan to head there the next day instead.
“I feel like he doesn’t take it seriously,” says the person who was seriously married twice before.
Hamza’s friend drops them off at their hotel, and Memphis manages to toss a “thanks for driving us” over her shoulder. Hamza’s growing impatient with her nagging nature, and hopes he sees more evidence of her softer side soon.
Hamza might have fallen short with booking a ride to the consulate, but he delivers with the hotel room, which is two floors of wonder, and more like an apartment than a room. Memphis wants a drink, and Hamza says he only drinks with someone special, which brightens her interview mood. She demands the bartender just put two straws in one bottle of Grey Goose, and then warns Hamza that keeping pace with her could result in whiskey dick, and he says, “This is vodka. I’ll just pass out inside of you.”
“Well okay, as long as you sleep awhile,” Memphis is pleased.
Memphis is still a bit worried that she hasn’t successfully detonated this budding marriage, so she says that if they don’t get married the next day, she’ll be 100% single when she heads back to the US. Hamza is finally angry, and says he feels like being married is more important to Memphis than the man.
Ella can’t fathom why Johnny is reluctant to leave the safety of his home and all the people he provides for, so he can visit Ella for three months in a state where he’s likely to be accused of smuggling the virus over in his shoes by someone not wearing a face mask.
“He’s worried about COVID, which I think is stupid,” Ella dumbs over brunch.
“It sounds like there’s something he’s not telling you,” one of them reads off of a card before returning to their bacon.
Ella calls Johnny to express her frustration and ask why a hazmat suit isn’t enough for him to ET his way to the airport to board a non-existent outbound flight. Johnny tries to explain to her that nobody knows what kind of affect 5G is going to have on airplanes, and they don’t let anyone off returning flights from the states without a prison shower of Lysol, a couple of dunks in the sanitizer tank, and a gunpowder scan.
“Delta is bad in the US, and Donald Trump will never die,” Johnny tries. “If I get COVID in the US, it will cost me $1M, and I’ll have to declare bankruptcy or break bad.”
“This has taken emotional trauma on myself,” Ella is not an English or a science. “I mean, we have SO MANY meth heads, and GoFundMe, so it’s not like you don’t have options. I mean, how would they even bill you? Plus, I own a ranch, so there’s plenty of ivermectin!”
“We call that American thinking,” Johnny explains. “Not just because it doesn’t make sense. And is still spoken with such conviction. But the part where you call something a ‘trauma’ that is just an inconvenience. You don’t have patience.”
“I really do love him,” Ella says. “Guess I’ll have to be on The Other Way…”
This is American 90DF thinking.
Ben is headed for the airport, to test if his brain is powerful enough to gollum a girlfriend. His 20 year-old son Elijah is the latest 90DF young adult parenting the parents, and so he picks his dad up to take him to the airport. Elijah tells his dad that he really just wants him to be careful, and doesn’t want to see him getting hurt, especially since he’s just a little guy taking his first steps in a great big world. Ben insists that Elijah doesn’t understand how amazing his imaginary friend really is, but he knows this one is better than the last. Elijah says he just hopes he returns with both of his kidneys, and they chuckle away.
“No seriously, what’s your blood type again, dad?” Elijah wants to be prepared.
Once inside the airport, Ben gets a text from Mahogany asking him not to come, because her father doesn’t trust his intentions. Turns out Ben attempted to visit before, but three days before his scheduled departure Mahogany told him he couldn’t come, because he needs to meet her parents first. This time, Ben intends to ignore her requests, because there are cameras.
“God is in control. Trust your heart,” Ben texts to Mahogany. “By that I mean, do what I want. Didn’t you say you want to help people?”
NEXT TIME: Ben goes to Peru for his off-stage debut, Mike asks Ximena’s dad for her hand in marriage, Memphis picks an odd time to demand a prenup from someone reluctant to marry her, Kim’s dick fishing ventures into deep waters, and an ex of Gino’s contacts Jasmine to let her know she’s not quite as ex as she seems.
Thank you, Patreons!
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2022.01.27 23:48 PizzaFacedStoner Have any annual members seen anything about tickets for the game on feb 13?

I see they added the presale onto seatgeek but I haven’t gotten any emails about it
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