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2022.01.28 06:12 thatmanadrian my 0/4/6 Twitch begging me for a single kill in lane, which I don’t give to him bc I’m playing Lux and took ignite😌💅✨

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2022.01.28 06:12 griedengurdien What makes you prefer Brussels over other cities (Belgian and/or foreign)?

I know this is a pretty broad question, but I haven't really been "feeling" Brussels lately. I moved here right at the beginning of the second lockdown so I've been living here for a while but not under the best circumstances, obviously. I live in the centre but I love taking the metro to the other communes to walk around, feel the vibe, etc. But lately, I feel like I'm just noticing the bad rather than the good in the city, so might be nice to be reminded of some of the great aspects of Brussels :)
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2022.01.28 06:12 singuei99 Milsim game on low end PC

So I've got a PC with 8GB of RAM, an I7 9700K and a 1660. My friend just bought a computer with 8GB of RAM, I5 10300H and a 1650. I've got Tarkov, Squad, Hell Let Loose and Arma 3 already and only playing Foxhole/ESO/ Day Z with him we both want some fresh air. I was thinking about Ready Or Not but my friend want something else too. Also if you got any good military RTS outside of the Eugen ones as we have them or any good coop or online games that we could play in the line of tactical FPS, MMORPG (I have WoW, ESO and New World) or any other great multiplayer experience like new survival game (already got Day Z, Rust and especially huge potential early acess games. I already have all the games on Game Base Ultimate and love early acess game that have a great potential. I would prefer games below like 25 CAD altought I can a bit more expensive. Thing is that I dont really have money to buy RAM right now, I have a M2 WD Black 500GB too to install but I've done it so it makes me a bit anxious and my computer is an Asus Strix Prebuild (GL10CS) and its pretty cramped so I'm waiting until my birthday to it with my uncle who has a company in informatics to teach me (I know I'm a noob always played PC, never build one or upgrade it myself). Also if any of you would be down to play to whatever game I could run it would be great. Also I ask myself if you have any advices or software to maximise my RAM will gaming because its always using alot even when not gaming.
Thank you very much and sorry again for the huge text, I've been searching alot on Steam and Google and told myself that Reddit might have ideas for me.
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2022.01.28 06:12 IndividualMeeting479 Can anyone help? I don't have a lot of money so transferred as much as I could to get a small slice. The gas miner fee was pretty high so I set it low myself and let me put it through. It's been pending for a few hours now what will happen?

Can anyone help? I don't have a lot of money so transferred as much as I could to get a small slice. The gas miner fee was pretty high so I set it low myself and let me put it through. It's been pending for a few hours now what will happen? submitted by IndividualMeeting479 to roboinu [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 06:12 kilozeta CCPlease what is this locking distance on gate rats? Players cant even lock at that range why are the AI able to?

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So this happened a few years back. I’d been living in a house of three, but one of us was graduating so the remaining two (me and Ella) said we’d get a flat together.
As she was my best friend, I was super excited and looking forward to it. We found a flat perfectly located, affordable, newly renovated, one room 5ft by 10ft with a teeny tiny en suite (why that space wasn’t used for a wardrobe/drawers idk), the other room 3x4metres and getting the bathroom. Anyway, the only real issue is the bedrooms, but I say okay it’s fine you take the big one. Mistake numero uno!
In my country you tend to sign up for student accom several months in advance. So in this time, she meets a guy, let’s call him Fred! Great, I’m happy for her. I haven’t met him yet, he does ballroom and Latin dancing like her and they’d met at a competition. Two weeks later is my birthday. We’re all supposed to be going to an event non birthday related on the Monday, then on the weds (actual bday) making dinner together at home and watching movies.
Monday night event, she turns around after an hour out at 9pm, says Fred is parked down the street to pick her up and take her back to his parents house about 45 mins drive away. We’re all confused, she’s leaving, we just arrived? But we don’t really get a chance to say anything as she darts out. I say “hey, you’ll ge home for dinner in Wednesday right?!” And she goes “oh my gosh of course, I’d never miss it. Love you!” As she’s quite literally rubbing out the door. Okay then, we have a good night.
Weds rolls around. Ella isn’t home and hasn’t replied to my messages. My other housemate makes breakfast with me and we go about our days. Still haven’t heard from Ella tho, but we both message her dinner at 7. Get home - no Ella. We wait. Nothing. Start making dinner. Wait again. We’ve tried calling, texting. I’m feeling upset. Jenny (other pal) gently suggests we eat. We do, watch movies, but I’m obvs feeling let down whilst telling Jenny how much i appreciate her. It comes to 10.30pmish, and we’re literally turning everything off to go to bed. In comes flying Ella. Full of apologies. Practically throws a gift at me. Ice no idea how to respond. Open it and it’s a great gift - piano music and a locket, she’s got a matching one. I’m on a bit of an emotional roller coaster now. I say thank you and it’s all fine, ask where she’s been. Heart sinks as she tells me it was Fred’s friend birthday. So they all went out for dinner. She’s known Fred two weeks, never met this friend or his gf - but ditched my birthday dinner to go this strangers?
We move into the new flat a month later. I’ve met Fred once at this point, he seems nice enough but idk if it’ll last.
We’re sitting at the top of our new stairs on move in day and she casually mentions that on her to do list... is getting Fred a key cut! I’m completely taken aback and explain I’d rather not do that. She asks why can’t he have one, and anyway we had a spare key at our old house? I say that a) I don’t know Fred and knew all previous bf’s b) she’s only known Fred a few months at this point and she said a key for him not a general spare c) this is a new flat and home for us two, bf’s welcome to stay ofc, not move in but would like to settle in first d) with our old place people could post the key back through the letterbox, as our new place was a flat we literally didn’t have one or a concierge etc, it would have to be left in the general building hallway. Not safe or practical. She did accept all this and I thought it was fine.
Fred comes back from a holiday... and seems to move into our flat. Showering twice a day due to his gym sessions. Never leaves. There when I get home cooking in our kitchen for himself, no Ella to be seen (eggs ofc). I’m being woken up at 5am to them having loud vigorous sex as he has to leave for work or training. He’s always quite chatty and polite so I don’t feel like I can say anything.
So I grab the next chance I have to talk to her alone (finally!!!) about maybe turning down the sex volume (I’m all for great sex but there’s a limit, yano?). She laughs, is all “oh no can you hear?” Tries to give vivid descriptions and ends with telling me she texted Fred what I was saying (!!!) and he recommends I buy ear plugs, this is just how it is in flatmate living. I snap for the first time and say no, I won’t get ear plugs. And I say he’s around way too much, when is he going home? We haven’t been there long but we haven’t even hung out or gone for food like we used to - and we both had bf’s back then! She explains how convenient it is that we live in town for Fred and his work, since he lives at his parents so far away. I say I get that, but he’s there all the time, I get it’s new love and all but can he stay at his parents every now and again please. She says sorry, she’s got carried away.
Over this time, Ella becomes dancing partners with Fred. She also becomes very diet focussed, I’d say borderline anorexic and barely eating. She had a 3 egg omelette for breakfast, doesn’t eat all day, comes home and eats some chicken wings, goes to bed exhausted. She’s busy exercising lots and going sand dune running with Fred. The motivation - to be the skinniest dancer there is. She won’t even eat tomatoes anymore as “they’re a carb”. I’m increasingly concerned for her health, Fred may not be staying with us as much but she’s so exhausted she comes home, nibbles wings and goes to bed. So I’m still limited on communication with her.
I try talking to her - and she says how unhappy she would be if she were my size. Lol. I was a U.K. 8 (US size 4), the same size she had always been as we’d share clothes, whilst she was now heading to a U.K. 4. But yeah, that one stung. I manage to get her to meet me for a drink in town one afternoon. I’ve been single for six months now as my long term relationship ended, and I’ve been saying how I’ve been enjoying having just “me” time and going on some dates but generally just enjoying life. She hasn’t really been keeping up with me so it’s a bit like catching up with a friend you haven’t seen for ages, as opposed to someone you live with. She looks at me all sympathetically, looks me dead in the eyes and goes “mmm, I’d want to know what was wrong with me if I’d been single for six months!” Sigh.
Anyway we’ve now been living in the flat for about 3 months. Fred is eating my food (Ella has none), using my pots and pans, using our appliances “have to wash my gym stuff straight away or it smells!” And it’s turned into when she’s at ours, it with him, or she’s with him at his parents house leaving me alone in the flat.
I wake up one day, go to the kitchen... to find all the new food items I’d bought opened. Eggs are gone, my herbs and spices (still in wrapper) opened and used. I’m fuming. I text her immediately to tell her bf to stop touching my stuff or going in my cupboards or fridge shelves. Thirty seconds later I hear stomps on the stairs and he flies into my kitchen!! He’s in the flat. And he’s going “what’s your problem! You don’t want Ella to be happy!” Etc etc. Looking back, boy did I do well to be so reasonable and “talk” to him about my issues and why I think it’s rude to use things that belong to others. He says he’s always shared with flatmates. I say that may be so, but he isn’t my flatmate, I didn’t sign up to live with him. Ofc I want Ella to be happy, but doesn’t with of them care about me being happy? What exactly am i getting out of this situation, and I barley know him? Why is he in the flat without ella. The conversation actually ends ok, and I think it’s gone quite well. The next day theres some new stuff left out on the side with his name written on it (lol) but hey - at least he went to the shops? I helpfully put it all in Ella’s cupboard for him.
Things seem to be going okay. They’re spending much more time at Fred’s parents but hey at least I’m not being bothered and the electricity bill has dramatically decreased (elec only home).
I wake up on Saturday, walk into the kitchen/living room and... there are all these men. Five of them. On the sofas, on the floor. I’ve never seen it met any of them. One goes to me “turn the light off, we’re sleeping.” I walk straight out go up to Ella’s door and knock on it until she answers. I ask wtf are all these guys in our living room?! I want to have breakfast? She’s v sleepy and goes “oh they’re Fred’s friends, it’s easier for them to stay here than get a taxi home (yeah I bet much CHEAPER too). I wasn’t out! But I made sure they were really quiet when I snuck them in at 3am, we didn’t wake you!” I’m gobsmacked and tell her that we are talking about this tonight, and Fred isn’t welcome, he is to be back at his parents. She can tell I’m serious and meekly goes “ok” and I go back to my room, fuming.
I make it clear that evening that it isn’t a hotel, I don’t expect strangers to be “crashing” here unasked, especially when my room is so small I work at the dinner table and my chest of drawers is LITERALLY in the corner of the living room so I can dress myself. She does apologise and says it won’t happen again - she says that Fred seemed to think it would be fine as we were now “friends” after our conversation?? We actually end up have a nice evening hanging out like we used to. It’s like having Ella back. Famous last words.
The next weekend... she texts me. Asking if Fred and his pals can crash after their night out. No, she’s not going as she’s too exhausted. I reply saying no, they can get a taxi back (Fred earns enough). We have a bit of a row, but I leave it that it’s a hard bloody no, I’ll tell our landlord if she gets a key cut (I suspect she maybe has as I can hear movement upstairs when I know she’s at work) and she can move out and get a place with Fred if that’s how she wants to live.
I barely see her for the next month and I suspect she’s moved to Fred’s as when I go to the basement her largest suitcase is gone and there’s no sign of life in the general bathroom/flat.
I’m not sure if we’re going to see eachother before Xmas, mug that I am I still get her a gift. I’m still messaging her (mostly ignored) and she says she’s too busy to do anything Xmassy this year. Fine.
In the new year, I get a text from her asking me to pay half the council tax bill. As she’s only a part time student she’s on the hook for it - I’m exempt. I know how much she’s earning and I helped her apply for her job. She pleads poverty as the private dance classes she has with Fred are so expensive - as are the outfits, comps, travel. I reply saying I’m sorry to hear her situation but the bill isn’t for me so I won’t be paying. She doesn’t reply.
We barely speak or see each other the rest of the tenancy. It impacted my mental health quite a bit as frankly, I wasn’t expecting to end up living by myself and would’ve lived with other friends had I thought this would happen.
Two weeks before the move out date, I’m corresponding with her about logistics. She is much warmer than she has been previously. I also start to see signs of life in the flat (the v rare times she was in before we’d just avoid each other and wait for doors to close to go into other rooms etc).
She ends up being there with her brother (v nice boy) as I’m stacking up my boxes ready. She acts like nothing ever happened, I’m likely obviously guarded. She says she’s been back a bit recently but not seen me - I explain I’m seeing a guy and been visiting friends on weekends. I gingerly ask how is Fred. She responds “turns out he’s a dick”. I’m like “oh dear. I’m sorry to hear that... are you okay?” Turns out he cheated on her... with a guy. It also turns out all that time she was staying at his? His parents started charging her rent. Lol. After Fred never paid a penny when he was at ours tripling our electricity bill. She apologised for the council tax request, and for how the year had gone. I still have her Xmas gift and give it to her. It kinda felt like a closure chat? She’s says maybe we can get a coffee soon. I say I really appreciate the apology, but I’ll have to think about the coffee. She looks a bit sad but accepts it.
We go out separate ways. I’m living with my other friends who had known us both from way back, and I tell him what happened. He encourages me to meet her with a coffee - after all, we’d been so close, the bf was the real problem and root of the mean comments etc? So I send her a message about meeting up. I get a vitriolic reply, that I’m a two faced bitch and should stop talking about her. I’m genuinely flabbergasted and show my new and improved housemate. He’s shocked and ask who I’ve been speaking to about her? I say no one - he’s the only person I’ve told about what happened with her and Fred, and with other people who has asked about how living together had gone I’d been factual and honest throughout the year “we’re not close anymore, I think she lives at her boyfriends... no I don’t like him much, he tried to move in and ate my food”. I told one mutual friend that she’d apologised but I wasn’t sure about being friends again. I’ve no idea if she tried to reconnect with some of our old friends now she was single again and someone said I’d told them how horrid it had been? But wow, he thought I wouldn’t tell anyone?
Anyway, I reply saying I don’t know what she is talking about, I haven’t shared her relationship info, I’ve been honest with people throughout the year that we weren’t friends anymore (accurate), and that clearly my initial instincts to stay away and not give her a second chance had been correct.
We haven’t even or spoken since!!
Anyway, this became v long but I hope someone enjoys it! Haha :)
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