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Game thread: Santa Clara vs. BYU [11:00 PM EST]

2022.01.28 00:01 NCAABBallPoster Game thread: Santa Clara vs. BYU [11:00 PM EST]

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2022.01.28 00:01 jdillinger714 IPTV

Does anyone here use IPTV by IPTorrent?
Can anyone recommend any other reliable and affordable iptv services?
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2022.01.28 00:01 NCAABBallPoster Game thread: Gonzaga vs. LMU (CA) [11:00 PM EST]

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2022.01.28 00:01 HomeForSinner Optimistic conspiracy theory: Fed, etc allowing it to go this far to get as many people on board

If we'd seen a full moass a year ago, I would have sold what few shares I had in the thousands. I was young, I knew not what I do. I'd only ever used crayons for drawing.
Here's my whacky optimistic conspiracy theory: I'd like to believe the Fed is pretending to be siding with hedgies so they don't lose campaign financing. It's no secret money runs the US gov. They don't cancel student debt due to fear of being on banks bad sides. But what if, through no fault of the feds, millions of people suddenly came into generational wealth and were able to fund the necessary changes? All that tax revenue, all that social work, all those new businesses sprouting up.
Think about how many more people have joined. Think about how much we've all increased our positions, how much we've learned. I had never heard of DRS a year ago. I know some people have closed out and gave up early, I understand. But how many of them are jumping back in now? No one paying attention is selling; not now.
Would you have rather had a once in a lifetime event happen with little warning, or a year to prepare and recruit fellow humans?
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2022.01.28 00:01 minh1407 what if

what if the new expansion was called Dragonflight and there was a new class called Invoker and a new humanoid dragon race and they gave us back a talentsystem resembling the classic one and they overhauled the entrie professionsystem and in the cinematic we would watch some watcher who has been chilling on he dragonisles for millenia ready to rebuild some ball. would be nice huh
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2022.01.28 00:01 BlackRussianTV Your earnings will keep growing as long as you're watching YouTube, reading...

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2022.01.28 00:01 rude-_-canadian Quick someone help - I want to pre-order the game for my spouse via steam

If I gift them the game on steam, right now, will they still get all those pre-order benefits? I'm sorry I don't play and have no idea what I'm talking about but they said that preorders gives them a certain army or something? I want to surprise them with the game but I also don't want to ruin any pre-order benefits they might get by buying it for them... can someone confirm this for me?
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2022.01.28 00:01 AdeptBreak9442 Let's Go

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2022.01.28 00:01 autotldr Holocaust Memorial Day: TikTok launches plan to fight Holocaust denial

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 69%. (I'm a bot)

TikTok has rolled out new measures to combat Holocaust denial on its platform in partnership with Unesco and the World Jewish Congress.
Speaking on Holocaust Memorial Day, TikTok said that when people search for a term related to the Holocaust, they will now see a banner at the top of the results page that prompts them to visit a WJC and Unesco website aboutholocaust.org to learn more.
WJC President Ronald Lauder welcomed the new measures and said: "TikTok is known for its ability to reach a younger audience, many of them uninformed about the horrors of the Holocaust, and particularly susceptible to misinformation."
Type "Holocaust" into TikTok's search bar and you'll get auto-complete suggestions like "Holocaust survivors", "Holocaust Memorial Day" and "Holocaust educational".
TikTok's action will be widely seen as a positive step in tackling Holocaust denial, but the big social media companies still have more to do.
Responding to concerns about algorithms, TikTok said, "We do not tolerate content that denies the Holocaust and other genocides, and there is no place for anti-Semitism on our platform."We continually strengthen our policies and systems that work to counter hateful behaviour, and we welcome guidance from experts like Unesco as we strive to promote a safe community environment.
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Post found in /news.
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2022.01.28 00:01 Ok-Bike-81 Academics... Maybe?

Hi everyone. I'm a second year student currently and I am realizing that I'm really curious about research in the PT realm and also possibly becoming a faculty member with my program in the future. However... I'm an introvert, and public speaking really scares me. I feel very conflicted because I have this new passion for being a part of teaching the coming generations of PTs but I don't know if I could handle the stress of being in academia, although I feel almost, closely tied to it? Like it's where I should be? I'm not really sure. (I also have a feeling that working in the clinic full time will burn me out after awhile, being an introvert). Has anyone else felt this way about going into academia, or know of anyone who has? I have talked with several of my professors about it, one of which is the program chair and she said I'm the "perfect person" to be asking these questions. I want to become a lab assistant with some labs in my program first once I have a couple years of experience but I'm scared about taking that leap into full time faculty. Any advice?
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2022.01.28 00:01 numisnainuss Was trying to do a small animation but Aseprite crashed so I was left with the first frame :( good enough I guess

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2022.01.28 00:01 cereal_bawks Is the Student Center not updating for anybody else?

I'm trying to add a class that the professor told me should be open because someone dropped, but it still shows as closed on the Student Center, so I can't add it. I also added another class which is showing up on Canvas, but the Student Center does not show that I'm enrolled in it. Does it just take a while for it to update? I'm getting a bit anxious since I'm unable to add a class because of this.
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2022.01.28 00:01 introsort [Hiring] Highspot - Software Engineer 2 (Native Mobile), Shared UX (Highspot)

To learn more and apply for the job, please see Highspot - Software Engineer 2 (Native Mobile), Shared UX
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2022.01.28 00:01 qsaisomboon how broken

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2022.01.28 00:01 Pepperoni-slice What do you think the overall most perfect TV show is?

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2022.01.28 00:01 Ever-shifting So like I know my joke was bad lol, but this was kinda dry right? Honestly thought he would unmatch after…

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2022.01.28 00:01 wheatroot Seems Familiar

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2022.01.28 00:01 DRAGOVELI Just started a brand and I plan on exploring a lot with clothing for everybody. Give me ideas in the comments and I’ll insert it!

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2022.01.28 00:01 YeOldeManDan Something I learned in training this week: OSHA exposure limits are over 50 years old!

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2022.01.28 00:01 Viision26 pc

will this work on my pc?
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2022.01.28 00:01 laurels86 North American Songbirds "Spring Clean Up" by Buffalo, 1000 pieces

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2022.01.28 00:01 HumblePie02 The floor seems like an odd choice for a cozy place…

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2022.01.28 00:01 joelovescash Will adding a wifi card bottleneck a gpu?

Alrighty, this is probably nothing to worry about, but I figured I'd ask to get some details straightened out.
I've been running a 2080ti and 9900k on a z390 mobo for a little while, all of which are 3.0. However, I just upgraded to a 3080ti which uses pcie 4.0 over 3.0 on the 2080ti. Based on what I've seen there's little to no difference currently when running 4.0 vs 3.0 when both are on x16. Obviously the 3080ti will be running at 3.0 anyways because of the mobo, but that doesn't really matter right now.
Since the msi z390 carbon doesn't have built-in wifi, I added a wifi/bt card in one of the x4 slots. I've been informed that adding another pcie device will make the x16 slot run at x8, which does have a performance drop, albeit minimal, but more than 4.0 vs 3.0 x16.
Is adding that wifi card really making the pcie 3.0 x16 slot run at 3.0 x8, and therefore causing a slight performance drop? Especially if the 3080ti is using higher bandwidth than a 2080ti. The 9900k only supports 16 lanes, like most chips, except I've seen the 12th gen now do 16+4?
I just want to see if I'm thinking about all of this correctly. I'm not about to revamp my whole system over a couple percentage points in fps, but I'm still learning how all of this works.
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2022.01.28 00:01 TheFakeLantern Just another one of these damn things

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