18M looking for something long-term

2022.01.22 23:19 a7senatexa 18M looking for something long-term

Hi ! I'm Tushar from Bangladesh . I hope you all are having a pretty nice day . So It's been long since I'm in this sub but i couldn't really make much friends. Honestly i never had friends ( i meant true friends ) irl. I had 2-3 guys when i was at highschool but sadly they turned out to be something else.I tried making friends online but it barely worked out for me.People just have some chat and they ghost me . It's one of the reasons i have always been upset and lonely as i lack of friends. Well , it's also true that I'm not really interesting because i don't have much hobbies and i spend my time mostly reading my academic books and sometimes listening to music. Yet I'm hopeful that i may find someone who's very similar to me. I mean like we both may have same feelings and we do want someone who can be supportive in our hard times. So Yeah just hmu. I'm very eager to listen to you and you'll hear more about me when we start talking. Have a good day and take care!
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2022.01.22 23:19 spasmolytic5791 Regarding The Puzzle/Snuggles Digipak

Is anyone still waiting for delivery from Deutsche Post DHL?
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2022.01.22 23:19 CobraRon84 Solar Collectors and PV Panels

We are in the final stages of building our house in north central Florida and are having a pool installed with 500 sqft of solar collectors on the south roof for heating the pool. I reached out to a local very reputable solar installer to get a preliminary quote on PV panels and they pushed back hard on the solar collectors. They recommended we cancel the collector install, increase the size of the PV panels, and install a heat pump for the pool. I realize the PV company is a bit biased in their advice but I’ve also done extensive research on the collectors. They have a payback period of 2 to 3 years, require no maintenance (aside from any water leaks), and don’t degrade over time. Is sticking with the collectors the right call here?
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2022.01.22 23:19 throwthishoe420 it is what it is

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2022.01.22 23:19 marianareads My top 10 BEST books of 2021

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2022.01.22 23:19 Usual-Werewolf-625 (Ds3)(ps4) need help with nameless king

Put sign by the lever and password is bruh
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2022.01.22 23:19 harleyduke12 link is down below lets have some fun

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2022.01.22 23:19 bmwdrugcartel Spotify????

Is spotify alright? First they took off a few albums like Resurrection a few days ago and took even more off yesterday. Some of the album art has been changed too, like Vetelgyus and Phoenix Rising both have album art that looks like it's been deep fried. Tf happened??
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2022.01.22 23:19 MooseMalloy Pixies - Winterlong

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2022.01.22 23:19 Spiritual_Advance135 Realgood frozen food - OK to have?

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2022.01.22 23:19 NFTSpotlighter 🎁 NFT GIVEAWAY 🎁 UPVOTE ⬆️ AND DROP YOUR WALLET ADDRESS! 🐇Travel Bunny Club NFT🐇 READ COMMENT!

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2022.01.22 23:19 NeonCelebsNFT MESSI 🔥 GOLDEN CARD! Just 0.018 ETH🔥 BUY YOUR FAVORITE CELEBRITIES! “Your celebrities in your wallet!”🌎💣 USE THIS! Just one MESSI GOLD CARD!

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2022.01.22 23:19 Cold_Ad8276 feet feet feet

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2022.01.22 23:19 jojo8080809 Me, 36 M, her 29 F and recurring conflicts about the same issues

About me: 36 M, likes going out, enjoys interacting with others, likes the outdoors, an academic with some nerdy tendencies, been single for some time now, very few serious relationships in my history. Her: 30 F, enjoys going out, outdoors, more of homebody than myself, less talkative than me (this is a first for me!), not nerdy or academic though is educated, very recently out of a 5 year marriage. We've been dating for a few months. It started off as a hook up and pretty quickly progressed to something more serious. We have things in common like going outdoors, enjoy each others company, the sex is really good. For a while, it was mainly the sex that kept us going, but recently we started doing other things together (weekend trips, going out to places, etc.). I'll be honest.. at times it feels like there is not that much to talk about. I have a very wide range of things I wanna talk about, everything from history, politics, philosophy, art, to just normal every day things -- but often times the conversation is one sided, in that she just doesn't always respond to things or will actively change the subject. Or, I'll say something that I think is benign and it will just completely rub her the wrong way. We have not met each others friends or anything like that... I guess that's enough background.
The recurring thing that keeps happening is that she will select something I say or do and then will infer something serious from it, and then I'll react and say she's making a big deal out of nothing... I realize this sounds familiar. One of the recurring issues has to do with me supposedly looking around at other women. She says the issue stems from her feeling insecure because she thinks that I like women curvier than her (she once asked me what porn I watch and I stupidly answered that question). I want to give you a few examples...
I took her out to a touristy place here in town, she asked if I've been there before, and I mentioned "yeah I brought my guy friends here. I remember we took pictures right there" (I had to specify male friends mind you, if I say anything about women in my life anywhere (friends or otherwise) she immediately gets suspicious or upset about it). She immediately got upset about it, saying, "Oh okay, so you're not gonna take pictures right, cuz you took them already with them?!". I was so confused by how this could be an issue, so I reacted like "Are you seriously upset about this?!". Small tiff ensues.
I pick her up to go on a weekend trip. She has a backpack and a suitcase, but I didn't know she was bringing both. I walked up to her door, knocked, got no answer, and I forgot her apartment key, so I couldn't get in. Plus, I was illegally parked so I ran back to my car to wait for her. I see her come out struggling with the suitcase. I didn't go out to help her (that was my fault! But in the past I've offered other sorts of help and she says she wants to be an independent women, etc.). I open the trunk, she puts her stuff in and gets in the car. She says something about how the "gentleman" period is over, how I should've helped her, etc. I told her what happened (that I forgot her apartment key) and her response, in a clearly upset and serious af tone, "So gimme back my key, now. Give it back." I react back at this, but don't say too much. Just kept it quiet. We make up 15 minutes later, with her apologizing first.
It was night. We were walking along the boardwalk area and admiring the city lights, we were hugging and kissing, and then had a brief moment where we paused because we heard some people walking by. These two people (who I think were two men, but I'm not sure!) walked near us and passed us. Due to safety reasons (and due to stuff that's happen to me in the past in this city), I looked to see who it was. It was dark, but I think it was two men. She asked me immediately "Who was it? Why were you staring? Was it a girl?". I was like, "Noooo I was just making sure it wasn't anything serious. Just a normal glance." I've explained to her several times that I feel like it is normal for human beings to look at other human beings, to glance, and to register other things in our perceptual field as objects or persons or dogs, etc. I don't think it's okay to ogle, and I maintain that I do not ogle women, but I feel like it's only normal to look at things, register they exist and go about our day. I always say I don't flirt, ask out, stare, ogle, etc. Note: she does not like this explanation of mine.
Later that night we're walking some more and in the distance we see a couple and a guy gets down on his knee to propose to the woman. I see it first and I say "Omg, look at that!". She goes "wow, that's amazing." And then I keep looking. I mean, isn't that what we do? We watch a proposal? I just felt happy to be witnessing this, I found it cool. She immediately says "Why do you keep looking? Oh, you're looking at her ass aren't you?". And, I was like "Nooo, I swear, they're far away, they're proposing, it's a unique thing to look at."
Recently, we made plans to go out and I said, great, I'll see you, I'll pick you up, etc. Then she said "Okay I'll see you then." Since she had a long day and I was concerned about how she was feeling and whether she had the energy levels, I asked "Did you get some rest?". Just that question led her to canceling and telling me that I ruined the evening, how could I ask her that, etc. Alright... I realize it is an anti-climactic question. It's a stupid thing to ask after you've already confirmed plans. But after I explained to her that I'm totally down (earlier I said I was excited to go out) and that I was only concerned about her, she *still* held it against me. Stuff like this happens often -- as the relationship has gone on, I've become very very careful about what words comes out of my mouth. I feel like I screen out 80% of things I wanna say. I think this partly leads to moments of quiet between us.
My complaint to her is that she doesn't give me benefit of the doubt; she will take a comment or an action and interpret it in the worst way possible. When I explain this, we'll go back and forth a little bit, talk about trust issues, insecurity issues, etc. And often times she will apologize and we will both apologize (it varies as to who does it first). I'll usually say "I'm sorry you felt that way, but I wasn't looking at X or I didn't mean X" and then she'll apologize later, etc.
Yall, I need help. I haven't been in a serious relationship in a while, but the handful of women I've been with in the past have never been like this (but those were situationships or casual flings). I had one that this kind of reminds me of (in that we always went back and forth, make up/break up), and that was the one other serious relationship I've had in life (didn't end well). I realize that communication between two romantic partners has its challenges, and a little bit of argumentation and make up/break up is normal. But, I'm curious -- what does this sound like to you? What should we do? I actually proposed a relationship counselor for us, but she wasn't feeling it (I think not a fan of it, she didn't even go to one before divorcing her husband). She did say that I could go to one and should feel free to talk about us. Aside from the counselor route, any advice? Sometimes I feel like the body insecurity issue + our communication problems (feels like we're on two different wavelengths) are foundational problems that will undermine our relationship in the long run. Thus, I feel like I should end it. Other times I feel so blessed to be with her and that I must try harder and do better.
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2022.01.22 23:19 clenson7 Updated my account a bit. New bio, added a few pictures. Thoughts??

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2022.01.22 23:19 Je57ix Riverside dwelling with seaplane

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2022.01.22 23:19 UsernamesIrrelevant What You Need To Know About THE SPIRITS OF NEW YORK

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2022.01.22 23:19 backyardheavens the Pleiades

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2022.01.22 23:19 guessImLily Too much pink??? I think not enough!

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2022.01.22 23:19 loopuleasa SoloMission is now #1 on League ladder, and managed to unlock all relic slots, and also made a video somehow

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2022.01.22 23:19 tisht0sh [18+F] Who’s my match and/or male equivalent?

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2022.01.22 23:19 fvown [US-SC] [H] PayPal [W] Any Artisan Mousepad

Looking for any Artisan mousepad, preferably new or like new
PM me with offers
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2022.01.22 23:19 MaMaJillianLeanna Maybe I've been away for too long, but what is the expected etiquette for...

TL;DR at the bottom.
I don't record my games and this all happened so fast so I truly don't have the evidence to report this but I'm asking what is expected of me in this scenario that JUST happened:
Spawn in, my build is and always will include Bond, Self Care, Spine Chill, and Urban Evasion. I really like bond because it helps me remain aware of those around me considering I'm mostly a solo player. Off the bat, a Nea clicks her flashlight towards me, I do my normal "Oh hi there" teabag, and she runs off. I can see a Jill's aura with bond and she just TAPS a totem and it is instantly blessed. At first I was stunned and then I was flabberghasted as this particular boon totem had 6 perks tied to it...
So a this point I'm kind of just standing there and Nea reappears with legion chasing her. I wave legion towards me because I don't want to play with cheaters/hackers so I just figured I'd give up on hook. He hooks me and I go to use my attempts... Instantly unhook myself and get teleported to the nearest corner.
...mmmk. So I drop a pallet and loud vault twice. Legion is chasing a Dwight. So I decide to go ahead and self heal... I tap myself for a LITERAL SPLIT SECOND and I am instantly healed. Then Dwight goes down across the map and suddenly legion is right in front of me mid pick up animation with Dwight, but nobody is on his shoulder. He looks at me and I just waved towards myself. Legion downs me, hooks me.... INSTANT lobster god. No stage two, no animation, like INSTANT score screen.
Killer was on another platform (I'm on PC) and these three survivors were also on PC. I go to report them (which I know doesn't really do anything these days) and I get the Dwight, I get the Jill, and the MOMENT I click on Nea, my game hard crashes.
TL;DR: Solo paired up with a 3SWF gang of cheaters/hackers. What should I do when this happens? Go afk and make a coffee? Just dodge the game and take the two minute cool down? I'm old fashioned in that I REALLY would rather not play with an unfair advantage.
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2022.01.22 23:19 New-Impact1438 关于中国未来转型正义过程中对民族问题进行反省和道歉的问题

另一种模式是近几十年民主观念进一步深化下的产物,我姑且把他称之为“政府是坏的,人民是好的”,其理论依据是:如果一个政府并不是经过普选产生的,那么换句话说,这个政府就没有得到任何人民的授权,没有任何的执政合法性,如果这个专制政府犯下了罪行,那么不应该由这个专制政府统治下的人民和民族来背锅。持这种政府和人民分开来思路的有很多外国的中国问题专家以及政客(比如彭培奥),他们的观念就是“CCP Bad, Chinese Good",认为美国和中国的问题基本上就是中国共产党从中作梗,假如中共明天就原地爆炸,那么中国就能和美国重新交好,融入自由主义国际秩序。而按照这种思路来处理中国的民族压迫问题的话,那么显然中国共产党干的事情就不应该怪到汉人头上,因为中共治下的70余年连哪怕一场公开公平公正的县级选举都没办过(甚至连党内民主都没有)。
看看美国就知道了,美国政府从来没有对其主体民族白人采用过任何的歧视政策(硬要说的话affirmative action可能沾点边),然而在Fox News、Newsmax等电视台以及Tucker Carlson、Sean Hannity等名嘴的渲染下,美国50-60%的白人已经被洗脑成自己遭到迫害和逆向歧视了。中共毕竟挂着共产主义的招牌,中国的主体民族主义汉民族主义被压制的情况远比美国严重,而中国民众的平均受教育水平和经济发展、自由化程度也明显不如美国,想象一下,以后要是转型正义搞得不好,中国的Tucker Carlson会不会在电视上天天翻旧账?比如拿09年七五事件、14年昆明火车站事件被官方极力压制和淡化(七五事件后两天发生了汉人集体起来报复的七七事件,被共产党强行压下去了)来指责官方偏袒少数民族。
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2022.01.22 23:19 Necessary_Signal7295 Where to order best quality mugwort from?

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