My pistachio is hard to open

Having trouble opening a file? It’s probably because it's been saved in a file format that this version of Excel doesn’t support. Check the table to see if that’s the case. The closest workaround that I have found to be able to open New Tab to my home page is :. 1. I saved the Bing homepage to the Favorites Bar in Edge. 2. I then right-click my mouse over the icon in my Favorites Bar at the top of Edge and select the option to open that page in a new tab. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. It's my pleasure helping you so that you can access your emails again. It is possible that the browser that you're currently using is causing the issue. I recommend that you optimize your browser, clear browser's cache and temporary internet files to make sure that your browser’s setting is not contributing to your issue. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. The NETGEAR RAXE500 Nighthawk AXE11000 Tri-Band Smart Wi-Fi 6E Router offers ultra-fast speeds, smooth streaming, and lower latency for your 4K/8K streaming, AR/VR gaming, and video-conferencing. The RAXE500 gives you combined speeds up to 10.8Gbps and a powerful 1.8GHz quad-core processor to deliver fast and reliable connections for up to 60 devices at once. My iphone 11 will not turn off, & I can’t open any apps, not even settings. It won’t let me use buttons on the side to force a shutdown either. I can still swipe from screen to screen, just can’t open anything... please help To redirect the My Documents folder to a local drive, follow these steps: Right-click the My Documents icon and then click Properties. On the Sharing tab, change the location from the network share to a local folder, and then click OK. Status

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2022.01.25 17:22 Illbb These 3x Bugatti Chiron Supersport 300+ are in London ATM. £4million each and top speed of 304 mph only 30 of these supercars available in the world

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Bro I am dying at the welcome to our show podcast, these people are so funny for no reason
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2022.01.25 17:22 dragoking100 Total War: Elysium rules and all cards ranked

Total War: Elysium rules and all cards ranked Hi, at the end of the closed beta of Elysium I made a list of all the cards in the game and my opinion about them, the list is here. However, if you didn't get the chance to play TW:E and still want to understand what I am talking about I also added image of all the cards I comment on and will explain the rules in this post. I hope this will be helpful.
Rules As most CCGs we will start in the deck construction. First of you will have to select a general, this defies your time period and faction(for example Cao Cao is ancient time period and 3 Kingdoms faction) you are allowed to put exactly 18 different cards into your deck, the cards are sorted into periods, timeless are cards that every general can use, ancient can be used by 3 Kingdoms generals and Troy generals, medival can be used by vikings(no other medival faction was released at the end of closed beta) and empire by French Republic faction(only 1faction, same as medival). Every faction also had their own cards only they could use. That is all for rules of deck construction. Lets look how the game looks when playing.
Phases of the game: We will start by saying that the deck you built is not a deck in game, rather it is a reserve. You see instead of drawing through your deck like in many other card games you instead periodically put cards into the deck that is used for drawing(will just say deck from now on), from the reserve(Will explain in more detail shortly). To understand when and how we put cards into our deck we first have to look at daybreak.
Daybreak is a very interesting mechanic, there are 7stages in every day plus daybreak, every stage is one player turn with the game starting on starts during daybreak. During this phase some effects may trigger depending on what units you have, but for us the most important part is that we get to choose 9cards from reserve to put into our deck, the cards you choose still stay in reserve though and only their copies are placed into the deck, the only exception to this are legendary cards that posses stronger effects but can only be put into your deck once. This means that day one you have only 9cards that you can draw and use. This makes the game quite complex in many situations. For example, if you want to put stronger and more costly cards to have them on later days or if you just want cards you can probably play. So day 1 goes like this.
  • 1. player goes stage 1 on their first turn
  • 2. player goes stage 2 on their first turn
  • 1. player goes stage 3 on their second turn
  • ...........(repeat until stage 7)
  • 1. player goes stage 7
  • daybreak-players choose another 9cards to put into their deck(cards in deck that have not been drawn yet stay in deck)
  • 2.player goes stage 1 on day 2
This is the basic premise of daybreak. Lets look at how the game starts.
Start of the game:
At the start it is randomly decided which players starts, the player that goes second gets the advantage of having a supply cache his hand which is a card that gives the player 1extra supply for 1turn only(will explain later). Then daybreak happens, so people get to choose the first 9cards in their deck. Afterwards both players draw 3cards from their deck. Then turn 1 can start, the first player doesnt draw card on turn 1 effectively giving the second player 1card advantage. But what happens during each turn?
Turn order: Your turn starts with you gaining 1maximum supply if you have less then 10maximum supply and then refreshing all your supply, think of supply as mana from other card games if you have played them, if not then understand that it is a recourse that is used to play your cards. At the start of the game you have 0 max supply. Afterwards you draw a card from your deck, if your deck has no cards you just dont draw. After this you can use action of your units/general/structures or play your cards. Playing cards is fairly simple, there are 3 different type of cards you can play
  • Event- The effect of the card happens and then the card disappears.
  • Unit- After playing unit card you create it on one of your lines(will explain later), units have attack health and abilities that will be all explained in a moment.
  • Structure- Is the same as unit but cant move nor attack using melee.
If you are familiar with other card games you can probably skip this part.
To play a card you need to have enough supply for example if we wanted to play Sword Brothers
Sword Brother
We would need to spend two supply

The supply cost of the card is top left
Those 2 supply would then be taken from the supply that we have that turn, remember that supply refreshes and increases on every turn up to 10, afterwards it only refreshes. So normally you would only be able to play Sword Brothers on turn 2, but if you have for example supply cache you can play that first, get to 2supply for that turn and afford to play sword brothers, this supply does not increase your max supply so next turn you will just have 2 supply.
supply cache card(isnt in collection)
Game Board: To understand what are the actions you can do with tour cards you first have to understand how the board is laid out, that being in two lines for each player. Each line can have a maximum of 7units/structures/generals

game board

game board during game of Cao Cao vs Marie Antoinette
The lines allow for cards to interact in different ways, you can often see cards that only target 1 line. Units can also normally only attack from the front line to the opposite front line(melee attack), but some have range or even long range which allows to attack without being retaliated against trough 1 or 2 lines. There is also flaking that allow to attack the enemy flanks, about all of these we will talk more in unit section. Units and structures can be placed on any of the 2lines that you own and units and your general(will be explained later) can also move between line for 1 action, so what are all the actions that you can do?
Units and structures: Units poses the ability to move(change line) or to attack an enemy that is 1 line next to them(so only from the front line the enemy front line), both of these use 1 action. All units have a base 1 action unless stated otherwise, also after being played they have 0actions in that turn, actions refresh every turn. Units also have health and attack, health says about how much damage unit can take before dying and attack how much damage it will receive from the enemy. Melee attack means that both the attacker and defender will take damage depending on their attack, for example if 1(attack)/4(health) (will use this format moving forward as it is how the stats are ordered in game) attacked a 1/1, the 1/4 would take 1damage(while still being 1/4 so healing effect would be able to only get it to 4health) becoming 1/3 and the 1/1 would become 1/0 which means that is would die. Structures also have attack and health but cant melee attack nor move. However, if there is no unit/structure in the enemy front line, it allows you to attack units on their back line, the back line units still wont be able to melee attack your front line. Other then attack and health, unit and structures also posses keywords and abilities. Here is the rundown of those plus some other stuff.(will refer to both units and structures and units unlesss I specify otherwise)
  • Camouflage- makes it so unit cant be targeted until it attacks
  • Short-Ranged- Allows a unit to attack as if it was 1 line closer, that means from the back line you can attack enemy front line and from front line their back line and front line. However, when a unit that is ranged is attack it does not deal damage to the attacker. Ranged structures can attack.
  • Mandate- When targeted the effect that is specified will happen
  • Herald- When the unit is played the effect that is specified will happen
  • Movement- When the unit moves the effect that is specified will happen
  • Flanking- When in front line, can also attack the left most and right most enemy on the enemy backline.
  • +X health or attack- units health or attack will increase by X, this doesn't count as healing on health increase so you can go over their max health.
  • Stun- when this unit deals damage to something, it makes it so on the next turn it wont be able to do any actions. (When there is a card that says to stun something)
  • Fast- when this unit enter the play, all actions on it reset so it can act right away
  • +X action- unit has extra actions that it can use, for example move and then attack or attack more then once.
  • Splash- When this unit attacks, it also deals damage to targets neighbors
  • Long-Ranged- Unit can attack both front and back line from anywhere. However, when a unit that is ranged is attack it does not deal damage to the attacker. Ranged structures can attack.
  • Roundshot- Is a 1supply costed card that deals 1damage to an target
  • Recruit- Is a 1/1 unit
  • signature- Unit can't take damage or be targeted.
  • Shattered- When the unit dies the effect that is specified will happen.
  • Plan- if you have this card in your hand during daybreak, when you play it it also gains the effect that is specified.
  • Heroic- If this unit is played on a line that has no other units or generals the specified effect will happen.
  • Subtype- Some units have a subtype. it is written in bold white letters at the bottom side of the card, it does nothing on its own but some cards use it.
  • Daybreak- The specified effect happens if the unit with it is in play when the daybreak happens.
  • Shield- The next time unit would take damage, prevent it and remove shield from it. A unit can't have more then 1shield.
  • Unit entering the play is called unit being deployed.
  • When you draw a card from your reserve using Messenger you can no longer add the card to your hand during other daybreaks.
  • Raid- Card costs 1less for each damaged unit in the play.
Generals are the core of the game, each general has unique stats and signature card and when they die you loose, you start the game with your general in your backline ready to move. Signature card is a card that acts like an event card, but the general starts the game with it in hand when he plays it, it returns to him to hand next turn, so every turn he can play it max once. Generals also have effects as units written on them but they also have Last Gasp, this means that when general hits 6health for the first time, they become unbreakable, draw 2 cards and loose Last Gasp to give them one last chance to turn the battle around. The other general still has Last Gasp.
These are the cards that are the most simple, they only have an effect that triggers when you play them and then they disappear.

I will post the link again. People are allowed to comment there if they want to say something to change my opinion for some reason.
If I missed anything important please let me know.
Google Docs Card Feedback
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2022.01.25 17:22 Aromatic_Ad_136 Can't resist to do autofelatio (w/o orgasm or porn)

I know this is a very weird topic and probably doesn't affect many people here but I just felt like this was the best place to talk about it. I will turn 18 in a bit and I recently started doing nofap because of the insane feelings of depression I always felt after masturbating. My brain also felt very foggy and I just didn't really have many moments throughout the day where I felt happy and calm. I relapsed a few times after achieving two weeks of nofap twice, back to back. I have a strong willpower and the only thing that changes my strictness with nofap is weed. Idk it just makes masturbating so much more intense and increases the intensity of the urges. This may sound weird but I am fairly good at autofelatio. I am straight and I only do it because the feeling of it is just insane (w/o porn or orgasm). I am on a three week streak now and everyday I just get hornier and can't resist to do it in the evening. Just wanted to know if anyone had some advice on distraction other than the usual stuff like sports and new hobbies.
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2022.01.25 17:22 jasonfrey13 A Quick word about Shapo’s Complaints

Okay…so I watched the entirety of the Nadal/Shapo match live last night (I’m so tired) and just now I watched the Shapo post match press conference (Shapo Press)
Here’s a summary of his complaining, and why I feel each one is invalid or in his head.
1.) Nadal (and the big 3) get preferential treatment - so his complaint here is that they would be allowed more time compared to any other player. This is completely false. Since the new time rules, Rafa is probably the most penalized out of any player. I can even recall multiple times (including the match last night) where he’s gotten time violations at horrible moments like break point down. I remember a few where he had to hit a second serve only because of it. Secondly, they showed the “time in between points” and it was:
Rafa: 31 seconds Shapo : 29 seconds
That’s a two second difference! Shapo was taking his sweet time too. It’s amazing he would complain to the point of calling Bernardes corrupt over 2 seconds difference. Also, I feel like the heat would be a clear factor on why a good chair umpire would give some extra time to the players. It’s dangerous in that kind of heat.
2.) The fans cheer, or won’t quiet down only for non big 3 players in between 1st and 2nd serves. This is another pretty absurd statement by Shapo. In the match last night, there was a huge deuce point and Rafa missed a first serve. He then hit a let second serve and the crowd was going nuts so it took a good 30-45 seconds before Rafa could hit another second serve and he double faulted. I also clearly remember Djokovic double faulting on match point at the French open because of the crowd. This is certainly happening to ALL players.
3.) Rafa took too long in between the 4th and 5th set. There’s a clear rule set in place here - when you GET INTO THE LOCKER ROOM you’re given 5 minutes. Rafa was within that time frame, and I looked it up, you’re allowed to combine an equipment change and doctor timeout. You cannot get a full medical timeout though & an equipment change. Rafa was only checked over by a doctor for blood pressure etc because of a fear for heat stroke…in other words, he didn’t bend the rules at all. All said and done, it was only like 6 minutes and 30 seconds total time in between the 4th and 5th set.
I like Shapo, but he was coming off as a sore loser and salty both during and after the match. And to say “100% Rafa gets special treatment” when there’s absolutely no merit to that made me lose a little respect for him. That is all haha
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2022.01.25 17:22 babycakestrash How do you connect and program an RP Lidar with Arduino?

We've tried using logic converters and other methods, but it just doesn't work. How do we do this?
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bottom text
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2022.01.25 17:22 dogboy678 Every All-Stars Season’s Original Placements from Best to Worst (I always went with their best placement)

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2022.01.25 17:22 Radi5h What’s the craziest (but true) unsolved mystery ?

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2022.01.25 17:22 kadtarka Unable to upgrade winter-event items

I did buy "Grethor's Chains", the breen kit and the breen pistol from the event store for my new elite captain (on PC) and have been unable to upgrade them. The option is not there. Neither right clicking nor opening the upgrade window and dragging the items there does work.
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2022.01.25 17:22 peteoneillbassnyc 1300 Days! From the worst day of my life to the best.

Does anyone remember the movie Office Space, it's one of my favorites.
At the beginning, the main character says:
"So I was sitting in my cubicle today, and I realized, ever since I started working, every single day of my life has been worse than the day before it. So that means that every single day that you see me, that's on the worst day of my life."
At the end of my drinking days, this was me. I was not only suicidal, but I was ready to die...but I was so drunk all the time I felt completely indestructible...I felt I nothing to live for, but I didn't want to hurt my family, so I engaged in more and more dangerous behavior every night, daring life to take a swing at my seemingly indestructible ass...this persisted for a year...? six months? who knows...
Reality kind of kicked in when the doctors told me I'd be dead within a couple years if I didn't finally kicked in for real after my friends and family cried for me.
That was 4 years ago. I quit on July 4th 2018.
Since then I have been hammering my life into something I love...everything turned around. I am basically a normal, non-drinking, healthy 41 year old (plus a little covid weight, haha). I have a great marriage, a house, a family and friends who I love (no more drinking buddies, yay!), a retirement account, a music is better than ever, and not only do I have respect from others, but I finally respect myself, and trust myself to take on even bigger challenges.
If you ask me when my best day was...The best day of my life?'s corny as fuck, but I swear it's's today. It's been "Today" for about 3.5. years. Tomorrow will be too, even if something bad happens, cause I know that I'll be able to stare it in the face and handle it. I always do.
You can too.
Love you guys.
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2022.01.25 17:22 Psychological_Mood32 Things to do before early break of fast. Add yours

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