A perspective on taking our cues from the outside world. And why I think seeing through that makes everything so much easier.

2022.01.22 20:11 Beneficial-Buy3069 A perspective on taking our cues from the outside world. And why I think seeing through that makes everything so much easier.

Kind of a long read, but I think y'all will enjoy it :).
If you're on board with the fact that we create the world we live in, consider the conundrum of our world reflecting our beliefs and our beliefs being shaped by our world and the cyclical and self-perpetuating nature of that. The mind receives the message of "I'm not good", the mind manifesting an instance of that, with that instance then reflecting that back to the mind which then creates another instance and so forth.
I think that exemplifies being unconscious and asleep pretty well. That also describes a machine. A machine, is in essence something that is fundamentally unconscious. It has no choice in shaping its decisions. Taken to the extreme, a computer operates in a binary manner. Meaning "yes" or "no". "zero" or "one". There is absolutely no will to dictate otherwise. If the computer is told to do A, it will do A. And if it didn't the problem can be solved just a linearly as it occurred. Well, that's also us folks. Science says over 90% of our habits and thoughts persist day to day. All of those habits are pretty much computer programs.
It's quite akin to a programmer being told how to write the code by the program he's writing. It's gonna be pretty much the same behavior day in and day out, excluding some outside factors that also influence us. But unless it's something very shocking or outrageous, the code, or the script of your life, if you'd like, will be written in about the same exact way. Simply because the thoughts will create similar events over and over. But with just enough cover up done by your mind so you don't see the pattern too well. Because if you saw it too well, you'd realize something is amiss with this reality. And it certainly doesn't seem all that random once you pay attention to your everyday life. The same elements seem to reoccur. And just from your actions, but from what the world is doing to you as well. Of course, the world is just a reflection of you.
We are playing these games on ourselves though. We really are. Nobody else to blame. We're just constantly blinded by our minds and it's habitual patterns and the myriad of ways it makes us believe we are who we are. And life is what it is. Your mind is the trickster. The Yin to the Yang of your imaginary self. The Christ within you, in Neville's words.
Now, when you begin to see something strange in this world. Something that doesn't quite make sense, it may make you curious about the true nature of things. Most stop fairly short in that quest. Most stop at the conventional stage for that time period. For early people, magic and superstition. For us, science. All of these are a part of us, but are not the pinnacle of understanding by any means. A more appropriate model of reality would not work just by isolating things and studying them separately. Do you see how our science is also an extension of the robotic model?
At its core, science is supposed to be completely rational, repeatable and dispassionate. Which is great... But not necessarily to balance the whole model of reality on. Because that leads to absurd reductionism. Things like atheism and a feeling that you're completely alienated from the world. Not to say all atheists are miserable. And even then, very few are truly atheists at their core. Or at the very least maybe they say that to themselves mentality, but have not truly thought of the ramifications of such a worldview. The deep metaphysical ramifications of believing you are nothing but a computer. Nothing but a bag of skin and bones. Not there's an existential crisis. Haha.
Now, how do you stop being a robot? Realize you are here and now. You have the gift of imagination. Which is inseparable from your will. If you don't use it, or you only entertain the same kinds of imaginations that the world feeds you, you're stuck in that program. Hell, it's running itself by now, you're just along for the ride. Somebody got you mad? "Wow.. I'm yelling before I even had the chance to stop myself. " That's what a robot does. Minus the self-reflection afterwards. Which is a deeper part of you giving you a little hint of what to imagine like. And what you actually want. And there's nothing wrong with satisfying those desires. Just know who you really are first.
But to realize who you really are, all desires have to go. Because desires are by their essence the only source of suffering. Not pain, mind you. You still hit your toes. And there's still pain. But suffering is wanting something. Period. You're here because you wanted to be here, and bam. You gotta pay them bills now. There's bad things that happen. Most people are at least a slight degree of miserable. Those that aren't know themselves better. Desire creates a disturbance and you promptly rush to try to fill that vacuum. Your being is the only true happiness you have ever experienced. When your desire is fulfilled, that vacuum is plugged and you're back to experiencing your being. Just being here, now. Fully. Fully eating, fully enjoying time with your family, etc. I personally thing multitasking is terrible for mental and spiritual purposes. Neville's "double-minded man" analogy comes to mind.
Now, Christ is your imagination. Your power. Your will. It is what wakes you up from the trance of your sleep. Your existence as a robot. You who has all this amazing power, but is hypnotized into using it to keep yourself imprisoned. Mind you, getting all your desires, but not knowing who you are is still imprisonment. The chains are just nicer. Not to say you shouldn't have nicer things, but your being, who you really are is indescribably more valuable. Focus on that first, and you will have everything. Everything you can ever ever want.
Christ is your redeemer. It is your imagination, and it is what falls asleep and then awakens to its former glory. It will happen to you. It happens to everyone eventually. But if you're through with the trance, choose to try to know yourself. And know the mind. See how it works on you. See what kinds of illusions it has put over you. What spells are cast on you by the mind. Stop being a robot and choose where you will put your energy. You can choose to believe everything you've believed up until now.
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2022.01.22 20:11 pavlo_zasiadko Role of AC in cold weather

Hi, I’m curios which role AC plays in cold weather. I can switch it off, but when I select Auto, it enables it again. There is nothing to cool obviously, as the temp outside is lower than what is set on CC. Thanks
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2022.01.22 20:11 Keegantir Upcoming Audible (US) $5 sale has a lot of LitRPGs

Just in my wish list there is: The Crafter: Legacy: Crafter Series, Book 1 The Boneless Dungeon: Rebirth: A Dungeoncore GameLit Death Cultivator, Book 1 Altered Realms: A LitRPG Fantasy Adventure (Ascension, Book 1) Rewind: A LitRPG Adventure (Pyresouls Apocalypse, Book 1) New Arcadia: Stage One Adventurer Academy: Greyblood, Book 1 Defiance of the Fall: A LitRPG Adventure I am sure that there are many more that I already have or that are not in my wish list.
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2022.01.22 20:11 Jag_25 Goodbye

Time to say goodbye to modern family☹️ been watching everyday for almost a year and it's off Netflix and now my parents don't want Disney plus, it's been tough since they feel like my second family, so goodbye dunphy family, tucker-Pritchett family, and the Delgado family. I'll miss u😔
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2022.01.22 20:11 metswon2 Deleting and opening up new bank account

Hope you are well. Is it possible to delete your current bank account and add another one?And is it an easy process. I hate changing things where I have yet to have a problem. Thanks in advance is you happen to know.
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2022.01.22 20:11 Lgutierrez609 [Update] I got the rating from the new buyer I posted about a few days back. Wonderful experience overall.

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2022.01.22 20:11 Annihilator4413 Invitation Code so I can actually participate on the site?

Title. Tried to sign up recently, requires an invitation code and I don't know anyone that uses FearlessRevolition.
Also, does anyone have a working table for Deep Rock Galactic? The few I've found on the site are deprecated as fuck and barely work. Even just one to get all the overclocks would be fine.
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2022.01.22 20:11 cheesewhizcan Cat peeing in weird places?

My older cat (almost 9) has always been the only cat in the house. Earlier this year, my sister brought home a 4 month old kitten. They get along well enough, with just the occasional tussle (as two male cats will do) and no injuries.
But ever since, the 9 year old has been peeing in strange places. I figured it was just a territorial thing, since my older cat is more on the feral side. However, I want to make sure it's not a medical issue.
What do you think?
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2022.01.22 20:11 MonkeyGodHanuman Is there anything to add ? Original question: As an atheist, if you are put into hell, would you feel as if it were your fault?

So i was looking on Quora and i saw this question. I didn't feel like answering, so i looked for any pleasurable answers. And there were plenty that told the good reason that an omnipotent and benevolent God would never throw people away just not for worshipping it, but being a good person wholehesrteadly, and having good actions. Then this comes:
"Woo, many things to mention here.
One, above all else, God didn’t create sin. He created free will, so if you end up in hell, it’s your fault entirely. And, yes, He did create hell, but it wasn’t made for us. It was never His intention that we go there when we die.
There are other points I won’t take time to mention, so I’ll ask by whose standards is God immoral?"
First up, i have never heard bull like this. Jesus himself, the incarnation of God (in the bible) said that sinners will burn in hell like trash in Gehenna. The fact that he didn't specify which sinners, don't take humans out of the equation. Devils, fallen angels and humans, are all sinners in their stupid theology. So yes, it was his intention.
Second up, if God is truly benevolent, omnipotent, omnipresent and all-knowing, then why did it give us free will, knowing the consequences of it ? Is living truly the ethical thing to do, if living itself brings agony ? Why aren't we allowed to bring agony, if God itself gives us agony only by it's creation. If we truly have free will, then God should give us equal amount of rights to bring agony upon people. But that's not the case even among societies. Free will is but a blessing of the powerful and rich to blame the victims. We all live with constraints, but it's a matter of HOW to brake those contraints as much as possible, to live our will a freely as possible.
And last, i would wanna add that the deadly sins weren't destined to become an excuse for christians, but as a plan of a scholar to gather virtute in the "human soul". I also have dissagreement with this, since doing the so called "sinning" is only natural. It's a matter of how you do it to not hurt others. You cannot control yourself, cause most of what you feel are already just illusions made by your brain. I just state the facts. So sins weren't created by God, but they would be, fictionally, a product of God existing.
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Streamlight remote door switch: $30 shipped?
Haley D3CRXH heavy chest rig: $130-180 shipped?
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2022.01.22 20:11 jester309 Help with damper….

I don’t typically close the damper. When I do the fire gets quite low and my thermometer reads <200 and gives a creosote warning. Should I be using the damper? I use the temp control knob on the opposite side which adjusts airflow and turn that all the way down when the fire is roaring but I’m still going through a lot of wood.
Model is a Vermont castings encore from a while back.
Any advice?
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2022.01.22 20:11 torn_formality Feeling taken for granted

Long story short I’m (21F) feeling very burnt out with my boyfriend (21M), we’ve been together for a year. He struggles with his mental health and I have to take on a bit of a caregiver role sometimes, at the end of the day I feel like I have no energy left for myself. I do all of the cooking, cleaning, and I pay all of the bills. He works longer hours than I do for less pay so he thinks I should be responsible for the house because I’m home more.
I go above and beyond to take care of him and I love doing it for the most part, he’s my best friend. I give him massages, make him snacks, buy him little gifts and plan all of our dates (that I normally end up paying for). It’s really hard because I love him very much but I feel extremely under appreciated and I’m starting to grow resentful. I feel like in a lot of ways I’ve been living my life for him and I’ve had no energy for myself.
I know the most logical thing to do would be to break things off but is there any other solution to this problem? He has a lot of amazing qualities and he really is my best friend. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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2022.01.22 20:11 TheToxicityResistanc It’s Kanye’s last ever concert being live streamed to the entire world before he retires from the music industry forever. What track is he going out with and why?

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2022.01.22 20:11 Origamishi Today my sister pointed out that I have a line of freckles down the side of my face and neck

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