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Few Tips

2022.01.25 19:54 FishbroOnYouTube Few Tips

1). Counter-building/Defensive building
Building defensive in lanes you lose is not bad. You can opt for the meta-build and hope you get ganks/outside interference to get a lead and use that lead to snowball and win, or you can build defensively and do better. This means getting QSS, tabis, vamp scepter after noonquiver.
2). Inting for towers via split after getting shit on 0-5+.
The fact is that once you go 0-5 (I think) your gold value is 100g, and you are essentially worth 2 cannon minions when killed. Use this low-value to your advantage by fore-going all sense of rationality and applying as much pressure on the side-lanes and flanking teamfights. Inting for innerturrets is not bad, especially when a 600 gold comeback for the tower will put you back in the game without increasing your gold value/bounty. Using ult while taking the tower, especially when you have phantom dancer, can give you a ton of value and half-damage or fully take that tower. More towers you take, more map control you get unless your entire team is getting rekt, in which case you still gain some map control as you're exerting pressure on the map and forcing recals and someone to stop you.
3). Lifesteal
Lifesteal is not completely trash on tryndamere contrary to the new weird popular belief that it is. Bork used to be a rush item after statik shiv and suddenly everyone has forgotten this. LIFESTEAL IS NOT CORE ON TRYND, BUT IS NOT BAD.
Yes, lifesteal gives Trynd back 10% of his life from 1% to 10% of his hp during his ult before being dropped back down to 1%, this momentarily takes away what? 5-10 ad? That's trivial, meaningless, worthless. The reason lifesteal is bad on Trynd is because everything else is good on Trynd and lifesteal options are trash.
Kraken, Navori, LDR, I.E, all of these items are much more impactful than a omegalul ravenous hydra. Potential bork changes are making it a viable post core-item to build. Kraken/Gale -> navori -> I.E or LDR -> Bork -> LDR.
Lifesteal is also very good for taking jg camps, counter jungling, taking objectives, and staying healthy + sustaining without having to ult, and recovering a ton of HP during ult. Lifesteal used to make Trynd like olaf in the sense that when he ults, he would force enemies to run away while he himself is doing damage and lifestealing for sustain, pop Q at the end, and he would have 50-70% hp to continue fighting even after using his ult, which was oppressive in tandem with the fact he is continuing the sustain game with lifesteal.
So before I get shit on for previous statements I want to help you understand the metabuild and why we build it. There's a few things about it that must be known.
-Mythic Rush is mandatory due to how op mythics are. Galeforce/Kraken are the main options for Tryndamere and hopefully more open up later
-Navori quickblades are extremely strong on Tryndamere in the mid-game for reseting spin, providing AD, Q and E CD refreshes, more ability haste for even lower Q/E CD, and crit. Once navori is finished Trynd has 80% crit at full fury and he can crit/spin over and over. The follow up crit cloak that's only 600g but is worth 2000g at this point is what really puts this 2 item-spike over the top. Galeforce -> Navori -> Crit cloak is where Trynd becomes insane, being able to auto spin auto spin constantly with full fury, and is able to spam Q for hp anytime he is farming as it's up literally all the time.
-3rd item I.E is pretty obvious. 175% crit damage nerfs hit Trynd really hard, especially when I.E made Trynd crit for 250% back in the day. No longer do we crit for 1200-1400 and we're stuck at around 400-500 until we get I.E which puts us critting at around 600-750ish. It's alright damage when paired with spin damage.
5). Can the metabuild change?
There is room in the metabuild for I.E to be replaced as 35% crit damage is quite trivial; crit = 75% damage increase, 35% increase of this puts your crit damage at a base 2.0125 increase, resulting in a 13% auto attack damage increase when critting, compared to the impact of Kraken/Navori. While it's true I.E doesn't have as much impact, it's still the top option for 3rd option and is therefor the go-to for now and the foreseeable future. Maybe bork can open up a possible change to this? Bork would make spinning in, autoing enemies at higher hp above 50% while spin CD is being reset, then spinning to finish them off on your 2nd/3rd spin a powerful combo. If bork can overtake I.E remains unknown and quite unlikely though.
Possible change to the metabuild could potentially be noon-quiver -> vamp scepter -> bork -> mythic -> navori to sustain the lane and sustain clearing jg camps. This delays your mythic/navori spike but puts your early skirmishing up there with bork being your rush item and the lifesteal applying to noonquiver's damage boost allows for a strong uninteractive 2200g spike.
If I misunderstand how some equations or math is being added up please feel free to correct me in an honest and polite way.
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Hi, so as you already know from the title, I am looking for monitor mounts that can hold up monitor that is 10 kg and 34" inch and can be mounted to the desk. I don't wan to spend all my money on those mounts. Does anyone know any reliable models?
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Why is it on Get 3/10 Legendaries day/week that Leader of the Pack and Horde events refuse to pop?
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2022.01.25 19:53 familygamereview Can someone smart tell me whats goin on with BROS?

I dont understand it goes up and down with the market, against the market. Its over valued or its a growth stock. It was pumped by Josh Brown and went negative the next day. It’s been going down along with the market after Christmas. Why suddenly is it shooting up in the last two days against the market? Nothing fundamental changed with their business. Is there some technical explanation with options expiring and baskets? I dont get it. Full disclosure I own some BROS stock and some dead options.
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2022.01.25 19:53 docdrod Let’s talk about money: What’s the most or least you’ve spent inside the festival over a weekend at Coachella ?

Under $100 is my record . I survived off chips and beer from my campsite. Would not recommend lol
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I got some friends? More like acquaintances, who want to party like ballers. I have no fricken’ clue where one might want to go for such things. What are some higher end club/whatever things? They want to order bottle service and crap. I’m totally lost. Plz help.
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2022.01.25 19:53 Funny_Opposite8628 Will I be ok if I don't go to practice?

I am part of a small sports club at my college that will have varied practices throughout the school year due to everyone's semester schedule. I joined the club to try and make friends, and because of my school and work sechdule, I can only do practices. Since I'm an education major in one of my final semesters, it's hard to go, especially since at least once a week, one of the practices ends at midnight due to scheduling. I also have to wake up earlier than most in my classes as I live about 30mins from campus, depending on what route I take. Another practice is on the weekend, which ends at a decent time, but I work closings at my job so that practice is tight.
For those wondering, I would leave home around 730am to get to campus for my 830am class and leave campus at 730pm after my last class to be home around 8 pm. The semester I am in at my college is called a block or methods semester for my major, and it is one of three semesters that tend to take up a lot of my time as I am also out in the field if possible.
The practices will possibly change after spring break as it gets warmer, and we only practice at least twice a week. I wanted to post this here to see if anyone is in the same boat. I haven't been to any games due to distance, work, and school/assignments.
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Just found these YouTube site It has 50 of Jia's videos but the translations are in Chinese. Can anyone shed any light on this?
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