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(SwSh) LF: dreepy FT: whatever is in my box

LF Ekans FT breedjects, SP exclusives, etc pls ... We can do non-dynamax multis. And while we wait anyone want to try a 6v6 battles on swsh? >> Anonymous 01/01/22(Sat)17:04:09 No. 49149573. Anonymous 01/01/22(Sat)17:04:09 No. 49149573. A humble anon seeking any mon on the poliwag line. ... Still looking for galarian corsola and/or sableye in ...

2022.01.22 23:00 Incompetent_landmass (SwSh) LF: dreepy FT: whatever is in my box

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2022.01.22 23:00 tace8 Do student loans cover more than tuition?

Considering going to law school, of course cost is a big factor in my decision. Since I won't be undergrad, I will be living off campus. Therefore, rent will be a big cost to me over three years. Basically, I'm wondering if my student loans will cover things like rent, food, discretionary uses etc. or if they only apply to the tuition itself? Thanks.
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2022.01.22 23:00 TropicalGardener High end PC (*iGPU only?*) for work/media/gaming- Any recommendations? - i9 12900k, DDR5

Hello! I'm looking to get a PC for general use: working, watching movies, music, and playing games. I do keep dozens/hundreds of chrome tabs open, 5-10 word docs, 5-10 spreadsheets and other random things (VLC, spotify, Acrobat XI, outlook, stock charts, etc) open most of the time, including some software that seems poorly optimized and a resource hog (TWS, a trading platform).
Playing is not a priority at this time, and in fact I think I´d rather make do with an iGPU, and get a GPU when next generation ones come out, or get an older GPU. I would expect to keep this system for a good while, and do not have much trouble re. budget (especially without a GPU), so I thought I'd go with a 12900k CPU / DDR5 RAM, making it a high end system except the GPU until next year 😵.
I have a working computer now, so there would be no problem if it takes 1-2 months to gather the parts.
Weather where I live is on the warmer side, so a good airflow case and quality fans would be great too, especially since that CPU seems to run hot. I really like the look of cube cases but not stuck on that.
I do not know anything about PC audio, but own a good deal of speakers / headphones / receivers, so I'd might be interested in getting a soundcard if that helps get better audio (in practice, the computer is my main audio source, I currently use a HDMI connection to an AV receiver). I haven't built a PC in over 20 years, and soundcards seem to be something of the past now (or at least rarely discussed in these forums).
Any help or input would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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2022.01.22 23:00 marcos_marp Asp.Net Core - Free deployment options?

Does anyone know any free resources where to deploy an core app and maybe some free databases?
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2022.01.22 23:00 Slipstream527 [US-PA] [H] Clone Army Customs CAC, Official LEGO Raimi spiderman and green goblin, FigFabLabs limited edition TASM2 suit [W] PayPal

Prices in photos, also open to offers. US shipping is $4
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2022.01.22 23:00 The_Kulaks_Revenge What truth currently breaks reddit's terms of service?

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2022.01.22 23:00 Creeper127 How much is this card worth?

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2022.01.22 23:00 Zargabath what is your "I wasn't planing to but so glad I got it" character?

for me it was the the WoFF twins (Lann & Renn) and Jegran, by mere chance I got their BTs and boy how wrong was I was about them;

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2022.01.22 23:00 philm001 Made progress today. I imported this tiling texture in Unreal 5 and this is what it looks like. Just wanted to share! Thought other people here would appreciate it!

Made progress today. I imported this tiling texture in Unreal 5 and this is what it looks like. Just wanted to share! Thought other people here would appreciate it! submitted by philm001 to swgemu [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 23:00 MugShots LVMPD Traffic Alert

LVMPD Traffic Alert HIT AND RUN S 3RD ST / E BRIDGER AVE 1/22/2022 5:30:08 PM incident #LLV220100087476
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2022.01.22 23:00 crytoloover How to cash out Thetan Arena gTHC for real money! | DocValentino

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2022.01.22 23:00 Tylerthejailer 🦍‘s not leaving. 🦧’s HODL at $8.01 and at $72. We know the floor hedgies. 💎 🙌 til tendie town.

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2022.01.22 23:00 autotldr Chinese provincial officials concealed scores of deaths from flood disaster

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 68%. (I'm a bot)

Officials in a Chinese province deliberately underreported or concealed 139 deaths from last year's devastating flood disaster, the country's central government has said, amid arrests of some of those involved.
China's highest government body, the state council, said it had reviewed an investigation into the disaster, and determined local and provincial officials and authorities to be "Guilty of negligence and dereliction of duty, especially considering the casualties in the subway and the tunnel that were not supposed to take place".
In the weeks following the floods the death toll sat at 99 for several days before officials announced a toll of 302 dead and 50 missing.
The officials were supposed to make daily reports but had "Concealed or delayed the reporting of those killed and missing in the disaster", it said.
The report gave an official final death toll of 398, with more than 95% occurring in the city of Zhengzhou.
In the aftermath of the disaster there was widespread suspicion the death toll was higher than reported, as residents posted of missing loved ones online and authorities blocked access to disaster sites, including for temporary memorials.
Summary Source | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: official#1 disaster#2 flood#3 report#4 death#5
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2022.01.22 23:00 Whyooosh Mage upgrades Fsoa

I have recently got a Fsoa and am looking to see what I can do to improve my rotations and dps other than having a Grim, Reavers ring Zuk cape for Omni at decreased adren costs and being able to utilise Tsunami with decreased adren costs what else can I look at?
Would Arma battlestaff spec in a Eof be something I would also be looking at? Should I be getting Magma ability or is that not really a must have?
Thanks for any assistance.
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2022.01.22 23:00 cacarrot12 Why are you so blue?

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2022.01.22 23:00 ClericDude The ability scores portrayed by birds:

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2022.01.22 23:00 OutlawHarryYT Does anyone else do this?

Does anyone else quit out the game and load back in if they feel they made the wrong choice e.g. when you said something to a character and they were offended you quit out and said something else?
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2022.01.22 23:00 polomoonn First car opinion

Hey, I am old enough to get a first car and I wanted to know which f1550 you recommend. Im looking at the new following: lariat, tremor, or regular xlt. I want a good combination of durability, slight performance, and quality. Thanks also should I be looking a any other truck makers
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2022.01.22 23:00 CatMasterSus Nintendo Switch to Xbox serie S

So guys, I will get my xbox serie s tomorrow as my first good graphics console (i have a switch) Sooo in fortnite, will i see the difference between 30 fps and 120 fps ? Or in any other games? Im a total newbie and im new in the fandom :)
Also is the xbox serie x is like 100% better than the s one (like can we see a HUGE graphic difference between them) or not really? I can buy it but I dont want to spend a lot and there is no stock where I live.
Thanks :D
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2022.01.22 23:00 AsianRedditer My minimal setup :)

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2022.01.22 23:00 Original_Abalone_933 Based on true stories about retail

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2022.01.22 23:00 Old-Tip-1135 𝐀𝐧𝐚𝐢𝐥𝐞𝐧 𝐬𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐨𝐬💚 en Instagram: “Las víctimas de accidentes a menudo sufren lesiones como resultado de los mismos. Estos pueden ser accidentes de automóvil, motocicleta y…”

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2022.01.22 23:00 Itsmajor802 It’s been at least 20 years I’m proud of myself

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2022.01.22 23:00 Galumpadump Days like today make dealing with all the rain tolerable.

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2022.01.22 23:00 ACNH_Lyloh Marvel marathon

So I’m planning a date night with my fiancé. I want to have a marvel movie and show marathon but I haven’t seen most of the movies. Can someone help to make a list of all the movies and shows in chronological order? I have searched online but I really want to get this right. He’s a big marvel fan and I’m just getting into it myself, so I don’t know much of anything really.
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