Aphaeleon's Quiver/Pacify Spell

2022.01.27 23:05 Yfirvald Aphaeleon's Quiver/Pacify Spell

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2022.01.27 23:05 PoptimisticShoegazer 27 [M4F] Love During Lockdown: Looking For A Female Asian Sexting Friend

27 and like my post says I'm a pretty fun loving guy who's looking for a sexting friend to pass the time together with during the lockdown or more once we get back to normal ( if you could save me from work being boring you already got me head over heels). I've grown up around Asian women and have had Asian friends for as long as I can remember so that's why I'm looking for a sexting friend or fwb since I know we'd probably get along great. I'm even open to older women too! Even if it's a long shot, I thought I'd give this a try. Prove me wrong for being skeptical. :)
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2022.01.27 23:05 ccespgut What to wear

Like many people with endo it's extremely painful to wear pants, in my case I can only wear summer flowy pants. The pain is so extreme that I can't even wear tights. So I'm looking for suggestions on what to wear comfortably specifically in winter.
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2022.01.27 23:05 ThePixelPanda63 Nice.

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2022.01.27 23:05 Jellyoscar What is a pet peeve of yours but specifically with people you're friends with/close to?

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2022.01.27 23:05 EuphoricFinger8325 Is our relationship covered?

I know this guy, lets call him Tyler, who gets insane grudges that last for years. One time he tracked me down years later of no contact because he was mad about something that happened in our younger days. I have acknowledged the hardships this must have caused him and anyone nearby and would like put this incident behind me so that I can move forward with my own life. I am not confident he is comfortable with this though. The last thing I need is to deal with this conversation tomorrow. How do I ask if now is a good time to move on and not have to return to the conversation?
Any ideas are appreciated because he thinks of himself as a sort of drill Seargent, and I didn't sign up for his class. Thanks
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2022.01.27 23:05 ramincol United Soccer League Welcomes Pro Iowa to USL Championship

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2022.01.27 23:05 asianperswayze A Breakdown of Josh McDaniels’ System

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2022.01.27 23:05 Djlakademiks I know niggas slander Jersey a lot but bro BOSTON IS 10x worse.. they literally a copy and pasted NY.. I’ve been here for a week it’s fucking nuts.. those who know, know fr

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2022.01.27 23:05 Human-Constant-2529 Hey mods…..

Can we perma ban all the liberals?
We should be treating them like fascist not giving them free reign of the sub!
Yours sincerely,
All the actual activists and campaigners.
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2022.01.27 23:05 WONKedition Demand for electricity is surging as about 60% of the world's electricity comes from burning fossil fuels. The largest consumers per capita are Iceland, Norway and Bahrain.

Check out (1 min read): Facts about electricity production and consumption (WONKedition)
- NewsForTeens
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2022.01.27 23:05 musics_relaxant Yoga e exercícios

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2022.01.27 23:05 AutoModerator Buy Resurge! – Adonis Lifestyle [Updated 2022]

Buy Resurge! – Adonis Lifestyle [Updated 2022] Do you want to lose weight without exercise or diet? Then the weight loss supplement Resurge, Adonis Lifestyle LLC, is for you. Why not try it today?

Resurge Adonis Lifestyle
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2022.01.27 23:05 cronobook [1959] [Warsaw, PL] Ulica Kanonia

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2022.01.27 23:05 NFTsPool 🎉Meta Mogul's $10,000 cash giveaway!🎉

🎉Meta Mogul's $10,000 cash giveaway!🎉 🎉 Meta Mogul's $10,000 cash Giveaway! 🎉
Just like the post and join the Discord for more information. Over $10,000 in prizes are up for grabs.
What is Meta Moguls? Meta Moguls is a collection of 5000 aspiring moguls designed by BREYDEN | Lead Artist and soon minted as NFTS. The collection offers its owners long term value by entering into an exclusive community of creators and visionaries. A Meta Mogul NFT grants access to member benefits such as airdrops of our native token, social events, chats with business influencers, MetaMogulsDAO, brand partnerships, startup funding, merch, giveaways and more!

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2022.01.27 23:05 rhythmstrawberry Stubhub Promo Code March 2022

You may get Stubhub Promo Code March 2022 from this link. Finding a real Stubhub Promo Code March 2022 might be hard sometimes. At there, you may get free discount code and offers for online stores and in stores. Also, daily deals and sales are available always.
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2022.01.27 23:05 srdogagiotaangolano Whatyouknowaboutrollindowninthedeep?

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2022.01.27 23:05 ToniestChoppiest First Playthrough

Completed my first play through of DeS tonight and it was a blast. This is my third souls game (Dark Souls & Bloodborne prev two). It was much easier than the other two I played.
Also, Firestorm is absolutely OP, after I got it, I was 2 shotting every boss.
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2022.01.27 23:05 Sandman_potato_man [Homemade] seasoned fries with spicy BBQ sauce and ravioli.

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2022.01.27 23:05 gasthezionist X1C6 or X390 with more recent specs?

i have the choice between a used X1 Carbon 6gen with 8gb for 400euro or a x390 with a i5 10210u 8gb new for 600euro
wich would you recommend and why?
so far i understood the x1 was the better machine, ans spec wise i don t think the i5 8350U vs 10210u is a big deal, they seem pretty equal in power
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2022.01.27 23:05 JaiWithAnE The difference in these baby teeth due to the adult tooth growing in behind the longer one and it having to be extracted vs its ex neighbor that I just pulled from her mouth a minute ago.

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2022.01.27 23:05 crytoloover Mercor Finance $mrcr Chart, Price and Contract

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2022.01.27 23:05 No-Station7152 Tropico Military Coup

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2022.01.27 23:05 911shotJFK Frankie Munez with a shaved head looks like WeeMan if WeeMan wasn’t a little person.

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2022.01.27 23:05 l3unniel3oo 24 / PST / PC

Name's Bunny. Now i don't really know where to start, but i've just got my hands on a new pc and lost a bunch of my playstation buddies because yanno i dont have one anymore. I wanna find some people who are willing to do discord calls and such. i wont lie im kinda shy at the beginning but ill open up i promise. I do play a wide range of games, but right now i only have a few downloading due to a lack of storage on my new pc. I currently have Warzone, GTA 5, Minecraft, Phasmaphobia, and Elder Scrolls Online downloaded. i will be upgrading my space soon so once i do i am open to having more games. I do also want long term friends. I wanna be able to chat about life and just have a good ole time. If you think you can handle a goofy 24 yr old who will probably take care of you like a parent(in a good way) then message me and we can exchange discords! <3 Thank you for taking the time to read my post!
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